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Into You

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

request: If it’s alright, could I request a Phillipa/Reader where the Reader is the standby for Eliza and really looks up to Pippa? And they’re like always clinging onto her and it’s so obvious that Pip has a crush on them but the reader is naive and oblivious? Sorry if that’s weird, it’s the first thing that came into my mind. Thank you in advance!

summary: Reader is a standby for Eliza and she quickly become great friends with Pippa, but it doesn’t take long for reader to realize she has feelings for Pippa.  

warnings: literally nothing I don’t think i swore even once

words: 2080

a/n: Here’s that pippa fic that i promised! I’m sorry it took so long, but it’s here and now I get to watch all the gatsby scenes I want to haha! 

tags: @bluesnowyangel and @hamrevolution

When you joined the cast of Hamilton as a standby for Eliza, you didn’t expect to be welcomed into the family with such open arms. Phillipa went well out of her way to make sure you felt at home in your new home away from home and even went as far as to give you a personal tour of New York City.

Before you knew it, you and Pippa had become the best of friends and were practically inseparable in every way. At every after party or celebration, instead of visiting with Jimmy Fallon or The Roots or even any of the other cast members, you stuck right by Pippa’s side like glue, and she did the same. It was a friendship made in heaven; as far as you two were concerned, nothing could go wrong.

But all good things hit a bump in the road eventually. It didn’t take a terribly long time for you to realize that your feelings for Pippa weren’t strictly platonic, and that lead to a knot tying up in your stomach anytime you were with her.

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Norman Reedus - Boyfriend Tag

Your fans on your YouTube channel have been begging you for months to do the ‘Boyfriend Tag’ with Norman. Well, today is the day that you finally cave and decide to do it.

Norman x Reader

Requested by @fandomgirl9193  

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#SU Constructive Start!

Well, after talking with a friend who’s been down about the way a lot of folks have turned against the series*, which is super important to him on a lot of levels, and another post on how the people aren’t doing anything actually constructive with their critique, I thought i might start the officialy-unofficial #SU Constructive tag.

Basically, an attempt to talk about less what’s miserable about the show than about manifesting stuff  you liked and hope to see back in the show once it gets out of it (hopefully temporary) “rough patch”, whether it be through fanwork or talking about how they hope the series goes.

And, to start, I might as well ask the folks in the SU Critical tag, the ones I know including @bogleech, @borderlineanders, given y’all feel the show “lost” you, what would Steven Universe have to do; taking produciton time into account; to win you back?

Who the heck knows, if the talk gets enough traction, it might even percolate up, production-lead-time willing. But, on the other side of the coin, that friend I mentiond, actually did make a good point.

That people tend to be much harder on shows that actually try to be diverse race/gender/sexuality wise than on those that don’t, and how they tend to be much harder on their mistakes, him citing Gravity Falls and how it pretty much became “the Dipper Show” and Finn’s protracted romance arc as two examples; along with the lack of racial diversity in both shows.

And, he feels like this harsh level of scrutiny does hurt the people who do still find the show very important to them (Dude’s a trans guy of color for the record, with chronic pain issues), and i quote him verbatim:

Im getting real tired of a lot of white ass straight and or cis ass people telling me how damaging the rare media made for me

is.its like everyone else in life has this banquet of food and throw the scraps asideand I finaly get handed a plate

only for the people at the table to smack it out of my hand going ‘ew no thats AWFUL food how could you eat THAT’

'Anyways back to talking about how amazing this food i have all the time forever is’

If you want to tell anyone anything from me, The whole point of a GENUINELY diverse cast is that the whole world doesnt rest on any one characters shoulders.when theres The One Girl or The One POC Person, they have to represented ALL OF THAT. and usualy, its shitty

Su has So much…..and you, people like you, dude, have… everything.Gravity Falls isnt for me. I can MAKE it for me by making headcannons and stuff.I can *force* a place for myself in anythingBut its not there for me.

SU has a place for me….But apparently stuff made about people like me is subject to 5000% more criticisim if it ever missteps even a little

So i guess being me means I better be perfect….it feels like people were just waiting exitedly to hate SU.

People found any little thing.and no one wants to examine how much harsher they are to it then other stuff and why….tell people to just let people like me have a thing.And if it not being perfect makes me a bad person… fine I guess.

It’s a good point, and one I can’t help but feel gets overlooked. Your thoughts?

These Wounds Won’t Seem To Heal// Sherlock Holmes

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Contradict my opinion if you please, but in all honesty, the best gifs from the show are the ones from The Lying Detective. There are so many different levels of the emotional spectrum in Benedict and Martin that it’s difficult not to use them. 

Requested by Anon: On the way to work one morning in the torrential downpour that is London, you happen to get into a rather bad car crash. It’s not enough to kill you, but it’s enough to make Sherlock go nuts. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “Hi, this is y/n. If I haven’t answered, I’m solving crimes with the worlds only Consulting Detective who also happens to be my husband. Leave a message!” 

Sherlock huffed and pressed his thumb against the pound key. “Y/n, you only left for work twenty minutes ago, and judging by the fact that you haven’t answered, I’d say you’re probably back seat driving the cabbie. You’re worrying me love, pick up the phone please.” 

You and Sherlock were newly weds, having been best friends since John moved into 221B several years before. You spent most of your time with the war doctor and the Detective, and before you’d realized it, you were falling in love with Sherlock Holmes. 

  “I-I don’t know what THIS is!” Sherlock yelled, startling you as he pounded on his heart. “Every time I look at you, my heart goes faster and my head begins to pound! I’m absolutely clueless to the stimulating response my body goes through when you enter a room-” 

  “You-” You swallowed the lump in your throat and stood on your tiptoes, your lips ghosting over Sherlocks as lightly as you possibly could. He easily sank into your embrace, his fingers tangling in your hair as you leaned backwards to get a better look at his eyes. “You bloody twit, you are in love with me.” 

  “Oh, Sherlock! Haven’t you looked down the street? There’s a car crash just another mile down the road!” Mrs Hudson chided, throwing open the window shams. The rain had let up enough to visibly see the street, and as Sherlock looked out the window, it only took him a minute to deduce that your cab was indeed one of the two that had wrecked. “Where-Where are you going?!” 

  “That’s my wives cab! She could be hurt! She could be-” Sherlock halted at the front door of the building, running his hands over his scruff as realization smacked him rather hard in the mouth. “She could be dead.” 

Mrs. Hudson snorted indignantly as she passed him his Belstaff. “Your wife is one of the most fiery women I’ve ever met in my life. Plus she was crazy enough to marry you. I can guarantee you she’s not dead-” 

But Sherlock was out the door before she could finish her sentence.

For me, just do it for me y/n. Don’t be dead.


John Watson had seen you come into the hospital when Mary was having her checkup, insisting that he know how you had obtained your injuries. Your most major problem was a broken leg from the impact of the door, but other then that you mainly had several bruises and lacerations. 

  “Has Sherlock shown up yet?” Mary questioned, leaning against her husbands arm as they sat in the waiting room. Both of them had demanded to be in your private room once they had reset your leg, but the doctors had only taken you into the OR twenty minutes before, and they were not finished yet. “And here he comes!”

John opened his mouth to respond but was met with a wave of security guards, all shouting commands at one another as they swarmed the nurses station. Had it not been for the dark black curls and scruff, he would have never known it was Sherlock demanding to see his wife. “I’m sorry sir, but patient records and information are confidential. I can’t disclose them to you.” 

  “Like you can’t! She’s my wife!” Sherlock growled, tilting his head as several of the nurses rallied behind the desk. “You slept with your boss to get you a reputation,” He moved his finger down the line and continued to point out the biggest flaws in the remaining nurses. “You do too much botox to try and please your husband, you’re far too concerned what the woman in radiology thinks, and you’re questioning your sexuality.. My God, please get a life!” 

The former war doctor muttered apologies to the nurses as he drug Sherlock towards Mary, whose face became sympathetic as she motioned for him to sit beside her. “Sherlock, we saw her when she came in here. She’s banged up, but she’ll be alright. The worst of it is that she has a broken leg.” 

Sherlock laughed in disbelief, pulling his phone from his pocket to show John the five text messages he’d sent you from the moment you walked out the door to the supposed time of the crash. 

I love you. - SH

We need something good for dinner. The head might have contaminated the frozen chicken breasts. - SH

You, my love, are secretly wearing the red lingerie underneath your dress aren’t you? Naughty girl. -SH

Can you pick up milk on the way home? Used the rest to make coffee. - SH

P.S. There’s now eyes in said coffee. - SH

  “I asked her, I asked her to bring home milk and in return, she gets into a bloody car wreck!” Sherlock exclaimed, his arms falling at his sides as Mary patted his thigh reassuringly. “How stupid is that?” 

  “Mr and Mrs. Watson, y/n has been moved into recovery.” All three heads shot up as the lead orthopedic surgeon stepped into sight and managed a wide smile. “The bone has been set successfully, so now we’ll cast her up when she’s awake and send her home. Is there someone we can call?” 

  “ME!” Sherlock deadpanned, waving his hands in front of the doctors face. “I tried to tell your nurses at the station that I’m her husband-” He lifted his gold wedding band to their line of sight and waved it back and forth out of annoyance and disregard. “But no one would believe me!” 

  “I believe you sir.” The doctor reassured, clasping Sherlock on the shoulder as he led him and the Watsons in the direction of your room. “Any man that’s so possessive over a woman is sure to be in love if not married to her.” 

Your eyes were just beginning to flutter open at the sound of voices, the morphine in your system numbing most of the pain from your injuries. “Hello?” You called out weakly. “S-Sherlock?” John squeezed his best friends shoulder and motioned for him to step into your room, giving an encouraging nod. 

  “Hello love. You nearly drove me nuts by not answering your stupid phone.” He pulled up the chair beside your bed and took your bruised hand in his own, frowning as he ran his fingers over your knuckles. “I thought you were dead.” 

  “A car crash ending me? That’s the best you can do?” You deadpanned. Your gaze softened as you realized that he was indeed telling the truth- hence why his eyes were glassy and his breathing was eradicated; nearly on the verge of a hysterical breakdown. “Sherlock, I promise I’m fine. Just a broken leg.” You patted the open space beside you and he immediately crawled into it, careful not to dislodge any of your IV’s as his arms wrapped around your thin frame, your head now tucked beneath his chin. “I was backseating the cabbie. He was a terrible driver.” 

