the rest of the class just kept looking at each other

{ Small Origin Spoilers! Not really, but better safe than sorry }

Okay I get Marinette staring at the back of Adrien’s head dreamily and all, but imagine if she had kept her seat in the front (where Chloe now sits for the rest of the season), if not seated directly next to him

Her leaning her cheek on her hand and turning her head just slightly so it looks like she’s dozing off or daydreaming but really she gets a perfect view of Adrien, being able to see all his expressions in class and she sighs dreamily before returning to her notes upon Alya’s nudging

And Adrien will sometimes do the same thing when he’s just not feeling too well, and he’ll see Marinette scribbling furiously and he can tell she’s sketching designs and not taking notes because she’s sticking her tongue out and her nose is scrunched up in that adorable way

And sometimes they’ll end up turning to each other at the same time and it’s a split second of surprise before they both turn back to their desks, blushing at being caught

And as a bonus: Marinette will look over at him, only to see movement in his bag and Plagg suddenly sticks his little face out, whispering something to Adrien before turning around only to freeze at Marinette. Plagg and her stare at each other fro several seconds and Adrien is wondering why Plagg is so quiet all of a sudden so he looks down, only to see Marinette staring and there’s just pure shock on both their faces before she slowly lifts the top of her bag and Tikki pops her head out - understanding washes over his face and he’s giving her a look of pure admiration and relief, and so is she and i’m fucking weak bye

{ seriously tho - i have done this to my own crushes so don’t tell Marinette wouldn’t take advantage of that view - also, I am gonna start counting these as fanfics holy fuck }

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