the resurection stone


Teddy: *lies awake in bed, unable to sleep*

Teddy: *sighs, glancing around the faintly lit room* *slips out of bed*

Teddy: *makes his way outside, the full moon looming overhead*

Teddy: *glances over at the forbidden forest* *breath catches*

Teddy: Don’t even think about it… You definitely shouldn’t do it. *takes a deep, calming breath* …. Fuck it. 

*As the boy moves through the trees, he suddenly stumbles on something*

Teddy: *cringes and looks down* *spots an odd looking stone on the ground* 

Teddy: *holds up the stone, examining it* 

Voice: …… Yeah……

Tonks: *stares, trying to take in the sight of him* *shrugs weakly* 

Tonks: *glances slowly past Teddy and smiles* 

Voice: *sighs* Not… that… old…

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Speculation time! And as always, let’s do it dumb positivity style! Yay

I’ve been watching all the promos I could find, read the press release, spoilers, etc. 

First thing first. The press release

Obviously, things are about to blow up. In Camelot, in Storybrooke, and I’ll go out on a limb and say in fandom too.

“Emma must make an impossible decision with consequenses she may never be able to come back from”

Very noticeably the words are close to Regina’s from 5x05 “There is nothing you can’t come back from if you just tell us”.

So I will take that as; Emma might not think she can come back from it, not that she actually can’t. If it were for real, something she could never come back from, it would involve her killing Henry. I’m pretty sure everything else is redeemable in the eyes of Regina. And there is not a scenario I can ever come up with where Emma would kill her own son. On contrary, Emma would kill everyone to keep Henry safe. Everyone. 

Short note on the Merida, Ruby, Mulan situation. Expect subtext but nothing more. Many speculated that the flashbacks would be the “seeds” planted with the lgbt couple, but it tells here that the flashbacks are Merida’s story? And Merida isn’t the queer person, the actress said so. Besides that, Mulan is not a disney princess, she was a real person with a huge legacy. I have a really hard time imagining them making her a prominently queer character on the show? Subtextual absolutely, but full out explicit? That leaves Ruby. This is only speculation, but I’m thinking lotsa subtext, few *seeds* to get us in a frenzy, but not more than that. They would only plant seeds for now, and then full on explore in 5b anyway.

Atm Merlin is tethered to Excalibur and is controlled by Arthur (really ouat? a black man controlled by a white dude. no.). I want to focus on the battle he and Emma are going to have. It won’t be dark vs light. It’ll be darkness, fighting darkness, using two light magic vessels. 

Darkness has just claimed a hold of Emma, it’s newest vessel, that it does absolutely not want to let go of. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Emma would be hurt in this. It is darkness trying to drive the light out of Emma, not darkness trying to leave Emma alone. 

Darkness threatens to kill her family if she doesn’t hand over the dagger. Darkness through Arthur wants to control the darkness in Emma. Emma knows, her being under the control of Arthur, even though Arthur’s intention is with uniting Excalibur, is essentially her (darkness) being controlled by The Darkness. That would leave her unable to fight against the darkness AND without control of herself.

Emma’s sole purpose is keeping those she love safe. Arthur is asking her: “Either I kill your family now, or Darkness will make you kill them yourself when you hand over the dagger”

Emma’s choice will be: Use dark magic and kill, thus giving in to darkness, or hand over the dagger.

Emma will obviously use dark magic and kill, thus giving in to darkness, because it was the only way to protect those she loves. 

I’ve spoken before on how the darkness in Emma clings to H00k, because for Emma to be free of the curse, her heart must truly be ready. Her heart is Regina (and Henry). She did not take upon the darkness to save Regina, only to then sacrifice her a few weeks later. Emma’s ultimate dark potential will only happen if Emma chooses to kill Regina. Emma is still feeling way too much for her to be truly dark.  She puts on a front, but when she’s alone it’s very obvious. 

Now things start getting interesting.


H00k stands before Emma and Zelena, grabs the left side of his chest while exclaiming “What the hell is happening?”. It’s obviously trying to tell us he doesn’t have his heart.

H00k asked for the truth, is he ready to handle it though? Because he’s gonna get it. Is he ready? Probably not, because he’s gonna have to face the knowledge that he was already in on the plan. In the ctv promo Emma says to him “you knew what I was really after”.

The picture with Emma, Excalibur, and H00k I’m guessing is Emma and H00k starting the plan. If H00k is tethered to Excalibur he and Emma will be connected. It probably sounds all kindsa romantic to H00k. To Emma it makes her plan to save Regina possible. In Camelot H00k thinks he knows what he’s getting in to. He consents to be tethered to Excalibur, possibly to have his heart taken out. Because they have a plan.

Remember when RumpleVoice teased Emma she crushed H00ks heart? She probably did - metaphorically. He’s still around, so his heart has to be as well. There’s no way he has half of Emma’s heart, so his heart must still be somewhere. Emma’s hiding his heart, so that when he dies soon (all part of the plan) he can’t die for reals, and she can go get him in hell and give him back his heart. 

