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The Top 10 Prettiest Characters in DC Animated

(This was a request and I am NOT complaining)

  1. Mekt Ranzz/Lightning Lord (Legion of Super-Heroes): As featured, he is, in fact, the definite poster-boy for the family black sheep and fuck-up sibling, but frankly, he if perfect and I will fight people on this.
  2. La’gaan/Lagoon Boy (Young Justice): He is one of the most gloriously detailed dorks in the history of the show and DC Animated in general and I do not care what anyone else says. His facial detailing, omg~
  3. Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel (BTAS/Assault on Arkham): One of the entire reasons I got into comics and the like; she is both simple and so complicated and I will defend her in most things…except her video game models made me mad.
  4. Mercy Graves (Superman TAS/JLU): She is a model who can kick anyone’s ass and dropkicked Luthor where it hurts (his ego) in JLU; what is there not to love about her?
  5. Razer (Green Lantern TAS): He has a configuration of rabbit similar ears for a helmet and is a weirdly affectionate person with no social skills. 
  6. Ghoul (Batman Beyond: RotJ): I don’t NEED a reason to think he’s pretty–he has a fake Christopher Walken accent.
  7. Garth/Tempest (Young Justice): He got less then twenty minutes of screen time, but he is a dainty, precious angel and has a top-knot. 
  8. Jason Todd/Red Hood (Under the Red Hood/Young Justice): His entire figure is perfect, but it’s the fact that he has Jensen Eckles voice makes him even prettier.
  9. Edward Nigma/The Riddler (THE Batman): He is a geek/goth/techie who wears eyeliner and has long black hair and might, possibly, wear heels. Also, he’s voiced by Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund.
  10. Klarion the Witch-Boy (Young Justice): He is a snide, plotting, snotty, faux British Lord of Chaos with the voice of Lexington from Gargoyles. And he’s blue, so he is perfect.
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  1. Brother’s Day (Tim and Damian bonding)
  2. No Win Situation (Tim saving Damian)
  3. No Win Situation: Epilogue (Tim Damian bonding)
  4. Faster Friend (Tim and Bart fluff)
  5. Day of the Oracle (a day in the life of Barbara Gordon)
  6. Resurrection Night (the return of Jason Todd Part 1)
  7. Resurrection Night: Part 2 (the return of Jason Todd Part 2)
  8. Robins united (the return of Jason Todd Part 3, Jason and Tim together)
  9. BlueJay (the return of Jason Todd Part 4, Jason and Tim)
  10. Of Green and Blue (the return of Jason Todd Part 5, Jason faces the Joker)
  11. Colin and Damian at the Prom
  12. the Story of Jason and Dick’s first kiss
  13. Damian goes to high school
  14. TimBart in the Library
  15. Tim unmasks for Kon
  16. Tim Meets New52 Kon
  17. Timkon first kiss
  18. Kon can’t figure out what to wear for a date
  19. Tim’s brothers crash his date
  20. Tim gives Damian advice on handling a Superboy
  21. Tim, Kon, and Bart on Vacation
  22. Tim the jacket thief
  23. TimKon on Tim’s day off
  24. Jason and Roy have to save Dick
  25. Jason and Selina at a gala
  26. Colin is upset by Superboy
  27. Tim and the Jacket
  28. Dick and Jason crash Dami’s Date
  29. Tim Missing Bart
  30. Tim and Connor go to Prom!
  31. Connor meets Jon for the first time
  32. Kon gets a lip ring
  33. Tim, Kon and Bart have they real date
  34. Tim meets an old friend
  35. Tim Kon and Bart become boyfriends
  36. Connor and Bart react to Tim’s death
  37. Tim’s brothers find out about his boyfriend
  38. Kon sets up a date for Tim
  39. Jason reacts to Tim’s Death
  40. Tim teaches Kon how to fight
  41. Damian uses the Teen Titans to spy on Tim’s date
  42. Damian and Jon go trick or treating
  43. Tim and Kon’s first “I love you”
  44. Tim and Jason’s Kiss
  45. “I almost lost you” kiss (Tim and Bart Thad)
  46. Tim catching the bouquet at the end of a wedding
  47. Tim comes out to Batdad (and Dami)
  48. Damian and Tim share a birthday cake
  49. Tim Meets Babs for the first time
  50. Tim and Damian get (another) dog
  51. Tired Tim and Ghost Jason
  52. Pretty boy Dick Grayson schools the JLA
  53. Damian gets an eating disorder
  54. Jon and Conner’s baby sitting
  55. Terry Meets the modern JLA
  56. DamiJon First Kiss
  57. TimKon and DamiJon
  58. Bruce and Babs play chess
  59. Damian kidnaps Billy Batson
  60. Billy Batson gets an unexpected job  (Part 2)
  61. Damian “doesn’t have friends”
  62. Damian’s birthday party turns out differently than he thought
  63. Billy Batson and the Heroes of Olympus/Egypt/Asgard
  64. Tim Drake Batman and his Damian Robin
  65. Damian hunts famous blogger Billy Batson
  66. Billy Batson and Zachary Zatara do card tricks
  67. Damian talks about his first death
  68. Titan’s Tower turns into a zoo and Gar doesn’t like it
  69. Bart and Thad bonding
  70. Bruce adopts again (sorry Damian!)
  71. Bruce’s lonely day off
  72. cat lovers
  73. the animals in Billy Batson’s apartment
  74. Thad and Bart speaking telepathically
  75. Jason and Damian bonding
  76. Bart tries to cover for Thad on a date
  77. The Titans learn that Damian can smile
  78. Bruce stalks his kids on their dates
  79. Thad gets stuck with 3 year old Bart
  80. Damian kidnaps Jon for a bake sale
  81. Thad with 3 year old Bart
  82.  Batman introduces his Robins to the JLA
  83. Damian asks Billy out (at last)
  84. Thad as big brother to Bart 
  85. Billy interviews The Teen Titans 
  86. The Teen Titans learn about Damian’s boyfriend
  87.  Damian and Billy a date 
  88. Tim dealing with being Batman 
  89. Batman stalks his children on dates 
  90. Damian sneaks out for a sleep over
  91. Tim covers for Damian on a date 
  92. Billy tries to get the Titans to eat right
  93. Damian turns to Aqualad for help with his sexuality 
  94. Billy and Harley Quinn’s friendship
  95. Jaime Rayes as Ted and Booster’s “son”

