the return of neptune

Everybody talks about a Percy Jackson film series done right, but what about a TV series? Think about how much content we would get! The giffing possibilities, the theorising, the going over of every scene to see symbolism.
- 5 Percy Jackson & The Olympians seasons
- 5 Heroes of Olympus seasons
- Possible Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and Trials of Apollo spinoffs with actor cameos from PJO & HOO
- Watching lil’ Percabeth being sassy in season one, knowing that they’re gonna be around for years.
- Seeing Percy, Annabeth and Grover’s actors all becoming best friends and starting YouTube/Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram chains/accounts with BTS filming
- Freaking out about the actors chosen to play the gods
- Watching out for little Reyna and Hylla when Percy’s turned back from a guinea pig and praying they keep the same actors
- Filming seasons 2 and 3 in direct succession so there’s no noticeable age difference in the characters, but having to wait to watch on hiatus and surviving by looking at the cast’s social media when filming
- Meeting Bianca and Nico, trying not to get attached to Bianca’s actress but still crying your eyes out when she dies (but screaming with joy if she returns for flashbacks and/or ghost scenes)
- Watching the Nico actor undergo his ~transformation~ and fan casting Will to suit him
- Watching Percabeth’s first kiss in the volcano and crying with excitement because it’s been such a long build-up
- Organising watching parties for the three- or four-hour long season finale in season 5 and screaming at the Camp Jupiter foreshadowing, Will’s first appearance, Annabeth getting injured, Silena dying, Kronos being defeated, Rachel becoming the oracle, Luke dying, Percy turning down immortality and Percabeth finally becoming canon with an orchestral swell and crying behind the scenes because these kids won’t see each other for a year or more

- Finally seeing teasers for HOO and gathering together to watch the pilot
- Watching them cast a Mexican actor for Leo and a Native American actress for Piper
- Seeing them cast Jason and comparing him to Thalia’s actress with FaceSwap
- The theories and rumours about Piper and Jason’s actors being together (which they neither confirm nor deny as Leo’s actor giggles in interviews)
- Annabeth’s return in the first scene of the pilot and people screaming crying when Butch says, “Percy Jackson” and the Heroes of Olympus opening credits play
- Over-analysis of every scene to make up for the hiatus since PJO ended
- Watching the start of the Gaia storyline and crying excitedly at the mention of Nico’s name
- Meeting Festus and realising that his beeps, whirs, and whatnot actually do represent letters and/or words - like Morse code - and learning to speak it
- Shrieking when Jasiper kiss
- Watching Leo start to build the Argo II
- Screaming when Percy returns in Son of Neptune only remembering “Annabeth” and getting super excited to meet Hazel and Frank
- Watching Nico introduce himself and crying at Percy’s vacant expression
- Getting way too excited when Leo’s actor appears as Sammy (in a hat that always hides his face a little) because he looks amazingly dashing
- Fangirling over Reyna because she’s changed so much but she still looks like the island girl she was way back when
- Giffing the Percy/Jason amnesia parallels
- The cast filming seasons 3-5 all at once and being done years before the series finale because it’s all set in a couple months
- Crying at Percabeth’s reunion bc the actors haven’t worked together in years and they really did miss each other.
- Crying some more at Reyna’s expression seeing Jasiper together
- Revelling in the awkward chemistry between Leo, Hazel, and Frank because the actors are super close and friendly irl
- Hearts everywhere skipping a beat when “you dropped this” happens
- Shipping overloads when Leo and Calypso meet
- Screaming from every viewer when Percabeth fall into Tartarus (like the internet breaks, percabeth, tartarus, and hoo are trending on tumblr for two weeks)
- So many tears when they get out
- Even more tears when Nico’s crush comes out because his actor is so good he looks heartbroken
- The internet breaking again when Season 5 of HOO airs
- Nico-Reyna friendship omzgzz
- The final showdown between the gods, the Seven, the giants and Gaia being basically unbearable and many hours long
- When Solangelo meet people start to cry and/or scream bc THe cHemIStrY
- The big final battle taking seven hours and airing one hour every day for a week
- Two weeks later, when the dust has settled, we get a one-and-a-half hour ep with the aftermath.
- Two and a half months afterwards, everyone wants Leo’s ending and it airs with only one trailer (ten seconds)
- After the end of Leo’s epilogue, every cast, crew, production, publisher, and helper is thanked with their most fitting godly parent following their name (i.e. John Appleseed, Son of Demeter)

Just a Percy Jackson TV series, is all.


Hi Every one! I know its been a while since I last uploaded anything to my RWBY or Happy Rwby Au tag. Well the wait is over. I’m back and hopefully will keep you guys entertained until Vol. 5 huh? :D So a quick filler. Since I last updated, time has passed in the Au. A couple years to be exact. Many new things have happened and many new things are about to as well! I wont go into full detail but I’ll give you a run through.

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  • Professor Strongarm: I am starting to think I am TOO patient with you guys. Mr. Vasilias, what are you playing the middle of class?
  • Neptune: Teacher Layman. It's a game with good story and puzzles.
  • Strongarm: *takes game console* I'll return it to you tomorrow, it's for your own good
  • ~~Next Day...~~
  • Neptune: So...what happened to the professor
  • ~~Strongarm's Office~~
Deep Submerge (Sailor Neptune Inspired)

A curse to submerge another in their own negativity and chaos.

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You Will Need:

  • Imagery of Neptune
  • Water
  • A photo of target (printed on paper)
  • Blue Paint/Ink
  • Black Paint/Ink
  • Obsidian
  • Sigil for Returning Negativity
  • Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon


  1. Place down your image of neptune, on top of it place your bowl full of water. Place your obsidian around the bowl or next to it.
  2. Take your taglock and drop it into your bowl with your sigil written on paper. Add to the bowl black and blue ink/paint until it is a dark navy blue.
  3. With your spoon furiously stir and mix clockwise focusing on your desire to drown this person with their own negativity. How they are caught in a dark blue abyssal whirlpool, lungs filling with their own negative words and actions. Keep visualizing this as you stir and mix the bowl.
  4. Once you are satisfied take your bowl and dump it into the toilet and flush it all.
  5. Wash your bowl and go about your day.
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto work on very subliminal, unconscious levels. There is a hermetic sacredness about the outer planets. The discovery of such bodies meant qualities that lain dormant in human consciousness erupt as the internal world weaves the web through outer cosmic patterns and kindles concealed light. They suggest the sort of soul and deepest layers of the psyche expressed by the collective. But they also emerge on personal levels that seem guided by some sort of fate.

