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When you hug them unexpectedly - Seventeen

Seungcheol would probably just grin wildly and begin to tease you endlessly.
“Why are you hugging me suddenly? Did you /finally/ realise how much of an amazing boyfriend I am?” His comments and annoying teasing would ofc result in you huffing and pouting and eventually, unwrapping your arms from him. But then HE would get all pouty, “heyyyy, I didn’t say I didn’t like it!” Then he’d end up grabbing your hand and pulling you in for a massive bear hug ;3;

He’d be rather surprised from your sudden action, but when he realises its you, he’ll smile warmly and bury his face on top of your head. He wouldn’t move, just stand there enjoying the moment because he always likes it when you hug him. “Jagi, you’re really cute, you know that, right?”

Jisoo would automatically get all red and flustered, even if it wasn’t you hugging him. But since it WAS you, his flustered emotions sky rocketed. He’d end up stuttering while asking you why you were doing this. It wasn’t because he didn’t like it, he loved it, in fact. And when you explained that you just missed him he sorta smiled softly and snaked his arms around your waist, hugging you back bc missed u too!

Like Seungcheol, Jun would be absolutely greasy and annoyingly adorable. He’d begin to tease you too except he won’t let it go too far bc he’ll just get too impatient and want to hug you as tight as he can.

Hoshi being Hoshi, would be the jokester that he is and pretend to be knocked over by the massive force of you. When you’d start freaking out and apologising non stop he’d just laugh and pull you down to the floor with him and he’d just cuddle you from there ;;_;;

Since Wonwoo is more of the quiet type he wouldn’t say much, nor make much noise, which of course, you’re used to. Quite like Jeonghan he’d just smile down at you and pull you in closer so that you two could jUST STAY LIKE THT FOREVER PLS TY

He’d look like he wasn’t affected by your action much and would just hug you back, but inside everything is mush and he’s dying bc he alwayS FEELS LIKE THIS WHEN U TOUCH HIM.

Honestly, when you hug him he’s gonna smile so bright that everyone’s gonna need freaking sunglasses bc he adores it when you hug him, he’s gonna squeal like a child and coo at u and hug u so tight bc ur so cute

Mingyu would probably tease you a bit and crouch down to your size just to get on your nerves, “hugging you like this might be a bit uncomfortable but it’s what we have to do” and you’d get all annoyed at him and let go of the hug but when you let go he’ll just grab you firmly into a hug without a word bc hE WAS SOWWY

This cutie patootie’s gonna hug you back the second he sees you wrap your arms around him. Despite the fact that you hugged him unexpectedly, he won’t ask for a reason. Minghao would just hug you real tight and bury his face in the crook of your neck and smash your face against his chest.

My little potato would still be the sass queen that he is,
“Oh they’re hugging me, what’d you do jagi? What do you want? You only ever hug me when you want something.”
But you just mumble something rlly cute like, “all I want is uuuu”
Then he like freezes bc he didn’t expect such an answer so he stays quiet and just pulls u hella close bc he luvs u lots

“THEY’RE HUGGING ME ABORT ABORT ABORT ABORT” pretty much his reaction everytime
Like he’ll pretend he’s all chill bc he’s from the hIPHOP UNIT REPRESENT and he must play it cool but inside he’s freaking out bc omgomgomg he’s still a little boy and gets cute little boy butterflies in the stomach !!!!

This bundle of energy would be just as excited to hug you, despite his age, chan wouldn’t be too flustered bc of his bold characteristic and all he’d do is hug u tightly like a teddy bear bc our little maknae aw

when i saw this post i immediately knew my calling,, garchomp gem (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و !!

in respective consideration of the gem combo that makes up the stone,, Remy (who goes by a plethora of other names) is the experimental results where woven shards between an Amethyst variation and a Quartz variation underwent  Kindergarten procedures and hence produced successful ‘offspring’ of a forced fusion. ofc, , the results were quite…Monstrous, but proved ideal when t came to creating the mindless, vicious soldier to be employed by Homeworld.

  • her gem is placed on her lower back which can channel crystalline, structural, and spider-like ‘stems’ that can carry her weight around to her leisure . kinda like stilts. but with spears.
  • shes incredibly animalistic, choosing to detect others by their vibrations than through sound and eyesight. 
  • they like mimicking the voices of others,, has very raucous and shrill laughter.
  • I DONT ADVISE FUSING WITH HER WHEN IT COMES TO THE WELFARE OF YOUR GEMS,,, but hell yeah id love to see what thatd look like 
Results of the BPD/16 personalities experiment!

There was a lot of variation in results, ofc cause those with BPD are all so varied too! These results are only correlation- and with a small sample at that, so don’t feel invalidated! In fact, I myself didn’t get the most common type!

Anyway: the most common personality type from my sample in those with BPD is INFP! 

The stats of all the types are under the readmore:

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