the return of broly

Here are 70 reasons why KakaVege is totally a thing

•Vegeta had to have chose to be naked when showing up in Gokus dreams after he died. No one takes your clothes when you die. Either that or Goku hallucinated Vegeta as naked.

•Vegeta somehow pieces together that Goku is Kakarot and immediately holds off a giant fight to wait for him.

•In Super, they hold hands when instant transmitting, when Vegeta could’ve easily put his hand on Gokus shoulder.

•After instant transmitting Vegeta avoids eye contact with literally everyone and looks extremely embarrassed.

•Whenever an evil saiyan comes to earth and calls Goku Kakarot he gets angry, but when Vegeta does it’s okay because it’s Vegeta’s name for him. Like almost a pet name.

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24 with............ broly/raditz ;)

“Oh my God, you’re in love with them!”

Yamcha plopped down on the bench next to Raditz and leaned back against the table. “So what’s eating you?”

Raditz glared at him. “Nothing.”

“Dude, you’re bouncing your leg hard enough to set off a Richter scale. You only do that when something’s bothering you. So what’s up? Maybe I can help.” Yamcha grinned at him. Something in Raditz’s gut clenched. It had been years since he’d first arrived on Earth, since he kidnapped his nephew and tried to eradicate all life on the planet. In that time, he’d tried to prove he was worthy of everything Kakarott had done for him. He’d fought monsters that far outstripped him in power, he’d died trying to set things right. (He came back, but he’d still died.) But that wasn’t enough for him. He didn’t deserve the friendliness offered to him by Kakarott’s friends, by his nephew.

By Broly, of all people.

“It’s nothing,” he said, “don’t worry your pretty head over it.”

Yamcha glared at him. “Look, I’m trying to be nice here. You’ve gotta talk about your feelings and shit with somebody and it may as well be me. You really want to hash your feelings out with Goku? Or worse, Vegeta? How about Piccolo, or Tien, or one of the other emotionally repressed assholes we keep hanging out with?” Raditz grimaced. None of those sounded appealing. Yamcha slugged him in the arm. “Come on, you can talk to me. I promise not to laugh.”

Raditz glanced across the park to where Broly was receiving meditation lessons from Piccolo. Ever since he’d crashed on Earth, he’d been making the same efforts as Raditz. Honestly, Raditz understood. There was something about Earth that made you want to protect it, even though it was as backwoods as planets got and probably wouldn’t even join the intergalactic community for a few more decades at best. It was quaint. And apparently, even the Legendary Super Saiyan himself wasn’t immune to its qualities.

That, at least, made him feel a little better.

“It’s like this,” he said, carefully choosing his words. “Now that Broly’s here, I feel like I should…I don’t know, try to be closer to him, I think? He’s one of only four remaining full-blooded Saiyans. And really…of all of us, I’m the oldest left. I’m the only one who remembers some of our traditions and stuff. Vegeta knows because Nappa made us learn, but he doesn’t care, and getting Kakarott to sit still long enough to learn anything takes either a miracle or six tons of rock.” Yamcha snorted. “But Broly–I don’t know. I just want to talk to him, I think. But he’s avoiding me because I look like Kakarott, and it bothers me. I’m not really sure why.”

Yamcha patted his shoulder sympathetically. “I’m sure Broly will warm up to you, Raditz. Hell, if Chi-Chi can, so can he.” He laughed and Raditz scowled. “Look, just go over and say hi, okay? It’s not hard. Maybe ask if you can join in the meditation lessons.”

Raditz bared his teeth. “I hate meditation.” Most Saiyans hated sitting still by nature. Their blood called for action, for violence–meditation wasn’t something they generally put much stock in. The only reason Broly was agreeing to it was in an attempt to calm and control his insane power. “Besides, Piccolo still doesn’t like me.”

“Piccolo doesn’t like anyone except Gohan; I wouldn’t take it personally.” Raditz snorted. “Go on, it’ll be fun! Well, okay, not fun, but it’ll be a start, anyway.”

Reluctantly, Raditz pulled himself to his feet. “If this goes badly, I’m blaming you.”

“Sure, whatever.” Yamcha waved him off. “Knock ‘em dead. Actually wait, no, don’t do that.”

“Too late,” Raditz called over his shoulder, sauntering towards Broly and Piccolo.