Pluto in Cancer (1913-1937) - The Great Depression, the large family unit, birthed the ‘baby boomer’ generation, war era, ‘protect your homeland’. Sacrificial. The beginning of government benefits schemes so to provide safety nets

Pluto in Leo (1937-1957) occurred during the rise and destruction of fascism and egoism, glam rock stars, an obsession with youth, broadway and Disney movies

Pluto in Virgo (1957-1972) - Prejudice, discrimination, the apartheid, obsession with health/fitness, the green/hippie/earthy natural medicine revolution, emergence of extreme diets and body types

Pluto in Libra (1972-1984) - Redirected the manner in which we approach relationships. Intolerable partnerships are rarely taken to the grave. The emergence of divorce, the urgency for diplomacy and righteousness, the second rise of feminism and fight for equality

Pluto in Scorpio (1984-1995) -AIDs crisis, Harry Potter, homosexuality and acknowledgement of many sexual orientations, redefining ‘love’ that has been carried on by previous Pluto in Libra. Inability to be dictated to by propaganda. Also there is a great pull to occultism and sacred arts like astrology and numerology

Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) - The fear of religion and other cultures through terrorism, and the breaking down of this falsity. There is an elevated awareness of cultural oneness, a philosophical outlook that is broad spectrum and there is major ‘group think’ so it facilitates a global community, the secularization and deconstruction of major religion

Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) - Resurgence against multinational corporations, some sort of practical management between public sector and private operations will be established. An entrepreneurial generation and also a favorable time to begin self employment and start a personal business

Pluto in Aquarius (2023 -2043)  - Melting ice caps, dissolving financial crises with revelation and new ways of managing the economy, directed toward providing financial stability for the collective. The aid for countries that are being drowned by rising water levels, massive leaps in technology

Pluto in Pisces (2043-2066)- Materialization of aliens on earth, re connection with astrology, mystic godsends, and starry bodies. The ability to reunite with hidden unconscious wisdom. Return of a savior

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #130 - Veronica Mars

Spoilers below (for the TV show too).

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes!

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #283.

Format: Blu-ray

This post is dedicated to @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer, the best Marshmallow I know.

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

1) Veronica Mars - this film - exists because of a Kickstarter campaign that went live on March 13, 2013. The series ran for three seasons before being cancelled but gained an incredible cult following. Series creator Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and the rest of the cast had been hopeful about a movie being made for years before turning to Kickstarter. Their goal was 2 million dollars, they got that in less than 24 hours (breaking most of Kickstarter’s records at the time). They ended up with five million total dollars by the end of their campaign (which was broke the REST of Kickstarter’s records at the time). This movie is made by the fans, for the fans basically, and that’s awesome.

2) I first started watching “Veronica Mars” on Netflix DVDs AFTER the Kickstarter had come and gone, meaning I did not have to wait the seven years many fans did for a resolution to the series’ cliffhanger ending. I fell in love with the show instantly. I binged it as quickly as I could with Netflix DVDs (ie: not very quickly but passionately) and love almost every twist and turn. It is an excellent show and my love for it definitely in part fuels my love for the film.

3) The opening, “I need your help Veronica,” montage is a great way of starting off the film. For fans of the original series it reminds us of everything we’ve been missing for a while, and for people who have never seen a single episode it gives them enough info to understand the movie and its characters. And it has this wink to the fans of the show:

Veronica: “New me? People say I’m a Marshmallow.”

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

For all you newbies, fans of “Veronica Mars” refer to themselves as Marshmallows because of this line from the pilot. It was either that or “twinkies” and you can spell “Marshmallows” without “Mars”.

4) Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

It’s difficult for me to talk about Veronica as a character because most of my understanding of her as a character comes from both the film AND the TV Show. A lot of what I have to say is really going to be echoes of what @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer has said in her fantastic recaps for the series. Veronica is strong willed, fiercely loyal, but she’s got some blinders on. If she decides you’re guilty or innocent, it is fact. That is just the way it is and she will not recognize the notion otherwise. But see, that does not come into effect in as huge a way in the film as it has in the show in the past.

Veronica is incredibly sharp. I will speak later on how physical strength is not one of her greatest attributes, but she more than makes up with it in wit and the ability to think on her feet. Tough as nails, with an incredible sense of humor (which in and of itself is probably a defense mechanism of some sort), Veronica is amazing. And Veronica would not be the Veronica we know and love if it were not for the truly perfect Kristen Bell.

There are some character who are just defined as much by the actors who play them as the writers who craft them. Veronica Mars is one of those characters. Kristen Bell inhabits all of Veronica’s qualities perfectly. Her contradictions, her strengths, her weakness, her love, her aggression, her need for intimacy with some people, her ability to be independent with others. Honestly in the same sense that Sarah Michelle Gellar IS Buffy or that Robert Downey Jr. IS Iron Man, Kristen Bell IS Veronica Mars and no other actress could ever play her with the same perfection as Bell.

5) Jamie Lee Curtis.

Understand that even though this film made more than twice what it was asking for in the Kickstarter campaign, five million bucks to make a movie these days is close to nothing. Comparatively speaking at least (although recent best picture winner Moonlight only cost 1.5 million so…). Most of the famous faces in this film - the small bits here and there like Jamie Lee Curtis in the very beginning - have some sort of working relationship with those involved in the movie (usually the actors). For example: Curtis worked with Bell in 2010′s You Again. I’m sure this most be some sort of favor to her.

6) This flip off is very Veronica. You can tell a lot about her way of handling jackasses and her sense of humor from this moment.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes


Gayle: Fifteen separate articles or briefs in cases ranging from multiple homicides to dognapping.

The season one episode “Hot Dogs” involves Veronica helping what was one of the kindest and most sincerely uncorrupted characters on the show (Mandy) help find her missing dog which she loved so much. I like to tell myself that is Veronica thinking fondly on this case which means little to others (especially when compared to multiple homicides) but one where she helped this really kind girl with something that really mattered to her.

