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The Facts

Request: “Could you please do a supernatural Castiel x reader. Where castiel is acting strangely and after a awkward conversation with the angel, Sam works out he is in love with reader. Dean and Sam encourage Cas to tell her. She is shocked but overjoyed. Thanks love your writing”

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1682

Warnings: None

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The sun rays flickered through the line of trees, the Impala’s roaring engine becoming more comforting as you became accustomed to it. The wind blew your hair in every direction, twisting it into tendrils that flew in the air, flicking your face with tiny stings that made you giggle. Castiel watched you smile to yourself, your hand hanging out of the window, your fingers stretching through the fast airstream that passed over the car going about 100 miles per hour.

Cas started going over the little facts he knew, trying to distract him from the blissful scene that took place right beside him. Again, the car was going about 100 miles per hour. 103 to be exact. It was 3:52pm, and your moving bodies were travelling along the Mayfair highway in Arkansas, at this second to be at a latitude of 35.2010 degrees North, and a longitude of 91.8318 degrees West. In about 4 minutes and 23 seconds it would start to rain, but would only spit down for 54 seconds before the small cloud evaporated and the sun reined the skies once more.

He recalled these facts with ease, his angel capabilities aiding him with a limitless supply of useless knowledge. But there was one fact he couldn’t push from his mind, no matter how many others he tried to pull over the top of it.

It was the fact that he was in love with you.

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Hand to Hand Destiel

//anonymous asked:
Sorry about your leviathan situation. :< (ik the feel) Maybe you could write some fluffy blushy awkward hand holding destiel? WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER MAN *hugs*

about: Just a short, fluffly fluff fic about Cas asking to hold hands with Dean for the first time.


Cas and Dean had been officially together for about a year now. Even though everyone knew they already had fallen madly for one another since they first saw each other and Cas had gotten Dean out of Hell, giving him the hand print. Now that the rest of the world went “finally!” when the hunter and angel announced they are together. The two could finally at least have one good thing happen in their lives. The problem was that now they could finally show their feelings for each other in public and in private, it was almost like they didn’t know how after so long of denying themselves both the greatest of pleasures when it comes to having a lover but even more importantly, the simplest of pleasures.

Dean was walking around the library, looking for new books, when out of nowhere, Cas popped up behind Dean, almost causing him to knock over the bookshelf.

“ Whoa! Jesus, Cas! You almost scared the living day lights out of me.”

Cas tilted his head and Dean knew that his little angel was confused.

“ Not literally, Cas.”


A nearby librarian shushed them as Cas whispered softly, earning a glare from her. Dean chuckled then raised his brow at Castiel.

“ So, did you find any new books for the case?”

“ Yes, but that is not what I came over here for.”

“ Then what do you need?”

Cas open and closed his mouth a few times, squinting his eyes as he tried to think of how to explain this to Dean.

“ I wish to do the thing couples do when they are together, to show affection. Skin,on skin contact”

Dean blushed lightly,making his light freckles pop out slightly more as he looked around, making sure no one else heard that.

“ C-Cas, can you at least wait till we get back to the bunker? I mean I want to do that too but we have research to do. “

“ No Dean. I want it now, please. I know we have never done it but as seeing we are now bonded I think it is very much acceptable to do this act in public and in private.”

“ P-Public!?”

“ Shhh!” The librarian said

Dean lowered his voice, running his hand through his short, dirty blonde hair.

“ Man ,Cas, never took you for the kind that could get off in public. I guess you learn something new everyday.”

Cas tilted his head in confusion then he stared blankly at Dean, his tan face slowly becoming a very red shade when he realized what Dean thought he was implying. Cas shook his head then cleared his throat. Making Dean smirk lightly.

“ Dean, I think you don’t understand what I meant. I wish to hold the hands.”

Dean blinked, staring at cas then couldn’t help but laugh as quietly as he could, covering his mouth so that he didn’t make the already mad librarian at more pissed off at them.

“ Cas, I love you honey. You crack me.”

Dean smiled then slowly reached for Castiel’s hand. They slowly intertwined their hands and they both felt their face’s heat up and their heart’s beat fast. Cas smiled wide then leaned up slightly and kissed Dean’s cheek.

“ Thank you Dean.”

“ No problem my Honeybee.”

Dean and Cas spent the rest of the day holding hands in the library. They of course got a few looks from people and a few mumbles but Dean would just shoot them a glare and Cas would gently nuzzle Dean’s shoulder every time. As the two sat across from each other, their arms out stretched so they could continue to hold hands. Dean smiled and looked at cas shyly.

“ T-This is really nice. We need to do this more often.”

Cas only smiled lovingly at Dean and nodded then gently moved Dean’s hand to his lips, kissing the knuckles softly.

