the rest of the time they were just creepy

Yoongi Scenario: Through The Fire.

Request: I want to request one for yoongi where you are his gf and you start living together and news of it goes out to the press so the sasaengs start being crazy and all that and you two keep it together and strong but then there’s a really creepy person/girl who continuously goes there to bother you so you try to ignore it but then one time she gets inside and tries to attack you and yoongi protects you? Sorry if its too much, thank you! You are great writers

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-It’s best if we just stay home for today- Yoongi said as you two checked out how the news developed online.

 You were sitting together on the sofa, with Yoongi’s laptop over his legs and your head resting on his right shoulder so you could see everything he did and read. There were several pictures of you together scattered all over the internet, with even more articles that narrated the dating scandal, too many of them with added details that weren’t true.

-They even said you gave me a car- you said not helping the little laugh that came next, it was ridiculous since you were basically always in public transport.  

-Yeah, I don’t know where that came from, maybe that what time you were driving mine- he mused still rolling down the articles.

-You are not too late to make their speculations come true though- you snickered making Yoongi stare at you with an amazed incredulous smile.

-Aren’t you kind, just to please the masses- he laughed too.

-Of course, you know I live for the greater good-

-I guess I could…-

-Yoongi!- you interrupted him. -I’m joking, God, maybe when we’re a bit more stable after all the apartment shopping, then you can help me- you said trying to get away from his poking attacks.

The laughs died down as Yoongi’s phone rang for the umpteenth time that day, he saw who it was and disregarded the call, there were way too many people calling him, including online gossip sites that wanted to get some words from him about the girl in the photos, you. You kept going through google and naver, seeing several sites so you could know to which extent was this spreading and how people was reacting.

Both of you were planning to make your relationship public soon after moving together, but someone had snapped a few shots during the moving process which added to the fact that there were previous rumors of Yoongi seeing a girl only left everyone the choice to take it as if it was proved. 

Big Hit was taking the matter professionally and not out of proportion like some companies would, you appreciated that they treated your relationship like a normal thing and not as if it was a major crime or a sin. So at first you were being positive about it, Yoongi being the one worrying that this would cause you trouble, but then Yoongi worried about every single thing, you figured it was your job to help him look at the situation without such a pessimistic sight. Big Hit was taking care of the gossip and the press, the boys were supportive about you two together, they were not young boys anymore, and Bangtan had such a strong fan base, you could take this, everything was going to be ok.
Even if the comment section of the site you were reading lead you to think that it wasn’t that simple.

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you and youngjae are friends for a long time. both has feelings for each other but never admitted. when someone asked you out, he got jealous and finally took the courage to confess. happy ending please!! :-)

“Gosh,” you sighed as you rested your chin on your hand. “He looks so cute, even from this far away from the back.”

Youngjae, who was sitting next to you, looked up from his notebook and sighed as he saw who you were staring at. “I swear, sometimes this little crush of yours is creepy.”

“Hey,” you whined glaring at him. “It’s not a crush… I just… admire his features.”

“You’ve been admiring his features for two years now,” Youngjae rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you just talk to him already?”

Your eyes widened as you shook your head. Your face was burning red, and you could tell it was, because Youngjae began to poke your cheeks playfully. He always did that whenever you were blushing. “Stop it!” you whispered as you swatted his hand away. The people around you looked at the two of you as your professor kept lecturing.

“You’re lucky she can’t see or hear us,” Youngjae whispered at you with a chuckle as he continued to poke you. He finally gave up when you flicked his forehead. “Rude!” he pouted as he rubbed his forehead.

“You’re the rude one here!” you huffed. The two of you went back to taking down notes for the next fifteen minutes until your professor dismissed the class.

As you were packing up your things, Youngjae tapped you on your shoulder as he leaned into your ear. “Look who’s walking in your direction,” he snickered. You looked up and saw that Mark was heading your way. Nervously, you clung onto Youngjae’s shirt. “You’ll be fine,” he smiled. “Just talk to him like you normally do.”

Youngjae, as usual, went out of the lecture hall before you, probably walking towards the bench right outside where he usually waits for you. You ran your hands through your hair and pulled down your shirt before you turned around and saw Mark. You waved at him as he smiled at you.

“Hey,” Mark said as he ran up to you after the lecture. “Are you doing anything today?” 

You slung your bag on your shoulder and shook your head. “Well, I’m heading over to Youngjae’s to study, but other than that I’m free.”

“Great!” he cheered. “Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?”

“Tonight?” you repeated as he nodded. “Who else is coming?” you asked.

He laughed. “Oh, no, it’s just the two of us.”

You felt your cheeks growing warm again. “Um…” you began. “How about I text you about it before, say, six o’clock?” The two of you walked out of the lecture hall with each other.