8) Let’s talk briefly about the film’s “sex tape” references. Towards the end of season 3 a “sex tape” was released of Veronica and her then-boyfriend (and current boyfriend, at the start of this film) Piz. Except Veronica said she and Piz were just fooling around and didn’t actually have sex. We see the sex tape very clearly later on in the film, that has clearly been retconned. Painfully, too, as Piz is not exactly the most loved of Veronica’s boyfriends.

9) On that note…Piz.

I cannot get into the intense dislike people have for Piz without getting into how he was written and portrayed in the final season of the TV show (which was the season he was introduced in). In a nutshell, Piz was the Nice Guy™. As in the character who in reality isn’t really a nice guy, but is sort of a privileged manipulative white dude bro who thinks he deserves to be with a woman he basically sees as the female lead in his own personal romantic comedy. But the writers still write him as the “nice guy”. The movie does not have as much of that Nice Guy™ vibe to Piz though. It’s definitely still there though. He tells Veronica that he oversold her to his parents. That, “They cannot believe I landed a creature such as the one I’ve described.” But mostly Piz is kinda sorta not an awful dude. He seems to have some genuine feelings for Veronica but you can tell Veronica is with him just because he’s the safe choice. Because this is the clean life she wants. And that’s never who she was and so Piz isn’t dating the REAL Veronica. Piz is not interested in the REAL Veronica just the kind of girl he expects her to be and wants her to be. Even if he’s not a total dick about it in the film, that’s still what their relationship is.

HOWEVER I will say even though I may have issues with Piz as a character I do truly enjoy Chris Lowell as an actor. My distaste for how Piz has been written in the past is not a reflection on his performance.

10) Veronica talks about how Bonnie DeVille used to be known as Carrie Bishop. Carrie Bishop was featured in a few season one episodes of the show played by “Gossip Girl” actress Leighton Meester. Meester had scheduling conflicts with the show so they recast her part.

11) Never ever think too hard about the timeline or continuity in the Veronica Mars universe. Like…Logan is supposed to be a different age than her but they were still in the same graduating class or his dead girlfriend was a different age because she went to school with her brother who was…just, it’s confusing to think about it too hard. Just know that this film - while released in 2014 - takes place in 2016. Because the characters graduated high school in 2006 and their ten year reunion is featured in the film.

12) The theme of addiction is heavily featured throughout the movie, mainly throughout Veronica’s internal monologue. She constantly mentions her alcoholic mother while comparing her return to Neptune and the world of a PI to that idea. Not to mention Veronica described her past self as a, “possible adrenaline junkie,” within the first five minutes of the film. It’s a neat idea that gives the film a unique arc and helps it feel more than an extended episode.

13) Logan Echolls, ladies and gentlemen.

(GIF originally posted by @veronicaneptunes)

With most of (if not all of) these characters, it is difficult for me to talk about them ONLY as they are presented in the film. Logan is someone who throughout the TV show had a very troubled life. His father beat him, his mother committed suicide, his girlfriend was murdered, the murderer turned out to be his father, he had been manipulated by many people he considered family, but he was good to Veronica (for the most part) when they started dating. He cared for her, truly. There was an honesty to their relationship, an ability to be himself, which he lost when she left. I think the second Veronica Mars book Mr. Kiss & Tell goes into this more (I read it two years ago), but Logan needed to get his life together post-Veronica. So he joined the freaking Navy. That first image of Logan already sets him up as a clean cut, mostly kept together man that is FAR different from the, “obligatory psychotic jackass,” we met in the pilot of the show.

Much like Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring gives Logan a lot of depth. The reason the character was given such a prominent role and more layers - initially - was because of Dohring’s skill as an actor. He is able to present Logan as mostly collected but still vulnerable. Still with a deep sorrow in his soul, still with a darkness to him. But we as an audience are invested in him as a character. We understand Veronica’s trust for him because we see just who he is around Veronica. The chemistry between Dohring and Bell is incredible. It is not just hot steamy chemistry (although it can be, more on that later). It’s a trust, it’s friendship, it’s an ability for these two to truly be themselves around each other in a way they can’t be with pretty much everyone else.

It is a truly wonderful performance and character we get to see in the film and I think the entire franchise of Veronica Mars would be far less without Jason Dohring and Logan Echolls.

14) It is fun how to see how easily Veronica slips into her old routine at her dad’s office. Also it goes into the idea of how an addict is more easy to fall into their addiction when they get into a certain habit. Veronica was addicted to being a PI when she was in Neptune, working with Logan, and helping at her dad’s office. Is it any wonder she can’t fight off the need to go back to that life when she’s in the town for less than a day and all these things have happened already?

15) Keith’s face when he sees Veronica!

We don’t get AS good a look as Keith’s relationship with daughter Veronica in the film as we did in the TV show (we got three seasons to examine it, after all), but it is still one of the best parent/child relationships to ever grace screens and the chemistry between Enrico Colantoni and Kristen Bell is great.

16) Although the film only had a budget from Kickstarter of about five million dollars, Warner Brothers studio was comfortable enough with the film that they paid an extra million (I think it was a million) for some reshoots to help make the story more understandable. The most noteworthy of these reshoots is the scene where Keith and Veronica are driving through town and discover a bunch of kids being framed up by the police, tazzed, basically abused for being “riff raff” and Keith being able to extort the police into letting the kids go by taking a video of them abusing their power. This was all told to the audience in the original shoot at the office scene, but the use of “show don’t tell” not only paints a grim picture of what kind off corrupt place Neptune is but also what kind of man Keith is. He really is - as his daughter says - the George Bailey of Neptune.

17) Mac & Wallace!

Again, if you like what you see of these two in the movie and want more…GO WATCH THE TV SHOW! The friendship Veronica forges with Wallace is one of the strongest in her life, second only to her father and even ahead of her relationship with Logan I think. He is there through it all. Through all the boyfriends, all the drama, all the times she’s a pariah, he is there for her. He helps her out, he does favors with her, and it is just such a beautiful and loving friendship.

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

The relationship Veronica has with Mac - while not necessarily as strong - is still great. Tina Majorino breathed such life into this character from season 1 who could’ve easily been a one off but ended up being second only to Wallace when it came to Veronica’s friends. The trio of them are great, and they’ve always got each other’s backs.

18) Dick Casablancas.

