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You Know What I Hate?

There are no good shots of the entirety of Uma’s crew. I have no idea how I’m gonna get that eventual head canon post about them done because I can’t even count how many there ARE. We’ve got 12 in What’s My Name, and then….more in It’s Goin’ Down and one girl from What’s My Name isn’t IN It’s Goin’ Down and I’m not even sure she’s part of the crew and not just a customer jamming along like the rest of them are? She’s the only one on the stage with them but she stays at the back hanging around a chair jamming. I’m willing to count her though.

Basically if anybody wants to help me get a solid count on how many of these little pirates are running with Uma, it’d be much appreciated.
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In the days leading up to his birthday, all Tony could think about was last year. Last year, when he and the Avengers celebrated together. Last year, when he had a family.

He’s not as alone as he thinks he is.

For @imaginestarkquill

Ladynoir July Day 25 - Sober

I finished this one before day 26 so I’m going to post it. I have been having a hard time writing lately, so I am not sure when the rest of the one’s I am missing will be posted. But they will be posted eventually!

“Are you drunk?” Ladybug asked incredulously.

“No!” Chat said leaning casually against the wall. He missed the wall and barely managed to catch himself before he fell. “Okay, maybe a little bit,” he admitted, blushing.

Ladybug laughed. “You dork. You can’t patrol like this.”

“I totally can, what are you talking about?” He scrunched up his face in an exaggerated glare. “I think you can’t patrol like that.”

“Like what?” she asked, grinning. Drunk Chat was adorable. “Sober?”

“Yes.” He laughed before wrapping his arms around her in a sloppy embrace. He was leaning almost his full weight on her. “Have I ever told you that I love you?” he whispered loudly in her ear.

She blushed and her heart sped up. “No, you haven’t.”

He tightened his arms around her. “Well, I love you.”

“I -” She hesitated. She knew he wasn’t that drunk. He had lowered inhibitions and he was just being dramatic. “I like you a lot too.”

He leaned back and looked at her, frowning. After a moment he sighed and sat down. “It’s okay. I’m okay with that.” He held out his arms. “Hug me!”

She giggled, slightly confused by his reaction but always ready for hugs.

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i knew your arms were buff (like wow). but like your legs are also buff and im shook. keep up the good work 👍👌🏼😍

This right here?

This is the secret to how you get me to post more selfies. ;A;

All I’ve ever wanted in life was for someone to compliment my thighs and who knew that all I needed to do was find Hockey Tumblr.

Seriously tho I am flattered and omg thank you I’ve honestly been working hard on that whole thing for the last 6 months. Like I’m at my lowest weight in years and I’m so happy with the muscle tone I’ve gained. The 6.5 weeks left of the 8 week rest period following the surgery will hold me back a lil but I CAN USE our rower with JUST my legs so that actually helps? And I can work back up to going HARD once the 8 weeks are done and it’ll be great but anyway thank you so much, anon. <3

greatbritishweather replied to your post: where tf are people getting that ‘magnus wears a…

i’m pretty sure it is the flower, if you look at the promo pics of when the seelie queen gives the flower, there is nothing on magnus’ lapels before, it looks like the flower but it is dying and turned black, probably the seelie queen’s metaphor for alec’s mortality

Okay guys, I checked again because I know this won’t let me rest otherwise.

I brightened this a lot to make it clear and well…

That looks indeed like a flower that is wilting.

Which leaves me again confused. Like what is the fucking timeline of this episode??? I need to know! 

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I really like 'Pirate Radio' but I hate the ending. Not only bc Danny got in trouble (with Dash and his parents) for no reason, but it was such a missed opportunity for the A-listers to see Danny Fenton in a different light and maybe decide to lay off him and his friends in the future. Character development, y'know?

I saw your reblog of my post, which I’ll be reblogging in a sec, but I absolutely agree.