// this was so fun and cute to write. <3 so sorry it’s so short. I hope this ok anon!! 

also, thank you everyone for the wonderful requests! I finished them all!

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Sneaking Around

Request by @mrs-erin-winchester: Cas and the reader are dating and the reader is the Winchester’s younger sister. The brothers find out about their relationship after seeing Cas and the reader kiss, and they get super protective.

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: smut, language, mention of torture, das about it

A/N: SORRY ABOUT THE WAIT ON THIS. turns out I’m super slow with requests.

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Warning: NSFW gif a bit further under the cut!

You and Cas had been sneaking around for months.

It wasn’t because you wanted to sneak around; you were both consenting adults who loved each other, so of course you didn’t want to hide your relationship.

It was because you needed to. More specifically, it was because of your idiot brothers.

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Im so stressed out rn and i think after honeybee i wanna give up fishkeeping like this isn’t okay and i keep crying and i just needed a peaceful hobby and its a mess even when i do everything right

pike and keyleth both settle into using “honey” as their preferred term of endearment eventually

keyleth calls pike “honeybee" and the rest of their friends kinda laugh bc Wow That’s Peak Cheesy but pike is practically in tears bc This Druid Has Got Her Good

cherylbombshvll  asked:

Lover can I get some fic recs or author recs or blog recs, I'm not picky please? I'm desperate to find writing similar to yours after reading Dusk til Dawn. Mwah, love you Nic and have a good day sweets c:

this is like the 5th one of these in my inbox, the rest are from anons but now that it’s you honeybee, i might as well bother with making up a list. we all know i go above and beyond for these things, i love supporting my m8s and yeah i stalked all my m8s blogs extensively to put up the best and most extensive list up 

okay friends, here it is, the new and revised version of this post all of which is still valid so go on and check that out. otherwise, here are some blogs/authors i recommend following <3 please note that if i rec you as an author i’m also recommending you as a blog as well x 

this post will keep growing as i find more friends to put on it :)

recommendations masterpost if you wanna find it another time


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i recommend: teach me happy (i read it this morning and i am so excited for it to continue) or fool me once

@sebbytrash - (my idol and i cried when i found out we were mutuals)
i recommend: five sweaters to make you want me or through his eyes (did i cry while reading this? yes. will you? yes.)

i recommend: i get off(smut) or business and pleasure

@theassetseyeliner - (honestly an icon)
i recommend: corner of the coffee shop or heaven in hiding

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Baekhyun: Baek, Goodnight [Mini Scenario; Request]

Your eyes scanned over the lines on the page you were reading before you flipped to the next page calmly – it was night time, reading time for you, to be exact. You were on the bed, your back against the bed rest where as your legs were propped out nicely with the blanket over your legs to keep yourself warm as the blanket pooled around your waist with a pillow in between the bed rest and you. It was such a relaxing moment for you after a long day at work but even though you had come back merely two hours ago, Baekhyun had just got back not too long ago.

He was now in the shower, trying to feel at least freshened up before he went to bed with you.

As for now, you know that he’s had a tough day. Boss has been nudging him, bugging him about the upcoming projects he hasn’t sealed in yet, his colleagues messing around with his documents even though it was unintentional – it was all nerve wrecking for him.

Of course, you had your troubles as well as a waitress but it wasn’t as stressful as Baekhyun’s – you understood that. However, Baekhyun never compares. He understands that being a waitress is tough, too but certain days like these, he’d like you to be there for him as he would occasionally lean on you.

And that meant everything to you knowing he loves and trusts you enough to be this open with you, you liked it, too.

The moment the bathroom door opened, he came out with his sleeping clothes; an oversized shirt along with a pair of sweats. He tossed the towel to the rack a distance away before switching off the lights in the bathroom, closing the door. He took small steps, towards the bed where he curled up beside you, his head buried on your lap whereas his arms tried to hug your waist the best way he could.

You tilted your book down where you peeked at him as he hummed delightfully as he got to feel that radiating warmth you had, this scent he smelled that he called ‘home’ – it kept him sane. You closed your book, putting it aside where your hands proceeded to play with his hair as you stroked his head delicately, he sighed in appreciation.

“Tough day at work?” You whispered in the silence and clarity that enveloped the two of you pleasingly.

He nodded in your lap, lifting his chin where he looked at you tiredly, “I swear, if I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’d start killing people.”

You chuckled, bringing him to lie his head properly on your lap as he had his back on the mattress, his legs dangling off the bed but he didn’t care – he liked this a lot…

Your hands continued playing with his hair as you looked down on him, the tip of your hair tickling his nose where it made him chuckle quietly whereas you giggled heartily, bringing a smile to his face as he had his hand up to tuck your hair back behind your ear, “You’re so beautiful, honeybee…” He whispered and even though his voice was soft, you could notice how strained it was; he must be working so hard…

“Baek,” You called him out, one of your hands still stroking his head whereas the other held onto his hand that had tucked strands of your hair behind your ear earlier.