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when i was a senior in high school a teacher had us do this very quick essay in class about a person in our life we admire and look up to and because i was tired i just started using jason as reference intending to replace his name afterwards with a very general “uncle bob”… ultimately i didn’t do it because of time constraints and it just suddenly hit me how hilarious it is that to that teacher i have an uncle jason who “despite his occassionally short temper, he’s showed me to never back down even when facing great struggles” when in reality i was referencing to jason todd trying to murder batman after he returned

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how many versions of Jason out there?

Oh there are so many versions of Jason out there, my dear anon :)

But I will introduce you to the most important versions of him in this post. 

Pre-Crisis Jason (underappreciated gem):

“I’m Robin, and being Robin gives magic”

The First Jason, the one with acrobats parents who were killed by Killer Croc and then got adopted by Bruce Wayne. He was playful kid, kinda bratty, insecure and you can’t help but feel as proud as Bruce when you see him mature through the run. He had a better life than the other Jasons and better relationships. He also got the best Batdad ever (seriously, pre-crisis Bruce was the best batdad you will ever see). 

If you guys ever wondered what Jason would be like without all these tragedies, then just read Pre-Crisis Jason’s stories and you will find out.

Dark knight Returns Miller’Jason:

“But The Joker is out there….there’s no telling what he’ll do”

The first one who started the “Jason has to die in every universe” circle and his death pushed Bruce to retirement. We unfortunately don’t know much about his parents or how did he meet Batman. He was extremely brutal (There would be no criminals left in Gotham if this Jason got the chance to grow up) and protective of Batman. He was also trained to be the next Batman, but unfortunately died before he could take the mantle.

Post-Crisis Jason (the one tumblr is in love with):

”Try and catch me, you big boob”

The one who died by a vote and then returned as Red Hood. He was a street kid with a criminal father and addicted mother. He met Batman when he tried to steal the batmobile’s tires and become Robin later. He was killed by The Joker after his real mother betrayed him (and stayed died for almost 20 years) and then return later after digging himself out of his grave. 

Flashpoint Jason:

“Father Todd, but you can call me Jason”

Ever wondered what would have become of Jason if he never meet Batman? Well, we got the answer in Flashpoint, a world where Bruce died instead of his parents. Jason ended up falling in with the Church of Blood run by Brother Blood. He mysteriously still died and resurrected and his hair bore a white streak suggesting that he was brought back by a Lazarus Pit. After his resurrection, Jason was taken in by the church where he turned his life around and became a priest.

What interesting (and sad) about this take is it proves that Jason would have been better off if he never meet Bruce. That Bruce actually doomed him.