The rest of the episode is really fantastic, but that ending is not only frustrating. It also makes absolutely no sense. This is a show that often does go against its own status quo and make changes that last. Other times, though, they pull stuff like this and ruin an otherwise great episode.

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is the gruvia smut still on going? I just read your tag in an edit and I fangirled o>.<o

The post-ending smut, you mean? Yeah. I’m drafting an outline of “goodbye” smut with lots of scar kisses and intimate touching before Gray goes off on the 100 Years quest with the rest of Team Natsu. I wanna write something that shows Juvia as the mature woman she’s grown to be – as in, someone who can say goodbye to her lover for a few weeks/months/years without acting like the brat people seem to think she is. 

Plus, Gray saying “you’re mine” / “your body is mine” just INSPIIREEEEDD the smut. I am currently working on commissions, though, so I don’t know how soon it’ll be finished.

As a quick side note: a 100 years quest is not a quest that lasts 100 years. It’s one of those freakishly hard quests that Gildarts used to do/talk about. He’s not leaving for 100 years lmao. People need to stop freaking out about that. xD

So I thought I’d spread my weakness to the rest of you:

Both my local Walmart and Target had Star Wars figures on sale. I’m assuming they’re trying to clear shelf space for Force Friday in a month or so. This might be a good time to get a few new figures if you’ve been holding off for whatever reason. I got no less than 10 because I am weak and also this felt like a good excuse to actually buy figures of dudes, which I usually don’t bother with because hello ladies are better (although I did only buy dudes of color (not Bodhi though because I couldn’t find him and I’m really upset about that he’s my fav dude)). 

@kirakirafairyprincess It’s a bit long so I started a new post xD This will never end lol @judaiteitoreokou (hope this can make you feel better! Rest well! They do say laughter is the best medicine~) @shiroekoyuki @six-gravity-procellarum
this is a continuation from this post done for a request from @kirakirafairyprincess how did your request of Boyfriend Shirt turn to this? It’s more like Boyfriend Shirtless 

When Hajime woke up Shun was sleeping peacefully beside him. He had a smile on his face like he was having a very nice dream. The room was nice and quiet, so Hajime didn’t disturb the sleeping Demon Lord as he stretched and got off the bed, making his way to the door.

“Looks like Shun is still sleeping – H-Hajime?!”

“Hm? Ah, Kai.”

Hajime greeted sleepily, making his way down the corridor, leaving Kai in a stunned state. The air around him felt cooler than usual for some reason.

“E-Eh? Am I dreaming? No way Hajime just left Shun’s room shirtless right? A-hahaha….”

Kai laughed sheepishly, before whirling to the bedroom of the source of most unusual happenings in the dorms.

“…Shun!! Wake up and explain this!!”

Feeling like it was dinner time, Hajime left the noise in the corridor and made his way down the stairs to the dining room.

“Nope no no even if that happens I’m not going to play a game with only guys -WHAT THE HELL!”



Yoru almost spilled the cup of tea, Aoi almost dropped the pot of soup.

Arata’s strawberry milk spilled onto his shirt. Koi looked like Hajime had almost given him a heart attack. Kakeru looked like all his bad luck had come at once.

“Good evening.”

Hajime said and took his place at the dinner table.

“H-Hajime-san! W-Why –  w-what – h-how – ”

“Hajime, where’s your shirt?”


“Hm? Shirt?” Hajime seemed to just realize.

“Ah…I think I left it in Shun’s room.”



Hajime said and smiled at the reminder of the cool air in Shun’s room, which seemed to imply something else to the others.

“…Too much! Besides the implication that statement had, this is too much, Hajime-san!!”

“Having Hajime-san take his shirt off to appraise his abs was already erotic enough this is on a whole new level!!”

“Why is there a shirtless guy! WHY! Why isn’t there a shirtless girl?!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Not to mention it’s Hajime-san! The impact is too huge!”

Fortunately for You and Arata, everyone was too shocked to reprimand them that having a shirtless girl was on the level of sexual harassment.