“Yes, honeybee?”

You sighed, frowning at him, “You really need to get some rest now, you look so tired…”

He lifted his head from your lap to glance at the clock before he laid his head down again, shaking his head as he laced his fingers with yours, “Tomorrow is a Saturday, so… I could sleep all day if I wanted to. I just want to spend some time with you now, honeybee…”

You managed to smile, loving the fact that he adores you so much to the point where he’d strain himself just a little bit more with you to keep you happy – Baekhyun was one of a kind.

And to him, you were the same as well.

You let go of his hand, lifting his head up where you made him lie down properly beside you. He frowned, eyes focused on you, “H-Honeybee, what are you…?” He didn’t need to finish his sentence when he saw how you got up, quickly pacing over to switch off the lights, closing your bedroom door before you joined him back in bed, pulling the blanket up to cover him and you took the rightful spot beside him as to cuddle with him – he could only smile at your actions that would mean so little to others but so much to him.

“Sleep, Baek. I’m here.” You whispered, lightly kissing his clothed chest before he wrapped his arms around you with a sigh, his lips kissing the side of your head, “How did I get so lucky?”

You chuckled, shrugging, “I should ask myself that, too.”

“If only someone could give me an answer…” He cheekily replied, making you hush him as you pressed your cheek against his chest, “Sleep, Baek. You really need the rest.”

He smiled again, dipping down to kiss your forehead, “Goodnight, honeybee…”

You looked up to him, shifting up to give him a light kiss on the lips before you whispered in a hushed voice, “Sweet dreams, Baek.”


The many adventures of Baby Spine!

Seth is 6 years old and a big Steam Powered Giraffe fan! This was his first convention (Midwest Media Expo) and also his first concert. He got to give The Spine a high five during the concert and was on cloud nine for the rest of the night!

Until “Honeybee” put him to sleep! Poor baby ran out of Steam! Haha ;)

I have no excuse for this.

The hospital had given strict instructions to not bathe their daughter until her bellybutton stub fell off, so before bed, Dean wiped her downgently with a soft rag soaked in warm water and baby oil scented like lavender. Harper squirmed at the first touch of wetness to her skin, but Cas had had the foresight to put on some music, and she quickly lay still on the couch and listened intently. By the time Dean was done and putting her back into a diaper and warm onesie to sleep in, her eyes were drooping heavily.

“I can put her down for sleep,” Cas volunteered. “Get yourself something to eat. You hardly ate at dinner.”

It was true; Dean had been so preoccupied with feeding Harper a bottle that he hardly felt his own hunger. Cas scooped up the sleepy child and carried her upstairs, bouncing along the way. Dean padded to the kitchen and practically inhaled a bologna and cheese sandwich, and chugged a half a cola can, then turned off the lights and locked up before heading upstairs himself.

He heard a rhythmic creaking sound from Harper’s room, and paused outside her door when he realized it was accompanied by a quiet singing. He peeked inside the nursery, lit only with a dim lamp shaped like a honeybee to fit in with the rest of the decorations. The room was silent except for the wooden joints aching in the rocking chair Cas sat in, Harper cradled in his arms as he rocked and sang.

Your little hand’s wrapped around my finger,
and it’s so quiet in the world tonight.
Your little eyelids flutter ‘cause you’re dreaming so I
tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light.

Dean moved to stand silhouetted in the doorway, the light from the hall casting a long shadow into the darkened nursery, but Cas didn’t look up. All of his attention was on their sleeping daughter.

Oh darling, don’t you ever grow up,
don’t you ever grow up, just stay this little.
Oh darling, don’t you ever grow up
don’t you ever grow up, it could stay this simple.
I won’t let nobody hurt you, won’t let no one break your heart…

Dean walked into the room and Cas grinned up at him before standing. He carefully, slowly, bent over and put Harper into her crib, then raised back up to stare down at her. Dean wrapped his arm around Cas’ waist and pulled him until they were hip to hip, his head resting on Dean’s shoulder, and the pair watched their daughter sleep in a blissful silence.


Bees for Sunset Park, 2013 © Christopher Russell. 9th Avenue Station, Brooklyn. Commissioned and owned by MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design.

Consisting of two sets of bronze ornamental gates, 7 feet high and 6 feet wide, and a series of large finials on the fences surrounding the site.The gates depict honeybees crawling on hives, and the posts of adjacent fences have honeybees resting on 17 finials shaped like flower heads.  There are 400 bees spread across the 4 doors.