the reste is meh

why does bioware only have like one romance (usually the most marketed one) who has like beautiful kissing animations, while the rest don’t? for me, it just feels so fucking weird like the creators only cared about one romance and to make it juuust “perfect” and the rest is just like meh, let it fade to black while they just stand close to eachother and add some kissing sounds mWAH MWAH mm 


I made an eye bat friend!

It has been left as an offering in the Cipher Hunt treasure chest in Confusion Hill (along with some other loot), where it awaits a loving forever home.

Also I found @sovonight’s wonderful beautiful amazing Fords which honestly made the rest of the six-day camping trip with my very loud family worth it. Only I do feel kinda bad about taking both of them but the gift shop was getting crowded and like I’m a goddamned adult sitting there on the floor digging through a treasure chest while people are trying to run a business and the Anxiety started kicking in and they were both in the same pack so I just sorta grabbed it and got tf out of there I’m so sorry but please be assured I will treasure them for the rest of eternity

anonymous asked:

can i have a prince daichi who sneaks out from the castle every satnight to meet his lover sugawara? this idea stuck up in my mind for a while now haha. thank you!

i watched sleeping beauty again today so have this doodle

EDIT: @rinoa11 wrote a fic “Only In My Dreams !!!

witchyrouge  asked:

Any advice for drawing Coran?His face seems to beautiful to draw.

well what i did was just kept constantly drawing his face until I got the hang of it and could do it from memory //trips and many many drawings of coran fall out of my jacket// aha that aint surprising

here’s my usual process drawing from memory 

just keep drawing his goshdarn beautiful face!