“A-hahaha…Hajime-san….please put a shirt on….”

Yoru tried weakly, as Hajime turned to look at him.

He flushed a little at Hajime’s naturally intense stare and You cut in.

“Stop, STOP! Don’t look at Yoru like that when you’re shirtless, Hajime-san! The impact is like Iku’s Flash you know?!”

You shouted as Iku looked a bit too stunned to have the impact of his manly aura in the face of Hajime’s.

“Ahaha…Hajime-san came from Shun-san’s room shirtless…ahaha….perhaps he’s being contaminated…”

“I don’t think so, Iku. I always sleep in Shun’s room, and I don’t need to take off my shirt. Should I?”

“No! There’s definitely no need for that Rui!!”

“Huh? I don’t see what the big deal is…it’s nice and cool.”

Hajime yawned with his hand to his mouth.

“NO! No matter how nice and cool the air is please put on a shirt Hajime-san!!”

“Please be aware of the impact you have on others!!!”

“I can’t eat my dinner or drink my strawberry milk with Hajime-san shirtless. It’s too shocking and unexpected.”

“H-Hajime-san being shirtless is dangerous…please put on a shirt.”

Hajime looked like he wasn’t sure why he was being scolded.

“…Haru, why am I being scolded?”

He turned to his companion, who looked slightly surprised before smiling slyly.

“A-hahaha…why…it’s concern, Hajime. Concern for our dear shirtless King. Hajime has enough kingly aura with his shirt on, the impact is too much with your shirt off. Please put on your shirt to contain your kingly aura –owowowow your reflexes are faaast even when haaaaaaalf asleeeeeep.”

Hajime’s grip wasn’t as strong with him being half asleep, and he soon let his Iron Claw on Haru go, turning away from the smiling blond man as he stood up from his seat.

“It seems I caused a commotion without intention…I’ll go put on a shirt then.”

The Black King lumbered away from the dinner table, holding his hand to his mouth to contain a yawn.

“Ahh….I’m still really sleepy…”

Everyone watched him go, waiting in anticipation for Hajime to come back down dressed in proper attire with a shirt on.

When he didn’t, Haru smiled sheepishly and commented.

“I think he fell asleep again…”

“H-He didn’t go to Shun-san’s room to sleep, did he?”

Koi asked in apprehension, and got his answer when another male’s voice entered the scene.

“Good evening, everyone! Ah, everyone’s here for dinner today! Including our lazy Maou-sama who was muttering and smiling disturbingly in his sleep about a certain someone – who isn’t here…?

Kai just realized, as Shun came down the stairs after him, fully and wide awake with sparkling green eyes.

“Hey everyone. What a splendid evening, and an even more glorious afternoon it was!!!! You know~to~da~y~Hajime was in my bed shirtless –”


So it’s been a long few weeks getting a hold of the owner of the auto shop where the oil change that made my engine keel over happened, but i finally managed to make a compensation deal with the owner, and he’s only looking to do about 50-55% of the cost because reasons. That leaves me with 45-50% to cover on my own, which in empirical figures, comes to about $600+. I don’t have that kind of money to spare and still be financially afloat; paying the rest of it on my own would leave me near bankrupt (like, just around $100). It doesn’t help as well that i need to renew my driver’s license, and update the registration and plates on the same vehicle, as well as look into costs to tow it (either via getting a AAA plan, or getting a one time tow from a local business). 

I know i’ve already made a post before stating that any little bit you can give me helps, and I appreciate what everyone gave me last time, but if you can even spare just $1 to help me and reblog this post around, it’d really make my night and really help me. My paypal email is 

Again, any little bit counts, and if you can’t give anything, then please give this post a reblog so it can spread around? I just really need a hand covering this. If you’re curious about any deadline, it’s probably getting into the shop one way or another by the beginning of August.


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(Ask-a-charmeleon) Neil: "So, you obviously can replace your arm, but why not your eye? You seem to have perfect function on the arm as far as I can tell. Is eyesight just different from tactile senses when throwing together spare parts on yourself?

