the return of jason todd

Dick: …Did you watch 101 Damatians again?

Damian, surrounded by puppies: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Grayson.

When was the last time each of the Gotham Rogues cried?

Harley Quinn: Two weeks ago. She saw one of those ASPCA commercials while watching Doctor Phil with Ivy and cried about the sad puppies for an hour and a half

Poison Ivy: Three months ago this coming Sunday. She was terrorizing Gotham (as you do) when some little boy told her that Mushrooms didn’t count as plants and they got into an argument.

Catwoman: The last time she got arrested. She figured that some crocodile tears might help her escape- unsurprisingly, it worked

Joker: has this man,, ever seen, or shed,,,,,, a Tear of His Own?

Riddler: Last night. He was getting caught up on Ghost Adventures at 1 am when he saw a shake weight he bought months ago and realized that he was never gonna use it

Killer Croc: Also last night. Hes got feelings, and it’s not wrong to let them out, Karen!!

Penguin: Two months ago. He got shampoo in his real eye while in the shower and proceeded to sob for two hours

Scarecrow: twelve days ago. He got to his dentist appointment late and didn’t want people to assume that he was a human disaster but he didn’t know how to tell the secretary that he was there and just ended up throwing up in the bathroom before leaving

Mr. Freeze: he’s crying right now- what can I say he’s a loving and supportive Husband who just wants his beautiful Wife back,, dang it now I’m crying too

Two-Face: three days ago when he stubbed his toe. It hurt a lot but he had to stub the other one too or it wouldn’t be even and dammit now he’s got two stubbed toes!

Bane: Half a year ago. He doesn’t cry often but a certain local Gotham Drug Store will never forget the day they ran out of Bane’s favorite brand of Chocolate Protein Mix for the Muscles. They have not run out since.

Mad Hatter: Six hours ago. He read a nasty review online about the reboot Wonderland films


Red Hood: (Like I was gonna leave this emotional train wreck of a human being out of this) Last month. He occasionally goes to an old fashioned book club with some nice grandmas and their most recent read was The Warrior Cat spin off novel Crookedstar’s Promise

Playing with a personal timeline of the Batman Comics- might be helpful for you guys! :0 
any comments/critiques is welcomed, this is sort of a hand picked mix of Preboot/new 52/rebirth. Mostly preboot history though. 

1974- Bruce Wayne was Born
1983- Barbara Gordon was born
1986- Dick Grayson was born
1987- Helena Bertinelli  was born

1990- Jason was born
1993- Cassandra Cain was born
1994- Stephanie Brown was born
1995- Tim was born. Harper Rowe is born 
1999- Dick Grayson becomes Robin; Tim sees the Graysons fall. 
2000- Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl. Duke Thomas was born. Dick creates/joins Teen Titans 
2001- Cass kills her first person
2002- Damian Born. the “New Teen Titans” are created. 
2003- Jason becomes robin. Dick becomes Nightwing. 
2006- Babs is paralyzed. Jason dies. Helena becomes Huntress 
2007- Tim becomes Robin. Steph becomes Spoiler 
2008- Cass becomes Batgirl. Tim joins/creates Young Justice. Babs creates “Birds of Prey”. ( “No Man’s Land” ) event occurs. 
2009- Tim joins Teen Titans. Jason comes back to life.

2010- Jason Todd returns to Gotham (”Under the Hood”)   
2011- Steph is Robin, Steph dies. Tim’s dad is killed. Infinite Crisis 
2012- Bruce dies, Dick becomes Batman. Tim leaves Robin. Damian becomes Robin. Cass is “Black Bat” . Steph becomes Batgirl
2013 - Bruce is resurrected Dick returns to Nightwing. 

2012- Damian dies. Dick “dies” . Jason joins the Outlaws. Steph returns to Spoiler (Babs is fit enough to return to “Batgirl”). Harper Rowe becomes Blue Jay
2015- Damian is revived. Duke Thomas starts “We Are Robin”
2016- Tim is “killed”. Damian takes over TT . Duke Thomas becomes “Lark”
2017-current year. 