New 52 Jason (another underappreciated gem):

“You can’t tell, but I’m shedding a single tear underneath this hood”

The one with harsher home life and better relationship with the Batfamily. Like PC Jason, his father was criminal and his mother was addicted. But unlike the other versions, Jason’s father was abusive toward him and his mother. He trained under Batman, LoA and All Caste (he’s seriously strong). Teamed up with Kori and Roy for awhile (and become one of the top ten most wanted criminal in the world), Started a company with Roy and now he’s teaming up with Artemis and Bizarro.

He is the current version that being used in the main DC universe and honestly? I’m pretty fond of him :)

Arkhamverse Jason:

“It’s personal, very personal”

The one who never died, but you will wish that he did (seriously, his life freaking sucks in this universe). Jason was kidnapped by the Joker and tortured both physically and mentally for a year. The Joker brainwashed Jason to hate Bruce and even get close enough to telling him Batman’s identity before Joker shot Jason and send the video to Batman making him think that Jason was dead. After The Joker died, Jason become Arkham Knight and worked with Scarecrow to takeover Gotham and break & kill Batman. He formed a militia and had Deathstroke as his right hand.

At the end of the game and after Bruce defeated Jason and stopped his army, Bruce was kidnapped by Scarecrow which resulted in a broken Jason saving him.

Honorable mention: Bombshells’ Jason

“If all the good people left Spain, then who would be left to fight for her?”

In this version, Jason was taken under Kate and Renee care. He was born during a war and refused to leave when everyone did to protect his country. He was described as cunning and clever who helped out Kate and Renee a lot. He died later in Kate’s arms which affected her and Renee deeply.

Yay, another long post and I’m tagging this because I was planning to do a post about different versions of Jason anyway.

JayTim fic recs


The Untitled JayTim Project

Jason and Tim begin to bond after Jason rescues Tim from a psychopath, when no one else knew Tim needed rescuing. Mature.


In a merger of universes, a look into the aftermath of the Joker’s death from Tim Drake’s hands and the return of Jason Todd.



The baby that was to be named Timothy Jackson Drake was born small and gray. But he had been born with music in him. The man that becomes Timothy Drake-Wayne is a disciple of silence. Teen.


Everyone has a breaking point. Tim has reached his. And he has succumbed to it. Teen.


Part 1 of reversal!verse. Jason hadn’t met the second Robin before today. And all he has to say on the matter is damn.


Doubtful Sanity

Tim’s never regretted his decision to go to Barbara Gordon when Batman began to fall apart after Robin’s death. He does reserve the right to complain when strange men in masks begin to use him as an intermediary for Oracle though. Explicit.

A Left Turn Somewhere Around Albuquerque

The Replacement, Jason realizes with more than a little dread, is hot. Teen.

Watching and Wanting

There’s something different about the weight of these eyes. Something that makes Jason sit up and take notice. Explicit.

Kissing Games

Nothing good has ever come from Steph and Dick plotting together. Nothing. Gen.


Every Step of the Way Will Find Us

It almost feels like camaraderie when Jason gives him a two fingered salute, “Till next time.” Teen.

Fluffy Cavities

The domestic batfam AU you didn’t know you needed. Gen.


“The bond is a tie between the People and the Dragon. Anyone can bond with a dragon. But conditions must be met, both must be willing, both must be of pure heart, and both must have an affinity. The Bond will open the mind, it is a profound existence. Once the bond is formed you are changed. It is a change that surpasses the physical, the mystical, and the passages of time.” Teen.

Cradle Robber

“I’m taking you home.” There’s a slight struggle which Jason wins. “And I’m going to feed you. Something fried. With mayonnaise. And bread. And sugar. Lots of sugar.” Gen.


nine tenths

Tim isn’t surprised when he’s attacked by Jason Todd shortly after Jason’s return from the dead. What does surprise him is that Jason doesn’t seem to want to hurt him. Instead, Jason seems almost single-mindedly obsessed with keeping Tim safe, and Tim is determined to get to the bottom of it. Teen.

when the music is gone

When the planet is shaken by events that are later called the Disasters, every major city in the world experiences what Gotham went through in No Man’s Land. It’s business as usual in Gotham; they’ve been through this before, after all. Things start to get out of hand when Batman is ambushed and brought down; after that, heroes drop one by one as the rogues dig in and tear Gotham apart.