Broly looked up when Raditz approached and Piccolo immediately slapped his knee. “Concentrate, dammit,” he muttered.

“Raditz is here,” Broly said quietly, pointing.

Piccolo cracked an eye open and glared. “What?”

Raditz folded his arms. “I want to join in. That a problem?”

Broly perked up and turned to Piccolo. “Can he?”

Piccolo eyed Raditz, then sighed and closed his eye again. “Fine. So long as you’re quiet.”

Broly was becoming a problem.

Or, well, it wasn’t Broly himself that was the problem, if Raditz was being honest, but if there was one thing Raditz was good at it was not being honest with himself. He’d succeeded with his original plan of talking to Broly, getting a little closer to him, finding out more about him. And Broly was actually a really interesting guy. He was a lot quieter than Raditz expected when he wasn’t a screaming rage monster. He listened when Raditz talked–really listened, not just pretend-listening so Raditz would go away faster, or pity-listening. He seemed genuinely interested in Raditz and what he had to say.

And he was cute. Raditz wasn’t going to deny that. Broly was downright cute when he wasn’t the Legendary Super Saiyan, and having seen his other form Raditz could safely say that even as the Legendary Super Saiyan he was still hot as hell. He hated shirts in the same way that Raditz hated long pants, refusing to wear them unless strictly necessary.

The thing was that there was a sadness to him, a distance in his eyes, even when he was paying close attention to what was happening. Raditz could recognise it as the look of someone afraid of getting attached because they’re used to having what they want ripped from them without warning. He could empathize with it.

Broly laughed at Raditz’s jokes. Raditz prided himself on his awful, awful puns, sometimes getting into a pun-off with Yamcha to the dismay of everyone around them. And Broly laughed at every single one.

No, Broly himself wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Broly was perfect.

“Oh my God,” Yamcha said when Raditz told him all of this. “You’re in love with him.”

Raditz wrinkled his nose. “I am not.”

“You are!” Yamcha laughed and Raditz scowled. “Holy shit, you are totally in love with him! That’s…that’s fucking hilarious oh my God.”

“When you’re done laughing at my expense,” Raditz snapped, “I’m not in love with Broly. It’s just that he’s fucking perfect and it’s making me feel even more inferior than usual, jackass. Thanks for wrecking my day.”

“Okay, first of all.” Yamcha sat up straight, totally serious. “Broly is not perfect. I mean yeah he’s got the Legendary thing going for him, which is cool I guess, but the guy can barely talk without running away, he’s literally freeloading at the Lookout until further notice because Goku begged Piccolo and Dende to let him, and he is the clumsiest person I’ve ever seen. Seriously, just yesterday I watched him bump into a china cabinet of Mrs. Briefs’s and almost cry about it. That kid’s got issues, Raditz. He’s not perfect.”

Raditz hesitated. None of that sounded all that bad to him.

“Secondly,” Yamcha continued, “you should ask him out.”

Raditz looked flatly at him. “Absolutely not.”

“Oh, come on! It’d be fun!” Yamcha leaned in conspiratorially. “I bet he’s a real monster in bed, you know.”

He could feel his face turning red. “That’s not–no, I’m–look, you don’t get it. Even if I wanted to ask him out, which I don’t, he’s so much stronger than me.” Yamcha raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t mean much to you, but for Saiyans strength is everything. There’s too big a gap between us. And his father was decently high-ranking, or at least higher than my parents. So there’s that. I can’t ask him out. Not that I want to,” he added hastily. “It’s just…annoying, that he’s so great, that’s all.”

The smirk Yamcha gave him told him he wasn’t convinced. “Okay, sure. Whatever you say.” He stood up from the table and stretched. “Well, I guess I’m heading out. Say hi to Goku and Chi-Chi for me.”


Raditz pulled his blanket over his head. It was too early to be dealing with his sister-in-law’s yelling.

“Raditz, march your keister down here right this minute, bucko!”

He groaned and sat up, blinking blearily at the clock on the wall. It was definitely too early for this. He didn’t bother getting dressed, deciding that Chi-Chi could deal with his star-printed boxers and worn-thin t-shirt as punishment for waking him so early. He dragged himself down the stairs, rubbing groggily at his face.