Current Ages: 
Bruce Wayne: 43
Barbara Gordon: 34
Dick Grayson: 31
Helena Bertinelli: 30
Jason Todd: 23
Cassandra Cain: 24
Stephanie Brown: 23
Tim Drake: 22
Harper Rowe: 22
Duke Thomas: 17
Damian Wayne: 15 

Notes to Clear Somethings Up: 
I know, currently, Damian is about 13, but I felt there needed to be more time in between events. Also, I aged up Tim “I’ve been 17 forever” Drake. Will update if we find out what happens to Tim soon… 
One could assume, since I currently have no events listed in 2017, that this version of the batman verse is still in 2016 (making Damian 14) 

For sake of the time line, “One Year Later” after Infinite Crisis is actually only about 4-6 months. 

not really sure how old Alfred Pennysworth is…let’s just say: immortal. 

I know it could be controversial, but I have Dick starting Robin at 13 (allowing Tim Drake to see the Flying Graysons). In some continuities Dick is robin at 8 or 10; but I feel like making him 13 isn’t too big of a deal. 
Jason starts at 13 as well, he dies a little before he was 16. 
Tim starts at 12
Stephanie Brown is only robin for about 2-3 months
Damian starts at 10 

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how many versions of Jason out there?

Oh there are so many versions of Jason out there, my dear anon :)

But I will introduce you to the most important versions of him in this post. 

Pre-Crisis Jason (underappreciated gem):

“I’m Robin, and being Robin gives magic”

The First Jason, the one with acrobats parents who were killed by Killer Croc and then got adopted by Bruce Wayne. He was playful kid, kinda bratty, insecure and you can’t help but feel as proud as Bruce when you see him mature through the run. He had a better life than the other Jasons and better relationships. He also got the best Batdad ever (seriously, pre-crisis Bruce was the best batdad you will ever see). 

If you guys ever wondered what Jason would be like without all these tragedies, then just read Pre-Crisis Jason’s stories and you will find out.

Dark knight Returns Miller’Jason:

“But The Joker is out there….there’s no telling what he’ll do”

The first one who started the “Jason has to die in every universe” circle and his death pushed Bruce to retirement. We unfortunately don’t know much about his parents or how did he meet Batman. He was extremely brutal (There would be no criminals left in Gotham if this Jason got the chance to grow up) and protective of Batman. He was also trained to be the next Batman, but unfortunately died before he could take the mantle.

Post-Crisis Jason (the one tumblr is in love with):

”Try and catch me, you big boob”

The one who died by a vote and then returned as Red Hood. He was a street kid with a criminal father and addicted mother. He met Batman when he tried to steal the batmobile’s tires and become Robin later. He was killed by The Joker after his real mother betrayed him (and stayed died for almost 20 years) and then return later after digging himself out of his grave. 

Flashpoint Jason:

“Father Todd, but you can call me Jason”

Ever wondered what would have become of Jason if he never meet Batman? Well, we got the answer in Flashpoint, a world where Bruce died instead of his parents. Jason ended up falling in with the Church of Blood run by Brother Blood. He mysteriously still died and resurrected and his hair bore a white streak suggesting that he was brought back by a Lazarus Pit. After his resurrection, Jason was taken in by the church where he turned his life around and became a priest.

What interesting (and sad) about this take is it proves that Jason would have been better off if he never meet Bruce. That Bruce actually doomed him.

New 52 Jason (another underappreciated gem):

“You can’t tell, but I’m shedding a single tear underneath this hood”

The one with harsher home life and better relationship with the Batfamily. Like PC Jason, his father was criminal and his mother was addicted. But unlike the other versions, Jason’s father was abusive toward him and his mother. He trained under Batman, LoA and All Caste (he’s seriously strong). Teamed up with Kori and Roy for awhile (and become one of the top ten most wanted criminal in the world), Started a company with Roy and now he’s teaming up with Artemis and Bizarro.