When Dick tells Tim that he’s leaving Gotham, Tim refuses to go with him, knowing that if he stays he can help. He turns to Jason, one of the only tentative allies he has left in the city, and together, they try their best to save a city that it might not be possible to save. Mature.

after the storm

Jason is getting ready to start his reign as the Red Hood when he overhears a conversation that will change his life. He ends up giving up his plans for revenge and taking on a new identity so he can raise the son he never thought he’d have. When his safety and anonymity are threatened by the Wayne Foundation ’s representative, Tim Drake-Wayne, all Jason can do is keep his head down and hope for the best - but he may have to redefine “best” in order for that to work out. Teen.

glymr and iesika

Kings Among Runaways

The AU where Tim ran away from home at the tender age of mumbledyteen, and Jason got let off with a warning, the night he met Batman. Explicit.

Captain Australia


Part 1 of rubble!verse. Jason and Tim get caught in a building collapse and building isn’t the only thing that cracks.

What Once Was and Can Never be Again

Jason spots little Tim during a photography session when he’s Robin. And it all grows from there.

The Replacement

So this is AFTER Jason comes back to life and then tries to kill the Joker, slightly AU-ish. Explicit.


Grappling Lessons

A wrestling match devolves into…well… Rated R, for sexual themes.

The Bodyguard

Tim is the sole heir to Drake Industries, and his parents have decided to hire a bodyguard from Wayne Enterprises for him. Tim is skeptical, and the bodyguard doesn’t particularly like the situation either. But sometimes, circumstances will bring people together. Explicit.


Little Lonely Boy in a Cave

Part 1 of Little Lonely Boy!verse. Jason finds Little!Tim.



Part 1 of Ghost verse. Ghosts don’t sleep, but sometimes, they still dream.


The Trouble With Ghosts

Dick’s first house is haunted, Jason doesn’t believe in ghosts, Tim is a pizza delivery boy they won’t let leave, and Damian has unfinished business. Gen.


Go Down on you in a Theatre

Bruce stumbles across something he should not have seen. Explicit.


the one with the selfies

Thanks for the spank bank material, replacement, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t meant for me. Explicit.

you build me up like steps

Tim faces this problem the same way he faces every problem he comes up against, faces it the only way he knows how.

With research. Explicit.


The Party Line

“Hey, Birdboy, what’re you wearing?” Explicit.



Jason is a soccer player and Tim is a dork and there are feelings. Teen.


I spend my money on the regular miracles

Jason Todd versus the Ikea Bed, a struggle in several parts. Teen.

JayTim Tattoo Verse

“Shockingly, my skillset is somewhat more diverse than blowing shit up and pissing you off.” Or: the one where Tim gets inked up and it’s the best idea he’s ever had. Explicit.


The Tech Line

Tim Drake; wheelchair bound division leader in Wayne Tech’s computer maintenance division. Jason Todd; adopted son of Bruce Wayne, i.e., Tim’s boss. This is their awkward love story. Teen.



"You’re the one of the bat brood that’s working on the vampire case, right?”

It’s not a “vampire case”, Tim wants to say, but he gets what Jason means. He gives a short nod.

Jason takes a deep breath. There’s still something strange about his eyes, but in the dim light and from this distance, Tim can’t quite make out what it is. It bugs him, though. Jason runs a hand through his hair and lets out a deep sigh.

“Well, the thing is…”



Jason’s reaction had been…unfortunate, the first time Tim had whispered the suggestion shyly into his ear, pressed tight and sweat-slick against him in the dark room. Teen.



Tim began to reevaluate his commitment to stalking the Wayne family when he found himself tied to a chair at one in the morning. Mature.


Questioning Hearts

Each of Jason’s thrusts are a question: Am I good enough for you? Tell me you want me. Tim’s moans are pleading: Don’t leave me. I can’t be lonely any longer. Explicit.


“Come on, Timmy,” Jason says, tilting his chin up so that Tim can see his maskless face. Those dark blue eyes, usually so steely and cold, are open and studying the planes of Tim’s face. “Even rich boys know that you get one wish on your birthday.” Mature.


And it’s gonna take a lifetime

The first time that Jason saw Tim, it was like someone had thrown a bucket of ice water over him and then tossed him into a fire.  A tiny kid, couldn’t weigh more than a buck twenty soaking wet.  His face though, young, and pale with that sharp, small smile.  Smaller than a crack on a sidewalk tile.


Next Time

Part one of Knight Rider AU

A Simple Question

 All in all, it was a really simple question. “Who are you?”


Superior Posteriors, and Footie Pajamas

The guy in 4B is the literal worst. Why does his face have to be so stupidly attractive? Jay/Tim horrible neighbors AU

Can we just talk about Tim in S2Ep8 of Young Justice when Jaime and Bart are talking down by the memorials. How Tim just stands there looking at Jasons hologram?