Um, so it’s easier to explain in drawings so I’ma do it that way. 

So doo dee doo, we got ourselves an average blep. A standard, good ol’ undead cursed plush brought to life. Now what you see here is just a shell. 

(this is a long post, so the rest is under the cut)

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Since it’s Tyson’s birthday I’m using it as an excuse to post some of my fave things (like I need an excuse).

This is my go-to video when I need to cheer myself up. Makes me laugh every time

(And you should check out the rest of @coloradoavalanche‘s YouTube channel. There’s some gold on there)

Bit of a rant post, but okay just. pls 

I cannot. Cannot. Stand people who refuse to accept criticism or feedback for their work even they specifically request it.

It’s happened multiple times with multiple people recently in my circles, not on here — because all the people I know in the Noblesse/Lookism fandoms so far are just cute marshmallows, lol — but on other social media platforms and messaging networks I use. Someone, maybe a couple of people coming up to the rest of chat and posting a screenshot of their work, whatever it might be, and saying “Hey, how does this look?” or “Can I get some feedback?”

So okay. Three or four times, I sat down and took the time to give each person some feedback, in detail. Since they asked, it’s fair to tell them nicely the pros and cons of their work, what can be changed, what looks good, what doesn’t. I don’t mind it, and it’s fun for me to help out fellow artists and game-devs, even if I don’t have the greatest grasp of the medium sometimes. You ask, you receive, right?

Then the user turns right around and just

One. throws some excuse at me like “oh I can’t do this because this and this and I already coded my events”

Two. goes on and posts the finished product, like, hours later. with no change at all. Not even a “thank you” or “ah, I got your feedback, but I’m way too into this right now and will apply the feedback next time instead!”

So… why did I even bother to give you feedback?? I understand that we all fucking love attention — I do too, okay? I post my stuff hoping people will say that “Wow, that’s great!” and “I love it!” but there’s only so far that can go if you’re wanting to actively improve. When someone takes the time to give you helpful criticism that you asked for, you should at least acknowledge that it exists and that it has merit of some sort?? Especially when you asked for it?

Like, I don’t mind people who are sensitive towards feedback. It can be pretty difficult to hear “you’re doing something wrong,” but it’s at least a courtesy to thank someone, and only beneficial to you if you keep it in mind and really try to improve yourself in the future. Unless the “critique” is mocking you, making a joke out of your work, or just so harshly delivered that it’s a deliberate attempt to crush you rather than help you, then it’s not usually negative! 

And in many cases, the whole internet and the whole world is not out to get you. Throwing back excuses and getting defensive about your work so that you can twist it around to “nothing is wrong at all and that’s just your fault for seeing it this way” or just flat-out ignoring it isn’t doing you any favours. It’s not going to help you get better. 

It’s not like I flamed you or anything. It’s not feedback that’s meant to be negative. Please start to accept helpful criticism and useful feedback not only as just what it is, but also as a form of positive attention. Feedback is attention and time taken out of someone’s day and schedule so that they can try and help you make your work look better.

If you don’t at least take a few seconds to send back a “thank you, that was helpful!” to my feedback that took me five or ten minutes to write — after carefully looking at your work and trying my best to give suggestions for revisions and trying to be nice about it — guess what? Next time you post saying “How does it look?” or “Any feedback?”, I’m not going to say anything. It’s a waste of my time, and to be honest a waste of yours to post the thing requesting feedback when you’re not looking for feedback. I’m not looking to waste my time on someone who just wants to bask in attention rather than keep an open mind when it comes to what I actually have to say.

like wtf is the big deal with accepting some criticism and trying to change yourself for the better, it’s not going to kill you and if anything, it’s going to help your self-esteem in the future when you’ve overcome all these small things and achieved the best that you can.

but nah just gotta fucking curve all that so it doesn’t touch your precious ego. okay then.