He is the current version that being used in the main DC universe and honestly? I’m pretty fond of him :)

Arkhamverse Jason:

“It’s personal, very personal”

The one who never died, but you will wish that he did (seriously, his life freaking sucks in this universe). Jason was kidnapped by the Joker and tortured both physically and mentally for a year. The Joker brainwashed Jason to hate Bruce and even get close enough to telling him Batman’s identity before Joker shot Jason and send the video to Batman making him think that Jason was dead. After The Joker died, Jason become Arkham Knight and worked with Scarecrow to takeover Gotham and break & kill Batman. He formed a militia and had Deathstroke as his right hand.

At the end of the game and after Bruce defeated Jason and stopped his army, Bruce was kidnapped by Scarecrow which resulted in a broken Jason saving him.

Honorable mention: Bombshells’ Jason

“If all the good people left Spain, then who would be left to fight for her?”

In this version, Jason was taken under Kate and Renee care. He was born during a war and refused to leave when everyone did to protect his country. He was described as cunning and clever who helped out Kate and Renee a lot. He died later in Kate’s arms which affected her and Renee deeply.

Yay, another long post and I’m tagging this because I was planning to do a post about different versions of Jason anyway.

Lucky Bastard | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Roy gets a new girlfriend, a beautiful girl with the strength of Superman and a heart as bright as the sun. Everyone seems to notice, including Jason Todd, and… you.

Request(s): [I combined two requests!]

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS MOMENT HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED. Can you pretty please do one with Jason where him and the s/o have a thing that goes on and off all the time (they used to date but you know… he died. So now it’s just easy that way). But when one of his friends start to date a girl who is pretty much mrs super good at everything she starts to get mad because she’s scared that jason may find a girl like that and forget about her? SORRY IT’S TOO LONG, I KNOW BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING

And: Would you please write a fic when the reader is Diana Prince’s daughter? Just like super fluffy and cute

Words: 3414 (I have no idea how I wrote this so quickly??)

Notes: Yo I hope you guys both like this! I wanted there to be more fluff but I didn’t really know where to put it in lol. 

Masterlist | Inbox

Taglist: @followeroonieclassic@instantangelstudent@puggleprincess@robincoalition

“I missed you,” Jason says. You can’t help but smile a little giddily to yourself when he drops his duffel bag, so you try and settle it into something more peaceful and inviting instead of the pure excitement brewing in your stomach when he approaches. Jason wraps his arms around you in a hug that was clearly meant to be friendly, but his nose goes too deep into your neck and your arms knot too tight around him. He slips far enough out of your embrace to view your face. Jason smiles when he does, and it seems that, for once, he isn’t as good as covering his excitement or mutual attraction as you are.”You’re just as beautiful as I remembered.”

You try and fix this into your mind as the party continues. When Koriand’r had mentioned a Titans party, inviting old and new members, you had been elated to go. You hadn’t talked to Starfire since you left the team to tend to Themyscira in one of its times of crisis, and when you returned you found yourself mourning your boyfriend, Jason Todd, and replaced by Cassie Sandsmark as Wondergirl. But you adored Cassie—she was technically your younger sister, even if you were given life by Aphrodite and not Zeus—and still do now, so you held no grudges. As a princess of Themyscira and an Amazon, you weren’t raised to hold grudges. That’s why when Dick pulls your best friend Kori onto the dance floor, you smile and tell him to treat her well.

Jason would have been your second choice (or third, but you were unsure if M’Gann M’orzz and Karen Beecher would be present). This was only because of your previous relationship, and the new one that had been going on and off for years ever since his return. You can see him and yourself, freshly Titans and freshly heroes, leaning against one each other and the rooftop and overlooking San-Francisco.