“Sounds good,” Mark smiled. “I’ll talk to you then!” he waved at you as he ran over to his other friends who were waiting for him. You waved back and heard someone snickering behind you.

Turning around, you saw Youngjae sitting on the bench right outside of the hall chuckling to himself. “You look like a tomato right now,” he joked as he stood up and walked to you.

You scrunched your nose at him. “Well, this tomato just got asked out on a date for tonight by Mr.Tuan.”

“Ooooh,” Youngjae grinned as he nudged you with his elbow. “Getting closer now, are we?”

“Oh, shut up!” you lightly punched him on his shoulder.

The two of you walk back to Youngjae’s house, as you two do every day on a daily basis. And as usual, you two talk about how boring the lecture was and complain how your professor isn’t that great at teaching. However, you noticed something was off with Youngjae. He seemed uneasy. You weren’t sure why though.

“Oh,I was talking to Yerin-ah yesterday,” he stated. You winced as you heard her name. It wasn’t that you hated her, in fact, she was a good friend of yours. It just bothered you because you knew she liked Youngjae. “She asked me to help her with her piano exam for her final.”

“Really?” you asked, pretending to be enthusiastic. “Why’d she ask you though? I mean, no offence, but you switched majors last semester. Wouldn’t it be better to ask Jinyoung since he’s a performance major?”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Youngjae said, “but she told me it was because she’s closer to me than she is to Jinyoung.”

“I’ll say,” you muttered under your breath as you rolled your eyes.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Nothing!” you coughed as you smiled at him. Youngjae looked at you with a confused look as he raised his eyebrow. “When are you helping her?”

He shrugged. “She said her final is next week on Wednesday, so probably next week before then.” You nodded as you tried to avert eye contact with him. He noticed you weren’t looking at him and waved his hands in front of your face. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Fine.” you responded. “Never better!”

“Really?” he asked, knowing you weren’t fine at all. “Are you… are you nervous with your date with Mark?”

“Um… I’m not exactly sure if I want to go out with Mark.”

“Oh, well that makes sense. We have two exams this week and we should really study for–”

“I didn’t mean just tonight,” you interrupted. “I meant, I don’t think I want to go out with Mark at all.”

Youngjae stopped in his tracks as he glared over at you. “Um… Am I talking to the right person? Did you say you didn’t want to go out with the person you call your Taiwanese prince?”

“Do you like me?” you blurted out to Youngjae. Your eyes were closed as you faced him directly. Youngjae stood there. Frozen. Unable to take in what you just said. “I said, do you like me, Choi Youngjae?” you repeated.”

“Well… do… do you like me?” Youngjae asked back to you.

“You’re not answering my question!” you said as your voice rose.

“You’re not answering me either!” he yelled back at you.

“I asked first!” 

“I asked second!”

“Yah!” you threw your hands up in the air as you opened your eyes at Youngjae. He seemed just as heated up as you were right now. “It’s a simple question: yes or no!”

“Yes!” he firmly stated with a firm tone, still looking heated. “I do like you!” He sighed as he rolled his shoulders back. “I’ve always liked you! Why do you think I act like I do when you talk about Mark or talk to Mark?”

You calmed down as you realized what he said. Now that he mentioned it, he did act out of it whenever you talked about Mark. In fact, after he teases you about Mark, he always has that expression on his face. “I didn’t…”

“Well, if you didn’t notice, I do like you. I just know I never had a chance because all you keep talking about is Mark this and Mark that…”

“Youngjae… I’m…”

“I know you’re sorry,” he sighed as he calmed down. “And I’m sorry for blowing up on you so suddenly. I know it was never your intention to make me feel bad whenever you talked about Mark…”

“Youngjae?” you asked as you tilted his chin up to face you. “Well, if you didn’t notice, I also get jealous of you.” His eyes grew wider as you said that statement. “If you couldn’t tell, I tense up every time you bring up Yerin.”

“Oh,” Youngjae coughed as he felt a bit awkward. “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don’t like her.”

“Yeah, but she likes you. She even asked me for advice for you.”

“Did she really?” Youngjae asked in shock. “I’m… I’m flattered,” he giggled. He looked at you as you still had a serious expression on your face. “But like I said,” he coughed, “I don’t like her. I’ve always liked her.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked back with a laugh.

You covered your face with your hands. At that moment, you couldn’t help but laugh. Here the two of you were, best friends who’ve always liked each other yet could never tell each other. “We’re horrible,” you laughed as you uncovered your face.

He laughed along with you. “It’s true!” He pulled you over closer to him. “So… since you’re not going out with Mark tonight,” he smiled, “do you want to… go out with me for dinner?” he asked. “Oh… well… I kind of don’t have any money on me right now… so I’d just cook for you at my house… but you’re already going to my house… so–”

“Youngjae!” you laughed as he looked up at you. You pulled him in for a hug and laughed as you wrapped your arms around him. “Yes.”