He chuckled and buried his face in your hair, inhaling the faint scent of vanilla. “I’m not surprised. You tend to do that to all of them.” A shiver ran down your spine as his fingers wrapped around the ties on your hospital gown, ghosting over the flesh of your back. “They took your lingerie off I bought you for our wedding night. I’m quite offended.” 

  “Yes, because what male doctor throws away scarlet red hot lingerie?” You replied sarcastically. “Check with the personal items. My phone should be in there too.” Mary and John stepped into the room just in time to witness Sherlock carry your face in his own hands ever so gently, his lips pressing against your forehead as he began his search for your personal belongings. 

He didn’t even get to leave the room. 

  “Uh, Sherlock?” Your tone became urgent as your pupils dilated, your focus now on the two people in your doorway. Judging by the way Sherlock regarded them as if he knew them, they weren’t strangers. Not to him anyway. “Who are the people in my doorway? I-I don’t know them. Can they leave?” 

  “Y/n, this is John Watson.’’ Sherlock said slowly, his expression one of confusion as he set his hand on Johns shoulder. “You met him years ago when he moved into the flat with me. You call him Hedgehog because let’s be honest, he looks like one. And he’s basically your brother. Mary? She’s his wife and she’s carrying their child. A little girl. You’ve been helping with the baby shower-” 

  “I don’t know you. Either of you. Can you please leave?” Your finger hovered over the call button on the side of the bed, which was sure to alert any nearby nurses or staff. “I can get you into some serious trouble if you don’t go! Leave!” 

That smile. The one that always said “I have faith in who you are.” 

The endless nights of being locked out of the flat when Sherlock was in his mind palace.

His war stories. 

Their wedding day. The first time Sherlock had really, genuinely expressed how he felt about you despite the fact you’d been dating for well over a year. 

Everything around you- the hospital room, the sheets on your bed, the rank smell of chloro septic in the air. All of it was just so bleak. The woman had started to cry as Sherlock motioned her and her husband from the room to speak to them about whatever was going on. 

You obviously cared about them enough to draw her to tears. But there was the problem. 

Why couldn’t you remember the ones you love?

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REQUESTED:  Credence wants to give the reader the love and affection that he never got.

Warnings: Descriptions of scars a little bit, and some mean friends, but that is all

Word Count: 1,396

A/N: this was just vague enough that i got carried away, my bad

It was cute. Everything about Credence was cute. He had spent most of his life being neglected and largely uncared for in general, so when he started dating you, he became hyper-attentive to your needs. When you were cold, he was up and getting you a blanket before you had the chance to get it yourself; when you were sad, he made you tea and sat next to you and held your hand until it passed; when you were tired, he went out of his way to do the chores you had planned to do yourself so that you could stay in bed a few extra hours and rest; when you fell (which was often, because you were a complete clutz), he was helping you up and giving you a pack of ice to make sure it didn’t hurt too badly.

You knew that it was a visceral reaction he had toward how he had been treated in his own life, prior to meeting Newt, Tina, yourself, and the rest of the group. Everyone understood this—that Credence wanted to give you everything he had been deprived of in his life. The rest of them had been somewhat shocked at Credence’s behavior with you at first, since he was all-of-a-sudden very confident and sure of what he was doing with you, but you knew better, after all of the conversations you had had with him at night, when the both of you opened up about everything. He wanted you to know how much he cared for you, so he gave you all of the attention, everything he would have wanted in his life had it been attainable. It simultaneously warmed and broke your heart.

However, your other friends did not understand this side of Credence. They didn’t understand his constant worry that you didn’t feel like you were important to him when clearly you knew that you were; they didn’t understand why he was always asking you if you were okay or if you needed anything; they didn’t understand why Credence had to know if there was something he could do for you at any given time. Mostly they didn’t know Credence.

So when you got sick, it all came to a head. You were lying on the couch, feeling like you were wilting on the couch across from your lit fireplace, and Credence was in the kitchen preparing soup for you and bringing a wet cloth to apply to your feverish forehead. The illness wasn’t too terrible, but you were definitely glad to have Credence there to help you without your having to ask and feeling like a bother; however, you had forgotten to cancel plans you had made with your friends, so they showed up, knocking on your door and ready to take you out. You were about to get up to get it when Credence called “I’ll get it! Don’t even think about getting up!” from the kitchen before scurrying out to open the door, pressing the cloth to your head on his way by.

He came face to face with three of your friends and greeted them politely. Clearly, you could tell from the couch, they were a bit miffed. “We’re here to take Y/N out.”

Credence had filled out since what happened in the subway, gaining weight and looking healthier all around, and his hair had grown out a great deal. You hated watching him shrink under the scrutiny of others, the way he was doing a little bit now. “She’s—Well, she’s sick now, you see. I don’t think she’ll be able to go out. S-She’s been running a fever all day.”

You hated that your friends never even tried to hide their disdain for him, which was why you hadn’t been hanging out with them as much, favoring Credence’s and Co.’s presence in your life. Maybe it was because you hadn’t paid them much attention or maybe they were just worse people than you thought, but either way, one of your friends looked at him and said, “I’m sure she’s just fine. She can come out with us tonight if she wants. And frankly, you don’t need to hover around her as much as you do. It’s controlling and honestly pretty possessive. Let her make up her own mind.”

At that, you got up on shaky legs and aching muscles and wobbled your way over to the door, taking Credence’s flinching frame against you, hoping to high heaven you wouldn’t get him sick. “Listen to me.” Your voice was much weaker than you anticipated, so you had to speak up, causing your voice to crack and Credence to look down at you with so much concern you were almost blinded with it. “He is just taking care of me. I am sick. And frankly, none of you are welcome here anymore. You’re being rude as hell when he’s just taking care of me. Please, get out of here. I won’t be going out with you tonight or any other night.”

You slammed the door with some force, ignoring their cries of outrage, and nearly fell from the exertion, and you felt a little embarrassed that Credence had to all but carry you back to the couch, where he promptly covered you with a blanket and returned the cold cloth to your forehead. “Thank you, Credence,” you mumbled as he made his way back to the kitchen to retrieve your soup silently.

When he returned to your side, he placed the soup within easy reaching distance to you and sat warily on the floor in front of the couch and right by your face. You reached a shaky arm out to him so that you could stroke your fingers gently through his hair. You could tell he wanted to say something to you, but you knew you would have to wait for it. He didn’t keep you waiting long. “Am I—Y/N, am I controlling? Or possessive?” His voice was so small and worried that your heart broke upon hearing it. He had never been unsure with you, and you didn’t want him to start. “Am I—Am I like my mother?” His voice broke into a hoarse whisper, and you noticed the way the scars on his hands were almost glaring in the light where they rested on his lap.

You reached down and took one in your hand, pressing kisses to the raised, puckered lines there. “No, Credence. Your mother…stifled you, hurt you, manipulated you, made you out to be whoever she wanted you to be, and then hurt you some more anyway. You…take care of me, and protect me, and look after me, all so that I can be the person that I am. You take care of me so that I can grow. You are good, Credence, and they were so wrong.” Your voice began to fade by the end of your monologue, fatigued from your sickness, but Credence was hanging on every word.  You could see it.

He rested his hand over your face and kissed your forehead gently as he rose to rest on his knees in front of you. “Thank you, Y/N. I guess I know that. It’s just… My worst fear is to be—to be someone that was forged out of her likeness.” His eyes were lowered to the ground, and you were filled for so much love for him in that moment that you could hardly stand it.

“Credence, you saw your mother. You knew who she was and who she wanted you to be, and you made yourself in contrast with that. You were forged out of your own desires to be different from her. You are your own.”

Credence looked up to you then, a smile on his face. You would never be used to how beautiful he was, even as the silvery pink scars glinted in the fire light, casting shadows on his otherwise pale skin. “I am my own. And I love you.” The confidence in his voiced moved you deeply—he had always been so brave.

“I love you too, Credence.”

“Now I’m going to go draw you a bath, and you should get some rest, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes affectionately as he stepped out of the room to take care of you, as he always did and as he always liked to do.


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First Impressions This Season

So it’s a week into this season and every show has had at least one episode now (I think). I’ll go through what I’ve watched and say what I think so far. I guess spoilers for episode 1, but are those really spoilers?

Gabriel Dropout

The premise is that after graduating angel or demon school said angels or demons go to earth and go to school there so that they can learn to be proper angels or proper demons. The main character is a decidedly unangelic angle that gets hooked on online games and becomes a shut in, while the rest of the cast is filled in with characters equally ill suited to their roles. This looks pretty entertaining and it’s basically Doga Kobo doing what they do best. It doesn’t seem like a show that I’m going to remember down the road, but it’s a nice moe SoL to watch. The humor has been pretty good too, so I’ve got decent expectations from it. 

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Little Witch Academia

I’m super excited for LWA and the first episode was great. The original OVA that was kick started was fantastic and set this all in motion, so that alone is kind of cool to see. I’d call the show a moe SoL, but it’s really a Trigger SoL with moe elements. Is it moe? I don’t even know lol, but I’ve got high expectations for it and I don’t think Trigger is going to let me down. They are good at the over the top crazy, and I think that they can do a great over the top wacky magical shenanigans show. Definitely high hopes for this show. 

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Kono Subarashii no Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (Konosuba s2)

That mouthful of a title aside, it’s more konosuba. The animation seems like it’s even more “quality” than last season, but that doesn’t bother me too much. The kinda cobbled together sometimes almost bad animation kinda adds to the show. But there is probably a limit to that and I hope they don’t find it lol. The Star Wars credits were a hilarious way to start off this season, and I hope that it continues to amuse me as much as it has already. I’ve got decent expectations of this show, but I’m not holding out for it to be incredible. 

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Demi-chan wa Katatirai 

The premise of this show is that there are demi humans in the world and the teacher of this school is interested in learning more about them by interviewing them. Naturally a bunch of them end up at his school so this gets to happen. I was a little concerned about the possible weird teacher-student relationships that this sort of show can get into, but after two episodes I don’t think it will be like that at all. The cast seems pretty alright, with Hikari and the teacher being great characters. I’ll watch this show just for Hikari’s antics even if it somehow gets worse. I don’t think this will be an amazing show, but once again a nice cute SoL to fill the time. 

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Sort of an unexpected title for Kyoani to be adapting, but it seems to be working so far. The premise is that Tohru (the dragon) becomes Kobayashi’s maid because on a drunken adventure Kobayashi pulled a holy sword out of her and then said she could stay with her. I picked up the first volume of the manga awhile back because buy two get one free sales make me do silly things and I really enjoyed it. There is a nice amount of good jokes and then some just funny moments with Tohru being a dragon and doing dragon things. I expect this to keep me thoroughly entertained, but it probably won’t be one of Kyoani’s truly marvelous show. Gonna be hard to follow Hibike S2 lol. 