Very clever. Emma doesn’t have to kill him for real, cuz she does care about him, and C$’ers won’t have to lose their shit yet either. Total win/win.

I suspect we’ll still only get hints of where Emma’s heart is *cough* with Regina *cough*

Last episode Emma asked Zelena for help but Zelena turned her offer down. Now she’s back, probably because her baby is about to be here and she wants her freedom. Emma had offered protection. So. What Emma wanted was help with the wand.

H00k’s ring, The Apprentice Wand, Excalibur. 3 items. 

The resurection stone, the wand, the invisibility cloak. 3 items. 

“Emma’s plan will be revealed”. Boom.

I don’t think Emma is dark. I think she uses dark methods to do good things. But no one knows that yet. Emma’s goal; Regina and Henry.

Darkness goal: To snuff out the light.

If theory proves correct and Regina is the light, then Emma’s goal and the Darkness’ goal are polar opposite. Emma’s still working to protect Regina, but she has to be smart about it if she’s to fool darkness. Which means keeping everyone she loves away.

Of course things never go to plan, so somethings bound to fuck it up. 5b When she goes to hell to bring back H00k, they accidentally let hell come to Storybrooke

OUaT, Story Telling..

J.K. Rowling Style

A while back a read a meta by, @colyssa I think, and she mentioned how Harry Potter was a series of 7 books where everything between book 1 and book 7 was “filler”. Combined with having just read that someone thought to remember how it had been mentioned by OUaT people (I have no source and no receipt. It’s not that important to my writing, only to it being a catalyst for me to write this) they needed 7 seasons to tell the story they wanted. I thought that “Why not?!” OUaT is a fairytale told the way J.K. Rowling told HP. Everything is clues that will suddenly makes sense in the end.

A/N: None of this is fact. It is my speculation, my interpretation. Everything from 5+ is guessing. This is speculation writing on drugs basically.

I am no expert on Harry Potter, this is written from memory and quick googling, if anything is incorrect I apologize and if you tell me, I will fix mistakes.

This also ended up more jumbled than I’d hoped, I hope it makes sense. It was originally a part of another meta/speculation I’m working on, but it became too big, so I split them, and this is by itself.

A soulmate is not a true love. A soulmate is someone who comes into your life and serves an importance purpose for your self development, and then you part ways. - Important to remember during this.

I won’t much parallel characters or ships directly, besides the protagonists. The core of the stories aren’t romance, the core of the stories are the battle of light vs dark.

Harry Potter had multiple layers and romance and ships, but that wasn’t the base of the story. OUaT has multiple layers and romance and ships as well, but the base of the story isn’t it.

HP was about the boy who lived, who lived on to be the boy who defeated Voldemort.

OUaT is about Emma who escaped the Darkness, who will live on to defeat the Darkness.

Harry was the key to defeat Voldemort. The key to defeat OUaT Darkness is (also a “one”. A yin yang force aka Regina and) Emma.

As I am SQ af, I read the show as such, and will put a SQ spin on it.

Part One

We are given the premise of the story.

We meet the orphan protagonist at an important birthday of their life. A birthday that will take the orphan back to their roots. They’ve lived their lives, so far, in a world they don’t belong in, alone, because their parents did what they could to give them their best chance, at choice that resulted in them growing up without their parents, without knowing where they come from, without knowing why.

On this specific birthday a person knocks on their door and barges into their life and tells them their origin. Thus taking them back to their world, the world where they have a destiny to be the savior, to defeat the evil.

We learn about many people, and the other world, and how they fit into the story told so far.

We are told about the evil that was the reason for the orphan’s upbringing.

We realize the orphan will be the person to defeat the evil at some point (in the end)

We are shown the importance of certain magical objects: Mirrors, Jefferson’s hat. Regina’s ring. Wands. Apples. The book.

(Mirror of Erised. The Sorcere’s Stone. Wands. The snitch. etc.)

Other objects and creatures we are introduced to without it having a real relevance yet.

(Emma’s yellow bug. Emma’s baby blanket. Rumbelle’s chipped cup. Regina’s tree necklace. Regina’s apple tree. Emma’s circle necklace. Henry’s scarf)

(Dragons, centaurs, invisibility cloak, Ron’s rat Scabbers)


Harry in his Gryffindor robes, his glasses, his scar

Emma in her red leather jacket, her circle necklace, her tattoo

This is our protagonist. This is the person who shall be part of the last battle against evil.

Voldemort is the evil Harry will have to fight

The Darkness is the evil Emma (and Regina) will have to fight.

In the end of 1, Voldemort/Darkness fails to get rid of Harry/Emma. Voldemort/Darkness works through another person Quirrel/Regina

Part Two

Our orphan is now well aware of their origin and the world they came from, and are now once again a part of.

The orphan learns about the evils of the past. How Voldemort uses evils of the past (the chamber of secret’s and the basilisk) to mess with the present. How Darkness uses the evils of the past (Cora) to mess with the present.

Regina’s redemption begins for real.

