the rest of the time they were just creepy

byeora  asked:

10 times yuuri and phichit pretended to be a couple.

10) Phichit once convinced Yuuri to do the classic ‘pretending that we’re getting married to try free wedding cake samples’ to see if it would actually work. It did and they got tons of amazing free cake in the bargin

9) Yuuri once got stuck in a conversation where the other guy was clearly flirting with him and he didn’t know how to tell him he was really not at all into him and it was never going to happen. When Phichit walked past he just blurted out ‘sorry, there’s my boyfriend’, grabbed Phichit and ran

8) Once in an airport Phichit fell asleep on Yuuri’s shoulder and the old man across from them commented on what an adorable couple they made and started telling stories about him and his wife and how they fell in love and asking Yuuri the same about him and Phichit. Yuuri felt way too awkward to correct him and just played along with it instead while Phichit snored lightly on his shoulder

7) Once the ice rink they trained at got rented out for a Valentines Day Special for couples only. Phichit convinced Yuuri to go along as a couple for fun and it ended up being hilarious for both of them. The entire rink was filled with couples slowly skating hand in hand while they just casually did the occasional triple axel when a space cleared and skated backwards together to show off

6) There was once a weird psychology ‘study’ going around their college campus for couples that was supposed to prove if people were soulmates. It asked them loads of questions about each other and saw how many they got right to see how well they knew each other and how well they matched. Phichit convinced Yuuri to try it with him to prove their status as ‘ultimate platonic soulmates forever’ and they ended up scoring higher than most of the actual couples there

5) Once they were out at a bar with friends and Phichit really wasn’t in the mood to get hit on so he was just like ‘I’m going to sit in your lap Yuuri ok?’ and Yuuri was just like ‘yeah sure’ and they stayed like that the rest of the night

4) On a similar vein, they were out in a café together and a really creepy guy kept eying Yuuri up and looking like he was about to come over and start a conversation so Yuuri was just like ‘Phichit, hold my hand and pretend we’re dating’ and they spent the rest of their coffee date together like that

3) The one and only time that they both got thrown out of a club was because a guy kept hitting on Phichit and would not leave him alone even when he turned him down. The bouncers also weren’t doing anything about it so they had to solve it themselves. First they tried pretending Yuuri was his boyfriend to get the guy to back off and when that didn’t work and he still grabbed Phichit’s ass, Phichit punched him in the face while Yuuri kicked him in the balls. They both got chucked out the club but they considered it totally worth it

2) One time a reporter was being really rude and insinuating that Yuuri and Viktor were faking their relationship for publicity and so Phichit stepped in sarcastically like ‘yes, you’ve cracked our masterplan, Yuuri and I are actually a couple and Chris and Viktor eloped years ago and Yuuri and Viktor are only together for the sponsors’, complete with a withering look

1) On April Fools day Phichit posted a picture of him and Yuuri to his Instagram with matching rings captioned ‘guess who just eloped’. About half of his followers got that it was April Fools day and the other half went into meltdown

In My White Tee

Pairing: Y/N/College!Ex-Boyfriend!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 2.000+

Summary: Luke and Y/N have broken up which means it’s been days since Luke has moved out from their shared dorm. College is not always fun and especially not with your ex-boyfriend showing up at your door but one last nap can cure everything.

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3-year-old Wingman (Connor Murphy x Reader babysitting fluff)


3-year-old Wingman (Connor Murphy x Reader fluff babysitting AU its fuckin lame)

3000+ words

Ps: im bad at revising

TW: angst, lots of swearing, toddlers, very very brief mentions of depression, anxiety, and suicide

You saw a dim light flicker from the corner of your eye as you played Uno with your young nephew, accompanied by a slight ding signaling you got a text. You knew it was probably Connor.

“You can get your phone, it’s okay.” your nephew told you, sounding wise beyond his years for a 3-and-a-half-year-old. He was the most adorable thing, and you couldn’t get over it.

“Nope, buddy. I need my full concentration for this game. I’m not gonna lose to you again. They can wait a couple of minutes until I demolish you at this Uno.” you replied sternly, lifting your head up high, causing giggles to erupt for the small boy. You couldn’t help but smile back. But your lips fell when your phone started dinging over and over and over again. Your nephew peered up at you with big eyes, silently telling you to just get it. You put up a finger, putting your cards face to use your other hand to reach for your phone. You were right, it was Connor.

7 messages from Connor



what are you up to

i’m bored

my parents aren’t home


you’re my only friend i want to hang out with you dammit

You couldn’t help but to let a smile form on your face. This fucking kid. You couldn’t believe that this was the boy that barely spoke two words to you over a span of a month when you were lab partners. At the start of Junior Year, you had to take a physics class as a prereq for graduating. The class was filled with seniors, leaving you and this mysterious, and super scary Connor Murphy as the only two juniors. So, your teacher paired you up, resentment oozing out of Connor. You basically did the projects by yourself, him helping with data or equations you didn’t understand yourself, but you never actually talked much. You did your work in silence. Until you noticed he was writing some old fall out boy (A/N: I feel like everyone just mutually agreed on Connor liking FOB so I’m just going along with it.)  lyrics on one of his data sheets.

“That’s a good song.” You murmured, peering back at your paper, trying to work through this problem that made zero sense.

“You like fall out boy?” he mumbled, trying to figure out what you were trying to do by making conversation with him.

“Yeah, Pete Wentz was the love of my life for a while. They were actually my first concert back in middle school, when they made a comeback. But they peeked at From Under A Cork Tree.”  Connor smiled at this, agreeing silently with everything you just said. His smile was addictive, so you kept going. Seeing how long you could kept a conversation going and his smile up as well. You mostly talked at first. But his word count each week was increasing exponentially. Until you went a whole class listening to him talk about how The Smiths was easily the best band ever and better than Nirvana and that Nirvana is over-hyped because everyone romanticizes Kurt’s suicide while no one really actually cares about the depressed kid until they are gone. The conversation kind of died after that. Him feeling like he said too much, and you just not knowing what to say. Something told you he wasn’t just talking about Kurt Cobain. So, you kind of squeezed his hand momentarily, which he would never admit, made him blush like a madman and almost pushed him into a panic attack, he was so overwhelmed and caught off guard. Then, the game changed for Connor. It was bound to happen; a crush was going to form. Connor fell victim, falling hard. No one really reached out to him before, unless it was to make fun of him and get in his head. He was the school’s punching bag. Even school nerds like Jared Kleinman picked on him. He always noticed you before. You never laughed at him when other made jokes. But he didn’t realize that not only a friendship was forming, but a crush as well. And when he did, it was too late to abort. This boy was in love with you from the time you spotted those fall out boy lyrics to be honest.

Another ding snapped you out of your reminiscing.

6 messages from Connor:

Are you alive


no that’s ridiculous

of course you are


you never not text me

You texted him back quickly, knowing he was probably thinking of all the ways you just lying on the street dead to your body floating in the river face down. He confessed that this happened a lot to you. He’d just get bad, intrusive thoughts he couldn’t shake away.

im alive and well. Just babysitting my nephew Carter. HES SO CUTE

You snapped a picture of Carter playing Uno and sent it to Connor. Before you could even put down your phone, another familiar ding alerted you.

1 message from Connor:


you’re heartless

4 messages from Connor:

i know

guess i’ll go hang with my other friends


woe is me

shut up nerd

if you want, come babysit

1 message from Connor:

hell fucking no

well i have to go then. i gotta win this game of uno this 3 year old is putting me to shame

2 messages from Connor:

you’re so embarrassing why am i friends with you

i’ll be over in ten

You smiled at the last message. Connor wasn’t the only one with the crush. Yes, yours did develop later in your relationship, but it was definitely equal to Connors admiration for you. Connor didn’t really start opening up after about three months into your friendship. Once he talked about the whole Kurt Cobain thing, he kind of laid low for a little, you having to steer the conversation if you wanted it to live. He was touchy, so you had to handle him with care. You tried to bring it up a few times, to just get immediately shut down. You’d always ask in school, because you weren’t at the point of hanging outside of it yet. But he’d always change topic. It’s not like he didn’t trust you, it was everyone around him. Paranoid they were secretly listening in on your chats. So, you decided to take initiative. It was exactly 3 months of you being friends, so you asked if he wanted to hang.


“What…” he replied, seemingly uninteresting as he doodled along the margin of his already finished calc problems. He was actually a fucking genius. He wasn’t just artistic, but the kid had a brain. But that’s a different topic.

“You know what today is?”

“I ‘donno know,” all his words kind of running together, “Friday?”

“No.” you felt dumb now. “Never mind.”

“No what’s today. I like hearing your weird ass facts. Is it like, Morrissey’s birthday, or like the anniversary of The Queen Is Dead album?”

“You’re gonna find it stupid that I was even going to make a big deal out of it, so, never mind.”

“No, tell me.”




“Fucking god, (Y/N). Just tell me already.”

“It’s our ¼ friendaversary.”

“What? What the fuck is that shit?”

“See. I knew you’d find it dumb.”

“N-no, I just don’t know what the fuck that is.” Connor genuinely asked.

“We’ve been friends for three months, Connor. That’s what it means. I thought you were good at math?”

“That’s a thing? And people celebrate that? I wasn’t aware that was a milestone.”

“No, people don’t really celebrate it. But we do our own thing.”

“How is it three months?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, how do you figure?”

“Oh… It’s the day we talked about fall out boy. Remember?” You shifted awkwardly in your desk, realizing that knowing the exact date you first bonded was creepy.

“Barely.” he lied. Of course, he fucking did. He wouldn’t stop thinking about you that moment for the rest of that week. Then, he’d just think of you in general from that point on all the time. You consumed his thoughts, both during day and night. You were even in his dreams.

“We should, like, I don’t know… Hang out tonight.”

“We’ve never hung out before. What would we even do.”

“Friend things.” you sneered

“And what does that consist of.” he jabbed back.

“I don’t know, Connor. Like, use that vivid imagination of yours. Pizza and a movie. Pizza and video games. Pizza and anything. Pizza just had to be the foundation.

“Well, do you wanna go out somewhere. Or like hang out at someone’s house?”

“It’s getting cold out so we can hang at one of our houses, if you want?”

“Um, can we go to yours? My parents will be home and I don’t like to ask them things.”

“Sure, they won’t mind you’re going to be over right?”

“Um, I wasn’t going to tell them.”

“Why, are you embarrassed of me.” you joked. Connor didn’t respond right away. “Wait, are you?”

“No, of course not. It’s just…” he paused, pursing his lips, you noticed his prominent cupid’s bow. “It’s complicated.” he grumbled, “What time do you want me over for this stupid celebration.”

“Well if you think it’s stupid-”

Connor started speaking over you, “For this very awesome, cool, great, fan-fucking-tastic celebration. I misspoke.”


“Can’t wait.” he responded sarcastically, rolling his eyes. But you both knew he couldn’t.

That night consisted of pizza, of course. And Connor opted for old NES games, which he beat you at every single time.

“Okay, literally fuck Excitebike! It’s so dumb you can overheat your bike?” I shouted, throwing my controller.

“You’re such a sore loser.”

“I am not! It’s just Excitebike is dumb. Let’s go back to Punch Out!, or Galaga. I’m warmed up now, and I’ll definitely win.”