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So ya, that’s what I’ve watched for this season. I don’t know if I’ll really get around to anything else this season, but these at least all look like they’ll be fine watches. I have the most hope and expectations from Little Witch Academia, and I’m particularly excited that it is 2 cour. 

Fat fingers part 2: Coffee date, or?

Note: Sorry that this took so long. I will start working on the TJeff request that I promised to work on earlier this week tonight and hopefully finish it tomorrow. For now, I hope you enjoy part 2 of Fat Fingers though. c:

Word count: 3168

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Mentions of racism, homophobia and neo nazis. Do not read if Trump supporter, I guess??? Also a bit of swearing.

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You had been unable to go to sleep that night, even if you tried really hard to do so. It had been a horrible day and you wanted nothing but to tell your family how much you hated their influence on your life. But, if you did it would mean that you would never see them again and they were definitely someone you did not want to make your enemy, as they could make your life a living hell. You had no choice but to try and live at least a little bit by their rules.

At some point, you found yourself deciding to message Daveed on Facebook. At first, you had no idea what to write, but you just really felt like you owed him an apology and if he did not accept it, you sure would be embarrassed. But, you would have tried. At least the likelihood of you two ever meeting again was pretty much to zero.

“Hey, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the girl who ran into you this morning. I just really wanted to apologize for the way my ‘friend’ acted. Anyway, that’s probably all. Bye” You typed awkwardly and send it to him. You were not sure whether he would reply or not, but just as you had put your phone down on your bedside table again, your phone buzzed. When you checked, you had not expected to see Daveed’s name on the display, but were unable to help the grin that spread across your lips. He really did respond.

“Hey Y/N, I remember you. No need to apologize though, it’s not your fault. I hope that you still want to take me up on that coffee soon. I’m heading to bed now, but feel free to call me at some point. Number is 510-555-0150. Hope to see you soon”

Had Daveed Diggs just given you his number? You blinked a couple of times and checked the display another time just to make sure that he had indeed given you his number. He definitely had. You could not help but wonder why, but it made you smile like an idiot. And blush a tiny bit too.

You saved his number in your phone and contemplated on whether you should text him or not. You decided on the later, as he had told you that he was going to bed. So, yet again you placed your phone on the nightstand and as you were about to fall asleep, finally being able to after you had gotten the apology off your chest, you received another message. Surprisingly enough, it was from Daveed as well.

“If it’s not too much to ask, could you send me a text?” He asked and you chuckled softly.

“Sure” You replied, before finding his name in your contacts. You were unsure about what to write. You could just send him a hi with your name, but that seemed sort of boring. “I think I am the one who owes you coffee. Goodnight, Diggs” You texted and finally went to sleep after sending it.

You woke up to a text from Daveed next morning. You had not expected it, but it honestly made you happy. Getting a response from him last night had saved your night and getting a text from him now definitely was a great start on an otherwise probably stressful day.

“Mornin. I don’t think so, Y/LN. I’ll buy coffee tonight, if you’re up for it? Have a great day.” The text said. You giggled softly and shook your head. You honestly still found yourself doubting that this was indeed real.

“Good morning Diggs. Only if I get to pay? You too” You replied as you got out of bed. You knew that you would be off late, it would probably be around 6 before you finally finished work, so you had to bring spare clothes because there was no way in hell you were going back to your apartment before going for coffee with Daveed. First, you changed into a pair of jeans, a white chiffon dress shirt and a blue blazer. It was nothing special, but it was suited for work. For the coffee trip you settled on a cute, wine red dress that reached to just above your knee, a lemon curry knitted cardigan and a pair of black heels. It was nothing special, but you wanted to at least do a little bit to look presentable.

When you were heading out the door, you received another text from Daveed. “Guess we’ll see about that. How does 7 sound? It’s a date” You read with a smile.

“7 sounds good. Noted. Where are we going?” You asked. So, it was actually a date. You were going on a date with Daveed freaking Diggs. You hoped that you could make it there in time. Otherwise, you could probably just tell him whatever time you needed.

“I don’t know yet. I can pick you up at work at 6:45, if that’s cool?” You didn’t get to reply for a while, since you were in a bit of a rush to get to the subway, so it wasn’t until you stepped out of the subway again, that you got to actually text him back.

“Sure. I’ll see you at 6:45 then” You texted and added your work address as you made your way to your office. It luckily was not a long walk and you made it there in about 5 minutes. You were later than usual, but still made it on time.

The day went by way too slowly. You wanted nothing else but to get out of there and go on that coffee date with Daveed. You were really looking forward to it, but had to push it to the back of your mind to get some work done. It worked for the most part, but you were not surprised when some of your co-workers noticed how happy you seemed, which had become pretty rare those days.

“Why are you so happy Y/N?” Your friend Emma had asked while you were sat at a table with her, along with two other friends from work at lunch.

You froze, not really knowing what to say. You looked up at her with a nervous chuckle and looked at the two others as well. They had definitely noticed your significantly happier mood too, so there was no way you were getting around this one. “I… Uhm. I’m going on a date.” You murmured and stared into your food. You filled your mouth with food so you were unable to answer any other questions for now.

“What? Seriously? Are you really going on a date? That’s so exciting. Who’s the lucky one?” She asked, a bit too loud. A few of your other co-workers turned to your table to look at you. You felt your mouth go dry as you felt very exposed under everyone’s gaze.

“It’s no big deal…” You trailed off. You bit your lower lip as you wondered whether or not you should tell them. You had bonded over your mutual fondness for clipping. after all. “Daveed Diggs.” You finally blurted under your breath. They were going to figure it out anyway when he picked you up later.

“What?!” She almost shouted and you felt yourself slide further into the comfort of your chair. You sensed that she was about to scold you. She was head over heels for the guy after all. “Fuck you, Y/N. You knew that I had a crush on him.” She added.

You snorted lightly at her. “Please, Emma. I will set you two up if it’s that big of a deal.” You answered ironically as you rolled your eyes.

Her expression softened at that and she shook her head softly. “No. God no. You two suit each other much better. Besides, I’m an even crazier fan than you. How did you two even meet?” She rambled. The rest of your friends sat staring at you in silence and you began to grow uncomfortable.

“It’s no big deal… I just spilled my coffee on him.” You replied as you quickly filled your mouth with more food to stop the endless row of questions. Luckily, Emma seemed to get the hint and the 4 of you fell into your usual, cosy conversations while you finished lunch.

The last hours felt more like years. You kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes or so and you were always disappointed. You worked hard to finish what you needed before 6 pm. You knew that there was no way in hell you were finishing up until at least 30 minutes later, but you hoped that you would at least be ready then. Luckily, you managed to finish what you were working on in the half an hour you had left and once the time showed 6:30pm, you finally closed your computer.

You left your station, bringing your bag with you to the ladies’ room. Once inside one of the booths, you quickly changed into the clothes you had prepared from home and fixed your make up in front of the mirror. You did not feel as confident as you had hoped, but you knew that you just had to roll with it. You were not going to wear your work clothes out for a date, so this had to do.

With a soft sigh you left the bathroom. It would only be a couple of minutes until Daveed was picking you up outside. So, you bid Emma goodnight and headed down the stairs. Once outside, people started to spill out of the building as they had just finished as well. You texted him, just to make sure that he knew that you were ready. “I’m outside now” you wrote.

You did not receive a text from him, which was probably due to the fact that he was just around the corner. You were pretty happy when you saw him walking once he turned the corner of the street, as driving around LA at this time of the day was really hard.

Once he spotted you in the crowd of people leaving your office, his face lit up in a smile. “Y/N. Hey.” He smiled as he made his way to you and once in front of you, he gently took your hand and pressed a soft kiss to the back of it, his beard tickling your skin lightly. A pinkish blush spread across your cheeks.

“Wow. Such a gentleman.” You teased with a soft smile. There was no real fire behind it though. You were just really relieved that he actually wanted to drink coffee with you.

“Well, you do learn something from playing a Frenchman in a Broadway musical, I guess.” He joked, which made you chuckle softly.

“Guess so.” You smiled. You felt very comfortable in his presence. He was nice, sweet. You really hoped that this would not be the last time the two of you went out for coffee, even if it would just be as friends in the future. He had this personality that you just could not help but love.

“So… I was thinking. Can I ask you out for dinner instead? Nothing fancy, but I never got around to eat anything and since you just finished work, I figured you didn’t either.” He asked.

You nodded softly. “Yeah. That would be great, honestly. I’m starving.” You admitted, which made him chuckle softly. “So, where do you want to go?” You asked.

“There’s this great café not too far from here where they sell food too. How does that sound?” He suggested.

“Coffee and food. Classy.” You joked, before you nodded. “Sounds great. Lead the way?” You questioned. You probably did not know the place he was talking about anyway.

Daveed gently took your hand, holding onto it loosely as he led the way down the street. You thought that perhaps this would be a great night out with him without your family or any of their friends figuring out what you were doing.

You still feared that they would figure out what was going on, so you were pretty grateful once you got to the café and headed inside. Luckily, no one seemed to have noticed you and if they did, you were done defending your choices in men to them. If you wanted to date someone who they did not like, they would just have to deal with that.

Daveed lead you to a small table in the back of the café, pulling a chair out for you to sit in. You giggled softly at the gesture and said down. “Thank you, Monsieur.” You joked., which made him snort, even if he was unable to hide the smirk tugging at the corners of his lips.

“So, Y/N. You already know what I do. So, what do you do?” He asked. You bit your bottom lip lightly at his question. You really did not think your life was that interesting, but you knew that telling him about yourself was inevitable.

“I just do office work. Nothing interesting.” You said, as you lowered your gaze with a slight shrug. You could definitely find better things to do, but your mum had gotten you this job a while ago, so you felt like you were unable to just quit.  

“Oh, well. What if I think it’s interesting?” He challenged with an arched eyebrow. He obviously was not going to let you off that easily.

You shrugged. “I honestly don’t think you do.” You answered with a shy smile. Your work was nothing interesting. It barely even payed your bills, but it was better than letting your parents pay for some expensive life style that you did not want.

Most of your evening was spent like that, asking each other questions about your lives. You found his to be much more interesting than yours, even though Daveed kept telling you that he thought your life was pretty interesting. However, at the subject of family your mood seemed to do a complete 1-80. You truly wanted nothing to do with them. If anything, you wanted them out of your life, but it was an impossible task.