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I will graduate hs in december, and the future scares me to no end, I am 17 but i look really really young (like 14), and my mom wants me to travel abroad and do some kind of exchange program, but i fear ppl may take advantage of me or not take me seriously, plus in my country it is basically a norm to go to university post hs but idek what i want to study i just feel so worthless, i feel like just dying and it pains me so so much, if i could do nothing for the rest of my life i would bf happy

it’s really okay to take a break. i promise you. more people than you think take gap years. take the time you need. college can wait

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Hello! I was wondering if you could explain in what way Percy Shelley was mentally ill? I saw your post but I've never seen it mentioned elsewhere ♥️ also I live for your Romantics posts 👌🏻

Thank you! I can explain it, sure! Sometimes biographers don’t like to mention it, or they make it out to be Shelley just being “eccentric.” But Shelley definitely had some form of mental illness. No one can really put a name on it, but it involved severe anxiety, depression, and hallucinations. Any hallucination typically left him so terrified that he required several days of rest. 

Shelley began sleep walking when he was very young (still in boarding school young), and having what to me sounds like episodes of sleep paralysis. At home he was seeing “ghosts” no one else could see - but that could be chalked up to the overreaching imagination that plagued him as a child. 

His first real hallucination that I can remember (he insists it isn’t) was when he was still married to Harriet. Harriet and her sister were inside the house, and their landlord was in the connected house. Shelley had gone to check the door or something and suddenly there was the horrible racket of him falling and screaming. When the landlord rushed out with a gun, no one was to be seen in the fields around the house, but Shelley kept insisting men had attacked him. It’s up to you to interpret if that was a hallucination. I’m torn on it. I don’t understand how men could’ve possibly gotten away that fast in an area of open field, nor do I understand how no one else saw these men. 

Now by this point Shelley was on laudanum which definitely could’ve been making the hallucinations worse since it was an opiate. But his family and friends commented that they did not let Shelley go alone on walks with his pistol. His sister said she was afraid he might do something to himself and would watch from the windows. There was even an episode in Italy where he had his pistols taken because the prefect thought he was going to kill himself.

(One event that is always said to be a hallucination but isn’t is the Tan-yr-allt Affair. Basically someone tried to kill Shelley and threatened his pregnant wife. Shelley’s recounting of the event can’t be fully trusted due to shock, but someone did try to shoot him, and he did receive a stomach injury from someone either kicking him hard or punching him. I’ll probably make a post on that controversy soon.)

The time he saw a child coming out of the water of the sea, smiling at him. No one saw it.

There are more examples but at the very end of his life, he started seeing a hallucination that had his face which people refer to as the Doppelganger. He’d have conversations with this thing that no one else could see. Another time came the infamous episode where he woke everyone in the house screeching in Mary’s room that their friends were dead and covered in blood, the house was caving in because the sea was destroying it, and he’d seen his doppelganger attempting to strangle Mary. 

OOC and Overdue Update

// Okay so, I’ve been lurking for what seems like almost a year; and I keep saying I’m coming back and never do, so here’s the official update. I’m going to be putting the Blog related reasons first for those of you who only care about that (which is fine, I understand and will not be offended if you only read this part) and the upcoming blogs below. All of this will be in a read more for dash consideration. 

I have decided to (after many months of battle) to tell you guys all of my plans instead of dropping them on you all at once because that is unfair. I was recently gifted a theme by a friend of mine and that has cleared up most of my issues because I’m a perfectionist and I needed to have the Elite ™ bullshit or I didn’t want to write. But I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’m a writer and not an artist or editor and I need to get past that. So I will be trying to get everything pretty and Elitist ™ within reason; however, if this turns out to be a headache, I will go the minimalist route instead. 

Now, onto what is changing/coming. I will be putting ALL of my blogs, active/ in the works here in a list, this is subject to change if I feel logging in and out for all of these separate blogs is a pain in the ass, I might make a multi muse EXCLUDING Extollere, but this is doubtful. 