“You’ve said that after every single game.”

“No, I’m serious now, my game was just off.”


“Plus, I had drawing today, so my hand was already tired.”

“Whatever you say, (Y/N).”

“I think I broke my thumb last week squeezing it between my locker.”

“Of course you did.” he taunted, trying to resist a smile. His eyes were gleaming, he was enamored. He was trying even harder to not kiss you.

“I’m going to beat you next week.”

“Next week?”

“I mean, if you’re free.” you tried to not sound desperate, but failing.

“Do you see all my other friends lining up to hang out with me?” he deadpanned.

“Then, It’s a date.”

“Date?” Connor quickly caught your phrasing, trying to understand your intention.

You froze, “You know, not an actual date. Like, a platonic date, bro.” you tried your hardest to brush it off, but failing. Again. You scolded yourself for using the term ‘bro’. But Connor let it go, though he did feel wounded.

“Got it, bro.” Sourly putting emphasis on the latter word, “Play me again so I can fucking win for the millionth time.” he said, a little too aggressively.

“You good?”

“Dandy. I just want to prove I’m good enough for you.” he accidentally professed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you inquired.

“God, just play me. That’s what I mean.”

You didn’t want to press him. The tension in the air was at an all-time high. Connor never really got snippy like this with you. I mean, yes, he did sometimes raise his voice or make a rude remark. But he’d habitually curse under his breath and apologize immediately. You always understood, knowing all the pent-up anger inside him. But then Connor seemed to relax again once you started playing Punch Out!, taking his anger out through Little Mac on King Hippo, and then the two of you went back to having fun. In Connor’s head though, he definitely planned to kiss you that night, but the way to swerved the date topic, he lost all his confidence. Taking it as you’d never see him in a romantic light. That was almost 6 months ago, and he still hasn’t made a move.

You came out of your daydream once again when Carter yelled out Uno, well a version of the word.

“Unope!” he added a P in the end for whatever reason. You decided against telling him. How were you losing to a 3-year-old for the seventh time?! He placed down a red 4, excitement in his eyes. He definitely had a red, you could see it in his eyes. You looked at your hand, filled with about a dozen reds from the draw 4s he was hitting you with. So, you decided to take your chance picking up a card from the deck. A yellow 4.

“You aren’t winning today.” you placed the card down, smirking. The 3-year-old squealed out and slapped down a yellow 7.

“Outto!!!” he cheered, the bastard winning again. You couldn’t believe he had a yellow out of everything.

You throw up your cards in a joking manner, “You don’t even know the whole alphabet!” another fit of giggles came from your nephew.

“I least he can win at Uno,” a voice came through the door. “You’re a destined loser. I don’t think you’ve ever won at anything.” Connor trudged through the door in his beat up brown jean jacket and combat boots, his nose red from the cold approaching winter air.

“False!” you yelled out, going up to Connor and giving him a bear hug. He slung an arm around you, bringing him closer to him. He rested his chin on your head, inhaling your scented shampoo. He couldn’t pick out the scent, but you reminded him he needed to wash his hair soon.

“Solitaire doesn’t count. You literally okay that by yourself.”

You pushed him away, “Whatever, shut up. I’m not a sore loser at least.”

“You totally are though?” he remarks back, “You make up excuses. You just told your nephew he doesn’t know the alphabet because you’re angry you lost.”

“I said, whatever! Shut up.” you fake yell like you’re pissed off. “Connor, this is Carter, my favorite nephew. Carter, this is Connor, my least favorite friend.” Connor waved awkwardly at the child before him, Carter got up from his chair and jumped down. He tugged on his skinny jean pant leg that was still too big because he was so lanky. His legs were skinnier than yours.

“It’s touching me.” Connor whispered to you.

“Carter wants you to pick him up. He probably wants to tell you something.”

“How do I pick it up.”

“Connor, why are you an inept alien? Like you aren’t from earth.”

Connor leans down and scoops up Carter, Carter whispering something in his ear.

“Both our names do begin with C. You are correct. Here I thought you didn’t know your alphabet.” Connor repeated what Carter told him aloud, looking over at you and raising his eyebrow. Carter whispered again, cupping his hands around his mouth so you wouldn’t hear.

“You know until L,” he paused, listening more. “Yeah, no I get it, it does get confusing at that point.” Carter continued. You couldn’t help but to burn up at the sight. Your two favorite guys. “Yeah, I’ll stop talking out loud.” you assumed Carter asked him to keep the next thing a secret. Connor starts to turn red and looks at you for a split second. Connor puts Carter down, trickery written on your nephew’s face, bashfulness on Connor’s. Carter ran into your living room, picking up train tracks and started to build.

You squeeze Connor’s thin arm, “What did he tell you?”

Connor smiled lopsidedly, “It’s a secret. I can’t tell you.” he confidently takes your hand and dragged you into the living room. The three of you spend the day playing with trains, then move to watching rug rags, then back to trains, and then finally Carter passed out fast asleep coloring with Connor at the table. You pick Carter up, leaving Connor to keep coloring.

“Is he knocked out?” Connor realizing you left, walking to the bottom of the stairs, watching you walk up them with Carter on your back.

“Yes, finally. I thought we were going to have to play trains again. A girl can only play with Thomas a number of times before she goes a little stir crazy.”

Connor catches up to you on the steps, “I can put him to bed, if you wanna clean up downstairs.” he proposes, you nodded and let Connor take Carter off your back. You watched as Carter curled up in Connor’s chest, having your stomach dropped.

Shit. You really liked Connor.

You realized you were just staring at Connor, making him shift awkwardly under your stare. “Um, I’m, uh, yeah. I’m gonna go do that.” you chuckled awkwardly, going downstairs. Mentally punching yourself in the face for being weird. What the hell was wrong with you, you thought to yourself. You start with the crayons, putting them back in the box. You picked up pictures that Carter drew. You laughed at the stick figures, most of them being Connor, him, and you. Flipping through the pictures, Carter start drawing you and Connor holding hands, then there was one of you two dancing, then the last one displayed you kissing. You smile softly, thinking about the possibility of what Carter told Connor that he blushed so furiously at. You looked over at the end of the table, realizing a turned over paper where Connor was sitting. You glanced at the stairs making sure Connor was still upstairs. You creep over to the paper, turning it over.

It was you. Where you were sitting, coloring, looking down with strands of your hair falling in front of your eyes. Eyes that seemed to sparkle, smile lines that corresponded with an closed smirk, a soft dimple marking your cheek. He made you look so beautiful. It was so…  realistic. And, just amazing.

“Don’t look at that.” Connor hissed, trying taking it out of your hands.

“This is me…” you stated, trailing off.

“It’s nothing. Let it go.” he continued, not sure if he meant the paper or the topic.

“No, I have questions.”

“I’m not playing 20/20 questions. Just forget I drew that. Rip it up.”

“What did Carter tell you.”

“I have to go, (Y/N), it’s getting late.”

“Just tell me, Connor.”

“The secret? The stupid fucking secret some 3 year old told me?”

“I wanna know the secret you’ve been keeping from me for like 6 months.”

“And what the fuck would that be.” He knew what you were getting on about.

“Tell me how you feel about me.”

Connor blushed, “I’m leaving.”

“Stop,” you run in front of the door. Placing a hand on Connor’s chest.

“I can’t do this right now.”

“Then when will you?!” You whisper shout, remembering Carter is still upstairs sleeping,

You two stared at each other, both feeling vulnerable. Connor clenched his jaw.

“Never. You’re too good for me. You’re a thousand times too good for me. I don’t deserve you. I’m a loser, a freak. And you’re, I don’t even fucking know a good word to describe you. You're… just… perfect. And I know deep down you don’t actually like me. Just let me go home. I’ve embarrassed myself enough, don’t you think.

“You’re so dense, Connor.” You grabbed the back of his head, doing what he should’ve 6 months ago. Really, what you should’ve done 9 months ago. Your lips collided together. The kiss itself was flawed: Connor kissed you back to roughly, your noses bumped, and both of you kind of smelled like wax from the crayons. But it was enough. It was more than enough for both of you. It was perfect.

“Finally.” a tiny voice said from the top of the stairs, “Took you guys long enough.” You both snapped your heads over, breaking the kiss. It’s the fucking kid.

“Talk to us when you know the alphabet.” Connor called out, kissing you lightly this time like he’d never hurt you, and he never will. Carter trotted back to his room.

“Someone needs to tuck me in again.” Carter yelled. You looked over at Connor.

“Yeah, I got it.” Connor told you, and started for the stairs. “Oh, and if isn’t obvious, I fucking love you, (Y/N).”

You rolled your eyes at his word choice, but your stomach did back flips, “I fucking love you, Murphy.”

Fear of love Pt.1 [College AU]

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Request:  Can you do a Yoongi college au where he denies his feelings for you and ends up hurting you? -Chichi

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Bestfriend!Jungkook x reader, ft. Bangtan 

Genre: Angst 

Word count: 2 508

Warnings: None

A/N: Hi Anon Chichi! I’m sorry if there isn’t as much Yoongi x reader interaction as you wanted, hope you like it tho. Thanks for requesting <3 

Also, I’m doing two more parts of this, I’ll try to publish Pt. 2 this week. 


Yoongi have been in the same spot trying to study for the past two hours. Clue word is trying. The constant noise from his roommate and his best friends were a constant distraction for him, and by now his temper got the best out of him as he stood up, exiting his room, walking to the small living room.

“Ya! I’m trying to study, you know, keep it down.” He said trying his best not to sound too harsh, but his crossed arms and angry expression didn’t help much. At the angry presence, immediately seven head shot up to see him, trying their best to seem innocent.

“Sorry Oppa, it’s mostly my fault, I was taking photos of them for my project.” You said stifling a laugh, Yoongi never actually scared you when he was angry, in your opinion he looked adorable. Of course your lack of reaction to his anger always drives him mad, he swears to God one day he will end up murdering all seven of you, but specially the cute girl who seems to make him soft much to his despair.

“And I didn’t really consider we would make such noise when I said to (Y/N) to make the photo shoot here…Sorry hyung?” His roommate, Namjoon, added so you wouldn’t take the entire fault. A bunch of “Sorry hyung” followed him.

Yoongi sighed heavily, he can’t get angry at you, he hates it but it’s the truth. “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.” He sighs while scratching the bridge of his nose, making you notice how tired he was so you made a gesture to Jungkook so he would pick the stuff you brought. Since you were roommates it’s not like he had much choice.

“You look tired, you should take some rest.”  You say while raising a brow, almost like accusing him for not taking proper rest. “I’m not tired” Yoongi replied with a scoff, but not long after that he couldn’t contain a yawn, making you laugh a little. “Yeah right, and my major is Laws.”  After your sarcastic remark, you approach him to give him a kiss in the cheek, him trying his best to look indifferent at your actions.

“Better for us to go and finish our projects in our apartment.” You say before hugging the rest of the guys and living with Jungkook, both of you already discussing if you were actually finishing your projects right away or playing a round of Overwhatch, making the others laugh at their youngest friends.