“Whatever you want better be important,” he started as he walked into the living room. What he saw immediately woke him up the rest of the way.

Broly stood in the middle of the living room, hands awkwardly at his sides. He perked up when Raditz made eye contact. Chi-Chi stood in front of him, glaring between Broly and Radiz. “He said he’s here to see you,” she said curtly. “Whatever it is, you two are settling this outside, and away from the house, you hear? If you’re going to get into fights I want you to leave my house out of it.”

“Oh, I’m not here to fight, ma’am,” Broly reassured her.

Chi-Chi seemed to relax at being addressed as ‘ma’am.’ “Well, take it outside anyway. Raditz, you can come have breakfast when you’re done.” She shooed them out of the house and shut the door behind her.

Raditz turned to Broly. “What the hell are you doing here?” Broly looked down and scratched his nose instead of replying. “Uh, Base 633 to Broly, you there?” He waved a hand in front of Broly’s face.

“Do you really think all those nice things about me?” Broly blurted.

Raditz blinked, then realisation dawned. “Y-you–have you been talking with Yamcha?”

Broly looked up at him with a smile, timid but wide. “Maybe.”

“I’m gonna kill him.” Raditz ran a hand through his hair and stalked around in a circle. “I’m gonna kill him and his stupid cat.”

“Don’t,” Broly said, putting a hand on Raditz’s arm. Raditz almost flinched away, but held his ground. “If he hadn’t said anything I might not have known my feelings were returned.”


“F-feelings?” he stammered. “You have–what kind of feelings?”

Broly stepped towards him and his smile brightened when Raditz didn’t move back. “Raditz, son of Bardock and Gine, would it be alright if I started courting you?”

A million thoughts and feelings flashed through Raditz’s mind at once–this was wrong, they were of completely different levels, they couldn’t be together, he didn’t like Broly like that, but yes he did, and who cared, they were on Earth now, they could play by Earth’s rules–before he nodded. “I think I’d like that.”

Broly’s smile was as perfect as the rest of him. “Courting starts now,” he murmured, and then his lips were on Raditz’s in a kiss Raditz hadn’t realised he’d been waiting for.

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hey yeah can i get uhhhhhh wcpl brorad where.. raditz comes into the cafe during his lunch break and hes got his hair in a ponytail or braid or something and broly thinks it looks Very Good (IF U WANT TO.... )) also congrats on 100+ follows ;0

Broly carefully placed the cupcakes, one by one, into the display case. He’d been at the cafe since early that morning, getting the day’s baked goods ready to go. There was definitely something off about today, though, because the cafe was opening in two and a half minutes and he was only just now ready.

“You okay today, Bro?” Maza asked. She was sitting on the counter, bubblegum pink hair piled messily on her head as she stared intently at Broly and sucked down a smoothie. “It’s not like you to not have everything ready, like, half an hour before opening.”

Broly shrugged and stood up straight. “I’m fine. I think I’m just tired today.”

“Maza, get off the counter.” Chi-Chi walked in from the apartment upstairs, tying her apron around her waist. She eyed Broly appraisingly. “Is this going to be a back room day?” she asked.

“No.” Broly looked down at the floor. It wasn’t anything like that, he was sure. He just hadn’t slept well the night before, that was all. And seeing Chi-Chi’s husband returning from his morning run when Broly arrived at the cafe was probably not helping his nerves at all. His father had said seeing Kak–Goku–all the time would be good for him, but it always seemed to set him off in some minor way. He really hoped today would be fairly minor. Broly couldn’t deal with another meltdown so soon after his last one at his library job interview.

“Alright then, I trust you.” Chi-Chi scurried over to unlock the front door. “But if you need to disappear into the back for a bit, go right ahead.”

“Thank you,” he mumbled. Maza gave him a thumb’s up and scooted off to check the coffee again. Broly did his best to smile. He was lucky to work with two people who supported him as much as Chi-Chi and Maza did. Maybe he’d stay in the back when Goku left to take Gohan to the library, but other than that he was determined to have a good day.

Less than a minute after Chi-Chi opened the door, someone came rushing through it. “I need an extra large,” Raditz panted when he got to the counter. Broly blinked. Raditz looked like he’d just run all the way to the cafe from his apartment. He leaned against the counter, chest heaving, as Maza poured coffee into the biggest paper cup they had and slid it towards Raditz. Raditz knocked half of it back and slammed some change on the counter. “Shit,” he muttered. “Thanks. Can I have another one of these and about three danishes?”