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The Top 10 Prettiest Characters in DC Animated

(This was a request and I am NOT complaining)

  1. Mekt Ranzz/Lightning Lord (Legion of Super-Heroes): As featured, he is, in fact, the definite poster-boy for the family black sheep and fuck-up sibling, but frankly, he if perfect and I will fight people on this.
  2. La’gaan/Lagoon Boy (Young Justice): He is one of the most gloriously detailed dorks in the history of the show and DC Animated in general and I do not care what anyone else says. His facial detailing, omg~
  3. Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel (BTAS/Assault on Arkham): One of the entire reasons I got into comics and the like; she is both simple and so complicated and I will defend her in most things…except her video game models made me mad.
  4. Mercy Graves (Superman TAS/JLU): She is a model who can kick anyone’s ass and dropkicked Luthor where it hurts (his ego) in JLU; what is there not to love about her?
  5. Razer (Green Lantern TAS): He has a configuration of rabbit similar ears for a helmet and is a weirdly affectionate person with no social skills. 
  6. Ghoul (Batman Beyond: RotJ): I don’t NEED a reason to think he’s pretty–he has a fake Christopher Walken accent.
  7. Garth/Tempest (Young Justice): He got less then twenty minutes of screen time, but he is a dainty, precious angel and has a top-knot. 
  8. Jason Todd/Red Hood (Under the Red Hood/Young Justice): His entire figure is perfect, but it’s the fact that he has Jensen Eckles voice makes him even prettier.
  9. Edward Nigma/The Riddler (THE Batman): He is a geek/goth/techie who wears eyeliner and has long black hair and might, possibly, wear heels. Also, he’s voiced by Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund.
  10. Klarion the Witch-Boy (Young Justice): He is a snide, plotting, snotty, faux British Lord of Chaos with the voice of Lexington from Gargoyles. And he’s blue, so he is perfect.
UpDated list

Hey all, updating my master list, I love writing HOWEVER if no one comments writers die, we’re like tinker bell that way, just putting comments in tags, sending me an anon message about what you think, anything AT ALL is good enough, please I’m begging you!!! PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE comment idk what else to do to get people to comment 