“You look tired; you should take some rest, my sweet and handsome oppa.” Taehyung started to imitate you once you were gone, kissing in an exaggerated way Hoseok’s cheek who quickly got in role, looking blankly at Tae. “I may look like I’m a stone and I don’t like you, but I’m actually screaming inside.” He said in a monotone way, all five of them bursting into laughs, gaining a death glare from Yoongi.

“Don’t be such idiots, I don’t like her.” He couldn’t like her, even if he knew he did, he didn’t want to. His past relationships didn’t end up well, at first he was the one who gave it all and the most recent ones he noticed he was the one hurting them. He created such façade to prevent himself of getting hurt that unconsciously he neglects anyone who made him feel even the slight affection, this time would be no exception. He didn’t want to do it, you were so important; he couldn’t bear the thought of not having you in his life because he hurt you or something in-between those lines.

“Oh, so I guess it doesn’t bother you that I heard Kookie’s idea for the project was to take nude pictures of (Y/N)” Jimin said simply, a mischievous look in his eyes, the only of the boys who didn’t understood it was a lie to make Yoongi jealous was Tae, who made the most shook expression ever.

“They…What?” Almost immediately after reacting in an almost angry way, Yoongi realized he fell in a goddamn trap set up by the little pink-haired devil.

“Come on, hyung, don’t lie. What is wrong with liking her? She clearly likes you and cares deeply about you, and you obviously care about her too.” This time Hoseok spoke, he knew how Yoongi was scared of loving, even if he didn’t admit it himself. Yoongi knew their intention was the best, but they didn’t understood, he wasn’t good for you. If he could avoid everything going to the absolute trash by erasing his feelings, he would do it. “There’s nothing wrong because I don’t like her, now stop being so damn stubborn. I’ll take a nap.” The words came out of Yoongi´s mouth in a harsh way, rolling his eyes before exiting to his room, leaving the five guys with a sad look.

“So…is Jungkookie really taking nude photos of cupcake?” Asked Taehyung calling you by your pet name, Jimin looking at him in annoyance.

“No, dummy, that was a lie. Ah, you really are a lost case” Jin laughed, dragging the rest out to let Yoongi rest.

“Kookie-ah!!” You screamed from your room as loud as you could, hearing the quick steps to your room and two seconds later an alarmed Jungkook was in your door. You laughed at his appearance, his face with paint all over while his left hand was holding a paint brush. “Don’t. Do. That!” He exclaimed between breaths, rolling his eyes. “I almost ruined my paint because of you, so it better be a good reason.” He crossed his arms, looking like an angry little child.

“Does it look good?” You ask with your best angelic smile, turning around to show him your outfit. You never were one to care that much about fashion, so you could understand the confused face of your roommate.

“Yeah but…why do you ask? You never do that…oh, wait, don’t answer. This is because of certain grumpy hyung.” Jungkook starts to tease you as he walks closer, raising his brows and doing a weird dance. You couldn’t help but blush, smacking his muscular arm while moving to your mirror so you could start your simple make-up routine.

“Don’t worry, he most like you, he never gets angry at you!” Jungkook exclaimed with a happy tone, sitting in the edge of you bed as he saw you get ready for the party almost everyone in the campus was invited to. “Don’t be a fool, that’s just because I don’t bother him as much as you do.” You reply with a laugh, looking at him in a funny way. You start being bothered by the paint in his face so you took out a tissue and approach him to wipe his face, being as gentle as you could.

“I just…feel so strange with him; like everything is at peace…you know that feeling? But he probably doesn’t like me, even if he’s oblivious about it we all know the entire music faculty wants to get in his bed, how can I compete with girls who not only have the same interest as him but also are older than me? And way more pretty also.” You started to ramble, starting to pay no attention to your current task, making Jungkook scrunch his face, placing his hands in yours so you would snap out of your thoughts. “Ouch, (Y/N)” He simply said with a small smile, knowing you needed to let it all out. “Sorry…” You smiled back, going back to clean his face.

“You don’t have to worry about others, I guarantee you that hyung probably is already all head over heels for you.” Jungkook smiled sweetly, poking your sides playfully. “Could you pick my outfit? If you are going like that I should dress up too.” You laugh at your best friend, nodding with your head as you finished cleaning his face, throwing the tissue away before going to Jungkook’s closet with the happy bunny behind you.

After an hour you both arrived at the party, both looking effortlessly stunning. It didn’t even passed a second before you saw your group of friends calling you over, whistling at you, but you didn’t knew if it was because you put a little of effort in your outfits or because you were always late.

“Damn, look at our babies, looking good!” Jimin exclaimed, resting his arm in your shoulders.

“We are just a year younger.” You rolled your eyes, but at the same time you couldn’t help but laugh noticing the tipsy state of your friends. That’s when you noticed a certain pale boy was missing. “Where’s Yoongi?” You asked, making them all smile in a creepy way at you.

“Why you want to know?” Taehyung asked, leaning closer to you. You limited yourself to send him a warning look before turning to the others, waiting for them to answer.

“I don’t know, but you should look for him, he may be happy to see you.” Namjoon said before sending a wink your way.

“If you say so…” You tried not to get your hopes high, after all Yoongi didn’t act like you were something more than just a friend.

“Good luck my little flower” Jin dramatically said, sending one of his infamous hand kisses.

You laughed a little before heading to the backyard, as you walked you asked yourself whose house was this, Jungkook was the one who told you about the party but you really didn’t knew who was the host or if there was one at all. You started to wonder around the house full of teenagers in all kinds of substances looking for the black-haired boy who managed his way to your heart without even meaning to.

You started to remember when you met each other, you weren’t even in college. Jungkook, your childhood best friend, wanted to present you his friends out of school, who were older than him. You ended up joining them every time, all of you becoming closer as time passed. But there was this feeling you got whenever you were close or alone with Yoongi, you became so aware of him, of every move, every word, and every little thing about him made you melt. You tried to be subtle, not showing too much how wiped he had you, you showed you cared in little details, hoping one day he would care too.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you reached the end of the hall, you gave up searching for him, figuring that maybe he went back with the boys. As you came downstairs to meet with them again, you saw him. Yoongi was seating in one of the large couches, but he wasn’t alone. A girl you didn’t really recognize was sitting in his lap, both too involved in a heated make-out to even notice your hurt stare.

“Cupcake! Did you found hyung?” The deep voice of Tae took you by surprised, but you still were too focused on the rather painful scene in front of you. And your oblivious friend didn’t seem to noticed it, since he just stayed there waiting for an answer with his cute innocent smile. You simply pointed with your chin in direction of the older boy in the couch; all leaving Taehyung’s mouth was a quiet “Oh…” He quickly pulled you away to go back with the boys, and you just followed him. You tried to suppress your feelings so much that you physically you had no reaction. You wanted to cry, but you found that being silly and immature. You were the one who created the whole fantasy, you were the one who gave different meaning to the occasional hugs, when out of the blue he took your hand or when he decided to visit you with the sole intention of cuddling. You didn’t notice when you arrived the small table your friends had claimed as their spot, or when Taehyung pointed the reason of your blank expression and lost eyes. You didn’t noticed the pitiful look in Jungkook’s, Jimin’s and Jin’s eyes or the anger in Hoseok’s and Namjoon’s expression, because they knew you were hurting and it was the most unnecessary thing ever since Yoongi had feelings for you, but in his stubbornness he thought he was doing the right thing.

You recovered you senses when you felt the strong arms of your best friend around you, giving you his best funny smile. But you could see the worry in his eyes, and you hated it. You smile as if everything was alright, but he could see the pain behind it, and he hated it. “You know, this party is lame, let’s go home?” You didn’t want him to go home, this was a huge party and you knew he was doing this just because of you, but before you even knew you were nodding eagerly. The rest of the boys tried to join you, but you told them to stay. Just because you couldn’t it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun either. In the ride you couldn’t make up a sentence to break the silence, your mind couldn’t even concentrate on the trip.

Why did you felt so broken? Probably because deep down, a part of you thought he did liked you back. But it turns out It was all in your head, you weren´t enough. Or so did you thought. Truth is, life has a dark humor, and even when Yoongi’s intentions were to keep you from getting hurt, he hurt you in the worst way. Because it was a whole new kind of pain when you felt less, when you saw the one you loved with someone else, thinking that she was better than you. Not in a general way but in his eyes she was better than you. You really want to slap some sense into yourself and stop the silent crying you didn´t notice until now, but you aren´t strong enough. You want to believe you are, that this will not affect you and that live goes on. But right now, all you are in the mood for is crying and feeling safe in your warm bed with the sole companion of your best friend.

They ended the night like this, both feeling helpless, both thinking of the other. He had a naked girl in his arms; he doesn’t remember her name, because all he thought was about you in his weak attempt to get rid of his feelings. You were in someone else’s arms, crying in Jungkook’s chest, holding for dear life into your loyal friend, feeling too weak to stop yourself. He had no idea the pain he caused you and you had no idea that he actually did loved you.

He loved you so much, but he was afraid. Sometimes the only thing humans should actually fear is fear itself. Now both of you were stock with a question, “Did I just dodge a bullet…or did I just lost the love of my life?”

Yoongi Scenario: Through The Fire.

Request: I want to request one for yoongi where you are his gf and you start living together and news of it goes out to the press so the sasaengs start being crazy and all that and you two keep it together and strong but then there’s a really creepy person/girl who continuously goes there to bother you so you try to ignore it but then one time she gets inside and tries to attack you and yoongi protects you? Sorry if its too much, thank you! You are great writers

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-It’s best if we just stay home for today- Yoongi said as you two checked out how the news developed online.

 You were sitting together on the sofa, with Yoongi’s laptop over his legs and your head resting on his right shoulder so you could see everything he did and read. There were several pictures of you together scattered all over the internet, with even more articles that narrated the dating scandal, too many of them with added details that weren’t true.

-They even said you gave me a car- you said not helping the little laugh that came next, it was ridiculous since you were basically always in public transport.  

-Yeah, I don’t know where that came from, maybe that what time you were driving mine- he mused still rolling down the articles.

-You are not too late to make their speculations come true though- you snickered making Yoongi stare at you with an amazed incredulous smile.

-Aren’t you kind, just to please the masses- he laughed too.

-Of course, you know I live for the greater good-

-I guess I could…-

-Yoongi!- you interrupted him. -I’m joking, God, maybe when we’re a bit more stable after all the apartment shopping, then you can help me- you said trying to get away from his poking attacks.

The laughs died down as Yoongi’s phone rang for the umpteenth time that day, he saw who it was and disregarded the call, there were way too many people calling him, including online gossip sites that wanted to get some words from him about the girl in the photos, you. You kept going through google and naver, seeing several sites so you could know to which extent was this spreading and how people was reacting.

Both of you were planning to make your relationship public soon after moving together, but someone had snapped a few shots during the moving process which added to the fact that there were previous rumors of Yoongi seeing a girl only left everyone the choice to take it as if it was proved. 

Big Hit was taking the matter professionally and not out of proportion like some companies would, you appreciated that they treated your relationship like a normal thing and not as if it was a major crime or a sin. So at first you were being positive about it, Yoongi being the one worrying that this would cause you trouble, but then Yoongi worried about every single thing, you figured it was your job to help him look at the situation without such a pessimistic sight. Big Hit was taking care of the gossip and the press, the boys were supportive about you two together, they were not young boys anymore, and Bangtan had such a strong fan base, you could take this, everything was going to be ok.
Even if the comment section of the site you were reading lead you to think that it wasn’t that simple.

