the rest of the book was fantastic

Queenie Goldstein is so important.

Queenie Goldstein is the first female character I have seen that is both kick ass and shamelessly feminine.
I feel that in many movies and books with a female heroine, they are made to be hyper-masculine. The author or director spends a lot of time focusing on what makes her tougher than the rest: her ability to shoot, her incredible stamina, or her snarkiness towards authority and ability to “stick it to the man.” (Hunger Games, anyone?)
None of these things are bad things in the slightest, no, but these films and books tend to point fingers at femininity and show it as a sign of weakness which it most definitely is not!!
But look!!!!!!
Queenie Goldstein is the embodiment of all things feminine, domestic, sweet and soft spoken.
She is also a kick-ass, hardworking, indendent woman, and that’s fucking awesome.
On the surface, and this is probably because from a young age I was trained to make these assumptions about exceptionally feminine people, she seems very material. Provocative, flirty, soft spoken and almost frail. But!!!!!! dig deeper!!!!!!!!!!
She is a ridiculously powerful, powerful witch and a skilled Legilimens. The most skilled I have been able to find in any of the HP books by far which takes extensive training and concentration in order to do. Which helps her in her ability to read people and dig beyond the surface in order to help them in any way she can.
She was orphaned and still held a household together with ease and cared for her sister fiercely.
She singlehandedly snuck Jacob, Newt and Tina out of jail, but if anyone else had attempted to do it they would’ve been found out… Because she is also highly skilled at manipulation to achieve power. (Queenie=Slytherin?? Hell yes.) She bravely goes out to fight the Obscurial even though she may die, looks beyond what lies in Jacob’s physical features and loves him as a complete person regardless of the circumstances, and is all around a wonderfully kick ass, hard core, powerful, beautifully feminine girl hero. I love Queenie Goldstein. So so so much.

Their Reaction to You Telling Them You Love Them For The First Time (Fantastic Beasts)

Newt Scamander

You and Newt were having a casual day; nothing special, just some time at home for once. Music played nearby from the radio. Newt sat on one end of the couch with a book in hand. You stretched out along the couch, your head resting against his leg with a book of your own in your hands. Everything just seemed so peaceful, with the warm sunlight filling the room.

You weren’t sure if it was the warmth or the way everything just felt so right, but you looked up from our book to Newt. He looked rather lost in whatever it was he was reading–something on creatures of the South American jungle or something. You smiled slightly and muttered the fateful three words: I love you. You watched as his cheeks turned red and his gaze met yours in an almost panic. With a small laugh, you looked back to your book and listened to him stumble through the words; you knew they were sincere, he was just surprised and flustered.

Jacob Kowalski

You and Jacob were going for a picnic. He found a nice grassy hill and set things up while you stared out at the city. It had taken awhile to get to the location, but it seemed just perfect. He made all of the food himself after insisting to do so. You weren’t going to complain; he wasn’t so bad at cooking and it meant less that you had to do for things.

You sat down next to him and leaned back on your hands, staring up at the brilliantly blue sky and listening to the birds chirping in the trees around you. When you looked back at Jacob, your eyes met and you smiled some. You told him you loved him and he paused, staring at you for just a moment before grinning a bit and tell you that he loved you as well.

Queenie Goldstein

Queenie knew that you were thinking about saying the three words for awhile but she didn’t say anything. Just because you were thinking about it didn’t mean you were going to say it, or even knew how you fully felt. You, on the other hand, were stressing about it. You wanted to make sure it wasn’t some word vomit or otherwise just empty sounding or feeling.

You finally got your chance one night, though. The two of you were on a balcony at a friend’s house. It was a sort of get together with Tina, you, Queenie, and some old school buddies. Everyone else was still inside, just talking and laughing about old things. You had decided to get some air, still stressing over your thoughts. Queenie followed you out. She stood next to you silently before you looked toward her and finally told her you loved her. She grinned back and returned the sentiment.

Tina Goldstein

You and Tina were watching the boats go by on the dock. Graves had sent you two to wait for a wizard that was coming in. It was rather boring, standing there waiting. It was already passed the time as well, which worried Tina. It worried you some, but you figured it wasn’t really your problem either. All you had to do was tell Graves that the man didn’t show.

It was almost serene though, just watching the waves lap up and down against the boats and the dock. Gulls flew overhead with their telltale caw. As you watched them circle, you suddenly realized that you were glad to be there with Tina and not just anybody. You looked toward her and told her that you loved her. Her face turned pink but she couldn’t stop the grin as she asked if you really meant it. You couldn’t help your laugh as you stated that you did. She returned the sentiment.