  1. Brother’s Day (Tim and Damian bonding)
  2. No Win Situation (Tim saving Damian)
  3. No Win Situation: Epilogue (Tim Damian bonding)
  4. Faster Friend (Tim and Bart fluff)
  5. Day of the Oracle (a day in the life of Barbara Gordon)
  6. Resurrection Night (the return of Jason Todd Part 1)
  7. Resurrection Night: Part 2 (the return of Jason Todd Part 2)
  8. Robins united (the return of Jason Todd Part 3, Jason and Tim together)
  9. BlueJay (the return of Jason Todd Part 4, Jason and Tim)
  10. Of Green and Blue (the return of Jason Todd Part 5, Jason faces the Joker)
  11. Colin and Damian at the Prom
  12. the Story of Jason and Dick’s first kiss
  13. Damian goes to high school
  14. TimBart in the Library
  15. Tim unmasks for Kon
  16. Tim Meets New52 Kon
  17. Timkon first kiss
  18. Kon can’t figure out what to wear for a date
  19. Tim’s brothers crash his date
  20. Tim gives Damian advice on handling a Superboy
  21. Tim, Kon, and Bart on Vacation
  22. Tim the jacket thief
  23. TimKon on Tim’s day off
  24. Jason and Roy have to save Dick
  25. Jason and Selina at a gala
  26. Colin is upset by Superboy
  27. Tim and the Jacket
  28. Dick and Jason crash Dami’s Date
  29. Tim Missing Bart
  30. Tim and Connor go to Prom!
  31. Connor meets Jon for the first time
  32. Kon gets a lip ring
  33. Tim, Kon and Bart have they real date
  34. Tim meets an old friend
  35. Tim Kon and Bart become boyfriends
  36. Connor and Bart react to Tim’s death
  37. Tim’s brothers find out about his boyfriend
  38. Kon sets up a date for Tim
  39. Jason reacts to Tim’s Death
  40. Tim teaches Kon how to fight
  41. Damian uses the Teen Titans to spy on Tim’s date
  42. Damian and Jon go trick or treating
  43. Tim and Kon’s first “I love you”
  44. Tim and Jason’s Kiss
  45. “I almost lost you” kiss (Tim and Bart Thad)
  46. Tim catching the bouquet at the end of a wedding
  47. Tim comes out to Batdad (and Dami)
  48. Damian and Tim share a birthday cake
  49. Tim Meets Babs for the first time
  50. Tim and Damian get (another) dog
  51. Tired Tim and Ghost Jason
  52. Pretty boy Dick Grayson schools the JLA
  53. Damian gets an eating disorder
  54. Jon and Conner’s baby sitting
  55. Terry Meets the modern JLA
  56. DamiJon First Kiss
  57. TimKon and DamiJon
  58. Bruce and Babs play chess
  59. Damian kidnaps Billy Batson
  60. Billy Batson gets an unexpected job  (Part 2)
  61. Damian “doesn’t have friends”
  62. Damian’s birthday party turns out differently than he thought
  63. Billy Batson and the Heroes of Olympus/Egypt/Asgard
  64. Tim Drake Batman and his Damian Robin
  65. Damian hunts famous blogger Billy Batson
  66. Billy Batson and Zachary Zatara do card tricks
  67. Damian talks about his first death
  68. Titan’s Tower turns into a zoo and Gar doesn’t like it
  69. Bart and Thad bonding
  70. Bruce adopts again (sorry Damian!)
  71. Bruce’s lonely day off
  72. cat lovers
  73. the animals in Billy Batson’s apartment
  74. Thad and Bart speaking telepathically
  75. Jason and Damian bonding
  76. Bart tries to cover for Thad on a date
  77. The Titans learn that Damian can smile
  78. Bruce stalks his kids on their dates
  79. Thad gets stuck with 3 year old Bart
  80. Damian kidnaps Jon for a bake sale
  81. Thad with 3 year old Bart
  82.  Batman introduces his Robins to the JLA
  83. Damian asks Billy out (at last)
  84. Thad as big brother to Bart 
  85. Billy interviews The Teen Titans 
  86. The Teen Titans learn about Damian’s boyfriend
  87.  Damian and Billy a date 
  88. Tim dealing with being Batman 
  89. Batman stalks his children on dates 
  90. Damian sneaks out for a sleep over
  91. Tim covers for Damian on a date 
  92. Billy tries to get the Titans to eat right
  93. Damian turns to Aqualad for help with his sexuality 
  94. Billy and Harley Quinn’s friendship
  95. Jaime Rayes as Ted and Booster’s “son”

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People who complain about Spider-Man being in the Civil War airport fight but have no problem with Batman and his habit of recruiting children with no super powers just as old, if not younger than Peter, into his crime fighting vendetta, please shut the fuck up.

Can we just talk about Tim in S2Ep8 of Young Justice when Jaime and Bart are talking down by the memorials. How Tim just stands there looking at Jasons hologram?

Cause I’m having major YoungJustice+Batfamily feels tonight. Look how timmy just stands there looking at him, (and this takes place a few episodes after dick told him “just dont die” right before a mission). This little puppy obviously looks up to his predecessor alot. Also can we talk about how Jason looks pretty late in his teens from this shot of his memorial we usually see around tumblr

But then if you look closely

Look how teeny tiny he is

I just really need more seasons of this show, preferably with a live and kicking jason todd

when i was a senior in high school a teacher had us do this very quick essay in class about a person in our life we admire and look up to and because i was tired i just started using jason as reference intending to replace his name afterwards with a very general “uncle bob”… ultimately i didn’t do it because of time constraints and it just suddenly hit me how hilarious it is that to that teacher i have an uncle jason who “despite his occassionally short temper, he’s showed me to never back down even when facing great struggles” when in reality i was referencing to jason todd trying to murder batman after he returned

Jason Todd - post Crisis, post resurrection issues in chronological order

Posting this separately, since Excel screwed up the sorting the first time I posted this as an answer to an ask. Here are all post Crisis comic issues that include Jason Todd after his resurrection, in chronological order (publishing order - a lot of these are flashbacks).