(GIF originally posted by @veronicaneptunes)

Otherwise known as: your problematic fave! Man, I don’t even know where to start with Dick. He’s…well…he’s a dick! But like a likable dick! Somehow Rob Thomas gets away with Dick doing some really awful shit in the show and still have him be Logan’s best friend. Dick in this film is - I think - mostly comedic relief (and, at one point, a suspect) and Hansen is just a lot of fun in the role.

A little note about Dick though. This line has way more significance than you would think:

Dick [after Logan’s potential lawyer makes a remark about his pot brownies]: “Medicine, man. I got my card. Chronic depression. You wouldn’t think, huh?”

That’s actually very telling about Dick. Season two ended with his younger brother being revealed as a mass murderer before killing himself, and there was some fair amount of time devoted in early season three to examining how Dick dealt with this.

19) This scene alone shows a lot of fun back and forth between Veronica, Logan, and the idiots of Neptune.

Logan [after these two Canadian drunks call a girl a crazy bitch at karaoke night]:

(GIFs originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

20) Again with the theme of addiction:

Veronica [internal monologue]: “You know what? It’s a one time deal. A farewell tour, if you will. [Sees hot as fuck Logan] Then again, you ever hear the one about the junkie who was satisfied with just one more taste of the good stuff?”

(GIF originally posted by @veronicaneptunes)

Veronica: “Neither have I.”

21) Chekov’s random trucker hat line…

Veronica [about being able to hide cameras in anything]: “My dad has a trucker hat that’s rigged with a camera -”

22) There’s this rule Pixar has with writing: a coincidence that gets the character into trouble is plot. A coincidence that gets them out of trouble is cheating. The fact that Veronica is able to get into someone’s house by saying she’s doing a location scout for a Clint Eastwood movie only for that person to have a connection to Clint Eastwood falls into the former of those two categories.

23) This film THRIVES on fan service which also serves the plot. For example, Veronica - like she did all the way back in season one - calls Wallace for a favor.

Veronica: “Hey Buddy! I need a favor. Can you get me a student’s permanent file?”

Wallace: “You do realize that I’m a teacher now, Veronica? An educator? This is a position of responsibility.”

Veronica: “So you’re saying it’s gonna be super easy. Good. I did NOT want to put you out.”

The theater I saw this in - with quite a few Marshmallows - all found this scene hysterical.

24) The inclusion of Deputy Sacks is a nice way of bringing in even what some would call the smaller characters into the film. AND it ends up working out really well.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

25) Jerry O’Connell as Sheriff Dan Lamb.

The perfect personification of slime and corruption in Neptune. Lamb’s brother Don Lamb was the incompetent (and assholish prick of a) sheriff throughout most of the show, and somehow they made his brother even worse. At least Don Lamb would OCCASIONALLY do his job if presented with enough compelling evidence. Meanwhile Dan is even more egotistical, even says at one point he doesn’t care if Logan is innocent or not, and later in all likelihood tries to have Keith killed. Jerry O’Connell plays Lamb as wonderfully vile. A villain you love to hat.

26) I love that this film brings in so many memorable characters from the TV show, even though some are limited to one scene. But that one scene is enough for us to remember why we love them. This is very true for Daran Norris as Cliff McCormack, Neptune’s resident public appointed attorney.

Originally posted by veronicaneptunes

27) It is interesting seeing how these characters have grown in the seven years since the TV show ended. For example, Veronica is able to show off QUITE clearly that she spent a considerable amount of time at law school when she’s defending herself at the police station.

28) The whole scene at the 09er is very entertaining, if for no other reason than a trio of fun cameos we get. We see exactly the stupidity of the “cool kids” at Neptune, we get the series’ first use of the word, “fuck,” AND we get Veronica’s trademark sass. Also we get this nice moment between husband & wife:

29) But the 09er scene is NOTHING compared to the reunion at Neptune High.

Originally posted by lovelykristenbell

The entire graduation scene perfectly shows off the film’s ability to balance out fan service AND move the plot forward. It brings back almost all the memorable characters from the TV show, friends and enemies a like. And for you who haven’t seen the show, we get a very clear picture of just how much Veronica “enjoyed” high school.

Veronica: “In a lesser known epic poem, ‘Dante’s Inferno 2: Hell Freezes Over,’ ten years after escaping the nine circles, Dante returns. You know, for old times’ sake. Have a couple shots, catch up with the gang…”

Madison [as Veronica approaches]: “Name?”

Veronica: “See if Lucifer’s still a bitch.”

We get a see of characters in this scene.

  • Madison Sinclair is still an entitled, judgmental, condescending asshole.

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  • Gia Goodman (played by the incredible Krysten Ritter of “Jessica Jones” fame) is REMARKABLY different from the last time we saw her. Back then she was a chipper, positive (if a little naive) young woman. Then Veronica exposed her dad as a pedophile to the world, he was killed by Dick’s brother in a plane explosion, and some really awful psychotic shit went down where she is basically owned by a man named Cobb (Martin Starr). Gia is likely the most changed character since the TV show and Ritter’s amazing range supports that.
  • Eli ‘Weevil’ Navarro has gotten his life together, which is an incredible thing to see from the former member of a bike gang. He has a daughter, he has a wife, he is reformed! But of course Neptune is gonna tear him back down.

Originally posted by marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer

  • We even get a chance to see Horny, the recurring comic relief and nice dude from the show, in a little moment which I as a fan appreciate.

Edit: I have had it pointed out to me that the character’s name is Corny, not Horny is I’ve thought for four years. You can find the reply in notes, but I’m going to leave the name as I originally thought so you all know my shame.

30) The high school reunion also serves as a turning point for the story. Veronica realizes that Carrie’s death is tied to the death of her friend Susan Knight YEARS ago on Carrie’s father’s boat. And now her investigation has some more direction.

31) When you watch the works of Rob Thomas (the writer, not the singer) you find he is wonderfully aware of his famous name-twin.

Piz [about talking about some 2006 music]: “Maybe some SOLO Rob Thomas.”

That’s nothing compared to what we got on “iZombie” though.

32) I love this.