Cause I’m having major YoungJustice+Batfamily feels tonight. Look how timmy just stands there looking at him, (and this takes place a few episodes after dick told him “just dont die” right before a mission). This little puppy obviously looks up to his predecessor alot. Also can we talk about how Jason looks pretty late in his teens from this shot of his memorial we usually see around tumblr

But then if you look closely

Look how teeny tiny he is

I just really need more seasons of this show, preferably with a live and kicking jason todd

Easter Bunny [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope you all enjoy the holiday to it’s fullest and find plenty of easter eggs! I made this fic especially for easter and I hope you guys love it. This is kind of a sequel to Now and Always because I’m using the same child character I made. There’s a pretty large age jump, and I know the speech is advanced for a toddler but I have a nephew who actually just turned three and is able to speak like this so I’m basing Addilyn’s speech like that. I hope you all love it!

Thank you @memento-scribet for helping me with the end! You’re the bomb!


Easter; a bright, warm time of year. A time little Addilyn loves, now that she’s big enough to run, she loves to go outside and play all of the time. You and Jason take her to the park almost everyday so she will let out some of that energy.

However, she isn’t fond of the mascot of this holiday. When you both took her to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, she wasn’t having it. She was absolutely terrified before you even got to the front of the line. Deciding not to traumatize the poor girl, Jason scooped her up and you both took her for ice cream instead.

This was a few days before Easter. Now it’s the day of, and Jason was getting ready to load her into the car as you grabbed some things to take to the manor. “Mommy! Zeebee?!” you heard her yell as Jason was carrying her out the apartment door. Smiling you came up behind them, the stuffed zebra in your hand. “Do you mean this little fella?” Her smile widened as she stuck her hands out for it, handing it over she hugged it tight before snuggling into Jason’s shoulder. “Mom to the rescue as always.” Jason said amused as the little girl nodded.

Following them out to the car, watching as Jason buckled her into her car seat. He’s really become quite the father, not that you had any doubts. When he pulled away from the car and closed the door he turned to see you watching him. “Take a picture it will last longer” he teased walking up to you. “What can I say, you’re a hot dad.” He laughed before pecking your lips.

After hearing a loud “ewwy” from the car you both laughed before getting in.

The drive to the manor was all around uneventful, Addilyn ended up falling asleep the moment you pulled out. Both chuckling when you peered back there and saw her fast asleep. But like magic, she was up when you pulled into the manor driveway. Bouncing in her seat, ready to see the family.

Jason grabbed the stuff you brought out of the trunk as you got Addie out of her seat. The minute her feet hit the ground she was running up to the door, Alfred opened the door before you even had to knock. “Alfred!” She cheered, running right into his arms. “Hello Miss Addilyn, how is your Easter?” he asked kneeling in front of her. “Good!” she grinned, looking past Alfred she saw Bruce. “Papa Bruce!” she cheered again before running into his arms as he scooped her up “Hey sweetheart!” he greeted her.

You and Jason greeted Alfred, you giving him a hug, before making your way farther into the manor. You hugged Bruce as Jason shook his hand. He carried Addilyn into the living room where everyone was. She jumped out of Bruce’s arms and ran to see her aunts and uncles.

“Whoa!” Steph yelled when she ran in, “Look at you, your dress is so pretty!” Addie grinned and hugged her. You and Jason came in next, seeing nearly all of Jason’s family. Tim, Damian, Steph, Cass, Barbara, but no Dick. “Where’s Dick?” you asked, brows furrowed in confusion.

“He said he has a surprise or something. He’s going to be late.” Tim answered as he was watching Steph play with Addie.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Jason whispered to you, making you laugh and shake your head. You ended up going with him into the kitchen, watching as he helped Alfred with some cooking. Alfred asked you guys about Addie and how things were. He knew you both were talking about having another child, so he questioned if you had decided too or not. All the while unbeknownst to Dick coming into the manor.

Addilyn was still in the living room playing with the others, right now Damain was showing her a new trick he had taught Titus. “Uncle Dami, how do you do dat?” her voice small. “Firmness and superiority” he answered as Addilyn just looked at him confused. “Damian she’s still little, she doesn’t know what that means.” Tim stated as Damian’s expression fell a bit. The others in the room laughed.

“Whas funny?” Addilyn looked around at the family, the ‘t’ not making it into ‘what.’ Though they paused when they heard Dick come in the door. “Hellooo?!” he called. Barbara yelled that they were in the living room. Though they all burst out laughing when they saw him in a giant Easter Bunny costume.