TW: there will be triggering content in this blog
No Tw: this blog will be mostly trigger free aside from violence

Extollere (TW): I’m changing his URL to Filthpg and making his main verse an independent verse set in my original universe. He will be a collector for an arms dealing ring in Europe set in a flexible time period from the late 70′s to modern. I will be keeping all of his current Bloodborne verses and they will not change for the most part. A few more verses will be added. Theme will be changed and I may or may not make some icons (we will see). nothing else about him will be changing for right now. I may remove some verses, I’m not sure yet, but the Bloodborne verses WILL BE STAYING. Exto will eventually get a solid FC, as of right now it’s a bunch of different people who happen to look like him in certain angles. 

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about the 'large age gaps should be condemned': hahaha, this is the best! i love it when americans try to enforce their morality on other countries, like they're more enlightened than the rest of us or something. when do they learn that their comfort level on what two people do in a foreign country doesn't matter especially when 1) it's legal and 2) it's not particularly detrimental to society

^^^^ again if people are of consenting age and know what the fuck they’re doing it’s their business not mine


Hoseok’s world shifted when he took Juli’s mouth into his own.

Spider webs melted into white tapestries and sweetbrier flowers. The ones that adorned the Garden’s walking path for spiritual healing. He fell through a bed of them somewhere beyond, in a fictitious plane his mind devised. He fluttered open his eyes to escape that stomach-turning, dropping sensation. Like falling through the ground in a dream.

Hoseok did not want to be dreaming.

His hands floated down the current of her hair, resting on the shining sequins of her waist. He gripped her dress once inside his fist and took some of the opal shimmer with him when he let go. If this moment was true, he’d find the glitter following him for days. After a shower, after sleep and a car ride to work. Or, to the autopsy room and his grave, if the night didn’t care for petty wishes.

His touch traveled to the skin of her arms. Hoseok had not touched her without gloves before. All this time he had kept a wall, refused contact with the tangible world that humans wandered. He was invisible, and that meant no fingerprints.

Yet, here he was, painting over her dark skin with bare fingertips, calloused from his violin. Trails of goosebumps embroidered into a temporary design along her arm. In a few moments, they would disappear.

So, what token could she keep of him? What would prove to her this moment wasn’t a lie? Hoseok had nothing to give. He never did.

There was a sinking feeling in his chest as his heart filled with sand. His eyes pinched closed again, mind and Conscience crumbling to become ash on the floor. He traveled deeper into the realm of feeling without thinking. He kissed Juli harder. 

Warm lips smoothed over her top one. Encasing it. His skin tingled the closer he sucked towards the heart-shaped divot at the top. Their mouths parted and brushed for a thick moment. Her heavy breath created warm fog around him.

There was no one in that crowded room. Only distance voices that called from beyond and the beat of a heavy bass.

Tu tum. Tu tum. Tu tum.

She spoke over the music and he opened his eyes.

Don’t die on me, she said.
Well, I didn’t know you cared.

Tu tum. Tu tum. Tu tum.

He watched her figure slip from his grasp and become a spirit within the fog. She melted away and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He was motionless, trapped in the web again. The room came into focus. Lights blinded and music blared. The rhythm of the bass did not match what he heard before. Seokjin’s honey voice sang a ballad from atop a pillar at the far side of the room. It rang a sickening sweet, nothing like the Siren he had just tasted moments ago. She left him wanting more.

Tu tum. Tu tum. Tu tum.

It was like he could still feel it. His body stuck in that time, everlasting. Never again would his lips be untouched by Julianna. There was some comfort in that permanence, as he went forward with his mission. 

Snapping a ruby cufflink off his jacket, Hoseok fixed his gaze on the singing idol. He pressed the cufflink into his ear and heard a hungry and impatient static. 

“The Heart is beating…” he told his squad.
Wild and unleashed, like my own. 
Begin stage two.