“I… Like I said, my family is very… Republican. Racists, homophobes, neo Nazis. Stuff like that.” You explained as you lowered your gaze. People often thought that you were the same. But, you had very different believes compared to the rest of your family.

Daveed could obviously see that the topic of family bothered you a lot and you were quite surprised when you felt a pair of soft, warm hands wrap around yours. “Well, at least you aren’t like them, Y/N.” He smiled softly, trying to cheer you up. It did not work however, and actually made things a bit worse. You did not dare to tell him, though.

“No, I know. They let me know every day…. Things would be so much easier if I could just live by their rules.” Your murmured, looking down at your hands. You hated that you had to at least try and live the way they wanted you to, but you had no other options.

“I know, but I am glad that you are different. You deserve better than a family who is against all your believes.” He sighed.

You simply nodded, as you had no idea what to say. “I just really want to not have to be viewed as one of them.” You blurted, biting your lower lip slightly.

“Who do you think views you as the same as them? You seemed to make your opinion on the election very clear, at least from what I could tell.” He seemed really surprised at what you had said. He definitely did not think that you were like them in anyway.

“I don’t know… Just. People. Everyone I meet seem to know my parents.” You shrugged, before shaking your head. “Anyway. Let’s talk about something else.” You added. You just did not know what. You wanted to change the subject though, as you felt tears starting to sting your eyes as the topic of conversation fell on your family.

Daveed luckily seemed to pick up on it and quickly changed the subject. “So, was spilling your coffee on me really an accident or did you do it intentionally to get to talk to me?” He teased, instantly lifting your mood.

“I wish it was on purpose, but it honestly wasn’t.” You giggled softly. It would have been a smart move, but it was honestly an accident.

As Daveed waved at a waiter to pay for the food and coffee the two of you had finished a while ago, he chuckled lightly at your response. “You could have fooled me.” He winked. You immediately felt a blush creep up your neck and heat up your cheeks.

“Maybe next time it won’t be an accident, D. It did gain your attention after all. Or was it my dashing looks?” You sassed him. You too could play that game.

You were about to protest when Daveed handed the waiter his credit card and he held his hand up to cut you off. “I’m buying, my treat. You can pay next time.” He said.

You knew you were not going to win this one, so you simply nodded with a soft sigh. “If there’s going to be a next time.” You teased.

“Oh, there definitely is.” He said. The two of you got up once the waiter had returned to your table with Daveed’s credit card.

The two of you left the restaurant together and once outside, you finally turned to him to answer. “What makes you so sure that I want to see you again, Diggs?” You challenged with an arched eyebrow. You definitely did, though. And as soon as possible.

“Because you think I’m hot.” He winked at you, which made your mouth fall open slightly.

“Fuck you, Daveed.” Your blurted as a blush spread across your cheeks. He was not wrong, though. You definitely thought he was hot and he had a great personality too, which made it even worse. You knew that your family would in no way approve of any form of relationship with a person of colour, let alone a rapper who wrote a song about how much he hates Donald Trump. Also, you thought that Daveed could do a lot better than someone like you and it honestly scared and confused you a bit, that he wanted to see you again.

“Gladly. Though, for tonight I just want to say thank you.” He grinned, which made you laugh.

“Goodnight, D. Tonight was great.” You smiled, as you tiptoed to place a light kiss against his cheek, his stubble tickling your chin lightly. You then flagged down a cab and waved goodbye. It had been an absolutely amazing evening and you were honestly really looking forward to seeing him again.

Halloween Horror Nights; C.H.

First of all, I’m sorry it took me so long. Secondly, even though Halloween has already passed, who cares?! It should be a week festive instead of one night, so now you can enjoy Halloween one more time! And last but not least.. I’m really not happy with this piece.. 

I never thought that anyone could persuade me to do this. From when I was young, I have maintained that I never, never, and I repeat, never would go to a haunted house. Of course at that moment in time you don’t think you’ll have a complete sappy crush on one of your so-called bosses. And you don’t stop to think then that he might be so charming that when he asks you to please, please tag along it’ll be great, you simply mutter a dreamily ‘yes’ without thinking twice.

And that’s happening right now. For years, my friend had tried to persuade me. For years I have slipped between the meshes of the net. And what happens? Some handsome man with a smile that’ll make your knees weak makes you throw your principles right out of the door. I’m royally screwed.

“What scares you the most?” Calum grins as we line up to enter the Halloween Horror Nights.
“Jump scares? Which is why I didn’t want to come with you, fucking prick.” I roll my eyes as I rub my hands along my upper arms. I hadn’t been this nervous is months, maybe even years.

“Oh, yeah. You’re in the wrong place then. I thought you hated clowns?” He raises an eyebrow and as he finishes his sentence, I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up in complete and utter fright.
“Are you trying to inform me that there might be a clown jump scaring me?”

“Well, there’s always a distinct possibility, Y/n. But don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Calum slings his arm over my shoulder and I scoff loudly, almost wanting to push him away but feeling more at ease with him in such a close vicinity. And maybe, just maybe I’m enjoying this a bit too much.
“Oh please. As soon as Pennywise shows up you’re a goner.” I chuckle at his mock hurt face, but soon my smile is wiped off of my own as I see we’re next in line.

“I’m going to murder you if I survive this.” I hear Michael snigger behind me and I turn around with the harshest glare I can muster. “I hope Freddy Krueger is here to get you.”
“Low blow, Y/N. It’s zombie apocalypse based anyway.” Michael mutters and I smirk triumphantly, winking at Ashton before I turn back around. “You guys, it isn’t real. We’ll forget about it like an hour after we’ve come out of this shit.” Luke tries to comfort me as he smiles down at me, but I’m not buying it.

“Have you ever seen Andy and Amy’s Haunted House? Where Ellen Degeneres decided to fuck some co-workers? That Andy guy, that’s me. And I’m not even scared of the Walking Dead.”
My eyes cast upwards when I hear a shrill shriek resonate through the human scattered area, my eyes glancing over the bold lettering of Universal Studios.

“That was hilarious.” Calum mutters with an amused grin, but as closer as I walk to the entrance my amusement dies down. I feel Luke’s hands rest on my shoulders as he gives me soft squeeze when I stop mid walk. “It sucks when someone makes you stop thinking and you agree to stupid shit, huh?” Luke whispers before he pushes me forward and I groan, regretting ever confiding in Luke.

I trail behind the boys, in hopes of not having to deal with any jump scares. My tactic included letting them squeal like little girls while I laugh, because I would’ve already seen it coming. I could feel my heart rate increasing as the boys walked a bit further, my eyes darting in every direction in search for a crack someone might leap through. Because of this fascination, I didn’t pay attention to the more obvious zombies – and I considered them props anyway – which seemed to be a very, very bad thing for me to do.

It’s not even in my face, but when I see the movement in the corner of my eye I already shriek so loud the boys stop in their tracks and whip around as if I were being murdered. I’m pressed against the wall, my heart visibly beating in my chest as I stare the character down.

There is a zombie, eyes wide and a wicked grin on his face, groaning in my face. I swear that the people that take on these jobs just love seeing people pee their pants – although if it weren’t me I’d probably pee myself laughing as well. But when I’m on the receiving end I’m anything but thankful for his exquisite performance.

I feel warm fingers slip in between mine and I jump in my spot again, eyes wide but heartrate slowing just the slightest bit when I feel the tug and see Calum sympathetically smile in my direction. “Come on.”

“I hate you for this.” I whisper, my eyes darting in every direction as I hide behind Calum’s rather tall frame. Calum humourlessly chuckles, I’m sure he’s thriving on my anxiousness right now. “This is a house?” I mumble when I stick my head from behind Calum, seeing we had passed the hallway and were now entering a bath room.

“Zombies are in homes too, Y/n.” Calum shrugs as he steps beside me, his gaze, just as mine, scanning the perimeter for any jump scares. “Where are the boys?” Before Calum can answer me though, two zombies suddenly jump out of the bath tub, sheet roughly pulled to the side as they make a bee line for me. A loud shriek leaves my lips and I use Calum as a shield. He realises what he has to do and walks to the other side of the room with me behind him, through the door and away from the two characters.

“Fucking hell.” I feel my nails digging into Calum’s waist and he is tense as well, though doesn’t make any sound. We’re in the living room now, a few zombies loitering around. They turn their heads as we make an appearance and start towards us. I’m not scared of those though, as I can see them advancing towards me. Calum circles us around the sofa and I had seen him before Calum has, and I completely throw him off guard when the loudest yell to be produced by me leaves my lips.

There’s one on the ground, his legs seemingly cut off but that doesn’t mean he isn’t damn fast. He crawls towards Calum is record speed and before I realise it, Calum is pressed against the fake fire place behind me, his eyes wide and trained on the zombie. I burst into hysterics, almost bend over double as I try to contain my giggles to a minimum. “Why the fuck are you laughing?” Calum growls as the zombie backs away and Calum almost makes a beeline for the exit door, towards the kitchen.
“That’s called desperate laughter.” I stumble behind him, my hand curling around Calum’s tensed biceps when I press my cheek against his black shirt.

“Remind me to not ask you to join my squad when the apocalypse is near.” Calum grumbles, sticking his head into the kitchen and sighing when he sees the coast is clear – you’d think we’d know better by now.
I see the creak of what I think is a storage room and I know one is going to pop out when we walk past that, and I’m pretty proud of myself for noticing before it has happened. This is the last room of this personal hell and I can’t wait when I see the darkness of the night again.

And of course, being so focused on that exit, I forgot to think about the table. As soon as the hand curls around my ankle, along with the gorgling sound when his face comes into view, I leap into the air so high my arms are tightly around Calum’s neck and my legs are slung over his hips. “No, fucking – no!”
“You don’t do that!” I yell down at the now grinning zombie man and Calum laughs along with him.

Calum carries me out the door and I let out a sigh of relief when I see it’s over. I jump off of his back and dust myself off, keeping my eyes glued to the floor because to be honest, I’m completely and utterly ashamed with myself. Calum starts walking towards the general direction of people – actual people, not props, zombies or characters – and I jump to keep up with him. I curl my hand around his arm again, because somehow I feel like this isn’t over yet.

“I’m sorry I dragged you into this. I’ll treat you on a date.” Calum says in such a nonchalant manner; I don’t even register the words when they’re first spoken. “What?”
“Do you want to go on a date?” Calum seems a lot less confident now that he has to repeat his words. He trails a crack in the concrete beneath our feet with the tip of his rattled old sneaker.