“Sure thing.” Maza pushed Broly forward. “Here’s your extra large.”

Broly flushed. “I-I–” He cut himself off by swallowing when Raditz looked him up and down. Wait, was he–

“Well, I guess Broly is kind of a tall drink of water.” Raditz winked and Broly felt like his head was going to explode. “But I was more looking for coffee.”

Broly backed up a step, still red in the face. Maza slid in front of him and handed Raditz another coffee. “You’re early today, Rad!” she said, punching some numbers into the register. “Usually you don’t get here until five to!”

“Got an extra commitment today.” Raditz fished out some more change and a hair tie. “Except then I overslept and missed the early bus, so I had to run here or I’d be late.” He stuck the hair tie in his mouth and started braiding his hair. Broly’s eyes were glued to Raditz’s hands, to the quick, expert way they moved, tossing pieces of hair over each other until he reached the end and wrapped the tie around it. Raditz flipped the braid over his shoulder and Broly clutched his apron. It was a good look for Raditz. “Meant to do that earlier,” Raditz explained, picking up his first coffee again.

“Hey, Broly, tell Raditz what kind of danishes we’ve got today, okay?” Maza clapped Broly on the back. “I’ve gotta pee.” She disappeared into the back.

“I didn’t need to know that,” Broly mumbled. To his surprise, Raditz laughed. Had that been funny? But oh, wow, Raditz’s laugh was nice. Loud and boisterous and it didn’t fit in the early morning atmosphere of the tiny cafe, but like with Raditz’s braid it seemed to fit Raditz perfectly. Broly looked down again and started pointing out the different danishes he’d just finished baking ten minutes ago.

Raditz ended up with two cherry cheese danishes, a chocolate pastry, and a chocolate chip cookie. Broly added up his total and got Raditz’s change, still not meeting his eyes. He was too embarrassed. Raditz was very handsome, in his own strange rugged way, and for him to have called Broly a “tall drink of water” was a little more than Broly could handle.

“Hey, wake up there.” Raditz was waving a hand in Broly’s face. “You alright? You’re all red. Should you be at work?”

“I’m fine, thank you.” Broly handed Raditz his pastries.

Raditz leaned forward with a grin. “What, all flustered by my devilish good looks?”

Broly backed up a step. He was, but he couldn’t say that. That would be weird. “I’m–”

Thankfully, another voice interrupted him before he could figure out what he was trying to say. “Uncle Raditz!” Gohan latched onto Raditz’s legs in a hug before clambering up his torso to cling to his neck. Raditz shifted his grip to support his nephew and laughed. Broly blinked. Oh. Raditz had come early to take Gohan to the library. That was all. A little part of Broly was disappointed that Raditz hadn’t come to see him, but, well. Of course he hadn’t. His family ran the cafe. Of course Raditz would come to see them.

Maza reappeared at Broly’s elbow and he quickly excused himself into the back room. She and Chi-Chi really needed to stop leaving Broly alone with Raditz before he did something stupid.

West City Library Prompt 10

(Hey, @agirlnameded, looook…more Broly.)

Somehow, Goku managed to wrangle Chi Chi into giving Broly a job at her cafe, Raditz thought as he cautiously stood in the door way of the establishment and watched said young man clean a table. 

It was obvious to everyone involved by now that Broly had no home to return to. But he was being very tight-lipped about his situation, leaving them to work out the puzzle pieces and  put them together. 

However, right now, Raditz couldn’t help but think that Broly seemed happier than he had been in a while. Was scrubbing tables really that fun?

He stepped fully into the cafe, letting the little bell ring on the frame of the door. Broly stopped what he was doing with wide eyes, before steeling himself.

“H-Hello! Welcome to Chi Chi’s Cafe!” he cried, gripping the cloth in his hands for dear life. 

Raditz sighed and smirked a little.

“Don’t worry ‘bout that, Broly, it’s just me,”

“I know, but…Mrs Son told me that’s how I must greet everyone when they come through that door,” Broly replied in his usual soft pitch, winding the damp cloth around his wrist. 