Percival Graves

It was one of the rare nights where you and Graves could walk around town, just enjoying the night sky and the lights. You guys had walked several blocks in silence, just enjoying being with one another. Most nights were either a stressful rush from work or some secret meeting where you couldn’t help but feel like someone from work was going to see you. Tonight, it was entirely different.

And then the words slipped from your lips like a careless thought: I love you. You paused slightly, not really having meant to say it aloud, and looked to Percival. He had a knowing smirk on his lips. His arm wrapped around you and he pulled you against him, still walking. “I love you too,” he responded. You couldn’t stop the smile from spreading over your lips.

Seraphina Picquery

You and Madam Picquery were at your apartment. You had promised her a nice dinner since she was returning from an important trip overseas. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but it was the fanciest you could muster and it was better than just the average dinner. You even went so far as to get out the good china and fully set the table.

She came in later than expected, but you could see the smirk on her face. You decided to go the full nine yards and take her jacket, pull out her chair, and make sure she was seated and comfortable. Then, before you started, you decided to tell her that you loved her. You could see the momentary surprise flicker through her eyes as she processed it before laughing some as she realized it was actually pretty obvious. She leaned over some and gave you a kiss on the cheek before telling you that she loved you too.

Credence Barebone

You really didn’t mean to check up on Credence, but you found yourself heading that way anyway. It may have been for the best as it gave you time to think, but also psych yourself out. Your palms were sweaty and your hands were shaking. At first, you thought you were crazy. What you were planning to do shouldn’t be so hard, and yet, there you were, a nervous wreck.

You stopped next to him before pulling back into an alleyway. He stared up at you, startled, before you tell you him point blank that you love him. His eyes widened, his cheeks flushed, and he stared at you. You watched as his mouth opened as if to respond but he remained silent. You couldn’t help but laugh a little nervously and, despite your better judgement, you asked if he loved you too. He turned even redder and nodded, looking away. You laughed a little more, relieved this time, before pulling him into a tight hug.

A Wand or a Weapon

I’ve noticed something recently that I really like about the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts universe, and the fandom itself.  In a lot of games, books, and fandoms, you find people who want lightsabers, gunblades, Keyblades, Hidden Blades, etc.  

These items are intrinsic parts of the universes and the stories, and hold personal meaning to each and every player, reader, or participant.  They’re wonderful.  But, you might notice that for the majority of these stories, the main key item is a weapon.

Very few books, games, or movies these days have a central, key item that isn’t meant to be a weapon first, and a tool second.  There are definite exceptions to this (i.e. the sonic screwdriver) but for the most part, a weapon is the most important thing a character can have.

In the world of J.K. Rowling, this isn’t the case.  It’s the wand that’s most important; an item that, although has the ability to do terrible, awful things, can just as equally be used to heal, create, and protect.  This is a tool given to young children and the first things they learn to master are levitation charms and useful functions; not ways to hurt another person or creature.  This item can only be used as a weapon if the wielder themselves decides to.

None of this is to say that other fandoms are in any way wrong for having weapons.  A lightsaber is meant to restore balance.  The Master Sword can only strike down evil.  A Keyblade can be used to save entire worlds and there are so many others that are just as fantastic.  

There’s so much to love about all of our favorite, meaningful items from these other series.  I simply adore the idea of the wand- a tool that can be made to create wonderful, beautiful things, and leave the rest up to the witch or wizard who owns it.


A bit of shameless fluff

Newt reclines on the bed and reads aloud the latest finished chapter of his book. Credence lies on his side, cuddled up to him, resting his head on Newt’s shoulder. He is almost asleep, lulled by quiet calm voice. Percival, who is still in his shirt and tie after work, lies spreaded on their legs, with his head on Newt’s stomach. He is a heavy weight on them, but Newt and Credence both enjoy the feeling of it. Percival is perfectly contented to stay like that for the nearest future, his eyes are half-closed and his whole appearance resembles a huge pleased cat, especially when Credence gently touches his hair, playing with heavy strands.
Percival catches Credence’s wrist with his hand, distracting Newt from his reading with an unexpected movement, he brings Credence’s hand to his lips and kisses the center of the palm. Newt can’t see his face, but he knows for sure that Credence smiles shyly and blushes adorably, like he always does. He hides his face in the crook of Newt’s shoulder, tickling the skin with warm breath. Percival chuckles softly and winks when meets eyes with Newt. He smiles back at Percy and turns his head to leave a kiss on Credence’s hair, making him blush even more.
Newt resumes his reading. He thinks that he has never been so happy in his life.

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2, 7, and 8!!

2. Things that motivate you
New ideas, my need to have 100% completion, other people getting excited about my stories with me!