“Well, that depends. Are you dragging me to another one of these haunted houses? Then I’ll thankfully recline.” I grin as I punch his shoulder, walking away from him, but slowly enough to give him time to catch up to me. “I’ll make sure I won’t.” Calum laughs as he throws his arm around my shoulder, both of us walking up to the others who we sort of had lost as soon as the first zombie jumped in my face. “Then, yes, I would like that.” I grin up as we stop right in front of Luke and Ashton, who are laughing at my expense. I didn’t mind the slightest bit.

anonymous asked:

Jay park drabble where your own tour with Jay and the aomg crew teases you about the hickeys Jay gave you

This turned out longer than I expected it to be, but here, hope you like it ! ^^

“Babe did you see that black pullover I was wearing yesterday?” Jay asks from the bedroom. “I could’ve sworn I left it on the chair…”

“I…hung it…in the cupboard,” You mumbled to yourself, each word coming out as a slow reply with every stroke of concealer you applied on your neck.

It had been a super rushed morning, both Jay and you oversleeping by more than half an hour which landed the both of you in a scrambling mess to get down for breakfast with the AOMG crew.

AOMG was on tour with the rest of the Show Me The Money cast in New York and it wouldn’t be at least a month before Jay would be back thus he suggested you tag along with him since you had leftover leaves to clear from work anyway. Despite it being sort of a business trip, there was more than enough time in between to squeeze in a handful of dates together so he thought, why not? Besides, it was a great opportunity for the both of you to travel overseas together – something both of you wanted to try for a while now – away from the scrutiny of tabloids and media.

“It’s not in there,” Jay said, sticking his head into the bathroom.

You sighed, a troubled look on your face as you replied him without even bothering to even look at him, “Then just wear another one, you can look for it again when we get back…we’re just going down for breakfast anyways…”

For a while he stood there, observing what you were doing and wondering why your make up was taking longer than usual and he couldn’t help but laugh the moment he realised what you were doing.

“Man that was some really good loving you got last night,” He said with a mischievous grin, walking up behind you.

“That’s very helpful of you,” You said sarcastically, moving on to the next spot on your neck.

Yes, you were covering up hickeys that he had left on your neck from some, well, night activity the both of you had last night. Sure you knew he’d leave some, but you didn’t realise how dark they were until you stepped into the bathroom and saw your reflection this morning.

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on your shoulder as he stared at the reflection of both of you in the mirror, “They look cute though.”

You let out a sigh for the nth time, putting down your make up brush on the counter and turned to him, “Jay…we’re already late and I’d appreciate if you could-“

“Okay, okay, I’ll help you with it don’t worry,” He interrupted, amused, before you could even finish your sentence.

But before you knew it, he held you even closer to him, stealing one more kiss on your neck before dashing out of the bathroom, his laughter echoing throughout the room.

“Jay!!!!!!” You whined. “God, you’re so dead once I’m done with this!”

You usually wouldn’t mind or care too much about it, but this time you were the only girl travelling with a group of guys and the thought of a whole bunch of grown men (who’d obviously recognise the crimson spots) staring at your neck was making you paranoid. Yeah, you knew they were his close friends, and they knew the both of you had been dating for a long time, but still… Furthermore, Jay and you weren’t the kind to show affection in public. He’s always been pretty chill in front of them, not explicitly rubbing your relationship in their faces, but definitely a complete sweetheart when it’s time to play the role of your boyfriend. However, he still preferred keeping the part about holding hands, hugging and kissing between the privacy of just the two of you.

Eventually, the both of you decided to just cover up the more obvious ones and be more careful about the others below your ear, covering them with your hair.

“Good morning!” He greets them with a sheepish smile as he pulls out a chair for you. “Sorry for oversleeping, we forgot to set alarms.”

“Nah, its fine,” They assured the couple, gesturing for them to go check out the buffet breakfast spread as they had already started eating.

The two then went around filling up their plates before joining the rest of the crew again at the table, engaging in a chill discussion on their plans for the day since they had some free time in the noon before the concert at night. Despite it being morning, there was never a moment without laughter in the crew as jokes were shared and the boys holding up their phones in each other’s faces, trying to capture all the unglamorous moments on snapchat and it didn’t take long for the worries from this morning to disappear, the both of you completely enjoying your time at breakfast.

However, it came to a point where you had completely forgotten about it, your hand tucking your hair behind your ear as you were starting to get annoyed from how it was getting in the way and the boys started to notice one by one, using subtle eye signals to turn one another’s attention to the hickeys on your neck.

SO,” Ugly Duck started, trying his best to hide his smirk, “Why did you guys oversleep again?”

Jay looked up at them, puzzled by the sudden change in conversation topic.

“I think I heard a workout going on…despite being one level below you guys,” Gray added, the boys unable to hold back their laughter by now.

It was then when Jay caught on, his hand immediately reaching out towards your hair to cover the exposed hickeys below your ear.

Everyone was smirking right now, the guys exchanging knowing looks and raising their eyebrows at Jay, “You could’ve gone a little more easy on her, sajangnim.

Your cheeks turned a deep red, heating up from embarrassment and you kept your eyes on your food, too embarrassed to respond. Under the table you started tugging on Jay’s fingers as a way to ask him for help, and he gave you a little squeeze trying to calm you down.

“Ya…knock it off already,” Jay told them as he stole a glance at you…man he wasn’t even able to hide his flustered expression.

“I’ll-um…go get a drink…!” You said, standing up and walking away in a hurry.

As soon as you left the table, Jay shot a warning look at them, “Guys…what was that for?”

“Sorry man, just thought it’d be cute to tease you guys for a bit…heck, we haven’t even seen you guys kiss for as long as you guys have been dating!” One of them whined. “We were just getting a bit curious since it was so open for us to see anyways.”

Jay paused for a while, but after a brief moment of silence, he said with a smirk, “Of course I do a good jobI always do.

Then, the guys cheered loud ‘WOAH’s and ‘DAYUM’s, causing a huge uproar at the table, until Jay spotted you walking back from a distance, “Okay, okay, keep it down… I don’t want this to be the last time she’s tagging along for a tour hahaha.”

“A’ight, got it,” Loco said with a grin on his face.

Jay shook his head, “Gee, maybe I should change the terms in all your contracts, stating that you guys have to bring your girlfriends along too, then I probably won’t be the only one you guys would be ganging up against…”

Getting It Right

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,131

Request: Can you do an imagine or a one shot where the reader is plus sized and Dean tells her she is beautiful but with some angst and a lot of fluff? please and thank you :)

And: May I get a Dean story where the reader is a chubby? She has to deal with Dean constantly flirting with girls in front of her so she just kinda gives up and spends most of the time in the room with minimal interactions with him. Please 😚😙

And: Could you maybe do one where the reader is trying hard to get fit/healthy for one of the guys to notice her, but nothing seems to work? She’s eating healthy, and spends most of her free time working out- to the point that she ends up sick/injured? She gets down because she doesn’t think that she’s cut out for hunting, or either of them?

Warning: Negative body image, little bit of self hate, language

A/N: Knocking out 3 requests in 1 fic! Holy cow, this one really got away from me. Anyways, just wanna say that y’all are all amazing and beautiful and capable the way you are <3 You go ahead and eat those fries or run that mile, you do you :)

Your name: submit What is this?

The morning sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, waking the birds and sending them in to song, warming the earth and casting a golden light over the land. And it would have been a beautiful morning – one that you’d be more than happy to share with a certain hunter – but it was completely ruined by the sound of your labored breathing and the slow burning fire running through your entire body.

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My first kiss went a little like this (Lin x fem!Reader)

A/N: I’M BACK! After removing myself from technology and reading about a billion books I’m finally out of my writers block and will be hitting the computer and EVEN GIVING YOU A NEW FIC YOU LUCKY LOT! So without futher a do:

Ibethwritesimagines asked: Can you do a Lin Manuel x Female reader where it’s her first day of acting as Eliza in the play and she’s gets nervous when the kissing scene comes up and Lin whispers something calmly in her ear likes it’s going to be okay or something. So she trusts him and they share a kiss and after the show Lin asks the reader out. Thanks! Btw can you tag me? (IDK how to tag people so I hyperlinked you idkk is that tagging okay idkk?)

Oh no. Oh, nononono. Oh, dear God. You held the script in your shaking hands, re-reading the words over and over again:


You, a human being, had a crush on Lin-Manuel Miranda, like the rest of the world. And you, a human being, had just been cast opposite him in the most wanted role in the world, right now. Eliza Hamilton.

Clutching your coffee a little tighter, you dangled your legs off the end of the stage. This helped to calm you, until Lin came and sat next to you.

Look at his perfect eyes and his perfect hair, and his perfect eyebrowsandfaceandcheekbonesandsmileandlipsandbodyandwaithe’slookingatyouandhe’stalkingtoyoustopomgchilloutbrainwork.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked, a soft smile erupting from his lips.

“Mhmm.” You completely forgot you had steaming hot coffee in your mouth as it dribbled down your chin, “Shit. Shit.”

“Uhm, so anyways,” Lin laughed it off, making you feel more at ease, “I see you read we have to kiss.”

“Ah, yes, slight problem, though,” You looked at his concerned face, “I-I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

Letting out a little laugh, you began to do what you wish you hadn’t; you talked.

“I mean, I’ve never kissed a human being before- but I haven’t kissed anything else, like I don’t kiss other things, okay I kissed a frog once it was an accident I watched Princess and The Frog and thought, oh well that must be legit,” – stop talking ohmygod stop talking right now, Y/N-“And, I ended up with salmonella, BUT I DON’T HAVE IT NOW, DON’T WORRY, but I’ve never kissed anything, except a frog, but it was years ago you won’t get anything.”

Lin was in complete and utter silence.

“Cool story.” Was all he could say, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” He rested his hand on top of yours, and pulled you up, to which you gladly obliged, before turning to ask you something, “Actually, doesn’t matter.”

Lin began to talk to Groff, leaving you, yet again, panicking over what to do.

The day eventually came, you were looking forward to performing, and The Schyuler Sisters went really well; the audience clapped and cheered. Renee noticed something was up, though, because she came and sat by you, putting her arm around you.

“What’s wrong?” Renee’s voice was warm and kind.

“I really like Lin, and I’m scared of kissing him.” Renee was someone who you could tell anything to, she wasn’t a gossip so she wouldn’t tell anyone.