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Losers at a haunted house

Richie- trying his best to scare everyone else, although he goes soft of Eddie because he’s worried he’ll have an asthma attack. He also gets pretty jumpy himself but laughs it off saying he was only joking.

Eddie- he would stay close to Richie, sometimes holding his hand and shoving himself into him at every jump. He enjoyed the concept but when the fake vomit came out of an actors mouth he almost died

Beverly- she’s very much enjoying herself and seems to be the most fearless of all the losers. She would tell them that it was “just a prop” and then she would poke it and it would move, ending the the others yelling and her laughing hysterically

Mike- he’s the second most fearless and enjoys the workings behind the scares. He mostly liked that the losers are all having fun together, although the guy with the chainsaw did make him pee a little

Ben- he walked around behind Beverly for ‘protection’ but he was really just admiring her from afar. He was also pretty darn jumpy as every little scare would cause a gasp and jump, sending the rest of the crew into spirals of laughter.

Bill- he was in between Stan and Beverly the whole time, although not very scared, he used them simply as moral support. Although when it got to the part with dead and creepy children he almost started crying and the others hugged him until they were past the bloodied mannequin in the yellow rain coat.

Stan- he was mainly looking out for Bill, hoping noting reminded him of his brother. When it did he was fussing over him until he swore he was fine. Although he found the whole experience fun his eyes were mostly fixed on Bill throughout.

-as soon as they got to the clown section they all laughed/shit themselves and walked through quickly as Bev pushed over a clown doll in defiance.

The Hottie Next Door Part Two

Characters : Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : Chris moves in next door. Only thing is, he isn’t alone. *based off my out of bounds series*

Warning : Language?

Word Count : 2K+

A/N : By the way, the reader is in her third year of college! lol. Also, if you’d like to be tagged, let me know! Updates will be EVERY Wednesday or Thursday.

Tagging : @imaginesofdreams @deansimpalaqueen@chrisevansisdaddy04​ @almundbuttercup @sailorchibimoonunicorn@mybucky-yourbucky@theresnotenoughwords​ @hollycornish

Read Part One Here

It’s been a few months since you met the Chris and Jenny, and between all the small chats and neighborhood parties, you grew to like them more and more everyday.

Jenny was pretty amazing, as much as you envied her relationship with Chris, you just couldn’t hate her.

Then there was Chris. He was everything you could ever dream of. He was sweet and caring and all together hilarious. No matter what, he could always make you laugh and smile.

It was hard to hate them. Not that you wanted too, anyways.

Tonight, you were asked to dog sit for them, while they went to a premiere for Chris’ new movie.

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My responsibility

Originally posted by finnskywallker

Warnings: none

You were pregnant. About 6 months now and you were definitely showing. You didn’t know what it was about Diana but she had this mother ability kicked in when you started showing at 3 months.

“My love, you need to rest. You have our baby and I don’t want you getting hurt.” She tells you this for the last millionth time and you groan.

“Diana, I love you with all my heart, but trust me I’m fine.” That sentence never stopped her from checking on you every five minutes. She would make you come to the Louvre so you weren’t alone. She always gloats about how that is her baby and how proud she is of her family. It warmed your heart a lot.

There were also some creepy guys on the street from time to time. One time you two were walking home (she insisted on carrying you home so you didn’t have to hurt your feet), and a man walked up to them.

“Nice looking woman, round and sexy. Just the way I like it.” Before you could object, Diana grabbed the man and threw him into the nearest dumpster while you laughed.

“Why are men like this?” She asks you and you shrug. You wish you knew as well. 

“My love, please go rest,” she pleaded as you two got home. You sigh loudly, dramatically walking to the couch and laying down. She grins, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“My beautiful wife, and my beautiful baby all in one,” she thought out loud and you felt tears forming in your eyes. You knew she was super protective but it was for many reasons. Mostly because she has seen what this world can be, and how evil and heartless it truly was. 

“Thank you, my big strong superhero.” She giggles at your nickname before getting your favorite snack.



“I love you.”

My Woman

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Pairing: Yoongi/Suga X Reader/You

Genre: Smutty smutty smut smut (But still sweet and fluffyish?)

Note: This is my first time writing smut. I’m sure it shows. I’ve read plenty of romance novels in my day, so I’m hoping that payed off a little bit lol. Fun fact: This is actually a dream I had. I know, aren’t I lucky? One of the few times I remembered every detail of my dream and I’m forever grateful. 

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Sweet Creature - imagine

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Hi darlings! I wrote this after hearing Sweet Creature for the first time. If this goes well I kinda want to do a whole series, one for each song! lots of love xx

Tiresome. It’s what Harry’s mood had constantly been lately. Everything was tiresome. By now, the excitement had died down. His album was out and had been for a while. The TV and radio shows were slowly dying down too. It wasn’t that people were forgetting. You knew this. But Harry was still worrying.

“I just feel like ’m gonna have gone from the ‘uge hit to nothin in a matter of days”

He was tired. Every night he would come home at around 1 am. You were asleep at that time, you always were. It was almost on purpose that he came home at that time now, because something about seeing you sleep relaxed him. Not in a creepy way, of course. It was just the way you lay, spread out on the bed, one leg bent, the other straight. An arm underneath the pillow that held your head, resting gently. Hair spilling over the side of the mattress. His old plain white t-shirt that you had adopted those many months ago decorating your body. Making you look so peaceful. It was the only peace in either of your lives anymore. When awake, you fought like cats and dogs. Harry’s schedule took a heavy toll on him, therefore impacting you. It was never anyone’s fault, but constant annoyance from each other was always present.

Harry sat down at the edge of the bed. The rings you had brought for his birthday over a year ago glinted in the moonlight streaming in through the blinds as he slowly got undressed. In just his black boxers now, he paced over to the window and leant back on the sill, the cool night breeze on his back. Sometimes it all got a bit much. The longer he looked at you, watching you chest rise and fall, the fuller his heart became. Despite the persistent disagreements between you two, you were a part of him, and he knew it.

Sighing, he mumbled under his breath; “I just dunno anymore love.”

It was a simple sentence, and quiet. But Harry’s rusty voice stirred you. Slowly lifting your head, you saw the figure by the window. Little butterflies danced in your stomach, the way they always did when you saw him.

“Sorry sweet didn’t mean to wake ya.”

Smiling, you slid off the bed and went over to your boyfriend. Harry’s face was wet from tears he hadn’t even noticed had fallen. You brushed your thumb lightly under his bloodshot green eyes, before slowly massaging your hands over the rest of his face. He closed his eyes, and you could feel him slowly softening under your touch. Suddenly, a sob escaped Harry’s lips, and he crashed his head into the hollow of your shoulder. He was missing something. Home, his mum and sister, his friends. you didn’t really know exactly what it was, but you tried you best. Tried to squeeze the pieces of him back together.

Harry didn’t know what it was either. He didn’t know why he was crying. But your small hands caused so many emotions to flow inside his veins, and he decided he didn’t care anymore. Leaning back, he slowly lifted his head and brought your lips to his. You had a very open relationship, and you thought you had explored every inch of Harry, his lips in particular. But this felt different. It felt raw and new, He was scared, you could tell. But he wasn’t scared of you. Eventually, you opened your eyes, brushing his dark locks away before resting your forehead on his.

“D’ya wanna come to bed Haz?”

He hesitantly nodded, and followed you across the room, his large hands still nestled tightly in yours. Harry climbed in first and waited for you to follow. Lifting the plain white sheets, you lay behind him, curling your legs under his and wrapping your arms around his waist. He grabbed your hands, and brought them to his mouth, running his chapped lips along your knuckles.

“Am I supposed t’feel like this? Feel like I’m not allowed t’be. Feel like I’m supposed to be really happy, ‘n I dunno why but I just don’t. He murmured to your fists. Kissing his back, you sighed.

“I dunno Haz. You’ve done what you wanted, right? I mean Christ, a billion shows, a whole album. Maybe it’s just the shock of everything going to plan. You’re doing this by yourself, no bandmates. I mean you’ve got Mitch and all them, but it’s not quite the same as what you’re used to, and I think that’s finally settling in. Of course, it’s ok to feel this way.

You could feel his trademark grin forming against your hands. He tilted his head back so it was resting right next to yours, Placing a small kiss underneath your earlobe, he whispered:

“You really are my sweet creature.”

Ahhhhh! I’m still kind of getting used to this whole writing gig, but please let me know what you think! I currently have a Kiwi imagine in process, so ill probably post that soon!

lots of love xxx

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Prompt: Hi! I love these stories, and I have a request. So I know you have a story that is similar like this and I love it, I was just wondering if you can do one where they are on a press tour instead of just a panel ? I love the idea of being asked questions with the cast. I’m sorry if this is too much of a bother but it would be cool if you could do it thanks for reading this😁
Word Count: 686
Author’s Note:

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[fic] when things go bump and grind at night

when things go bump and grind at night

pairing: Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper
fandom: Riverdale
5,156k words
Summary:  It’s starts off with Betty knocking on the old wooden door. Her knocks are light enough to travel throughout the entire trailer. The echos of her presence alerting him in the kitchen. Putting the butter knife down, Jughead turns towards the door and it’s Betty alright, her tall shadow and ponytail give her away.

The sandwich can wait.


or betty dresses up and jughead is her slave.

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Seth Clearwater Imagine: Creeps

Request 1: Seth Clearwater imagine set in Breaking Dawn part two, the reader is friends with Vladimir and Stefen and Seth doesn’t like it.

I can see everyone gathered around Renesmee gleaming in a flourishing curiosity. The girl could’t go anywhere alone without someone trailing along beside her, waiting to see more her strangely magnificent talents. Jacob’s pack is just a little behind of the group; there but not entirely welcomed, despite the enormous help they are. I walk up to Seth and he kisses my forehead sweetly, “Good morning beautiful,” he mumbles. I sigh in contentment and allow myself to sink into his warm body as we sit down.

“So are you guys are going to wolf out tonight,” I ask?

“I promise I’ll be safe, careful, alert and all of the other adjectives you want me to use.”

“You better! I always worry about you.” I lightly punch his chest, “How long till you go?”

“Any minute.” I start to frown at his answer. Jacob nods his head towards to the woods. Seth gets up and kisses me before I watch him go. I start to get up and brush off any of the dirt that could have been on the back of my jeans. I walk towards the the other group of vampires gathered around Renesmee when I see two men sitting away from them. Out of curiosity I go to them. All of the other eyes around me stare questioningly at my choice. I wave hello.

“And look at what we have here,” the blonde one says.

“I’m (Y/N),” I replied meekly.

“Well, (Y/N) have a seat. I promise we’ll try not to bite,” the other one informed me. I work up the courage to smile. We began talking and our laughs filled up the empty air that separated us from the rest. Vladimir and Stefen’s face scrunched up in disgust as Seth emerged from the tree lines. I get up and run into his arms. He takes my hand and leads me away from Vladimir and Stefen.

“What were you doing,” Seth yells at me. I pull my hand back in surprise.

“What.. What do you mean?”

“Why were you with them? They are creepy. Didn’t you notice how everyone stays away from them. Are you that blind?” My mouth opens slightly at his question.

