the resurrection

Things I want to see if Skulduggery gets Resurrected

I know it’s probably not going to happen in canon, but one can wonder, right?

  • Skulduggery walking into the Sanctuary with a full beard/stubble because he forgot he has to shave and “Valkyrie why are you staring at me like that?” “Shave.” “What?” “Shave, you look like a well-dressed homeless person and it is not a good look on you.”
  • Skulduggery complaining because it’s been such a long time since he last had to shave and he constantly nicks himself with the razors.
  • Valkyrie getting sick of his whining and doing it for him.
  • People not recognising him any more because they’re so used to seeing a skeleton, and Skulduggery getting offended because of it. The first time it happened, he sulked in his office for four hours.
  • Skulduggery getting fussy over his haircut, because his original look just brings back bad memories, but it was a good look and he’s not sure he could get used to the change.
  • Skulduggery punching every. Single. Barber he goes to because suddenly the thought of a total stranger standing behind him with a pair of very sharp scissors for an extended period of time is terrifying. Valkyrie takes responsibility for his haircuts.
  • Skulduggery forgetting all about his basic needs and skipping meals and sleep until Valkyrie can’t deal with his sleep-deprived crap and dropkicks him onto a couch or bed and not letting him get up until he’s eaten and slept.
  • Valkyrie spending even more time at Skulduggery’s house because she’s worried he’ll accidentally kill himself if he’s not supervised.
  • Valkyrie teaching Skul to cook. A lot of food gets burned and she’s had to help him buy three new microwaves. She is so tempted to just throw a load of takeaway menus at him and leave him to it.
  • Skulduggery developing an addiction to coffee.

Basically I want Skul to become A Mess and learning how to human again.

My Top 5 Anime Anti-Heroes

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#3 - Prince Vegeta: Dragon Ball (Franchise)

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For the record, the Gospel of Mark does NOT end with the death of Jesus. The shorter ending has Jesus rising, making plans to meet in Galilee, and telling the disciples to spread the Good News.

The longer ending goes into a bit more detail, but the resurrection is there whether the longer ending is there or not.

And my NRSV translation uses all the manuscripts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls – which are the oldest manuscripts.


Teddy: *lies awake in bed, unable to sleep*

Teddy: *sighs, glancing around the faintly lit room* *slips out of bed*

Teddy: *makes his way outside, the full moon looming overhead*

Teddy: *glances over at the forbidden forest* *breath catches*

Teddy: Don’t even think about it… You definitely shouldn’t do it. *takes a deep, calming breath* …. Fuck it. 

*As the boy moves through the trees, he suddenly stumbles on something*

Teddy: *cringes and looks down* *spots an odd looking stone on the ground* 

Teddy: *holds up the stone, examining it* 

Voice: …… Yeah……

Tonks: *stares, trying to take in the sight of him* *shrugs weakly* 

Tonks: *glances slowly past Teddy and smiles* 

Voice: *sighs* Not… that… old…

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