“Don’t worry; you’ll be fine, besides it’s my song straight after it!” Renee joked, pulling you in for a hug.

The first few bars of Helpless played, just breathe, (breeeeeeeeeeeaaaathe, this is my street I smile at the fa-) sing your song, smile. Oh look, the audience is singing along, and there he is. Mr Perfect swaggering onto the stage.

“Oh look at those eyes.” Damn right, those eyes were gorgeous.

He came closer to you, noticing the panic in your eyes, and whispered low whilst the chorus danced, “You’re going to be okay. I’m way more nervous than you are.” What was that supposed to mean?

But then his lips were on yours and you couldn’t breathe. Suddenly sparks flew, pushing deeper and deeper into the kiss, Lin holding your hips and savouring every moment. You both felt it, that feeling, that rush of air, it wasn’t just a kiss. It was something more, it was something else.

Your lips parted and Lin couldn’t break the gaze with you, looking at you with wide eyes, like he needed more. He needed to kiss you. Again and again.

Soon the show was over, you were helping to pack everything away, laughing with some of the crew. That was when he came over to you.

“Hi!” It was cheerful, unlike the nervous one earlier in the day.

“Hey!” He grabbed a lead from you and put it to the side, pulling you to sit beside him on the steps, “I need to talk to you about something.”

You looked at him concerned, “No, no everything’s fine. In fact it’s amazing,” flashing his cheeky grin, he bit his lip when he looked up at you, “I’m really falling for you.”


You collapsed on the step beside him, clumsily falling a bit. Both sharing the same expression of ‘oh my goodness’, you looked at him and kissed him. This was the real thing, and you wanted this a whole lot more.

“I trusted you when you said you were more nervous than me, I trusted that those words meant something, and they do don’t they? Please say it, say it so I can because I’m terrified of saying them.”

“I love you.” You both said at the same time.

Lin placed his forehead on yours and you looked into each others eyes, suddenly the world didn’t matter. It was good. And right. He was yours and you were his.

Alexander and Eliza.

Selection/ Hamilton crossover

Alright so recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the selection/ Hamilton crossover thing that seems to come up a lot (does everyone in the selection fandom love it? I feel like they do) so I have compiled a list of characters mashups.

Disclaimer: These are based on my opinions and character traits, so the schuyler sisters are not related and genders are not taken into consideration while casting.

Alexander Hamilton- Obviously America Singer, and here’s why: constantly forks up, still precious and loved, tries to do good- ends up doing bad, star of the show. (ex: How does a Singer, red head, 5, and a poor girl, get into the selection for a princes heart? [to the tune of ‘Alexander Hamilton’] there’s a reason I’m not writing musicals lol)

Eliza Schuyler/ Hamilton- Maxon Schreave: is too pure, doesn’t deserve the stuff they put up with- especially from their partner, gets betrayed by lover but forgives them, beautiful. (ex: Do you know what my father said when I told him I was in love? He said I do not approve of her, she will never be a one. [to the tune of ‘Burn’] seriously I’m sorry I’m so bad at writing these crossover things, I should just leave it to people like @prince-consort-erik)

Angelica Schuyler/ Church- Marlee Tames: so good, doesn’t end up with the guy she originally wanted, such a good friend, strong af, willing to do anything for loved ones. (ex: I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days. I remember the dancing and good times and smiles on everyone’s face. I remember that dreamlike ballroom, looking like a dream that you cant quite place. But Carter I’ll never forget seeing your face. [to the tune of ‘Satisfied’])

And Peggy- Natalie Luca: totally forgotten after awhile, vry nice, not much to say about either of them? (ex. Natalie confides in me ['Helpless’] sorry peggy doesn’t give me a lot to work with in this one)

John Laurens- Aspen Leger: in love with ham/ ames, soldier, idk I don’t have much reason for this one. (ex. Me? I fought with her. ['Alexander Hamilton’])

Marquis de Lafayette- Princess Nicoletta: European, everyones fav, both beautiful, amazing people, always trying to help our star, besites with ham/ ames, fun drunk. (ex. Give it up for Illea’s favorite Italian Princess! Nicoletta, I’m taking this horse by the reigns, gonna help America win ['Guns and Ships’] I’m actually sorta proud of this one lol) 

Hercules Mulligan- Elise Whisk: is around because of connections, actually an amazing person, not much to say here either it just seems right. (ex. We need someone on the inside that’s right Elise Whisks! gonna create a peace treaty with new asia and win the selection, then shes done. ['Yorktown’] I know I know this was horrible)

Aaron Burr- Kriss Ambers: does something bad, actually an ok person, fandom has mixed feelings about them, some hate them (me honestly), some love them. (ex. Even though we worked like the very same kind, soon the Southern Rebels began to climb. How do we account for the rise, man this group is non stop. ['Non-Stop’] OR It must be nice, it must be nice, to have Maxons heart secured. [Washington on your side’])

George Washington- Queen Amberely Schreave: so good, helps make good decision, fights for good, too pure, doing their absolute best for the people they care about, defends lee/ Clarkson even though they don’t deserve it. (ex. Can I be real a second, for just a millisecond, let my guard down and tell you girls how I feel a second. Now I’m a queen and a role model for a country full, I love my husband but he can be quite distant, you know? ['Right hand man’] god I love her)

Miss Maria Reynolds- Celeste Newsome: seductive and beautiful, actually just a victim in their situation, super great person forced to play a role, please don’t hold my babies accountable for their mistakes. (ex. My parents doin me wrong, tellin me, saying to me, everything that I have to be ['Say no to this’])

Charles Lee- King Clarkson: given power- shouldn’t have power, gets shot, stupid, idiot, idk just bad at their jobs. (ex. I’m a King WEEEE! ['Stay Alive’])

Samuel Seabury- August Illea: just wants people to listen to their opinion, honestly that’s it, I don’t have much which is what I say on every single one. (ex. Hear ye hear ye! My name is August Illea and I present “Free thoughts on the proceedings of the caste system”  ['Farmer Refuted’])

Thomas Jefferson- Queen Daphne of France: likes France, generally not liked in fandom, idk I needed someone and couldn’t think of anyone but her, it seems to fit ok (someone fill in an example for me, I’ve been doing this all night and cant think of a good one.)

Phillip Hamilton- Eadlyn Schreave: kid of eliza/ maxon and ham/ ames, does stupid thing but overall is pure, acts on impulse. (ex. The suitors say that’s about where the resemblances stop, I’m only 18 but my mind is older. Gotta be my own person, like my mother but bolder ['Blow us all Away’])

That’s all I’ve got people, I couldn’t figure out where King George the third fit in (he also seems like Aspen aka the bitter ex lover, except I like John Lauren better, idk tell me what fits better) and I couldn’t decide who James Madison would be. I was grasping at straws on some of these *cough Jeff/ Daphne cough* anyways I’d love to know your thoughts on this, what you agree or disagree on, feel free to add your changes/ opinions.

Also I’m gonna tag some people who I think would enjoy this list @eccentricbooks @theheirofillea @the-selection-bitch

The Blog - Part 1

Request: Three of my favourite things are your incredible talent for writing angst, comical romantic misunderstandings and jealous!sam. Do you think you could combine these three things? Sam would never read someone’s diary, but what about a plot where he accidentally stumbles upon the reader’s totally public blog and reads endless posts about this guy she’s into, not that she ever names him. Jealousy ensues. But surprise! The guy is actually Sam and then fluff happens. Or smut. Or both. I’m flexible.

Sam x Reader

Triggers: None

Word Count: 4098

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Read part 2 here



When Sam first stumbled upon your blog a week or so back he’d been happy. N-not that he was a stalker or anything. God no. It wasn’t anything creepy or weird like that. He’d just been happy he had the chance to learn more about the woman he loved. Which probably wouldn’t convince anyone he wasn’t some creepy stalker. But really, if it was you he just wanted to know everything. He loved you so much that even the smallest discovery was groundbreaking news to him, committing it all to memory easily.

He’d started back at the first post. Moving through your experiences along with you and falling a little more for you with every quirky, cute post. You didn’t write about hunting or anything. Sure from time to time you’d mention some herbs or a spell, but no more than what would make people think you were a hobby Wiccan of some sort. No, instead you just talked about your life, your friends, your dreams and aspirations, just all the little pieces that made you, well, you.

Sam liked reading about your past before him, learning things about you he didn’t know. It was as if he had been blessed with a chance to meet you and fall in love with you much earlier. Like he’d been gifted with even more time to love you, both in the past, present and future.

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Sebastian Stan Request

Will you do a Sebastian Stan imagine for me where we have been dating for two weeks and we are co stars in the marvel films and we are flirting all day then we do an interview and all the fans ask questions and they realize we are dating and everyone freaks out in good and bad ways! My name is savanna and thanks love!💗

You and Sebastian walked behind the stage holding hands. “Still in the honeymoon phase,” Robert joked with you two. “You two have been attached to the hip all day.”

“Nah, that ended after the second date,” you poked back.

“Ouch, I’m hurt,” Sebastian put his other hand over his heart like he was hurt.

“Hey, excuse me guys, you’re on in 3,” a woman in a headset came by and told you and the rest of the cast. The whole cast lined up and walked on stage as their names were called

“Jeremy Renner…Elizabeth Olsen….Robert Downy Jr…. Chris Evans…Y/N Y/L/N…Sebastian Stan…Scarlett Johansson…and Paul Bettnay,” you were all welcomed and took your seats on stage.

After showing the blooper reel from Civil War the floor was opened up for questions.

“Hey, I’m Alyssa,” she said asking the first question, “and I was wondering if there was any tension between you guys since you were dived on teams for this movie.”

“Oh, good question,” Elizabeth said to herself as Chris scooted forward towards his mic.

“I don’t think I’d say there was a tension,” Chris chuckled, “but there was definitely some extra jokes and mocking because of it. Like, if we were filming a scene, and Paul were to mess up a line everyone on Team Cap would kind of jump on them and be like “Bet if you were on the right team you’d know your lines better.” Just little stuff like that,” he grinned.

“Hey,” a new person got the mic, “I was wondering if any of you had people you rehearsed your lines with all the time while you’re on set.”

“I did most of my rehearsing with Elizabeth because we had a good amount of our scenes together,” Paul said.

“I think the rest of us mostly ran scenes together if we were in them together or rehearsed alone,” Robert said.

“Except for Y/N and Sebastian. I think they did every scene together,” Jeremy poked a joke that really only your cast mates got.

“Because we’re always together anyway so why not,” Sebastian brushed off jokingly.