“I was just passing time. We were having fun. They’re new friends of mine.”

“Friends? No, you can’t.”

“Seth.. When did you start becoming a dictator of my life and so unaccepting? You’re here away from Sam’s pack to help Renesmee.” I turn my back with as viciously as I can and move away from Seth.

“(Y/N).. (Y/N),” Seth yells as he follows me.

“Don’t you dare follow me right now,” I scream back going home. I wipe my cheeks as I continue walking away. My legs feel like cement by the time I reach my bed. Staring up at the ceiling. I’m cold, despite gathering up as much blankets as possible. I hear tapping coming from my window. I gather up the strength and peel back my curtains and open the window. Seth climbs up.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N). I was a jerk,” he told me.

“Yeah I know you were,” I replied.

“I don’t want to be that type of guy I was. And I don’t want to watch you walk away again.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a necklace that has a locket in it, “Inside of it is a photo of us. I want to be that guy again.. If you’ll let me.” I take the necklace and allowed him to put it on me. I turn around and hug him.

“Your always that guy,” I tell him lovingly. Seth smiles and kisses my forehead.

“I love you.” 

“Woah, woah, woah, that’s it?!”

“What are you on about, Michael?”

“Well I mean, what, we’re just gonna drop all these punks just like that?”

“As opposed to… doing something about of all of them?”

“Jesus Christ, Ryan, no- god, why do you always have to be so creepy. No, I mean, any one of them could have ratted us out to the feds that entire year, and none of them did. That’s gotta count for something.”

“So instead your suggestion would be we, what, take a walk down memory lane with them?”

“I mean he does have a bit of a point, Ry. They were with us through a lot.”


“Like the time those Fakehaus fucks hacked our blog

“Or the time you had a sleepover with the rest of the gents

“…it was not a sleepover”

“Yeah it was, dude.”

“Or all those times Kerry got mugged”

“Or all the dumb shit we said in the group chat

“Alright, alright, I get it. Well why don’t you just give them that page Kdin worked so hard setting up? It’s got everything all organized.”

“Aww but Ry that’s just not the same. I mean, these people were so cool! Some of them even made art of us!

“They made.. art?! These people should have been terrified of us!”

“I mean, speak for yourself Ryan, I wasn’t the one constantly doing creepy shit.”

“I do not do creepy shit


“Well the people here didn’t seem to bloody care. Did you see how much fan mail Ryan got?? You’d think he was a model or something..”

“Okay that’s it I’m shutting whatever this is down.”

“Wha- Ryan! We’re in the middle of a-”



anonymous asked:

Had a really creepy guy compliment my hands a while ago. Like... just my hands. Not my face or anything, no. My hands caught his attention. He kept talking about how "pretty" they were and at one point tried to touch them as I was handing him some of his groceries. I shot my hands away and pretended not to notice for the rest of the transaction. Knowing what I know now about our company's harassment policy I could have told the guy to stop, but at the time I was way to shy to say anything. yeesh

“Cautious” - Part 4

“Cautious” - Part 4

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)

My Masterlist - Here

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3,985

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Some cursing, but nothing else that I could tell.

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. He has nightmares sometimes, but not nearly as much as he used to. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers (something similar to the force, but not the force). The team rescues her after a mission and takes her in. She struggles with control sometimes, is very skittish sometimes, and hasn’t talked to anyone since arriving at the tower. She only talks to Bruce Banner. Soon enough, Bucky takes an interest in her. Let’s see how this unfurls.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 4! This is a more lengthy part because I really liked this section and wanted to write a lot. I do write stuff like this to be therapeutic, and this helped. I hope others get enjoyment out of it. I have the next couple of parts planned out too. The next few parts are also going to be on the lengthier side.

This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has shown so much support with the past pieces I’ve written. I didn’t expect to get such a great response from writing. I hope this storyline doesn’t disappoint!

Special shout out to @goodnightwife for being a wonderful beta reader and wonderful person in general! Please go check out her page for some cute fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @luciebell-writes@goodnightwife@bexboo616@bicrypt@mayfeather27

The team was loading their gear into the jet as you made your way into the hangar with Bucky. You wanted to say bye to everyone, even if it was just waving. Bucky went to talk to Steve, you saw them hug like the best friends they were. When Bruce finished securing his stuff, he brought you into a large hug. You had hugged him a few time before, but this was by far one of the best. He pulled away but held your arms.

“I will try to update you whenever we figure out our ETA back home. I have that comm link set up in your room. All you have to do is press the call button and it will direct you to me. If anything happens, let me know and I will do my best to help. I know Bucky seems intimidating sometimes, but I trust him to take care of you. He knows the consequences if he doesn’t.”

You chuckle a bit at that part before hugging him again and saying “I’ll be okay. Just make sure to stay safe, please.”

“I’ll try my best. I got the team to help too, they won’t let anything happen. We gotta get ready for take off. I’ll check in whenever I can.” He kissed your forehead and lightly squeezed your arms before turning his attention to Bucky, who was now standing a couple of feet behind you.

“Be patient with her, and keep her safe.”

“I will do my best, Banner. I’ll update you when needed. Be safe out there.”

With one more wave goodbye to the group, you and Bucky began your walk back to the tower. These next few days were going to be an adventure.

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Picture Perfect (pt. 5)

PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6 | PT. 7

Reader x Yoongi

Plot: After finding yourself in the same situation day after day, a stranger with a camera happens to change up everything with just a snap of a button and a lot of misunderstandings.

Genre: Drama/Romance

WARNING: sexual assault

(gif to rightful owner)

Count: 7,740

A/N: I wrote this in less than two days when normally it takes me… awhile haha. The beginning is suuper fluffy (no spoilers though) and the end it gets super messed up. Why did I write this? Let’s hope there’s not too many errors…

“No, But I’ve Kissed You With It.”

I didn’t really sleep that night.

I wasn’t flustered or over-thinking what had just happened, though. I just felt sad more than anything. I felt sad because I could never have a normal night out with my friends. I felt sad because I was never going to realistically achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. I felt sad because I knew my love life was non-existent – and I especially felt sad because the only guy that did pay attention to me was a freeloader who didn’t actually like me. The worst part was that it was a Saturday night, which meant I didn’t have work in the morning and I’d have to face him.

How awkward. I hated confrontation, almost more than Yoongi. But mixing both of them together was a dangerous game.

When I did wake up, I stared at my ceiling for what felt like forever – dreading coming out of my room. I knew he was right there on the couch. There was only a thin wall separating us, really, and I prayed he had just left in the middle of the night.

No, you don’t, I sighed deeply.

I considered falling back asleep and enjoying my day off, but I knew I was just trying to procrastinate. Rolling out from the sheets, I looked down to see I was still in my clothes from yesterday.

What a wreck.

A part of me wanted him gone, but then again I had no one. The company sucked – he sucked – but it was better than what I previously had. I mean, sometimes he was nice. He had that going for him after all. He’s also not bad to look at, a small smile played on my lips briefly, before returning to the default frown I held and I shook my head. Though I tried to dismiss whatever just went through my head, I couldn’t deny it. He’s not that bad at kissing, either. Perhaps, just maybe, he had forgotten what happened last night. My heart dropped at that thought though, but I didn’t think about it too hard before I started towards the door.

The squeak of the hinges seemed dangerously loud, even with the TV that was playing in the next room over. He’s not gone, I breathed a little. I didn’t dare to call out to him though – even if I wanted to, my throat felt tight. I ended up lowering my head and quickly pacing to the kitchen to start coffee. Passing by the living room, I glanced to where he normally slept on the couch.

He’s gone.

My throat tightened more, and I tried to ignore it by thinking, “why did he leave the TV on” and, “when did he go”. I clenched my hands, the palms still achy from last nights abuse. I winced slightly, opting to reach for the remote that was close by to turn the television off. Turning back towards the kitchen, I sighed deeply again to try and compose myself. Why do I feel so disappointed that he left? Of course he would – I would.

I really should have stayed in bed.

If my throat was tight before, it was strangling me now. On the island counter, out for full display, was a box of donuts.

Cautiously, I moved around it, my eyes boring into the cardboard. Carefully, I began opening the lid, afraid to breathe. Why? It’s just pastries. I closed my eyes before I was able to see anything. Why are you so nervous? Why are you always so damn -

“Yah, you turned off my show.” Yoongi’s voice scared me, my eyes springing open to stare at the donuts. “I was watching that, you know.” I didn’t know what to feel. I was emotionally drained. I wasn’t breathing. “Hey, are you okay?”

I didn’t know how he had done it, or why, but spread out in the box were the donuts – some cut to fit into the word, “sorry”.

“Why?” Was my first word. I didn’t know what I was asking though.

I heard him cross to the couch, sitting on it. “I’m not good with words.”

“Well you just spelled one.” I finally looked up at him, my heart aching as my eyes landed on him. I’m so emotional today.

“I go out of my way to do something nice, and this is what I get?” His lips thinned, eye’s squinting. His hair was messy, a little all over the place. “Not that I expected a thanks, but I mean, I did expect a thanks.” He looked tired, like he also hadn’t slept much. “Hello?”

I cleared my throat, looking away, “Ah, thank you. You didn’t have to.” I closed the box, “There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Is that true? I couldn’t answer my own question. “Did you want some?”

“Yes?” He answered sarcastically, breaking the ice-thin air. Instead of feeling surrounded by a cloud it felt warm now. Better. “Can you just bring them over here and set them on the coffee table? I don’t want to get up.”

I frowned at him, but did as he said. “The coffee table is so far from the other -”

“Then sit on the couch with me.” His face kept straight, “I don’t take up the entire thing.” I only frowned deeper.

Sitting the box down, I curled up in the corner of the opposing side he was on, leaving as much space as possible between us. He immediately reached for the donuts, pulling out one that was part of the “Y”. Yoongi took a large bite of it, his jaw working. I still felt awkward, not wanting to grab one let alone move from my tight position. It was uncomfortable, but I felt better wrapping up into myself.

“You don’t want one?” He asked, looking over while licking his lips. I shrugged, looking away as quick as possible. You can’t even look at him? Pathetic. “What’s wrong? You’re quiet, it’s weird.”

“Shut up.” I rolled my eyes, instantly reaching for what was part of the “S”.

“That’s better.” I heard the smile in his voice. I hid my small smile by shoving the doughnut into my mouth. “Wow, you were hungry.”

I glared over at him, swallowing. “And that’s a bad thing?” He shook his head, reaching into the box for seconds. We ate in silence, my knees still hugging my chest.

I didn’t have much of an appetite, my mood still low. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him much either. Why are you acting like this? There had to be something to offset what was happening to me – why I feared him leaving so much. I closed my eyes, head leaning against a cushion, and trudged through my memories. I kept hitting dead-ends and walls before a face flashed through my mind.

Jinwoo. My first boyfriend.

We had dated for over two years as teenagers. Though we were young, we always promised to marry each other, that we’d have kids, that we’d grow old together. Looking back at it, it seemed cheesy. Everything about us screamed “gooey couple”, and we were naive to becoming adults and graduating. At first I was confused – he was a beautiful memory. Then again, it’d been six or seven years since we had separated.