Does not include: pre Crisis issues, New 52/Rebirth issues, pre-resurrection issues, although a lot of his post-res issues are flashbacks to his death.

Batman Vol 1 635: “Under the Hood, Part 1: New Business”
Batman Vol 1 636: “Under the Hood, Part 2: First Strike”
Batman Vol 1 637: “Under the Hood, Part 3: Overnight Deliveries”
Nightwing Vol 2 103
Nightwing Vol 2 104
Batman Vol 1 638: “Under the Hood, Part 4: Bidding War”
Nightwing Vol 2 105
Nightwing Vol 2 106
Batman Vol 1 639: “Family Reunion, Part 1: The Word on the Street”
Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins Vol 1 2005
Batman Vol 1 640: “Family Reunion, Part 2: While the Cat’s Away”
Batman Vol 1 641: “Family Reunion, Conclusion: Face To Face”
Batman Vol 1 645: “Show Me Yesterday, For I Can’t Find Today”
Batman Vol 1 646: “Franchise, Part 1: Supply Side Economics”
Teen Titans Vol. 3 #29: “Life and Death”
Batman Vol 1 647: “Franchise, Part 2: The Away Team”
Infinite Crisis Vol 1 2
Batman Vol 1 648: “All They Do Is Watch Us Kill, Part 1” [Behind the scenes]
Batman: Gotham County Line Vol 1 3
Infinite Crisis Vol 1 3
Batman Vol 1 649: “All They Do Is Watch Us Kill, Part 2”
Batman Vol 1 650: “All They Do Is Watch Us Kill, Part 3: It Only Hurts When I Laugh”
Nightwing Vol. 2 #118: “The Gang’s All Here”
Nightwing Vol. 2 #119: “Pleased To Meet You – Hope You Guess My Name!”
Nightwing Vol. 2 #120: “Yours, Mind, and Ours”
52 Vol 1 6
Nightwing Vol. 2 #121: “Sorry I Brought That Up”
52 Vol 1 10
Nightwing Vol. 2 #122: “Odd Couples”
52 Vol 1 30
Batman Annual #25 (2006): “Daedalus and Icarus - The Return of Jason Todd”
Green Arrow Vol. 3 #69: “Seeing Red, Part One: Out of Town Guests”
Green Arrow Vol. 3 #70: “Seeing Red, Part Two: The Buddy System”
Outsiders Vol 3 44
Green Arrow Vol. 3 #71: “Seeing Red, Part Three: Change Partners”
Outsiders Vol 3 45
Countdown #48: “Death From Above”
Countdown #50: “Last Laugh”
Countdown #51: “Look to the Skies”
Green Arrow Vol. 3 #72: “Seeing Red, Part Four: Back to School Night”
Outsiders Vol 3 46
Countdown #45: “Monitor Duty”
Countdown #46: “Weapon of War”
Outsiders Annual Vol 3 1
World War III #1: “A Call to Arms”
World War III #4: “United We Stand”
Amazons Attack Vol 1 2
Countdown #40: “Small Wonders”
Countdown #41: “Another Fine Mess”
Countdown #42: “Shock to the System”
Countdown #43: “The Funeral”
Countdown Vol 1 47
Teen Titans Vol 3 47
Countdown #35: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
Countdown #36: “Magical Mystery Tour”
Countdown #37: “Forbidden Fruit”
Countdown #39: “Do Not Pass Go”
Countdown Vol 1 38
Countdown #31: “New Frontiers”
Countdown #32: “Girls Gone Wild”
Countdown #33: “Let’s Make A Deal”
Countdown #34: “Searching for Answers”
All-New Atom Vol 1 14
Countdown #26: “Halfway to Hell!”
Countdown #27: “Disasters, Great & Otherwise”
Countdown #28: “Now, Forager!”
Countdown #29: “Another Country Heard From”
Countdown #30
Countdown Vol 1 30
Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime Vol 1 1
All-New Atom Vol 1 15
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm Vol 1 1
Countdown #18: “Safe House”
Countdown #19: “Season’s Beatings”
Countdown #20: “Loneliest Number”
Countdown #21: “Down and Out… and Beyond”