Another person stood up, “Sebastian, you said you and Y/N are always together. What do you guys, and other cast members that are always together, do?”

You took this one. “Sebastian and I usually go out to eat or stay in and watch movies and Game of Thrones together,” you admitted. “I know if anyone hangs out with Elizabeth that means they’re eating and probably shopping,” the cast laughed.

“I do love to eat,” Elizabeth admitted.

You and Sebastian were smiling and gazing at each other when the next person stood up and asked their question. “Sebastian, there’s been a lot of photos of you and Y/N hanging out. Is it true that you took her under your wing in this movie and you two are best friends now?”

“Ugh,” he drawed out, “I wouldn’t say I took her under my wing. She was a great actress before she joined the Civil War cast and it was awesome getting to meet her and watch her do her thing. And, ugh, yeah I’d say she and I are like best friends,” he grinned as he looked at you. Your cast mates shared a knowing smile with each other and, although you weren’t looking at them, the audience looked around at each other wondering if what they were picking up was true.

Finally a brave soul stood up and got the mic. “Y/N, Sebastian,” they timidly said. “Are you two dating?”

You looked back at Sebastian and saw his questionable grin. “Ugh, yeah,” he finally said and nodded his head and the crowd erupted.

That night you were brushing your teeth before bed when you heard a knock on your door. You looked through the peephole and saw Sebastian’s shaggy hair hanging over his face on the other side. “Come on in,” you tried to say with your toothbrush in your mouth.

He sat on your bed and continued to look at his phone. “Have you been online since we left the panel?”

“No why?” You finished in the bathroom and took a seat next to him. He passed you his phone which was opened on his tagged instagram photos. “Sebastian and Y/N made it official at ‘Con today and I am dead.” “Y/N landed Sebastian Stan and that makes me look up to her even more.” “Sebastian Stan: speaks many languages, film star, and gets to date Y/N Y/L/N. Goals.” “Two people like Sebastian and Y/N should not be allowed to date; it’s just not fair.”

“Overall it looks like we’re the hottest couple now,” he grinned.

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Hmmm... maybe a fun drunk! Molly/Sherlock/both that leads to a night of texting...or sexting. Lol it's up to you. I just think drunk text convo would be hilarious between them. Also....I FRAKKING LOVE YOU! 😍💖💛💚💙💜❤

THANKKKK UUUU, Also don’t beat me when you read this :-* Yes, yes, keep your children and people who get squeaked out away, slightly unsafe work, well, maybe not, we’ll see ;) ;) 

Mascara still clung to her lashes from what she could glimpse from the brief trip to the loo. She’d used a cleansing wipe, but perhaps, not with her most steady hand, tossing it aside like a ball aiming for the bin but hitting the tiles. She wasn’t that pissed, even if a giggle did slip out on the way to her bed, which she more or less flopped upon, squirming about until she was under the thin summer duvet, relishing the feel of the soft cotton, her eyes drifting shut despite the mild thrill throbbing underneath her skin. It was that very moment when she was slowly surrendering to the persuasive concept of sleep that a loud chime took place.

Her eyes flashed open and she stared at the mobile screen that cast light upon the ceiling. Could it be? Nooo. No? Was it him? They’d both been at Mary and John’s, both had drunk and briefly spoken, normally, more or less (except that brief interlude when his fingers had been resting on the pulse on her wrist, murmuring everything into her ear). 

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5x07 meta

First of all, UM, WOW. Like what a fucking amazing episode. Honestly one of the best on the show—in my top ten, hands down—especially in terms of just the writing itself. Jane moved a lot of material in 42 minutes, and sold it all perfectly. 

I rarely recommend anyone touching fandom twitter with a ten foot pole, but really, I’d say we should all send Jane a tweet saying how much we love her episodes. Like. Honestly, anything in her hands is perfect. 

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“I think it’s cute.”

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Request: Can you please do a Sebastian Stan x reader where the reader is short. He post a pic of them too side by side and his fan say something about the height different. @avengers269

Word Count: 777 (sorry its short)

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this, the picture wouldn’t exactly be ‘side by side’ but it still gets the message going. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Sebastian leant down to kiss you, his soft lips colliding with yours for just a second. You still had to go on your tip toes, however. You were much shorter than him, he called it cute, but you disagreed.

“It’s hard work having to go on my tip toes to kiss you, Seba.” You complained after you parted.

“I doubt that. I think it’s cute anyway.” He smiled before pressing another kiss to your forehead, still leaning down slightly. Sebastian grabbed your hand before walking you through the door.

You were going to some event, something to do with Civil War and the fact that the press tour was over. You weren’t paying much attention when Sebastian told you, too busy drooling over how good he looked in his suit.

“Will there be free food?” You asked beforehand when he told you.

“Of course, there will, [Y/N]. I wouldn’t take you to an event without free food.

Walking through the door, you recognised most people. The cast, obviously, Chris Evans, Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, etc. Knowing Sebastian for the years that you have meant that you had become good friends with his fellow cast members, which was always great fun seeing as you weren’t involved in the media industry in any way.

You saw Scarlett beckoning you two over to their table, drink in hand. “You two always look so adorable, I’m jealous.” She said, grabbing another drink from the middle of the table and handing it to you.

You spent most of the evening at the table chatting with the others, talking about how relieved they were that press was over and how it’s going to be good to have a few months off. Most of the time you just nodded your head, not having much to say since you didn’t relate. Your only problem was getting stopped in the street by screaming fangirls, “Oh my God! You’re Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend.” That’s all you were known for, but you didn’t mind.

A slow song came on, and the people that were dancing on the dance floor moved off. Others got up with their partners. You knew what was coming next, Sebastian always dragged you up for the slow songs no matter how much you told him you don’t and can’t dance. He grabbed your hand that you had resting on the table, standing up and tugging.

“No, Seb.” You whined, but he whisked you up anyway, leading you to the floor. “I can’t dance.” You looked down at your feet, even in heels you were still shorter than him.

“Hey,” he lifted your chin with his hand, “We’ve done this before. Just follow my lead.” Sebastian kissed you once more with his soft lips before pulling you into position, one hand on your waist, the other clasping your hand to the side. You swayed along to the music, finally getting the hang of it. You rested your head on his chest, feeling the slow beat of his heart against you and the slow rise and fall of his chest.

“They’re really sweet together,” Chris said to Scarlett, smiling at the two of you. “I’m going to take a picture.”

He sent it to Sebastian. You felt his phone vibrate, but he didn’t check it. Instead, he just rested his chin against the top of your head.

When the song was over, he kept his hand intertwined with yours, walking back to the table.

“I took a picture of you, I sent it to you, thought It was cute,” Chris said to both Sebastian and you, nudging Sebastian with his elbow.

Taking out his phone, Sebastian checked the photo. He smiled at it, showing it to you next.

“God, I look even shorter than usual.” You cringed. “It is cute, though. You’re right, Chris.”

“I’m putting it on Instagram,” Sebastian said, within seconds it was up on the internet for everyone to see.

You went back to your hotel with Sebastian when it started getting late. On the taxi ride there, you decided to check your phone. It was still going off from all of the notifications. Sebastian checked his too, smiling as he read through the comments.

“Oh my gosh, [Y/N] is so short, they’re so cute,” “That’s so adorable, the height difference is the best!” and many others like them filled the comments section. You blushed.

“See, even my fans think it’s cute.” He swung his arm around you, letting you lean against him.

You rolled your eyes, “I guess it’s a million to one then.” You leaned up to kiss his stubbly jaw before settling back into the position you were in before.

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So I got this extremely huge box in the mail yesterday like really big, almost the size of this chair here.

And it is completely filled with Hamtaro stuff! My fiance, @andreham bought a bunch of Hamtaro merch from a Japanese eBay and he also told me to take a bunch of pics. I would have done it anyways. x3c Um… anyways let’s get going.

First up are several large plushies of Hamtaro with a donut, a plushie Bijou head which has that really nice fluffy minky material I believe it’s called. And another Bijou similar to the ones we got here in the states, though a better quality since it’s from Japan and all.

Next are a bunch of medium plushies, the kinds that could fit in your hand. A standard Hamtaro it came without a tag. A plushie of Gu-chan from Mini Hamuzu and it’s from the Captive Princess wave of Mini Hamuzu plushies. A sleepy Penelope plushie and a twofer of closed eyes Hamtaro and Bijou. They have tags on them with Championi, Okini, Oshare. Broski, Magical and Mystery on them so I assume they have plushies in that set too.

Now we have little itty bitty plushies that I need to find good space for because I feel these go on your phones as plushie keychains they’re so tiny. Anyways there’s a hammie holding a seed line and I assume that Pashmina would be in there due to tags and stuff. There’s also a Hamtaro with a strawberry and I assume there’s one of Bijou as well. And there’s a Hamtaro with a much lighter color scheme, his orange fur is more of a golden color and his eyes are a light brown.

Now to move on to the ones in boxes. This is a board game collection that has several different boards and pieces. I’m not sure what games are in here besides Mahjong and a weird Chutes and Ladders game from the box art.

A stamp house with stamps. I’m not sure where to get ink though if the ink went bad.

One of those trace reflectors? I remember seeing those TV offers for one of these things but this is a whole lot better ‘cause it’s Hamtaro and stuff. But yeah it has like… a little reflector on the side and it mirrors what you put on one side and then you can trace it and stuff.

A label/sticker maker. I’m a little hesitant to use because I’d probably run out of Hamtaro stuff. x3c

Now moving onto some of the smaller things. I got a whole lot of Hamtaro cards. Both the regular trading cards and E-cards. Here are a few E-cards of interest, Captain Choo a hammie that I’ve honestly never heard of before, Haibi from the second OVA and Harmony and Spat because everyone loves them so much! Please note that they have the English names faded in on the Japanese text. They also have birthdays on the text below the picture so Captain Choo’s is May 5th while Haibi here has July 5th. Spat and Harmony much like Hamstarr in Ham Ham Games have unknown birthdays. 

The E-cards unlocked little mini games if you scanned them in. I got four of these packs and will be putting up more info when I find new info.

And here are the rest of the unopened packs. I’ll open them later.

This is how big the trading card stack is and I also got a few cards not in the trading card stack and I’ll show them.

Here are the backs of some regular cards please note one of my favorites of the extra hammies Hamstarr is on the back along with the Mini Hamuzu. You would not believe the screeching noises I made when I saw the Mini Hamuzu card because holy shit I love them they’re adorable. The Mini Hamuzu card was included in the Adventures in Ham Ham Land movie book.