Separated. I opened my eyes in time to see Yoongi finish another doughnut. He left me, I felt a boulder fall onto my chest, making it hard to breathe again. I remember.

The night of my seventeenth birthday Jinwoo had finally convinced me to have sex with him – since I was too nervous before that. The whole “I’m old now, it’s going to be fine” motto kept surging through my veins. In the end I had woken up to an empty bed and a short text message saying “Thanks, see you around”. Confused, I tried calling him and the only voice that greeted me was his voice-mail. I texted him an endless amount of times, asking him what he meant – begging him to reply.  After two weeks of ignoring my calls, not texting back, and even avoiding me at school, he finally messaged me.

How did you not catch that I was cheating on you this entire time.”

I called his best friend, desperate for an explanation. All he did was chuckle and say “I mean, he did get what he wanted.”

“What do you remember?” I finally spoke, my eyes drifting from my hands to his confused face. “From last night.”

He swallowed quickly, “Enough.” I nodded. “And I’m sorry. That was… dicky. I know I should of probably just left but -”

“No, it’s okay.” I interrupted with the words still on his tongue, “You were drunk and those things happen. You didn’t hurt me or anything, so it’s okay.” My nervousness prompted me to grab the next part of the “S”.

“I don’t think it is.” He leaned back in the couch, “I heard you crying.” I paused, not knowing what to say. “I couldn’t remember if I had done something, I couldn’t sleep.”

My hand finally reached my mouth, “That’s… embarrassing.”  I took a bite, trying to distract myself. “It wasn’t because of you. I don’t even remember doing that.” I tried to laugh. “Thanks for saying thanks though, that’s the first time you’ve said it to me, I think.”

“Sorry if I said some weird stuff. I was -”

Really drunk? I figured.” I look at him, taking another bite. Yoongi’s eyes were straight ahead, his hands clasped as he rubbed his thumbs together. You look so exhausted. “It was kind of cute.”

A blush took spread across his cheeks; his thumbs halted. “Hmm, try creepy.”

“No, I’m serious.” I smiled, setting down the rest of my doughnut, “It was more creepy that I kind of enjoyed it.” I mumbled the last part, embarrassed. Did you just really say that? “Ignore what I just said.” I looked down at my hands again.

“No, what? I didn’t hear you.” I looked up, relieved. “Just kidding.” He smirked playfully, my jaw dropping. Oh, fuck you too. I went to turn before he reached out to me, “Wait, Y/N.”

“What.” Blushing, I mumbled. I cannot believe you just did that.

“You have some icing…” His hand touched my face, his thumb that was just fiddling with his other now dragging across my bottom lip, “…right there.” Yoongi’s voice was almost a whisper, shaking slightly a lot like his hand was. I was frozen in spot, mouth slightly agape. What is he doing? Why did he do that? His thumb slowly left my lip and his hand followed before he brought them both to his own. Opening his mouth, he placed in thumb inside and sucked on it softly.

My breath hitched as my heart began beating faster. Whoa, what the fuck. My eyes left his fingers and rested on his. Instead of the usual dark and stormy presence they took a hold of in situations like this, they seemed cautious – nervous even. Never the less, though, they were still gigantic; engulfing me. What do I say? Do I even say anything? Should I act like that never happened and continue on with my life knowing this?

“I’m sorry,” his voice quivered a touch. I had never seen him like this, leaving me dumbstruck, “I think I missed some.”


I expected his thumb to touch my mouth again, but it ended up hooking under my chin and pulling up as he gently leaned forward. Suddenly I was thankful that earlier my knees had dropped, the space had shrunk to next to none as his lips landed on the corner of my mouth, kissing the spot.

Yoongi left his lips there for a second, not a breath fanning from his mouth. His thumb left my chin, his hand’s warmth disappearing from my neck, and he dropped it to his lap. He leaned back, blinking rapidly like he was trying to concentrate. “I’m sorry, that was wrong.” He let out a frustrated sigh, “Why do I keep doing this to -”

“Hey, it’s okay.” I reached out, touching his clenched fist, “It’s all okay.”

Why is it? I leaned forward, copying what he had done except this time our lips met. Why is it he’s so manipulative?

“Are you going out tonight with Taehyung and Hoseok and all o’them?” Yoongi asked, coming out of the bathroom as he dried his hair, “I’m honestly only going because Namjoon is – he’s not, well, at least he doesn’t act young like the rest. They get annoying sometimes.” Nodding, I sifted on the couch so I was laying down on it.

It hadn’t seemed that long since he had bought apology donuts for me, but we were almost nearing three weeks since it had happened. Why are you counting? It didn’t seem like a significant event, but I felt like I had broken down one of the many walls that Yoongi surrounded himself in. He doesn’t like you.

“You’re quiet today…” he disappeared, but the sounds of a drawer opening and closing gave his spot away, “It’s weird, you should stop.” Yoongi’s voice was farther away yet it still echoed in my head.

Every time he talks it does.

“Hey, it’s weird you’re caring – you should stop.” I retorted, sighing as I placed my phone on my lap. “You’re also really talkative. It’s annoying.”

In the time that had passed – him still mooching off of me – nothing had happened between us. Not even a glace or something said that seemed flirtatious in any way. In a sense I could tell he was just trying to stay away because of what he had done, but even while I did respect that I felt… lonely. The only thing he seemed to like was his camera.

He poked his head out of the door, frowning, “Aw, now you’re just being a dick.” Turning off the light, he opened the door before coming to the back of the couch and kneeling as he rested his arms on the back. “Is it that time of the month or something?”

“Whoa that was sexist, buddy.” I shook my head as I shot him a look of disgust, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“No, but I’ve kissed you with it.”

“I’m…” I stared at him. Yoongi’s face didn’t so much as crack a smile and his eyes shined playfully, “….not going to try to even reply to that. You’re disgusting and twisted.” Rolling my eyes, I picked up my phone and punched the pass-code in, “And ‘FYI’, no, it’s not – but thanks for checking in.”

“Jesus Christ Y/N, it’s just a joke. Chill the fuck out.” Yoongi scoffed, standing up, “I’m just trying to lighten mood, make you laugh or something.” He turned, starting towards the bathroom again.

Don’t leave.

“Yoongi stop.” I clicked my phone off, swallowing thickly, “I’m sorry I’m acting bitchy…” The comment about kissing me threw me off guard. I was finally getting used to nothing, and there he goes being the sneaky, little bastard. He tried to make you laugh, that’s it. He doesn’t like you.

It stayed silent for a moment, his back still turned to me. I was about to call out to him and apology again when his head turned slightly towards me, “Did you want to ride with me?” I tried to hide my smile, but he didn’t let me answer before turned on the light in the bathroom again, “Be ready in forty-five minutes… and look nice – my car is too nice to be treated that way.”

“I thought I said forty-five minutes, not forty-five hours.” He tapped his knee impatiently as I opened the passenger’s door.

“It was just an extra ten minutes? We’re fine, no one’s even going to be there yet. Did you text Taehyung?”

“Haha, no. That’s your job. I got enough of him just by sleeping at his house for two nights.” I closed the door and he drove off, the engine making a small rumble. “Did you really need those extra ten minutes? It would have literally made no difference.”

“Hey! It matters.” I mumbled, still buckling, “You have to match your shoes or you just look ghetto.”

“You’re ghetto anywa-”

“Min Yoongi.” I warned as we stopped at a light, “Don’t you dare finish that sentence. Who’s the one being dicky now?” I glared, the light bouncing off his skin as he turned his head. My tall stance faltered as his eyes met mine, my senses suddenly becoming acute to the cologne he wore. Stop, he doesn’t like you.

“Oh shut up, I’m just giving you crap.” He chuckled, and the red turned to green. “You look great either way.”

My heart took a punch – or at least, that’s what it felt like. Stop. I bit my cheek, leaning my head on the glass. He doesn’t like you. I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply. Why do I keep saying that, anyways? ‘He doesn’t like me, he doesn’t like me.’ Why would it matter if he did or didn’t? I felt the car come to another stop. He doesn’t care if I like him or not…. I opened my eyes, glancing at him even though I knew he was focused on the road.


“I won’t drink much tonight.” He blurted out, his eyes shifting to me briefly, “Well, I mean, you’re getting a ride home from me right?” I nodded. “Then I won’t drink much since I’m driving.”

“Okay…? Thanks? I mean you could and then we could call a cab or something. They exist.” He’s acting weird. I eyed him, biting my cheek again. He’s acting too nice. “It’s really no problem, they’re cheap too since I don’t live far.” He doesn’t like you.

“No, no. I like my car better. Plus I’ve been trying to drink less.” The words fell out quickly, “It’s a bad habit, and I… don’t want it turning into an addiction….” His voiced reeked of excuse-making. “Yeah… those are bad, you know?”

“Okay, I’ll take your word.” I breathed out, stiffing a chuckle, “You’re acting super weird, are you okay?” He nodded, my fingers finding each other to fumble. “Ahh it’s okay though.” Yoongi’s eyebrow raised questioningly, and I shook my head. It’s really cute…

“What was that?” The car pulled in the parking lot, ‘Did you just say… ‘It’s really cute’?”

“N-no? Why the fuck would I say that?” God damn it all, you said it out-loud. “That’s not even remotely cute. What… what even is your definition of cute? Because that’s not mine.” Stop rambling, oh my God. You are making a complete fool of yourse-

“You.” He parked, shifting the gear and turning to me as he leaned into his seat. His smirk only deepened as my jaw fell open.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“I’m not the flustered one,” He opened his door, shrugging, “and I didn’t start it.” Scoffing, I left his car. What just happened.

We walked into the bar in silence, him trudging in front of me. The sun had only just set a few minutes ago, and twilight leaked into the windows of the building. The honey color was a nice changed from the retro lights, and instead of pop music bleeding from the floors the walls echoed soft rock. I should come early more often. I looked at Yoongi in front of me, his figure walking towards the booth where we normally sat. He’s so small. Scratching his shoulder, he slid in the seat. He seems so delicate. My body slid in right next to his.

“Why are sitting right next to me?” Yoongi’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Some thoughts those were. “There’s the other side? I know the bench is rounded but you have all this room.” The tone of his voice was serious; annoyed, but a small smile hid on his lips. “Unless…”  Dipping his head into my neck, his hand rested on my thigh as my heart skipped a beat. “…you want our own room.” His lips ghosted across my ear and I could feel my cheeks heating up. I can’t breathe, I swallowed hard as his thumb pressed into my skin and began messaging it.

Out of the corner of my eye, a flash of brown hair caught my eye, “Hey Hoseok, we-we’re right here.” I cleared my throat, leaning away from Yoongi, “You’re early…” He doesn’t like you. I felt Yoongi stop hovering over me, but I was too afraid to look back at him. What was that?

“Yeah, I guess.” Hoseok slid across from Yoongi and I, “I got ready quicker than I thought I would.” He grinned.

“Unlike someone.” Yoongi grumbled, and I could just feel him eye-rolling at me. Thanks.

“At least I look nice, unlike someone.” I slid out from the booth, “I’m going to the restroom.” I need to get out of here.

