the return of fu manchu

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About the Great Wall movie, it was created by Chinese people and is made in China. Plus Matt Damon's character was specifically written to be a foreigner mercenary and the movie had most of its creative input come from Chinese filmmakers as opposed to Americans controlling it. While Matt Damon's character helps in a major way, he does not save the day, the badass lady in the blue armor (Lin) does.

“…it was created by Chinese people and is made in China.”

Is this supposed to make Asian AMERICANS (including me) shut up about whitewashing and the racism perpetuated by it? You see, the thing about white people is that they think all Asian people are the same. White people CANNOT tell the difference between Asian Americans, Asian immigrants, Asian refugees, and especially Asian people who are native to their own country. But we DO have names, come from different countries and areas, and we have different life experiences you know.

Now, let’s take a little tour of some whitewashed Asian characters/roles. Your favorite movie is at the bottom.

So if you know how to do basic math, we have been whitewashed or had roles taken from us for at least 102 years. But hey, let’s just shut up about it because the latest movie was made by “Chinese people.” And by the way, the movie was NOT “made” by Chinese people. It was directed by a Chinese man (Zhang Yimou) yes, but was written by white men based on a story by Jewish men. Now please embarrass yourself somewhere else.

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