I got three of these McDonalds cards I’m not sure what they’re used for but hey they’re really cute!

And I also got a scanner card that was released when a card scanner came out around the Hamha Tree arc came about. Not sure what it does but it’s cute. And a card from the fifth series of the Hamtaro trading card game just because Bijou’s wearing a bikini and it’s hilarious. I got more of the series 4/5 cards as well as some of the regular cards as well. What’s weird is that I didn’t get one of those sparkly story cards with a Ham Ham on it. .3.

A book of the first Hamtaro movie, Adventures in Ham-Ham Land which includes a bunch of screens from the movie, the plot, the characters, a fold out map of Ham Ham Land, and pictures of the Hamtaro vocal cast which includes all the main Hammies plus Laura. It’s really neat, hopefully I can scan this in soon because dang it’s great!!! 

Jorge told me this is a wall decoration like a wall fan. I’m gonna keep them sealed until I find a place to put them. They’re promos for the Ham Ham Games. Not sure for the actual game itself or for the OVA.

Finally a large box of DVDs! These are from the Paridichu arc from episode 194 where we meet Lapis and Lazuli to episode 296 where Oxnard and Pepper get married and the series finale. These essentially were from a Japanese video rental store and I’m guessing those are out of business these days so now I own them. We don’t have a region free DVD player but I assume they’ll work on a computer just fine! 

Anyways that’s what I got for Valentine’s Day. I never really get this much except on Xmas and stuff but dang yo, this is really great. Thank’s Jorge. ;3;

It Only Matters | ONE SHOT ft. Sehun

Anonymous asked: A scenario with sehun pls where he is a playboy at high school but you really hate him because he always annoys and you two end up locked in the classroom ♡♡♡ thnx

“We’re never going to get this done”

You sat cross legged in the messy classroom as you helped to paint the stage props for the school’s yearly musical. A lot of your friends were in the actual cast for the show, whereas you opted to work behind the scenes.

Staying back after school with your chums was great fun though- except when Sehun would cling onto you and made sure that you were annoyed by his very presence.

Sehun could’ve been hanging out, or even annoying any other girl from your circle of friends or any girl from your class, but no, he wanted to annoy the crap out of you.

“You know, if you asked me nicely, I could help you” Sehun teased as he lay across a row of tables, staring blankly at the roof of the classroom. His friend, Jongin copied suit as he lay across the row behind him. What they were doing at school after hours was bewildering. 

“Maybe I don’t want your help” You sneered, painting another coat of white on the balcony prop, “Seriously Sehun, why don’t you go home or go eat or something? I can get this all painted without you and your unnecessary chatter”

“Speaking of eating” He raised an eyebrow and you hated when he did that because that always meant that he was planning something in that head of his, “Jongin, can you buy me some fish balls? you know, the ones from the aunty across the road?”

Jongin sighed, seeming too comfortable in his resting position to have to get up. But Sehun was the supposed leader in their little posse, so he couldn’t refuse.


With the only other person besides Sehun leaving the room, an awkward tension was forming. 

“You’re so mean to your own friend” You made conversation, continuing to paint the props, “Why don’t you get off your butt and buy your own food?”

Sehun jumped up from the tables and made his way to the door of the classroom and slowly shut it close. Sporting a flirty look on his face, Sehun gazed directly at you.

“Maybe I needed an excuse just to get to talk to you… alone”

You rolled your eyes. Such a typical Sehun answer. You were sure that he used the line on many other girls, so it wasn’t going to work on you.

“And how many other girls have you used that line on?” You placed down the paintbrush and reached for your water bottle, “Sehun, I know you. And you’re a playboy”

“Rumours!” He joked, joining you on the ground, “And you believe that?”


“That I’m some sort of playboy?” 

Now that you thought about it, you only ever heard about Sehun being a player from friends and classmates. Sure, he was annoying but he never tried his tricks on you before, till now.

“You look the part” You admitted shamelessly, before taking a sip of water, “Anyway, what does it matter of what I think about you?”

“It only matters…. “ Sehun leant in towards you, and you knew his lips would be drawing towards yours, “Because I like you”

With only seconds to decided whether to let him kiss you or not; you reached for the paintbrush just besides you and dabbed a dot of white paint onto Sehun’s nose.

“Hey!!!” He immediately drew back, unbelieving of what you just did, “Here I am trying to be romantic and you go and paint my nose!”

“Romantic? Really?” You scoffed and you were amused by his look of offence, “You have a terrible idea of being romantic”

Sehun grinned as his hands drifted towards yours, instantly grabbing the paintbrush and returned the favour with a stroke of white paint on your face.

“Excuse you!” 

You had no other choice but to tackle him for the brush but with every attempt to grab it off of him, more paint got onto your arms, face and uniform- and it was the same situation with him.

Within moments, the two of you were covered with strokes of paint all of your clothes, face and body. Each of you couldn’t help but laugh; it was strange to have an actual happy moment in the presence of Oh Sehun.

Using the last of your strength you tried to grab the brush once more but Sehun tugged his arm back; leaving you no other option but to let gravity drop you into his embrace.

“Well, would you look at that” He comfortably wrapped an arm around you; not in a flirtatious or move making manner, more in a caring way. All of which was something different from him and what you thought about Sehun. 

“I’ve got you in my arms….”

yay for a scenario~~~~ somewhat inspired by high school days LOL. its a good feeling to post a scenario after a while :3

thanks a bunch for requesting and reading!!! Please don’t forget to hit like / reblog / message / comment in the tags ! I appreciate it all so very much~

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what would you say to someone looking to be convinced into watching farscape? I think I've tried the first episode twice and I can't remember whether I even finished it, I couldn't get past the muppets, couldn't relate to that level of weird. plus romances, for me, are a perk rather than a clincher, and it seems like people mainly just talk about how great and realistic john/aeryn is. which is great, don't get me wrong, it's just not enough to get me over the muppet factor.

Well, for me, the Muppets are a bonus, not something to get over. ;-) And some of the prosthetics and creatures designed by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop are nothing short of breathtaking.

(That crustacean-looking thing is Pilot. He will make you cry, and you will wonder what has become of your life that you are capable of shedding actual tears over a giant crustacean Muppet.)

Farscape definitely has some cheesiness, especially in the first season, that a lot of 90s sci-fi shows had. And the first half of S1 is rather uneven. I think most people agree that the series really picks up at “A Human Reaction” in mid-S1 and gets better and better from there.

John Crichton is one of my all-time favorite characters because from the very first episode, he’s clearly totally in over his head, which is so realistic. I mean, if you got sucked through a wormhole to the other side of the universe and thrown onto a ship full of alien outlaws, wouldn’t you be floundering?

Even though on earth Crichton is an astronaut and a genius scientist, once he’s stuck on this spaceship–a living spaceship–all his expertise and knowledge are pretty useless. He’s constantly fucking up and doing and saying the wrong things. This is the HERO and everyone else is basically patting him on the head and rolling their eyes at him from the very first episode because he keeps thinking he knows what’s going on but he clearly does not. He gets better, and he learns, slowly and with lots of screwups along the way, but he’s like a living inverted trope and it’s amazing. Also, he’s a walking pop culture reference, and none of the aliens he lives with have a clue what he’s talking about half the time, and he doesn’t really care. Oh, and he apparently slowly loses his mind over the course of a season, and then spends most of the rest of the show pretty clearly suffering from PTSD but kicking ass anyway. Or at least holding Aeryn Sun’s flower for her while she kicks ass (◡‿◡✿)

John and Aeryn’s relationship is definitely wonderful, and Ben Browder and Claudia Black’s chemistry is delightful. (My tag for them is everyone’s OTP.) But there are so many fantastic relationships among the characters on the show: friendship and romance and love, enemies and reluctant allies, parent and child, family and found family. Plus politics and religion and sex and philosophy.

My favorite meta about the relationships on Farscape is from she-was-a-rose‘s tags on this gifset of John Crichton and Chiana, a young pansexual Nebari woman who is part of Moya’s crew:

#and you think this is the ship #because this kind of strong love between male and female characters #seems as if it should always be romantic #ohh honey let me EXPLAIN YOU A THING #FARSCAPE #TAKES ALL YOUR ROMANTIC NOTIONS #CRUSHES THEM #TURNS THEM INTO STARDUST #MIXES THAT DUST WITH LSD AND THE OUTER SPACE EQUIVALENT OF SPECIAL BROWNIES #AND FLINGS IT INTO NEW INSANE CONSTELLATIONS OF LOVE AND TRUST AND FRIENDSHIP #AND ALSO SEX #um #did i mention the sex? #whenever it happens i’m just like #SEX! *flings arms up in exasperation and drama* in SPACE!!!!! #farscape #like disney on acid #welcome to our universe #strap in #it’s gonna be a riiide (<3)

All the characters on Farscape are crazy complex, and enemies keep turning into allies, even the ones you think could NEVER be allies.

John and Aeryn’s relationship develops so realistically and believably–you know, for a relationship between a human and a Sebacean living on a Leviathan spaceship running from the law on the other side of the universe–and when they have problems there are real reasons for them, it’s not manufactured angst. And yes, it’s a romance, but it’s also a friendship, and a partnership, and learning to be more than you thought you could be. “You could be more” is a line John says to Aeryn in the first episode, and it’s a theme that echoes throughout the entire series, for Aeryn and John and everyone, really: breaking free from expectations and proscribed roles and finding out what you’re really made of, what you’re truly capable of.

SO MANY complex, layered female characters, good guys and bad guys alike.

INCLUDING THE LIVING SPACESHIP, whose name is Moya. You will love her, and she will break your heart.

(This photo isn’t even the half of it. There are at least three major female characters not in this photo, and another dozen secondary recurring characters, along with another couple dozen amazing one-shot characters. Farscape has SO MANY LADIES.)

Aliens who are ALIEN, who have non-human, non-Earthcentric values and motivations, who are mostly dismissive of a human from a planet called “Erp.”

There are definitely some moments when you have to be willing to overlook the cheesiness and the Muppets (we won’t talk about “Jeremiah Crichton” except to say, watch the DVD commentary if you can because the cast and crew know that episode was kind of awful and they spend the commentary hilariously breaking down all the reasons why it didn’t work), but if you can manage that, you’re rewarded with a smart, thoughtful, heart-breaking, trope-bending, goofy show full of amazing characters, in SPACE. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I hope this helps, Erin! Feel free to browse my watch Farscape tag for more reasons to watch this magnificent show.