By the time I had returned from the bathroom, everyone had seemed to rush in. Any trace of the sun was gone now, and to my dismay the guitars had been replaced with the electronic beats once again. It wasn’t crowded yet, but glancing at the time of my phone told me that people were only just starting to arrive. Casual Saturdays. Saturday’s weren’t as busy as Friday – of course, but the amount of people that came was still overwhelming. I wove my way through a crowd, smiling as Taehyung called my name as I arrived back at the booth.

“It’s a little crowded.” He smiled sheepishly, rubbing his neck. “Hoseok had to get up so that others could fill in.” I shrugged an, ‘It’s okay’ and looked at Yoongi who was at the edge of the seat, on his phone. He’s ignoring me, the little shit. “We can mash in closer if you want -” I’ll show him..

“Oh no, it’s okay. No one has to get up for me.” Yoongi glanced up curiously, “I’ll just sit with Hoseok, he’s right on the edge of the seat, anyways.” I smiled, that’s right. “Hobi, can I sit on your lap? I won’t crush you, I swear.” I leaned towards him, looking right into his widening eyes.

“Oh – uh, yeah.” He rubbed his neck, “Yeah, of course.” He sat up straighter to make room for me as I took a seat on his thigh. This wasn’t weird – I had actually done this many times before when we had a lot of people at the booth. Just not with Yoongi here.

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what I’d do.” I whispered into Hoseok’s ear flirtatiously right before I glanced at Yoongi. His eyes met mine, before he raised his eyebrows and returned to his phone in a bored manner. Oh, come on. This is ridiculous. Hoseok nodded quickly, his cheeks brushing against my nose as he smiled softly.

I’m sorry Hobi.

Taehyung’s ordered rounds came along with the waitress that Hoseok had previously flirted with. I tried not to look her in the eye because oh wow, that’s awkward but sadly she caught attention of ‘her man’. Her eyes lighted up for a second before landing on me and the position I was in, turning them into daggers as she squinted and quickly clicked away in her heels. The twelve drinks turned into only two as some took seconds – one being named Yoongi.

I thought you were driving? Dipshit.

“Who wants these? I’ll call the waitress over and get another round but… you know.” Taehyung tilted his head towards the shots, his hand already holding one.

“I will, I haven’t had one yet.” Reaching for one, my hand stopped, wheels turning in my mind. “Hey, Hobi…” A grin spread through my face, both of my hands now grabbing the last two. “You should have this one.” I placed it in front of him.

His jaw slacked, “No, no. You know I don’t drink. And I don’t as in I never.” He raised his hands defensively.

I moved my lips to his ear, “Oh please?” My vision wandered to Yoongi again, who was – finally – staring at me with a working jaw, “Come on. Just one, it’s only this one. It won’t do anything.” I placed mine into his hands and my fingers moved down to lightly wrap around his wrist and rub circles into it. “Just one.” I saw Taehyung’s eyebrow raise at me.

I’m sorry Hobi.

I’d never once seen Jung Hoseok drink a shot, let alone touch liquor, in the entire four years I had known him. He was the complete opposite of is best friend – Taehyung never missed a chance to get alcohol in his system. In a way I felt very concerned, since I didn’t know what would happen if Hoseok did end up getting drunk – I bet none of us did. His head tilted back and the drink was gone in a second, the clank of the glass following quickly after. The table stirred, everyone except Yoongi and Taehyung cheering on Hoseok.  I felt the skin beneath me flush, an embarrassed grin flooded his face.

Surprisingly, it was really easy to get Hobi to continue taking shots through-out the night. The first few were harder, but after there had been time to let the booze seep into his veins he loosened up. After every drink he took, Taehyung would shoot me a look of concern – and they only grew worse as the number went up. Yoongi had disappeared somewhere, claiming he had to go to the bathroom, but it’d been close to fifteen minutes.

“It’s really hot in here, huh?” Hoseok shifted under me, shrugging off his jacket.

“I’m sorry,” I awkwardly leaned away from him, “I can get off of you, there’s seats now. I’m probably not helping you out much.”

“No, no,” he grabbed my waist, stilling me, “you’re fine.” A blush crept down my neck, my shoulders shied into my body from the touch. His hands stayed there a second too long, before sliding down my body and resting by his legs. I distracted myself, my eyes surfing through the crowd in hopes of seeing someone I knew.


I spotted the tall figure leaning against a wall near the bar stools, talking to someone who was covered from view. I felt myself looking from person to person, each a stranger. Who exactly am I looking for? I wasn’t in the best shape, I had taken a shot or two more than Hoseok and was suddenly thankful that they didn’t have a high percentage or I would have been really wasted at this point.

“What’s wrong? You’re tense.” Taehyung asked, scooting over so he could sit directly in front of me. “Are you okay? You’re not really like yourself.”

My eyes met his, “Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about work.”

“Well don’t, it’s a night out with your friends.” He smiled as he rested his chin on his hands, “Don’t think of stressful things. Just enjoy yourself, okay?”

Easier said than done, “I will… Thank you Tae.” I grinned, trying to seem better. What am I even worried about?

“I’m going to find Namjoon or something, I’ll be right back though.” He pointed to nowhere, sliding out and leaving the booth. I looked around the table, seeing two other people – a girl and boy, whose names were Jongin and Kyrstal, I think – having a conversation amongst themselves.  Just Hoseok and I.

“Hey, did you mean that?” Hobi asked, tilting to side so he could look at me, “About being fine and everything?”

“Yes…?” I knitted my eyebrows together, only looking him for a second before adverting my eyes into the crowd.

There. Right there.

They landed on someone sitting on the bar stools, close to one the workers. His blonde hair was only visible for a second before being groped by a hand with long nails. The two were close for having a conversation – too close really, and I squinted, trying to see what was going on.

He’s making out with someone.

“Are you sure you’re sure?” Hoseok’s playfulness helped ease the sting of jealous that stabbed my chest. I looked cautiously at him, my head turning quickly so I couldn’t look at what was happening anymore. Why would he do that?

“Oh yes,” I tried not to grit my teeth; it was hard to breathe all of a sudden, “I’m positive. You wanna go dance or something? I’m getting bored.” Why am I freaking out? I knew he didn’t like me. I kept telling myself he didn’t and I still got let down. What the fuck is wrong with -

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask that,” He chuckled, his teeth on full display, “You never dance. This should be fun.”

“I have two left feet.” Breathing in, I began calming myself down again and I got up from his lap and slid from the booth as he followed closely behind, “Sorry about that.”

“You’re all good.” Laughing, he stood behind me, breath fanning across my neck, “I’ll help you.”

I led the way to where a mass of bodies were, passing by Yoongi. Our eyes met for a half a second, before the witch hands were back on him and I looked over just in time to see it was the waitress from earlier. Oh God, you should have seen that coming. The flashback of her glaring at me from earlier played in my head, and I only quickened my pace as I tugged Hobi behind me.

The music was much louder where everyone was, and the floor pounded against my feet to the beat. I blinked hard, swaying backwards into Hoseok as the last shot I had just taken finally hit me. He can have that slut anyways. Hoseok turned me around, a look of ‘hey, are you alright there friend’ flashing through his features.

Why should I care who he kisses?

I nodded a yes feverishly quick, my eyes finally focusing as I grabbed Hoseok by the neck and attached my mouth to his.

He doesn’t care who I kiss.

After a second of shock, he kissed back. It wasn’t like I had never had a rough make out session with someone before, but I was still taken aback from the dominance he held since the last couple of times I had kissed someone it was more… soft. Stop thinking about it.

It ended as quick as it had started, and only when I took a step back from him did I notice that he was just as drunk as I was. His pupils were blown up, lips slightly swollen from what had just happened, and his stance wavered. I look him over quickly, thinking, damn, he’s so much taller than me. I knew I wasn’t wearing the highest heels I owned, but I never knew that Hoseok was this tall. He was so soft spoken and even though his personality was big it wasn’t giant. I had always thought of his height like I thought of him – child-like.

A new song began through the speakers, making me come back to reality. “I love this song,” I shouted. It was a lie, of course. I don’t know what to say. He grinned, leaning back and bouncing to beat. It actually is hot in here. I bopped my head awkwardly, since I’d never really danced when we went out. You were always such a wimp. I wasn’t off beat, but I certainly didn’t have any tricks up my sleeve.  

Hoseok’s hands sneaked around waist, pulling me closer to him as his body kept moving in a steady rhythm. “I said I’d help you.” They traveled down to my hips that made them sway in time with his. Your dance classes really payed off. My own hands found themselves in many places. One snaked up his arm and then moved to the back of neck, while the other trailed up his torso before stopping near his heart and then going back down again.

With every beat we got closer and closer together, before barely anything was between us. His lips had gone to my jaw, sucking and biting wherever he could. My fingers threaded through his hair, tugging at the strands hard enough to made him groan sometimes.

We had turned throughout the dancing, leaving me to face Yoongi now. Oh yeah, he’s here. He turned just as I focused on him, his eyes shooting from mine to my neck and then Hoseok’s hands, before traveling back up almost squinting. That’s right. I could see him swallow, being turning back to whoever was sitting next to him now. Probably another girl.

The thought of that made my step falter, he doesn’t like you. “Hey, Hobi. Where’s your coat?” I tipped my head and spoke in ear, earning a questioning groan. “I don’t want you to lose it.”

He stepped back from me slightly, his hand coming up to my neck to rub a sore spot as he examined it, “S’at the booth,” his words were starting to slur, “Come with me, I don’na lose you.” He wrapped an arm around my waist, beginning to walk surprisingly steady for his condition. That’s so sweet of him… Something nothing Yoongi would never do.

Why am I comparing Hoseok to him?

We passed Yoongi, and I avoided eye contact though I could feel him burning holes into my back the entire time.  Reaching the booth, we met Taehyung and Hoseok sat down as he picked up his coat.

“I’m’a go to the bathroom.” I spoke into Hoseok’s ear, earning a nod, before I trudged off trying not to step on anyone’s feet.

After washing my hands, I stepped out of the restroom. So fucking hot in here. Looking to my left, I remembered the backdoor was right by the bathrooms, for the smokers. Sighing, I wove through a few people to find the exit to just step outside for a minute because my make up was about to melt off at this point. Pushing the door open and stepping outside, my breath hitched from the sudden temperature change. I hugged myself, closing the door as I leaned against the wall of the building. The music shook the walls and the smell of booze was overwhelming even out here.

“Hey, ar’you ditchin’ me?” A voice whispered into my ear before a hand clamped down on my mouth. I didn’t even hear the door open. I tried pushing the person away from me but they had wrapped their other one around both of my arms that hugged my chest. “Shh, s’just me. S’Hobi, don’t worry.” The hand removed itself from my mouth and wrapped around my chest like his other one, “Just wanted to spook you.”

The cold air and the sudden shock sobered me a touch, and I wasn’t as unsteady anymore. Why are we both outside? “Hoseok, let’s go back inside…” I started towards the door, shivering slightly.

“No, s’fine ri-i-ight here,” he sang, “not as many people, jus’us.” Pulling me back from the door he began further into the alley. “The music’s loud still.”

“But Hobi I’m cold.” I tried, still pushing against him. “S’chilly out -”

“You’re okay.” He huffed, stopping finally as he unwrapped his arms, “Isn’t it fun out’ere?” Grinning, he pushed me back up against the wall, towering over him. He grabbed my jaw, lifting it up as he leaned down and pinned me back with his hips.