“Hi! Everyone I’m the Easter Bunny! And I’m here to see Addilyn!” He called cheerily, and looked down at the toddler. Her eyes widened in horror before she ran out of the room screaming. “Mommy! Daddy! Monster!” tears running down her face.

You and Jason immediately ran from the kitchen, her going straight into Jason’s arms. “Hey peanut what’s wrong?” he asked her softly as you ran a hand up and down her back. “M-monster! B-big bunny m-monster!” she sobbed into Jason’s shoulder. Exchanging a look you both went into the living room.

Coming upon the scene of Dick in an Easter Bunny costume and the family confused at what was happening. “Smooth Grayson, she’s terrified of the Easter Bunny” Jason glared at his brother. “She is?” they were all shocked.

You nodded, “Why do you think nobody got a mall picture, she didn’t even make it through the line.” continuing to rub her back, as she was beginning to calm down. Dick took off the costume head and walked behind Jason to where Addie could see him. “I’m sorry Addie, it’s just me. I didn’t mean to scare you.” he apologized as she peeked up at him.

“Uncle Dick?” she asked shyly. He nodded smiling at her. “Don’t do that again!” she yelled at him, surprising everyone. He chuckled “I won’t I promise” nodding. “Pinky promise?” she held out her hand. He wrapped his pinky around her tiny one, “Pinky promise.”

She nodded before turning to Jason, “I’m okay daddy.” Jason smiled before saying, “Okay, but can I have a kiss first?” She giggled before kissing his cheek. “And your mommy” he angled for her to peck your lips, which she did. Setting her down she returned to playing, avoiding the bunny head at all costs.

Jason wrapped an arm around your waist, “Can I have a kiss too?” he smirked at you. Rolling your eyes you connected your lips to his, getting a collective ‘ew’ from the family, minus Bruce. Addie giggled at the family’s reaction to her parents. “Mommy and daddy are yucky” she commented smiling. “Oh we’re ‘yucky’ huh?” Jason asked before running over and scooping her up as she laughed. You were right behind him as you both began to tickle her relentlessly. “No! Mommy, Daddy stop!” she squealed.

The family laughed at her giggles before Barbara broke in, “How about we go look for easter eggs? You know Addie, Uncle Dick is the best at finding them and he owes you for scaring you.” She smiled as both you and Jason let the little girl breath. “Tt. I could find more than Grayson” Damian crossed his arms.

“Is that a challenge?” Dick cocked an eyebrow at the younger male. “Perhaps” Damian shrugged.

Addie laughed before latching onto Dick’s leg, “Addie’s on my team!” Dick cheered before picking the girl up and running to the backyard. Damian hot on his heels.

“Wait I want in!” Steph stood from her spot, grabbing Tim’s hand and pulling him with her. “Wait Steph!” Tim yelled but it didn’t stop her. Cass, Barbara, and Bruce were the next ones out. Most likely to keep from any injuries happening.  

You and Jason were still sitting on the floor watching as the family excitedly exited. Both laughing at the sight before looking at each other. “Hey [F/n]” moving so he was right next to you. “Hmm?” humming in acknowledgment.

He hesitated before asking,“Are you ready to have another baby?” uncertainty in his tone, keeping his blue eyes locked with yours. Letting out a sigh, you slowly connected your lips to his in a chaste kiss, which he reciprocated. Pulling away you met his eyes again and nodded, “I am.”

His face broke out in a beaming grin before he kissed you again in the most loving way. After breaking away he took your hand, pulling you up to your feet. After wrapping an arm around your waist he led you out to the patio, not before mumbling how much he loves you in your ear and you happily returning it.

Consider: Kori learning human anatomy and medicine just to patch up her boys. They find her poring over a basic medical guide one day, and practicing stitches on a small practice doll. Neither Roy nor Jason will admit it, but (even if it’s mostly practical) it’s one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for them. In return, they look up anything they can about Tamaran physiology so they can return the favor if their favorite princess ever needs it.

Things I Want from Young Justice Season 3

1. An episode with just Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Superboy.

2. A love Triangle between Conner, Cassie, and Tim.

3. More Superman/Superboy moments

4. A Static and Black Lighting episode.

5. The Team vs Darkseid.

6. Harm to be on the Show.

7. Secret to return and have more screen time.

8. Jason Todd coming back from the dead.

9. Wally returning from the speed-force and becoming The Flash.

10. The team officially called YOUNG JUSTICE.

Jason/Tim fic rec list (part two)

(part one) (part three)

strange fear I haven’t felt in years by Sister

summary: “Can’t believe a pretty thing like you has to come begging to the Red Hood,” he says against Tim’s neck. “Thought they’d be lining up down the block for you. Thought Daddy would need to get the shotgun.”