More important magical objects are introduced

(Gryffindor’s sword. The basilisk and it’s tooth. Fawkes the Phoenix. The Whomping Willow. The flying car.)

(The diamond trigger. The dagger. Magic beans. The Jolly Roger)

New people are introduced.  H00k, H00d, Neal.

New people are introduced. Gilderoy Lockhart. Dobby.

Part Three

The protagonists interacts with a soulmate. Someone who will be there for a while, be important to them now, have meaning to the furture. Harry meets Sirius. Emma interacts more with H00k. Regina interacts with H00d.

A little time travel, because why not (doesn’t much change anything as much as let’s them see things in a new perspective).

Our protagonists gets to see their own power be greater than they thought possible. Harry produces a patronus. Emma and Regina move the moon.

Part Four

Things begin getting darker. Evil is shown in a new more blatant way. A death has great impact to our protagonists.

Voldemort’s sign is shown in the sky. Darkness creeps into Emma as it in the same time leaves Regina more and more.

In the end evil inhabits a new form. Voldemort arises again. The Darkness takes hold of Regina, but Emma sacrifices herself and takes it instead.

Cedric Diggory dies. Cruella De Vil dies.

Part Five

From now on, everything written is speculation. I obviously don’t know what will happen, I’ll be taking clues from HP to guess what could happen.

Part five is game changer. People start getting ready for the final battle. The protagonist learns of a prophecy. A soulmate dies. It gets dark.

In HP the Order of the Phoenix is re assembled, they’re getting ready for the final battle. Harry learns of the prophecy.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches … born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies

Sirius dies in the end of 5.

People of Storybrooke will see darkness they’ve never seen before. They’ll start getting ready for battle. Protagonist Emma will learn of a prophecy while in Camelot that she feels needs for no one else to know (hence the memory curse). 

My guess is Emma finds out how she and Regina are connected. How they are “of one”. She’ll learn in the end, the Darkness can only be defeated if she dies as well. Emma carries part of the Darkness in her since she took on the curse.

I can’t decide if only one of them will have to die or they both will. Or if only one, which of them it has to be. But because Emma has part the Darkness in her right now, I’ll go with her.

Initially I thought the prophecy would be that only Emma and Regina together can defeat the Darkness, and the Darkness can only prevail if it defeats both Emma and Regina. Which also, if we continue HP style, Darkness couldn’t be defeated as long as Emma and Regina lived.

I’m torn.

Anyway, Emma will carry the burden of that knowledge alone for now as Regina isn’t ready to learn yet.

I’m guessing the soulmate to die will be H00k. I base this on his death in Operation Mongoose and on him giving Emma his “protective” ring. But I’m also guessing this might not be of importance, or happen, until season 6 and that H00k will stay around until then. *

Regina’s soulmate, H00d, will leave her for Zelena. OR Regina will leave H00d for her family, Henry and Emma, and Hood will then go to Zelena. (This could also be delayed ‘til season 6)

Part Six

They’re getting ready for the final battle and clues on how to defeat evil is being collected. Protagonist goes on an important quest to learn answers. The importance of a ring is explained. Someone prominent dies.

(Dumbledore and Harry going after the locket) (Emma and Regina goes on a quest for answers?)

The ring Dumbledore wore in book 6 ended up being the death of him. The ring had been owned by multiple people, it’s origin was it was part of the Peverell brothers’ way to hide from death.

Voldemort used the ring as a Horcrux. When Dumbledore took the ring to destroy, it ended up destroying him as well (it would have either way). It’s origin, as the resurection stone, was then used by Harry when he went to defeat Voldemort.

H00k’s ring’s origin we don’t know yet. It’s been implied it has been part of a way to cheat death.

The second last person to possess the ring/stone died. That was Dumbledore and H00k. The last person to possess it was Harry/Emma

*H00k’s ring will probably be a part of three magical objects Emma and Regina will need, perhaps indirectly, in the final battle against the Darkness. 

It could also be important only now as an ingredient to be used at some point, as I’ve speculated before.

Harry Potter had the Peverell brothers magical objects: Invisibility cloak, Elderwand, Resurection stone.

Dumbledore had posession of all three at some point in life. It could be speculated H00k will have possessed all three objects Emma needs for her plan/to defeat Darkness. Excalibur, the ring, the?

Part Seven

Traveling for clues and the final battle between dark and light begins

In the end Harry learns Voldemort can’t die as long as he lives. In the end we know Voldemort only killed the part of himself that lived inside Harry. Harry returned to kill him.

So in the end, someone has to die. I really can’t decide if it should be Regina, Emma, or both. We’ll continue to go with Emma. 

Regina learns they can only defeat the Darkness if Emma dies as well. And as Emma sacrifices herself to end the Darkness, Regina takes a leap of faith and sacrifices herself for Emma. And because “Love, True Love, is magic and not just any magic, but the most powerful magic of all” they’ll be reunited.

Emma: “How did you know that would work?”

Regina: “I didn’t. But I had hope”