7. Early influences on your writing
My dad had this enormous book of sci-fi/fantasy stories he’d read from every day to me from when I was about 3 or 4 years old. He also showed me Star Wars when I was about four, and one of my first formative memories is being fucking terrified of Vader when he took off the helmet. I loved the rest of it though. And then, having not learned any lessons the first time, we watched Dune when I was like, six. Also terrifying, also fantastic sci-fi. Both made me want to create worlds.

The first couple of anime I watched totally shifted my writing paradigm as well. I talk about the Cowboy Bebop Effect more here, but anime as a whole completely shifted how I approach storytelling, and still does.

8. What time are you most productive?
I used to have such a standard productivity window of like, 8 pm - 4 am, but that has long since stopped being possible for me. Now it’s just – whenever I get time. I enjoy early morning writing, though, especially on weekends. Then I usually have to nap in the afternoon oops 

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Have some Nohrian makeup headcanons I blathered about on Twitter:

  • Xander wearing just enough eyeliner to draw attention to how Stern and Intimidating his gaze is
  • Siegbert in eyeliner too because he’s gotta be Just Like Dad and he has lovely doe eyes that need to be framed
    • Forrest taught him how to make A+ wingtips but he never wears them because he thinks they’re too flashy and they don’t suit him like they suit Forrest  
  • Leo falling asleep over his books and waking up with raccoon eyes
  • All the Nohrian soldiers taking time for impeccable foundation and contouring before battle to confuse their enemies with how healthy and glowing and well-rested they look
  • Leo also trying to contour his face to a more “masculine” shape so he looks like an utter 12-year-old when he takes his makeup off 
  • Niles running out of concealer on the march and not being able to borrow any from his pasty-ass friends
    • Also, looks fantastic with cat eyes and knows it
  • Odin Dark + Shimmer powder
    • On his chest
    • Also, Master of the Smokey Eye
  • Laslow carries various shades of lipstick for people to borrow so he can think about kissing them later when he uses them himself
  • Benny’s not much of a makeup person but he’s fastidious with the chapstick. What if he needs to kiss something? It should be a soft and perfect kiss. 
  • The Leo Trio always matches nail polish if they wear any
  • Xander hates nail polish bc it drives him crazy when it starts to chip, but he obliges when Camilla or Elise want to match with him
Newt as a husband

Pickett would be the ring bearer

An endless supply of Nose kisses, forehead kisses and cheek kisses.

Snuggling together in a squashy armchair with hot tea and a good book

Being woken up in the morning by a wet niffler nose

Dancing together in the kitchen

Standing on your tip toes to give him a kiss

He always sleeps best when you are in his arms, your head resting on his chest

He likes to stroke your hair, it calms him down

He would be so gentle, treating you with every kindness

Kissing better each new cut, scratch or bite that he receives

Him jumping in the bath with you, when he hops out of his case covered in mud

Sometimes having to drag him away from his shed, so that he can go to bed

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I hope this makes your Monday a little better

Have a great day and be safe


- instagram model jimin with fantastic eyeliner and gucci heels who won’t stop strobing his highlighter “"can u take my ootd pic for me”“
- pro wrestler jungkook who secretly crushes on everyone he fights and blushes when he sees them shirtless in the locker room
- author namjoon who schedules an obnoxious amount of book signings because he loves hearing what people thought of his writing
- actor seokjin who spends half his money on valentino bags and private jets to bali with his friends then gives the rest to charity
- dog groomer taehyung who talks more to the dogs than he does to the customers and puts bows in the dogs fur. owns 7 dalmations
- wine connoiseur hoseok who gets invited to yacht parties on La Seine river and eats $50 cheese but when he gets home he stuffs his face with doritos
- polyglot yoongi who knows 5 languages and gets phonecalls from international friends on the daily, causing him to switch languages every 10 seconds

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Hi Sin! Have been having a lousy few days. I have laryngitis and I have to be mute for 3 more days. I've burned through 3 books, (including Fantastic Beasts) and filled up a notebook talking to my BF via writing, and have a feeling my boss will send me home post lunch rush since as a server I can't really say much. Any book, fan fic, Daddy!Newt, movie suggestions? I'm desperate for entertainment.

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks so much ass. But, get whatever rest you need, honey. As for movies, one of my go to comforts is Secret of Moonacre (cheesy fantasy film on Netflix) I love it so much. Lol Also, Birdsong if you haven’t seen it, or even the miniseries Pillars of the Earth! As for books, Children of Hurin is great. Right now I’m re-reading the Game of thrones series.