(GIFs originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

33) A great peek at how Veronica is not as alone as she may think is after Madison (asshole) shows Veronica’s sex tape at the family reunion. For one thing Wallace is immediately at Veronica’s side, running to turn it off. Then Wallace, Logan, Weevil, Dick, and Piz (at least. Maybe Horny too, I’m not sure.) all jump into a fight with the assholes who want to put the tape back on. A great recall from this line:

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

34) Principal Clemmons is another example of a great supporting character from the show making a brief but appreciate appearance in the film.

35) Veronica at the reunion’s after-party is very much her being in her natural environment. The scene where she’s dancing and it cuts to slow mo is very predatory to me. She is a lion ready to pounce on its prey. This is her in her element and its great to watch.

36) Martin Starr as Cobb is a…unique new character in the film. He was not in the show at all and now he’s part of the group of established characters. In hindsight it’s obvious that he’s the evil mastermind of it all (spoiler alert).

37) Veronica impersonating Martina Vasquez to get info out of Lamb is as nice callback to the series while also showing new viewers just how crafty she can be.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

38) Leo!!!!

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

Leo was like the best boyfriend Veronica had on the show who wasn’t Logan, an actual nice guy and not Nice Guy™. Max Greenfield has gotten a lot more recognition lately for his memorable turn as Schmidt on “New Girl” but he’s GREAT on the show and in this film. He only has one scene but it’s a bit bigger than say Cliff’s scene or Clemmons’ scene, and him screwing with Veronica by pretending to not remember her is a lot of fun.


Leo: “By the way, I didn’t know the FBI was looking into the Bonnie DeVille case.”

Veronica: “I’m not with the FBI.”

Leo: “You sure? I could’ve SWORN I heard somewhere that you were in the FBI.”

Veronica: “Another life maybe.”

Rob Thomas pitched a drastically altered version of the show which would have seen Veronica join the FBI in season 4. I’m kinda glad it didn’t work it, but they shot this pitch:

40) So James Franco is in this movie.

Rob Thomas said in an interview:

“My producing partner, Danielle Stokdyk, her husband is an Academy Award-winning visual effects artist who happened to have just done ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’ He had become friendly with James, and it really was easy as this: I emailed a script and said we’d love you for this part and honestly five minutes later, five minutes later, he emailed me back and said, 'sounds fun, I’m in.’”

41) Add Vinnie Van Lowe to the list of fun appearances from the show!

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42) According to IMDb:

In one of the shots, a man dressed like a gorilla was needed to dance in the foreground while Kristen Bell and Ken Marino played a scene on a bench. Ryan Hansen had just wrapped his last scene in the film a few hours earlier and was hanging out on set and agreed to do the scene. Rob Thomas and Ryan then decided to prank Kristen and Ken, who didn’t know it was Ryan in the gorilla suit. The stint made the DVD bloopers reel.

43) Veronica cannot say, “I know what happened,” without me thinking of this:

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

44) Chekov’s random trucker hat line.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

45) This line that Deputy Sacks has is very telling about who he is as a character, his conflict, and what is up in Neptune.

Sacks: “I saw this thing on, uh, YouTube a few weeks ago, Keith. It’s a funny video. A…uh…two nazi they’re uh…looking at the skulls on their insignias and the piles of dead bodies. And they have this moment of clarity. Wait a minute…we’re the bad guys.”

46) Deputy Sacks’ death is a surprisingly powerful moment. This is a character who has been around since the pilot in 2004. Someone who was always there and who Veronica or anyone else never got super close to. But he was always there, always a good cop, and the sorrow of his loss is seen in one simple unanswered question:

Doctor: “Was he a friend of yours?”

47) The following LoVe love scene (LoVe is the ship name for Logan + Veronica) really shows off how these two not only have a chemistry built on being able to be themselves, but also the fact they’re each INCREDIBLY attracted to each other and just have this raw sexy passion. There is a tenderness, a connection, a heat to them that is just unmatched by any of her other boyfriends.

48) Remember how Veronica is sort of an addict?

Veronica: “The only way I’m not going to spend the day obsessing about my dad is by nailing Gia and Luke to the wall.”

49) One of Veronica’s most defining character traits is that when she decides a person is guilty, they are guilty. And it takes a lot for her to alter her theory or her idea of what is going on. This is seen when she is watching Gia and Cobb hook up, and she comments…

Veronica: “Gia seduced her lap dog into killing Carrie.”

There is NOTHING about that scene that shows Gia initiating sex with Cobb, it’s totally Cobb doing it. But Veronica can’t see that, she only sees what supports her theory. And then there’s this line that shows what she thinks of Gia.

Veronica [after Logan warns her to be careful]: “Child please, it’s Gia Goodman. The day I can’t handle Gia Goodman…”

This is very much a line that would be applied to high school Gia, not this new Gia. Veronica has little to no idea who this new Gia is.

50) The following scene between Veronica and Gia is a great character moment for Gia. Krysten Ritter’s skills as an actor show us just how tortured and trapped this once kindhearted and positive girl was, and it’s heartbreaking.

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51) The entire climax (where Cobb has Veronica trapped in Gia’s apartment building) is very tense. Cobb has the upper hand physically and Veronica knows that. She has to play this confrontation by hiding, being patient, and outsmarting Cobb. And she does! It is wonderfully paced and choreographed and just a great moment of tension.

52) My biggest criticism of this film is that I’m always surprised by how quickly it wraps up, but it’s also something I’ve gotten more comfortable with in repeat viewings.

53) The metaphor of Veronica as an addict has never been clearer than her last lines of the film (an internal monologue).

Veronica: “My name is Veronica, and I’m an addict. Hello Veronica.”

54) Logan often had inspirational messages on his voice mail in the show. This message which plays over the end credits is very nice.

Logan: “This is Logan reminding you: if you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat, just get on. Sheryl Sandberg said that. So don’t leave a message. Go get on that rocket ship. Or, leave a message. Your call. Your decision will tell me a lot about you.”

That - to me - seems very telling about the film. They took a chance on asking fans to finance it and it turned out wonderfully! They got on their rocket.

This recap ended up being much longer than I intended. And there’s still a lot here I can talk about which I haven’t. And that is very telling of the film. There is a lot to dissect, a lot that works and is going on in the movie. The writing is incredible, with a good balance of fan service and plot. The acting is as good as it ever was on the show, Rob Thomas’ direction is great, and it is just what fans who were waiting seven years for closure deserved. A great, great film and a fantastic potential finale to the series.