There was an awkward silence for a bit and then Raditz spoke up, determined to try and break the ice.

“So, how’s your first day on the job?” he asked nonchalantly, moving to sit at a chair. 

The black-haired man bit his lip, obviously trying to suppress his little smile for some reason. 

“Mrs Son has been very kind to me and, well, yeah, I like it a lot so far. She’s letting me get used to the customers before I properly interact with any of them though.”

Raditz wasn’t surprised, not with how jumpy Broly was around new people. He thought of his boring apartment and how he’d have to go home to emptiness again.

Eh, fuck it, he might as well try. It wasn’t every day that he made new friends after all.

“Hey, Broly, what are you doing after your shift is over?”

Broly tilted his head to the side, eyes suddenly wary.

“N-Not much,” he answered finally. 

The taller man nodded once.

“Okay. You don’t have to, but, uh, wanna come over to my place for a bit?” 

Broly stared at him and the cloth slipped out his hands, forgotten. Raditz felt ridiculous abruptly; why the hell would Broly want to come to his place? He was barely comfortable around people as it was - !


The other had his eyes screwed shut and it had barely come out as more than a squeak, but he’d said it anyway.



That was that then.

(Broly needs to get out more, seriously, so Raditz is doing the honours.)

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New fan to the Dragon Ball fandom and im about halfway thru Dragon Ball but I would like to know; what is the chronological order to watch everything? From start to finish, would you mind listing the series episodes and movie titles to watch, please?

welcome to the dragon ball fandom
we’re gonna have a lot of fun.

Well first, you’re on the right track,
Dragon Ball is first in the series. With about 150 something episodes.
We see a young Goku grow up through this series.

After you’re done watching Dragon Ball, there’s Dragon Ball Z. That’s another 291 episodes (you can also watch Dragon Ball Z Kai, which is the same thing but they cut out the filler episodes so you get through the series faster)

Okay back in the 90’s when Z was over, Dragon Ball GT came out. I haven’t seen it in awhile, but GT is taken place years after Z. (I believe 10 years after Dragon Ball Z’s end)
Not many people believe it to be ~canon~ just because there was no manga for it, so I guess if you’re into the series and want to see more, I would say go ahead and watch Dragon ball GT.

Until last year, that was all that we had of this series. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z/Kai, and Dragon Ball GT.

Yes, it’s still airing so hurry and watch all those episodes so you can watch Dragon Ball Super with us.

So I guess chronologically it would be
because DBGT is taken place more into the future, I would leave that last, until we know how far we’re being taken in DBS.

So for these movies……they honestly don’t make sense in the anime.
There is no order on which you should see them when you’re watching the series because it just doesn’t fit into the timeline.
But I will name you all 19 movies and the years they came out and what series they belong to:
(I haven’t watched all of them bc lazy)

1. Curse of the blood rubies - Dragon Ball 1986

2. Sleeping princess in Devils castle - Dragon Ball 1987

3. Mystical Adventure - Dragon Ball 1988

4. Dead Zone - Dragon Ball Z 1989

5. The worlds strongest - DBZ 1990

6. The tree of might - DBZ 1990

7. Lord slug - DBZ 1991

8. Cooler’s revenge - DBZ 1991

9. The return of Cooler - DBZ 1992

10. Super android 13 - DBZ 1992

11. Broly, the legendary super saiyan - DBZ 1993

12. Bojack unbound - DBZ 1993

13. Broly, second coming - DBZ 1994

14. Bio-broly - DBZ 1994

15. Fusion reborn - DBZ 1995

16. Wrath of the dragon - 1995

17. The path to power - 1996 (I guess GT idk)

18. Battle of Gods - DBZ/DBS* 2013

19. Resurrection ‘F’ - DBZ/DBS* NEWEST MOVIE 2015

* I only say it’s both DBZ and DBS because they came out when we didn’t know we were going to have DBS and also they re-tell BOTH of these movies in Dragon Ball Super. But they take 27 episodes just to retell the movies :))) so fun

Now there’s also tv specials you should watch too

• Bardock, the father of Goku (maybe watch during the Frieza saga in DBZ)

• The history of trunks (when you get introduced to Trunks in DBZ)

• A hero’s legacy (GT so idk when you should watch it cuz I haven’t :^) )

the end