I don’ read fan fiction….oddly enough. :( I’m afraid there isn’t much Daddy Newt recommendations I can give. But, I’ll answer anything you’d like to ask him lol

Cunning Celt's Spell To Call Your Ancestors

It’s day 4 of shipping-the-gods’s Spell-a-day Challenge: write a spell based off your favourite fantasy book or TV series.
For me, this is without a doubt Charmed. I’m a massive Charmed geek, to the point where I can identify most episodes from a single screenshot. And when you pull aside the fantastical elements of the show, it’s really about family and legacy. The sisters are only powerful because of those who have gone before them. I believe that to be true of the rest of us as well. We are heavily influenced by those who have gone before us; if any one of a million moments in the past hadn’t happened, we would not be here. This spell acknowledges that, and summons power from the past, even for those of us who don’t descend from a long line of witches.

This spell is based in the one Grams uses to bless Wyatt and Chris at their Wiccanings, and can be used to bless, protect, or to draw power and energy from your ancestors.

In an oil burner heat anisette liqueur, and burn sandalwood, frankincense, and rosemary. Focus on your need, and call to mind images of your ancestors, even if they are made up images of who you think they were, or even just abstract concepts of ‘ancestor’ if you have no knowledge of specific persons.

“I call forth through space and time
Ancestors of the __________ line.
Mothers, fathers, siblings, friends,
My family’s spirit without end.
Gather now in this sacred place,
Here to bring your child to grace.”

This may be followed by the spell or ritual that you required your ancestors’ energy for.

Real life

I’ve read way too many books.

But I always return to the poetry and writing of Charles Bukowski.


Because it’s real.

I don’t mean this in a hackneyed way. I mean the guy lived his life not in some fantastical, look-at-me way but in a way that made him realise how hard it was to be true to who he was.

As for the rest of us, we don’t know the half of it.

We live. But how real is it?

Credence survives and is eventually adopted by Tina and Newt. The rest of his life is spent in love surrounded by friends and parents who love him, actively teaching him how to control his magical abilities and forever supportive.

Credence grows up, meets a girl, and eventually becomes a father to a boy named Rolf. Rolf visits his grandma and grandpa almost every other weekend, and reads through all the books in the library. He’s an insistent little boy and begs to hear his grandparents global stories.

Rolf grows up, travels the world, meets a girl also traveling the world, and eventually becomes a father to twin boys, Lysander and Lorcan.

Credence takes them to visit their great-grandparents in 2014 when Luna goes to the 427th Quidditch World Cup, and the stories begin again starting with a young wizard visiting New York for the first time.

“Holy shit, babe, take these books away from me right now and do me a favor– burn them. My eyes feel like they’re going to pop out of my head from all of the studying I’ve been doing. Kinda just wanna relax with you for the rest of the evening, although my stomach is about to eat itself so some pizza or something would be fantastic… delivery?” @harrydelahaye

My math class

So today I wore my Gryffindor (House pride) sweatshirt to school, and in math class half of the class literally stopped what they were doing, shared what house they were in, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the class discussing everything in the hp universe, from Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them to whether or not Snape really loved Lily. And we all momentarily forgot that we were stressed and tired, and instead brightened each other’s days by talking about something that has such a strong influence in our lives.

And though we didn’t grow up as the books came out (we were seven when Deathly Hallows was released) i truely believe that we as just as part of the Harry Potter Generation as those who waited for every books release date.

And I find it so depressing that one day, a class full of 15 year olds won’t be wearing Gryffindor sweatshirts and discussing Slughorn’s wand or the rules of Quidditch. Those kids will be missing so much


BigBang10:  The Exhibition  A. to Z. - Limited Edition Box


  • Each box is numbered.
  • All members’ signatures are printed on plexyglass.
  • Mm series, Aa series, Dd series, Ee series
  • BigBang10 (La La La, VIP, Lies, Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Tonight, Love Song, Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy, Monster, Loser, Bang Bang Bang.
  • Five large size photo books.
  • Ten posters.
  • Ten postcard sized photo cards with member’s messages to each other printed on the back.

***Boxes are sold inside the exhibition only, 100 boxes a day, one must purchase and confirm their ticket in order to purchase a box.

The rest of the items in my YG merch collection are here

I. I remember a few months ago I was sitting with the people I used to spend time with everyday. We were drinking shitty drinks from someone’s dad’s liquor cabinet, and we were spilling our secrets and it was fantastic and we were drunk and I loved you all more than I hated myself.
II. Someone said that night that the only thing in your life that really matters is everyone else in it.
III. I have surrounded myself with two or three good people. The rest are barely people, the rest are lacking substance, the rest are only there to steady my hands as I shakily hold glasses with alcohol spilling over the sides like furious tides.
IV. I am so sorry and I am so sad and this is the worst kind of sorry because I have no one to say it to because I have not hurt or harmed any singular soul.
V. This is a ‘it’s too fucking late for me to say sorry’ sorry. This is a sorry for the ages. This is a sorry to no one in particular. This is a sorry out of general guilt. This is a sorry.
—  #108- excerpts from the book I’ll never write