I turned away, “No Hoseok,” I ducked into my shoulder, “Let’s go inside, right now.” You’re scaring me. The alcohol was rapidly leaving my system as this kept happening, my heart began pumping quicker the longer he kept cornering me. “Let’s find Taehyu-”

Hoseok’s hand returned to my mouth, “Where’d m’nickname go?” His hips dug me harder into the wall, “Just were saying, ‘Hobi’ a’sec ago.” I began feeling a hand at the hem of shirt, slipping under it and running it up my stomach, “N’you don’t feel cold.”

He’s not letting me leave.

The palm on my mouth barely let me breathe, let alone could I cry out. “Y’look nice in your skirt.” He whispered into my neck before he returned to the spot from earlier. I was too scared to move. I didn’t even know where I could go – he’d catch me before I could go anywhere. He’s just drunk, snap him out of it.

My mouth was finally uncovered, only for it to be again by Hoseok’s. The hand under my shirt traveled higher and pushed my bra over my breasts before it came back to grope one. I shivered from the coldness, and began wiggling underneath him to try and get out. I grabbed his shoulder’s attempting to push him away from me. This is useless. I began kicking my legs to try and shock him, but he only ended up spreading my feet far apart with his. His fingers began prodding at the waistband of my skirt, slipping into it.

Terrified, I shook my head fiercely, my fists punching his chest and his neck before he growled and grabbed them with one hand and kept them above my hand. My heart felt like it was going to rip out my chest – I didn’t know what to do. Finally his lips left mine to go to neck and I attempted screaming out but my throat was so tight it came out as a sob. A sob? I’m crying?

The finger’s left the waistband of my skirt to only touch my thigh and trail up my leg. “St-stop. Just-t stop.” I banged against him. “Let’s find Taehyung.” My vision wasn’t clear anymore, tears welled up in my eyes. His palm rubbed through my thong; my hips trashed while I tried to close my legs. It felt like that happened for hours, and I almost decided to give up since he wasn’t moving. I couldn’t move him. The tears from my eyes started streaming down my cheeks.

“What the fuck?” Someone shouted, and then Hoseok suddenly left my body and I heard a something hit the gravel. “What the fuck are you doing?” Thank you, thank you thank y-

I suddenly was on the ground too, my weight dropped down since the only thing that was holding me up before was Hoseok’s hips. I instinctively covered my hands, sobbing into my hands as I curled into a ball in the dirt.

“Shit, shit, shit…” Taehyung’s voice came closer to me, “Y/N are you okay? What – I –“His voice cracked as he leaned down tried sitting me up. Once I was in his arms I fell against him and hid my face in his chest as I heard another string of profanities from… Yoongi?  

“Hey, hey. Shh, please calm down – it’s okay, you’re okay. It’s safe now, I’m here.” Tae soothingly rubbed my back as he tried helping me up. “I’m taking you home… Hey! I’m driving her back!” He shouted behind us. “We’ll get your stuff, you’re going to be all good, I promise.”

He’s crying.

I don’t remember the ride home. I only remember walking the steps up to my apartment with Taehyung’s help and closing the door behind us as he kept saying soothing things. He didn’t push for anything. From there he took me straight to the bathroom, telling me to take a shower and try and relax in the water. Taehyung left me in the bathroom sobbing, his face a mixture of sadness and hatred. Ripping my clothes off, I threw myself into the bathtub; quickly turning to turn on the shower head.

I didn’t stand up – either because I didn’t want to or if I didn’t know if I could, I don’t know. I sat under the streaming water, crying still but not as much. I don’t know how long I was in or how long I was going to stay in there for. The initial shock of it was finally gone. It’s done, it’s over. Taehyung came for you – helped you. My heart slowed down along with my breathing. So did Yoongi, he came for you. He - A sob wrecked my body.

He doesn’t like you.

My bathroom door opened, closing with a click, “Y/N?”

“Tae-Taehyung?” I tried stiffing my weeping. Why did that make you cry again? “Is that you?”

“It’s… It’s Yoongi.” Why are you making me cry again? “I’m sorry if you wanted Taehyung. He just left. I have your stuff, I went inside and picked it up.” His voice was hoarse, like he had been screaming.

“No,” I sniffled, “it’s not disappointing me.” I reached for a bar of soap, fumbling with it in my hands. “Were… were you just screaming now?”

“You bet.” Sad humor rippled through the words, “I also busted my knuckles pretty bad beating the shit out of him.”

That only made the sob I was holding back come through, my hands abandoning the soap as they hugged my knees, “I’m sorry. I’m so, so fucking sorry this is all my fault.” I leaned against the tile. Why did you do all this? You’re so stupid, this is exactly why he doesn’t like y-

“Why are you saying sorry?” Yoongi’s voice cracked, “Why would you ever say sorry for that? Because of my knuckles? They’ll heal, I did that on my own. That was for you -”

“No not for your knuckles!” I wept, “I did this on purpose, this is all my fault.”

He was silent for a minute as my sobs filled the room, the sound of water not even being able to dull them. “You purposely made him molest you?”

“Wh-what? No! No, that’s not… that’s not what I mean.”

“Then what do you mean?” I was expecting his voice to be angry, annoyed – disgusted. “Please tell me.” His voice was soft instead, careful like he was going to break me. You’re worn-down.

After finally catching my breath, I started, “I mean, as in, I-I wanted him to be all ‘up on me’. I know he doesn’t dr-drink and I made him t-take shots so he’d be like that…” Stop hiccuping, Jesus Christ.

“Why?” Yoongi asked, but I didn’t answer.

“Why?” He asked again.

“Because…” I hiccuped, “I really wanted to.” Just tell him, it’s now or never. “Because I really wanted to makeyoujealous.” My last words shot out and I hid my face in-between my knees even though we couldn’t see each other.

“You wanted to make me what?” Peeking out I saw his silhouette sit down next to the tub. “Just spit it out.”


Instead of replying, I heard him sigh. You fucking blew it. I reached for the soap near my feet, beginning to try and clean myself as best as I could from my position. At least you’re not crying anymore. At least you’re not lying anymore. At least it’s just… out there. Thoughts kept racing through my mind. Please say something – anything. I placed the bar on the soap tray, and my finger’s went to my hair and I fingered through it.

“I’m dying.”

“What…?” I asked, freezing.

“I’m dying. I have cancer.” He spoke softly, but the words seemed to crush the room. “It’s all in my pancreas. We didn’t catch it early on.” The shadow of his head dipped, hands coming up to run through his hair. “It’s only… what, maybe two years? If I’m lucky. I’m actually lucky my hair hasn’t fallen out yet or -”

“Why are you telling me this?” I rubbed my face, “Why did you bring this up to me?”

“The reason,” I could barely hear him over the water, “the reason I came here – why Jimin got so upset about me leaving – is because I went to the doctor and after that I left a voice-mail for my family and left town. I… I don’t know why I left. I couldn’t stay. The doctor told me that since it was late it’d be a slim chance that I’d live. And to hell if I’m going to just sit in a chemo room all day when I know I’ll probably die.

“He also told me to try and spend my days doing stuff I love. ‘Live life to your fullest’, he said, and then I was out the door. It’s not like I had anything here when I came – and that’s why I chose it. I could forget that I a chronic patient, and no one would know, either. I could be myself again.”

“I still don’t know why you’re saying this all.” I reached for the curtain, only my head peeking around so I could look at him. “Out of everyone, you tell me?” He looked at me, his shoulders slumping.

“He said to do things I love. That I enjoy. Do something that makes me happy.” Yoongi shook his head, shifting towards the wall so he could lean against it and still look at me. “That also means being with people that make me happy, that I enjoy.”

“That you love?” My own voice was so small, but he heard it and a small smile took his lips as he nodded.

“I was trying to think of a way to say it better, but, after tonight…” His gaze shifted to the floor, hands clasping together, “I guess it was something to say to you other than, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘it’s okay’, you know? And when you said you were trying to make me jealous – oh, that made the icing on the cake.” He tried to laugh.

“You know, what I said a couple weeks ago about wanting to spend time with you was true,” his eyes looked into mine, “At first I was really needing a place to stay – but honestly, how do you think I wear these nice of clothes and own that car?” I bit my tongue; my cheeks lifted, “I could really spend the night at Taehyung’s if I wanted. I could even afford my own place.”

“So you’re a freeloader?”

“…Yes? But I have a good reason.” Smiling, his ears turned red.

“And what would that be?”

His expression evened out as he looked at me again, fingers carefully raising from his side to brush a strand of soaking hair behind my ear, before it retracted.

“I can’t get enough of you.”

Yo, i’m gonna write a lil thing about the Moose Blood thing here cos there’s no character limit unlike on Twitter.

So, for all of those unaware of the Eddy situation, here is what happened, in full:
In May 2014, the band played a show at my local venue in Milton Keynes (14th May) with Turnover, Major League and I Am The Avalanche. Everything was all good, hanging out in the car park after the show etc all having a laugh getting ready to go back to mine. At around 1am, once we were all there (they had to do two runs to get everyone back as there were 2 extra people, me and my friend at the time), the lads got all their shit out from the van, got comfy in the living room etc. Eddy was on the left side of the room on the sofa whilst the rest of the band and driver were on the right all on other sofas/camp beds etc. Obviously being on tour, wifi is helpful so Eddy asked for the wifi password, I went to the router and took a photo of the details on my phone, then handed him the phone (which is apparently pretty standard for when bands stay over). He then started scrolling through my photos and I told him “oiiii what you doing” in a jokey way, to which he replied “what? you got any nudes?” to which I awkwardly laughed and said yes, it was then that he found the nude photos and started making comments along the lines of “wow, nice boobs” then he came across a full frontal photo of my nether region and straight up went “oi you’ve got a nice pussy” to which I laughed it off. He then took his phone out and started taking photos of the nudes with his camera on his phone, then told the other boys in the room “oi you’ve gotta see this” and then sent them on to the bands Whatsapp group, which I physically saw with my own two eyes happen. The rest of the band laughed it off and shook their heads, as did I. At the time I was just in awe because they were my favourite band and it’s not every day your favourite band stays round your house let alone sees your nudes etc and I thought it was cool. I was 19 and very, very naive. I forgot about it until the other allegations about Glenn came out, to which I then looked back and realised what the fuck actually happened and realised how grim it was, i’m actually mad at myself for not realising back then but like I said, I was a kid basically. The rest of the band weren’t creepy or sexual towards me, they were all fine and were generally quiet about the whole thing. Glenn wasn’t even in the room at the time, he was elsewhere with my friend. I don’t know what his reaction to the photos was and I don’t care, but what I do know is these dudes were all grown men and saw this all happening and didn’t say a word to Eddy to correct his behaviour or speak up about the situation at the time and say they didn’t agree with it etc. 

The police are aware and are taking a look into all of it, I don’t know what evidence can be found given it was in 2014 and on Whatsapp but if it’s true that shit can indeed be traced on Whatsapp history etc then the solid evidence will come out eventually.

Thank you to everyone that’s supported me and the other girls that have come forward about this shit, Glenn’s already been kicked out of the band and I strongly believe they all knew about it for a long, long while. This post was just to clear up some rumours and get my facts across to everyone.

Cheers x