“You’re the one with the shotgun,” Tim points out.

(Tim’s benched with a broken arm and starts playing Jason’s personal Oracle. Things escalate.)

rating: E 

length: 31K

at certain hours it all breaks down by ohmcgee

summary: Jason likes to stick with what he knows and what he knows is Tim as Red Robin, controlling and vicious, smart as shit and downright fucking scary when someone he cares about is in trouble. This is something new.

rating: E

length: 5.7K

The Gazette Misses the Mark Again by isengard

summary: “Witnesses say the Red Hood fired seven shots before kidnapping Drake-Wayne. For those of you just joining us, we’re reporting live from First Bank of Gotham, where an attempted robbery earlier today led to the abduction of Bruce Wayne’s son.”

rating: T

length: 3.4K

Gravitational by Tabithian 

summary: Tim has this…neighbor.He’s never met the guy, but he’s passed him in the halls a few times. Tall, dark, and in possession of what Tim’s starting to suspect is an eternally grumpy face.

rating: T

length: 3.2k

these lines of lighting by smilebackwards 

summary: “Sometimes when Bruce is being an asshole, the best response is to be an asshole right back,” Jason says, dropping down next to Tim and propping his boots on the milk crates he uses for a coffee table. “I used to go hang out with all the bad kids so I guess you’re already on the right track.”

rating: T

length: 4.9K

Dropping In by @lexiconallie

summary:  “I swear it was an accident.”

rating: T

length: <1K

Witness by @lexiconallie

summary: Just yesterday, Andy would’ve guessed that the Bat made his kids swear vows of celibacy before putting on their masks. But now he’s thoroughly disillusioned.

rating: G

length: <1K

Soundless by @rivetingfabrications

summary: Jason confides in Tim without words.

rating: E

length: 1.1K

In Which Jason Gets Amnesia and Tim Gets a New Roommate by theGirlNightwing

summary: Basically the title.
Ivy takes the Red Hood by surprise. Somehow, Red Robin ends up housing him. Cass ships it. Jason just wants to know who the hell he is and why the fuck Tim gets injured so much.

rating: T

length: 4.7K

Waynie and the Hood by @mgnemesi

summary: Maybe it was because he didn’t have time to read the gossip columns; maybe it was because he seriously underestimated the audience’s power to “Ship It”, but Bruce didn’t *immediately* cotton onto the fact that his scheme made half the country think that his son was in love with, well, his *other* son.

rating: G

length: 2.9K

Puzzle Pieces by @infectedscrew 

summary: A night on the streets doesn’t go well for Jason, at all but Tim shows up to make it all better.

rating: T

length: 1.2K

Dance by Day by @redbirdcalling

summary: Tim Drake is the son of a wealthy power couple, who - against his parents’ wishes - chose to attend the Gotham Conservatory of the Arts to follow his passion for dance. By day, he pursues his studies, spending most of his time preparing for a choreography showcase that will hopefully land him a career that doesn’t have anything to do with his parents’ business. By night, however, he protects the streets at Batman’s side as Red Robin, balancing school, his future career, and demanding nights of fighting crime in order to keep Gotham safe.

Jason Todd is a former Robin, who - after a plot of the Joker’s results in the death of his mother - left the mantle behind when Batman refused to kill the Joker. After picking up some new skills, Jason Todd returns to the streets, vowing to make Gotham safer by assuming the role of the Red Hood. However, he isn’t all dark nights and gunfights, and after a night of shenanigans at some swanky art school goes wrong, Jason trades in his freedom to spend his days making things right, balancing the nighttime call of the Gotham streets with a new respect for the work of students at the Conservatory - and the dancing of one student in particular.

A Step Up! AU.

rating: NR

length: 3.2K (WIP) 

Fires in the Night by @redbirdcalling

summary: Tim and Jason find a way to wind down after a long night on patrol.

rating: NR

length: 2K

The Library

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: “Which asshole hasn’t returned the book I want yet?”

Key: Y/N= your name, Y/F/N= your friend’s name, Y/E/C= your eye color

Warning: language?? maybe

You were an avid reader. Heck, you’d pass up watching T.V. just to tear through your newest book. Your friends were always giving you suggestions on books. Stuff like The Handmaid’s Tale or Gifted, books that would either make you think or just for entertainment. Y/F/N just suggested their most recent read.

“Y/N, you just gotta read The Night Circus! It’s got magic and so much description. Ugh, it’s just beautiful, you gotta.”