So… I know there’s a lot of discourse amongst the community (nothing new there), but I figured I’d share this with you guys. Obviously for those of us without money, we’ll see it on the 15th, but I’m curious as to what you all hope to see in V5!

Personally, I don’t care for seeing any ship development (given the drama it’s creating and how it’s not really… necessary for plot or character development purposes. That and I’d feel like it’d be too forced anyway, just an opinion). I’d really like to know where Nora came from because she didn’t end up in Anima on her own. Maybe a glimpse at Pyrrha’s family. (Sorry, my JNPR bias is showing).

The inevitable RWBY reunion will be great when it happens. Seeing how Weiss’s handling the breakout would be awesome, maybe him interrogating Kleine and getting Winter on the case (low key betrays her dad to cover her). Sun will no doubt be with RWBY (because of Blake), so Neptune will probably return soon as well (more bromance). Interaction between Sun, Blake, and Yang would be lit to me and not even from a poly-shipping perspective, literally just friendship purposes.

I really really really want to see and know more about Oscar. We got to see him for a very short amount of time in V4 and it wasn’t enough. As much as I don’t like Raven, I do want her to come back. She’s kind of interesting. Kill, I mean um… actually, no. Kill Cinder. Fuck her. Avenge my girl. Getting more in depth with this extremely intricate plan would be nice…

Addressing Penny’s death instead of glossing over it would be great. I’d like to see Ironwood’s perspective on that whole thing and if he’s in the process of rebuilding her.

And… I’m okay with Jaune (I’m more upset with the writers and the direction they went with him and choices they made with him. He has potential to be an amazing character. But that’s for another time), but I don’t want focus on him. JNPR will always be my bias out of all of the teams, but even I can tell you that their team are meant to be main, SUPPORTING characters. Yes, they should have development, but they shouldn’t outdo the namesake of the show. I like Jaune, but I think we can put him on hold for a little while…

Anyway, I know a lot of that won’t happen, but they’re just ideas that I think would be pretty neat in V5. Like I said, I’m genuinely interested in what you guys want to see in this volume. Share with me, friends!!!! ❤❤❤❤


I’m surprised I haven’t written about Venus yet - it’s my most dominant planet. As someone with Sun in Taurus and Libra Rising, the ways of Venus are very familiar to me. Venus is one of the personal planets, alongside Mercury and Mars. Venus, of course, is Mars’s opposite. We employ Mars when we are trying to achieve something in our personal life, when we want to take action, exert our individual energy (more in my article, here). Venus has different goals in mind, although much can be accomplished when we have Venus on our side. Venus is the planet of congeniality. While Mars has no problem pissing someone off in search of its own ends, Venus is defined by being in relation to others. We all have a Venus sign and house placement in our chart, as no one can escape the interconnected social web of human existence. Venus is what helps us get along with others. It is the enjoyment we feel when we compromise, it is that empathetic connection that allows us to feel another’s pleasure. Venusian love, however, cannot be mixed up with the Neptunian variety. While Neptune gives and serves others, asking nothing in return (and oftentimes ending up a martyr or victim), Venus gives so she can receive. She is no saint - Venus puts on her people-pleasing hat knowing that she will benefit in some way.

The problem to watch out for if you are highly Venusian (lots of Taurus/2nd house, lots of Libra/7th house, lots of Venus aspects) is this people-pleasing tendency. Are you the peacekeeper in your family? Are you that one friend that stays out of conflict and can empathize with both sides? The Venusian way is marked by its ability to find commonality. Venus likes to emphasize similarity, rather than difference, because it bridges us together. Venusians make great counselors and mediators because they can see all sides objectively, and remind others of what they share. What they need to be careful of, however, is concentrating on this commonality to the detriment of their own individuality. Because they get off on pleasing others, Venusians may forget what is most important to them. Making other people happy may be their top priority. This in itself doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But we must ask, why are they doing this? Is it because they lack a strong ego? Perhaps they grew up in an environment where to survive, they had to make other people happy. Venusians can be very chameleon-like, they change who they are depending on who they are with. This is a great social skill to have, but if underneath this changing nature there is no solid self, Venusians can become codependent and directionless. They must balance their feminine side with the masculine planets, the Sun and Mars. I wrote a little more about Neptunian and Venusian people-pleasing here.

Venus rules our values, what we find beautiful and important to us. For Taurus, it may be material possessions, property, income, physical pleasure. For Libra, it may be principles, civilization, justice, intellectual pleasure. The sign and house placement of your Venus sign describes what you value. I gave some brief descriptions of the sign placements in an answer to a question here. I didn’t speak of houses, but they can be read similarly to the signs, while keeping in mind that they apply to the area of life Venus will express itself. For example, my Venus is in the 7th House (told you, very Venusian), Libra’s house, so I value relationships. My Venusian side comes out when I’m with other people, specifically in one-on-one partnerships. While an Aquarian excels in a group, feeding off the energy of collectivity, Librans prefer the bond between one person and another. It’s all about finding that commonality, the meeting of two opposites, and the balancing act of love. In my article on the Descendant, I talk more about this.

Speaking of love, the Venus sign, as you all know, describes our relationship-style. The manner in which you relate to others can be shown by the sign. Playful and thrill-seeking in love? Your Venus may be in Aries (like mine). Conservative and cautious in love? Maybe you’re Venus is in Capricorn. Independent and aloof in love? Maybe your Venus is in Aquarius. Sensitive and intense in love? You may be a Venus in Scorpio native. These descriptions can loosely apply to the elements (fire, earth, air, and water, respectively). Everyone has a unique way of expressing love, and if you are having problems in your relationship, you may benefit from comparing your Venus signs. Sometimes we expect our partner to act the way we act in love, but this isn’t always the reality of the situation. For men, the Mars sign may have a heavier weight in their relationship-style (if they are Martian-identified). If this is the case, their Venus sign will be their female-image, the woman they seek out. The Moon is also an important factor in our relationships, along with some other parts of the chart, which I wrote about in this article.

