the retail addict


Kanye West for 25 Magazine 

I've noticed that there are A LOT of diabetic grandmas sending their grandchildren to the pharmacy to buy a single syringe for their insulin.....

This was the first time that Zack’s crimes actually threatened to put him away in prison, so he and his supervisor did the only logical thing. They staged a burglary, making it look like someone broke into the store and stole a few hundred grand in pants and the like. The police bought it. To celebrate, Zack went right back to crime, because it’s important to get a sense of normalcy after a scary experience like that.

“One day I scanned in a gift card for $100 when the power went out and came back on. The register had no record of the gift card’s activation, so I went to scan it again. The register said it was already activated with a $100 balance.” Basically, Zack discovered that by disconnecting the cash register at the right time, he could activate gift cards without any record that it ever happened. He found a way to literally make money appear out of thin air.

“I giddily told my supervisor about the issue [and] we did this dozens of times per week. We sold the gift cards at first. Then we realized we could take cash from customers in exchange for our goods, put the gift cards through the register to collect the sales and pocket the cash! By my count, we amassed over $100,000 cash in a matter of eight months.“

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