You giggled, “Okay, okay! I’ll check it out after I finish rereading Harry Potter, which I’m still shocked you haven’t read.” She smacked your shoulder and you both continued on with your conversation.

You exited your apartment to go to the library the third time that week. At the same time your neighbor stepped into the hallway. Jason had moved in a couple weeks ago and you haven’t really had the chance to get to know him with your work schedule, but it seemed he was more of a night owl anyway. You and him exchanged quick nods as you went towards the stairs and he glided towards the elevator.

The stairs let out exactly where you park your car so you swung the door open and just slipped into your car. You drove halfway across town to get to the library.

The large archway loomed over you as you walked into the library. You waved to the lady at the front desk.

“Hello Miss Mandy. How are you today? How are the dogs?”

“Oh hello Y/N! I’m frazzled as usual! Biscuit and Pepper are doing great,” She rushed out as she rummage through the stacks of books on her desk.

“As always, if you need any help just let me know,” you offered.

“And as always, I will,” she called to your retreating form, headed towards the fiction books.

The shelves welcomed you back and you walked over to the ‘M’s without a second thought, searching for Morgenstern…again.

Jason decided to walk to the library today, it was nice enough and he enjoyed a nice walk. He was tired on only ever working on things for his vigilante life, so Jason chose to start reading. He had been reading through the fantasy section and found a book that could not be more interesting, he guessed. He couldn’t seem to start it yet. His night life had kept him from reading recently, so he needed to renew his book.

The library was quite compared to other days of the week. Jason looked over and saw Miss Mandy at her desk. He slipped over to the kooky lady.

“Miss Mandy it looks like you could use a hand.” He smiled at her.

“Huh,” she looked over her piles, “Oh! Mr. Todd! Well if you have a moment, I would love it.”

“I always have time for you.” The old woman gave a thankful smile.

After helping the lady, Jason made his way to the fiction section, looking to see if there was another book he could grab while there. He didn’t see anything that caught his eye except you. He was slightly surprised to find you there, but he didn’t know you well enough to know if you liked reading. He entertained the thought of going over to you when you let out a groan of frustration. He decided he better not, but not without letting out a small laugh. 

You turned to look where the laugh came from and saw your neighbor. You didn’t know that he even left the house during the day time, but your frustration left you in no state to ask.

You barged out of the room to Miss Mandy, her desk looking cleaner then when you left it.

“I’m sorry Miss Mandy, but which asshole hasn’t returned the book I want yet? I’ve been here three different times this week after you said it was due this week. I’m so sorry but I’m dying,” you exclaimed, hands waving wildly.

“Oh, dear, let me take a lookie. The Night Circus, right?” She began typing furiously on her keyboard. “Well it looks like it’s Mr. Todd.”

“Yeah?” You spun on your heels to come face to face with Jason. “Is someone looking for me,” he spoke slowly.

“Yeah,” you said pointedly, “I am. I am in need of a book you are in possession of. The Night Circus ring any bells?” Your foot tapped furiously.

Jason looked to his hand, “You mean this? Yeah, I’ve been a little to busy to read recently. You can have it if you want.”

You looked at his face, sadness spread across his smile as he offered the book to you. You stared at it for a minute. “You know what? Why don’t we get together and read it, kinda like a book club but with one book,” you grinned.

“I’d like that.” Jason looked into your Y/E/C eyes and began to beam wildly.

“You two are such cuties!” Miss Mandy gushed at the scene before her. “I just gotta tell your mom!”

“Mandy!” You blushed and covered your face. Then you looked and saw Jason blushing slightly and it wasn’t an idea you’d pass on just yet.

Author’s note: This is crap. I can’t apologize enough. okay bye. 

Jason todd is a literal huge softy, and everyone knows it but they all think they’re the only one that knows.

•At one point he cries when Bruce says he’s proud of him and hugs him. He tells him never to tell anyone.

• He has a full on mental break down while talking in depth with Dick about while he was ‘dead’ during spy days because he thought he lost the best big brother he’d ever had and it’s sad and Dick promises never to tell a soul.

• Tim caught Jason crying on the aniversary of his death, still trying to figure out why his mother did what she did. He offered to help if Jason would get some sleep (hypocrite)

• When Damian came back from the dead, Jason hugged him and cried, but he hugged Damian hard enough that the boy couldn’t see his face

• He was always a sensitive child and he used to go cry to Alfred when he was upset, and he still does sometimes, even if he just feels like complaining without tears.

Jason is just a big softie who loves his family so much and has been hurt and doesn’t want to be hurt anymore and be loved in return