If you are looking to get in touch with your inner Venus, lavish in life’s pleasures. Bubble baths, chocolate, candles, faux-fur coats, makeup, perfume and cologne, etc. Let yourself feel beautiful. Love isn’t just something we give to others - everyone knows that no one loved Aphrodite more than herself. Bask in your own glory. The Venus symbol is a mirror - because when we act as Venus does, we get in touch with our self-worth. We get to know ourselves, our values, what we enjoy, what makes us happy, what makes us beautiful. When we get in touch with your own unique beauty, connecting with others is more enjoyable. Pleasing others can come from a place of genuine contentment, rather than from a place of neediness (i.e. I’ll love you if you love me). The Venusian individual knows that human connection is what makes life worth living - the moments of me too! I know exactly how you feel! I’m so happy for you! you look great! etc. We’re wired for this kind of mutual enjoyment - think mirror neurons. So get in touch with your inner Venus, the goddess of love and beautiful things. She’ll color your world, fill your social calendar, open the doors of love to you, fill your walls with art, and make your life feel like a blossoming bouquet of fragrant roses.

family struggles

• Difficult Sun-Saturn aspects (relationship with the father. This can be especially prominent if one was born during the father’s Saturn return).

• Neptune in the 4th (an indicator of an absent parent — be it physically or emotionally. Where one was brought up is an area of absence and/or confusion. Harsh aspects to the escapist Neptune can indicate a family member abusing substances. This includes Mars-Neptune aspects and Pluto-Neptune aspects. Neptune in the 4th house is an indicator of having to take care of a parent).

• Uranus in the 4th (unstable family life. A desire to break free from the home is very likely. Detachment is a common feeling).

• Pluto in the 4th (a very intense, transformative family life. Harsh aspects to Pluto may indicate an abusive environment. Sun-Pluto aspects or Moon-Pluto aspects can also be an indicator of losing a parent in one’s early years of life).

• Pluto in the 3rd (an intense, transformative relationship with your siblings. Siblings might have been domineering and controlling).

• Capricorn Moon (Relationship with the mother — the moon is in detriment).

• Scorpio Moon (Relationship with the mother — the moon is in fall).

• Strong Pluto-Ceres aspects (For instance, Pluto conjunct Ceres can show lack of nurturance from the mother. One may feel neglected by the mother, which can definitely take a toll on the individual).

NOTE: adopted children are likely to have a strong Pisces influence somewhere in their chart, usually a Pisces Moon. This is not to say that EVERYONE with a Pisces Moon will be adopted. No, that is far from the truth. However, in the case of adopted children, a Pisces Moon can be an indicator.


[EPISODE] 124. The Coming Terror of Darkness! Struggle of the Eight Senshi.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Kana: 迫り来る闇の恐怖! 苦戦の8戦士
Romaji: Semari Kuru Yami no Kyoufu! Kusen no 8 Senshi

Original Air Date: February 4, 1995

Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Ikuko Ito

Plot: The final battle between the Sailor Senshi and the Death Busters begins.


  • The Space Sword and Deep Aqua Mirror were returned to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune respectively. The two Sailor Senshi performed unnamed attacks with those weapons, too.


  • Shabon Spray and the original Crescent Beam were both seen for the last time.
  • Germatoid physically appeared for the first time, but this episode included his final appearance as well.
  • Haruka and Michiru’s helicopter was destroyed.
  • This episode featured the only use of Time Stop.


  • Cloverway’s English dub (titled “Who’s Really Who?”):

    Burning Mandala was called “Mars Fire Ignite” rather than “Mars Celestial Fire Surround.”

    Sailor Pluto seemingly died to save her teammates from the helicopter explosion. When the missing Talismans reappeared, Sailors Uranus and Neptune heard Pluto say “talisman.” Yet in the dub, Pluto actually had a brief conversation with Uranus and Neptune despite the fact that she is supposed to be dead.

    The mute, doll-like daimon were given clownish voices.

    As she ran towards Germatoid with her sword, Sailor Uranus just shouted “Uranus” instead of an actual attack name.

    Sailor Moon’s four guardians referred to their force field as a “Sailor Box.” The scene, originally silent, was filled with dialogue between the Sailor Scouts.


  • Mugen Academy
  • The Death Busters’ laboratory
  • Mamoru Chiba’s residence

oc aesthetic moodboard: sophie kane

…Then there is Sophie Kane, Duncan’s twin sister. She moved away to go to some prestigious school in France the summer before eighth grade, but she returned home for the funeral. Everyone thought that she would go back to Paris once school started up again, but it looked like the princess of Neptune was here to stay from the way she was getting cozy with the other ‘09-er’s–with herself draped around Logan Echolls’s arm and laughing over something that I could only assume was moronic coming out of Madison Sinclair’s mouth. 

After studying abroad for the past three years, Sophie Kane returns home to Neptune when her sister is found dead. As she reacquaints herself back home, she can’t help but try to put together who killed Lilly. And finding out the answer, may mean teaming up with social outcast, Veronica Mars.

The 8th House -
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Take me to the Unconscious 8th house Door

It is said that psychologists and psychiatrists make good money from the astrological 8th house. The archetypal power of the 8th house is not so visible in everyday life, but exists beneath the fabric of consciousness, on a layer intimate with death and limbo. Carl Jung was at home in the 8th. The qualities of the Scorpio’s 8th house leak from the unconscious into everyday awareness without organic stimuli. I think repressed memories relate to the 8th house expression. And this is also true for ancestral memory, the residual aches from ancestors crossed over. Memories that are deemed to traumatic for the brain to process appropriately split the mind and manifest uncontrollably and subtly in everyday responses until the memory is bought to the surface. Say for instance a person was emotionally abused as a child and told repeatedly she deserved to die. Although the experience has passed, as an adult, the individual has a longing for death, a suicidal urge, and a feeling that she is worthy only of dying. She is not sure why she feels this desire, because she can’t remember. It just troubles her. A similar experience could be had by one with Neptune in the 8th for example. Liz Greene talks about the individual’s ‘yearning for the source’, and the soul sickness that emerges suddenly which longs to return into the arms of death in her book The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption. It can seem like outside forces control the individual, like an over glowing shadow, one which provokes every sub layer of the psyche. Neither individual has a clear understanding of where these melancholic longings for death dwell within.

It’s for this reason the psychotherapeutic industry capitalizes on the 8th house. These hidden dormant forces, powerful, magical, and dangerous can evoke volatile responses in the individual such as paranoia, hyper vigilance, wrath, feelings of a dark presence, demonic visions, disturbance, and even hallucinations. It takes the journey into the labyrinth of consciousness to discover what hidden archetypal sorcery and memory stirs within. The Scorpio/Plutonian nature has an inherent knowledge of the human mind and the way it reacts to concealed forces. The key to the 8th house portal tends to be pain, depression, suicidal lullabies that are triggered by a deep urgency in the individual to transform, cleanse, and shed the wounds of old skin. This is to emerge a Goddess entwined in the Scorpio matrix, again and again until she is is glaringly bleached in heaven’s light.

Predictive Astrology Reading for 2017:

Want to know what 2017 has in store for you? I am an astrologer, with over ten years of learning under me, I’d love to write a report for you! So message me if you’re interested!

Here’s what to expect out of my writing:

“Pluto has been transiting your 5th house for many years and will continue until 2023, which has brought transformative romance in your life, even painful experiences of heartbreak that affected you on a soul level and hurt your self-worth, the underlying basis of these struggles may be unmet needs from a younger phase of your life. As you do deep reflection, becoming more conscious of how you handle your ego, express your personal power, and creativity, and use your powers of creation wisely, then your unique individuality blossoms, and you learn how to use your ego in the most spiritually evolved, least destructive way.

Throughout January 2017, Pluto is square your Venus, which can be endings of toxic relationships/friendships, causing you to re-think your values, what you hold dear may no longer be there for you, your creativity and confidence may feel stunted, there will likely be a crises of some kind. Remember that your soul chose this all in order to evolve. If you begin any new relationships, they’ll have a tremendous impact on your life. You’ll realize what matters to you the most, and strip away anything frivolous, if you have been covering up empty feelings with things that are only pleasurable in the moment. Although this all might not sound so fun, it causes you to become the most authentic version of yourself, find greater meaning and purpose in life.

Saturn transits your 4th house 2016-2017 which has brought serious difficulties in your home and family life, you’ve been feeling stuck, yet finding your stability, learning important lessons.

This December thru mid January, transiting Jupiter is square your Neptune, which amplifies confusion in life, so be aware that your judgement is clouded and it is a good idea to hold off on decision making, though this is a great time to meditate and transcend barriers of the mundane world. This happens again in March and in August.

Mars will be conjunct your Ceres at 13 degrees Pisces on January 3-6, which may motivate you to make a positive change in your diet. You’ll be more driven to maintain a change if you start then.

Mid March-Mid April, transiting Jupiter is trine your natal Chiron, you’ll have new ideas in how you perceive spirituality, and become aware of your own healing process, able to understand wounds you have repressed (from this life or previous lives), bringing them to light to gain a more positive outlook. This happens again in August 2017.

All of March-Mid April, Venus retrograde transits your 8th house, you will be very introspective, discovering your feminine power, rethinking how you express intimacy with others, coming to terms with any injustices you experienced as far as male privilege. You can view emotional wounds in a new light and purify your spirit. You can look within your soul to heal the divine feminine within you, not just from this life, but from previous incarnations, if you believe in that. Venus goes direct on April 16thand it is also conjunct Chiron that day, so you can take the realizations you had during this time, move forward, empowered in your goddess nature, to then heal other women! You’ll be bringing them up from any oppression they’ve experienced.

May 15th-16th will bring up karma you had with certain men in previous lives as Mars is conjunct your South Node.

May 17th-18thMars is sextile your Chiron, which brings out feelings of hurt with these said people. If you are tuned into your higher self, you can heal and rise above this.

May 21st-24th are power days for love and money as transiting Venus is conjunct your natal Venus at 17 Aries. You are more likely to receive prosperity if you set out an intention to the universe. By asking for specific traits you desire in a love interest, the universe knows what to bring to you!

On May 22nd-23rd, the sun is conjunct your Moon in Gemini, so live up your intellectual nature, you can find emotional fulfillment by reading, writing, and socializing. This is true for you every year.

May 25th will be a New Moon in Gemini, and doing a ritual/making a wish will be especially powerful for you.

During April 2017, transiting Jupiter is opposite your Venus, which makes you get overly excited about relationships, even going overboard without considering consequences. This can be a fun social time where you gain positive attention. It happens again end of July until the end of August 2017.

April-September 2016, transiting Chiron has been conjunct your natal Mercury, this is a time of struggling to know how to put your thoughts into words, or say the right thing at the right time, but you can work thru this and eventually become an effective communicator, making others feel healed by your soothing words. Any times you felt like your ideas weren’t valued, or when no one cared about what you have to say, were amplified during this time. This happens February-March 2017 and in November-December. This is a good time to find release in writing.

Off and on in 2017, Pluto is sesquiquadrate (135 degree angle) your Moon, and you endure transformations in your emotions and spirit, releasing trauma, and becoming more intuitive. You might even come to an epiphany on January 15th, August 8th, and November 16th. Even if you don’t get a clear message, you will have revelations on a subconscious level on these days.

Power days for love and money:

July 18th-20th transiting Venus is sextile your natal Venus. August 16th-18th transiting Venus is opposite your natal Uranus, which could be an unexpected event in finance or romance, but could also be that you receive a flash of artistic inspiration. September 8th-9th transiting Venus is trine your Venus. October 27th-28th, transiting Venus is opposite your Venus.

Your Solar Return chart has Sun conjunct Neptune which could be a year of confusion but also spiritual revelations. Asteroid Vesta on the Ascendant has to do with finding where you stand in the whore/Madonna dichotomy, finding the level of sexual openness that feels right for you, creating a sacred space where you can send your goddess healing powers to the world. Having a Cancer Ascendant for your solar return means that family, comfort, and emotions are a theme for you during age 24. Uranus square the ascendant means that chaos will happen (particularly events with your home and family) that shakes your world that propels you to make necessary changes. Chiron quincunx Jupiter urges you to resolve wounds you have between family members. Mars conjunct Uranus means you could be accident prone while you are 24, so please don’t do anything reckless! Be on your toes, you’ll be tempted to act rebellious, but don’t take it too far, as if you’re asking for trouble.”

If you want to hear what I predict for YOU in 2017, message me with your exact birth time, birth day, and city of birth. I charge $12 per page and this writing above is 3 pages. $36 for all that info is a steal! I am much cheaper than other professional astrologers. I can provide links if you’re curious. Let me know how many pages you want ;)