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists Vol 1 1
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society Vol 1 1
Countdown #13: “Abandon All Hope”
Countdown #14: “Choke on It!”
Countdown #15: “Splitting the Atom”
Countdown #16: “What Price Paradise?”
Countdown #17: “This Means War!”
Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists Vol 1 2
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight Vol 1 1
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain Vol 1 1
Countdown #10: “The Gods Must Be Crazy!”
Countdown #11: “Eye of the Beholder”
Countdown #12: “Come Together”
Countdown #9: “Pay the Piper”
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Son Vol 1 1
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman Vol 1 1
Countdown #5: “End Times”
Countdown #6: “Outbreak”
Countdown #7: “Gone Tomorrow”
Countdown #8: “Homeward Bound”
Countdown #1: “Loose Ends”
Countdown #4: “The Beginning of the End”
Booster Gold Vol 2 8
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 24
Robin Vol. 2 #177: “Search for a Hero, Part 1: The Concrete Cauldron”
Nightwing Vol 2 149
Batman Vol 1 683
Robin Vol. 2 #182: “Search for a Hero, Part 6: Lost & Found”
Robin Vol. 2 #183: “Robin Dies at Dawn!”
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1: “Batman: Battle for the Cowl - A Hostile Takeover”
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2: “Batman: Battle for the Cowl - Army of One”
Battle for the Cowl: The Underground #1 (June 2009): “The Underground”
Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight Vol 1 3
Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3: “Batman: Battle for the Cowl - Last Man Standing” [Pages 1-8]
Battle for the Cowl: The Network #1: “The Network”
Gotham City Sirens Vol 1 2
Batman and Robin #3: “Batman Reborn, Part Three: Mommy Made of Nails”
Red Robin Vol 1 3
Batman and Robin #4: “Revenge of the Red Hood, Part One: Red Right Hand”
Batman and Robin #5: “Revenge of the Red Hood, Part Two: Scarlet”
Adventure Comics Vol 2 4
Batman and Robin #6: “Revenge of the Red Hood, Part Three: Flamingo is Here”
Batman Vol 1 698
Red Hood: The Lost Days Vol 1 1
All-New Atom Vol 1 13
Red Hood: The Lost Days Vol 1 2
Red Hood: The Lost Days Vol 1 3
DC Universe Legacies Vol 1 5
Red Hood: The Lost Days Vol 1 4
DC Universe Legacies Vol 1 6
Justice League of America Vol 2 50
Red Hood: The Lost Days Vol 1 5
Batgirl Vol 3 15
Red Hood: The Lost Days Vol 1 6
Batman Incorporated Vol 1 6
Batman and Robin #23: “The Streets Run Red, Part 1 of 3: Ins and Outs”
Batman and Robin #24: “The Streets Run Red, Part 2 of 3: Exit Strategy”
Batman and Robin #25: “The Streets Run Red, Part 3 of 3: Boys’ Night Out”
Batman Vol 1 713
DC Retroactive: Batman-The ‘80s Vol 1 1
Batman and Robin: Convergence #1
Convergence: Batman and Robin Vol 1 1
Convergence: Green Lantern Corps Vol 1 1
Batman and Robin: Convergence #2
Convergence: Batman and Robin Vol 1 2
DC Comics Presents: Robin War 100-Page Super Spectacular Vol 1 1
DC House of Horror Vol 1 1
DC Comics Encyclopedia
DC Comics Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded
DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide