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Days 22 and 23 of a 100 days of productivity

02.17.2016 - I failed my driving license exam for the second time (the exam is just stupid, only a few people can do it properly, the rest is too nervous to act normally, but after 20 hours training I feel like we all can perform those basic tasks, so…). Ugh! If I didn’t have to pay do try again I wouldn’t be so mad… Worked on a few future posts, let’s see where I can get, and spent sometime revising German (starting from the very beginning again, just to make sure everything is clear). As I’m on this German vibe… Ich weiß nicht, warum meine Kamera so werschwommen ist heute (why such a complicated word for blurry and that comma? German, why?). It seems like I’m still able to build up a sentence? I’m so happy for that! Except the punctuation, that never made any sense… 

Oh, what about yesterday? Finished studying Middle Age with a sassy mind map! Oops, I just love mind maps… 

overturn ◦ 2

“every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.”




Like I said, Riley Matthews’ life goal is to embarrass me and so far I think she’s doing pretty well. If you don’t believe me, you can ask anyone who went to school with us. Or you know what? Better yet, I’ll tell you all about the moments Riley has embarrassed me myself.

On my first day of school in New York City, the first thing that happened when I walked into class was Riley yelling out, “Lucas! You’re here!” and proceeding to put her arms around me tightly. See, it sounds like a sweet gesture, but all my seven year old peers found it really funny and laughed at us. And after that, she decided to follow me around and take me wherever she went, which wasn’t really that fun for me.

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The last of the goods went today, which means I’m free to do what I want the rest of my time here in Gridania again, spent most of the afternoon relaxing and drinking tea with Tatari, she kept glancing over to the paper work on the desk, funny woman Tatari, makes me look like a slacker and that’s saying something.

Dante bought me a book on Astrology! It’s not the most comprehensive of books, only covering the basics of each constellation, but I don’t own my own books, still borrowing from the Astrologian’s guild so a first for my collection.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to be talking to the Adventurer’s guild owner here in Gridania see if there is any local adventurer’s work, Dante seemed to like the idea, we talked near the waterfalls at the Lavender beds for awhile

Going to have to finish writing now, Dante is giving me that look again and, well it means I’ve been up to long!

G'night journal

Did you know that, even though you probably wear your glasses all the time so you can see better, sometimes it’s better to take them off to see?

I spent close to three hours working on a cross-stitch piece on cloth with a weave that was just tortuously small. I could feel my eyes struggling to focus and things kept going blurry and just basically I wanted to die.

AND THEN Jonathan looked at me like I was dumb and told me to just take my glasses off and IT WORKED. I finished the rest of the piece with no further eye strain. The only problem I ran into was when I needed to look back at the pattern (or across the room at the TV).

Turns out that, because my glasses are to help me see things that are far away, they make it painful as hell for me to try to focus on things that are like four inches away from my face. GO FIGURE.

So, uh…give that a try sometime maybe.

The future of reviving bionicle (very large wall of text incoming)

I’m gonna break this down into a few parts. It’s long.

Episode 5

So episode 5 is finally out, after months of waiting and whatnot. I’m glad that so many people are enjoying it, because this series meant a lot to me for some reason. It got very personal, and I was worried that it would turn people off due to how…. philosophical(?) it got. But it looks like everyone’s reaction was positive. So that’s good.

There’ll be a credits video coming out soon, with a song that’ll probably be flagged for copyright (I’ve learned nothing). Episode 5 has been flagged 3 times for copyrighted music, and it’s blocked in some countries (youtube only says Germany, but it’s obvious other european countries have been effected). It gives me an option for youtube to try and extrapolate the songs from the video, but that’ll result in awful audio quality (see RB2 on youtube). I’ll think about it. It’ll suck, but then people’ll be able to see it.


This little series meant a lot more to me than I thought it would. I wrote it in a very stupid time in my life, and I think it showed. I made a (very) large blog post in mid-august about episode 5, which has been in my drafts since then, and I’ve been debating on posting it. It gets ridiculously personal, and I think it’d just make me look like like a child asking for attention more than anything, so I don’t think I’ll post it.

I guess I’m just surprised as to how this series basically took over 2015 in terms of content I made. I spent January-May writing RB3, All summer filming episodes 1-4, and then the rest working on episode 5. I’m glad I had something to do during that time, because I think I would be in an even darker place if I didn’t have something like this to work on.

But if I hang on that anymore I’ll just sound like some emo slug.

Reviving Bionicle 4

I’ve gotten so many questions about if I’m going to continue this series or not. I’ve talked with some friends about this, since it’s something I’m trying to figure out myself. I don’t know if I should try to cash in on this little series or do a Bill Watterson and quit on it while I’m ahead.

The answer is yes, but there’s more to it then that. I’m probably going to make this sound deeper than it really should be, but I’m gonna go for it anyway.

Reviving Bionicle is a cycle about endings and beginnings. RB1 was about dealing after an ending. RB2 was about a beginning. RB3 was about after the beginning. That means RB4 will be about an ending. (Then RB1-After ending, RB2-beginning, etc)

That being said, two things need to happen before I start on RB4 (or at least, the best possible way for RB4 to go):

  1. The announcement of the bionicle gen 2 reboot ending
  2. Me finally moving out of my parent’s place

I can’t stop coming up with ridiculous ideas for RB4. I’ll probably have to write them all down. I personally think it’s way deeper and considerably more meaningful then RB3. It shifts it’s focus more to the characters, and the past, all while talking about the future. It’s a little less humor based, but I think it’s actually pretty interesting and fun. It just won’t come out for a long time.

Why Gen 2′s ending?

I think people will need something to be happy about when gen 2′s ending is announced. When gen 1 ended, it was devastating to me (since I’m a sad little child). I could’ve used something to make me feel better. Plus, it goes with the cycle I talked about, and I think the character’s reactions will be interesting. Kopaka, Tahu and denmark all talked about how to not focus on an ending- how do you deal with it when it’s right in front of you, happening right now?

Why do you have to move?

I’m actually planning on being out of my parent’s house by the time RB4/Gen 2′s end rolls around. That being said, I’m absolutely terrified of the concept of being on my own (since, again, I’m a sad little child), and don’t have the money to do so (I just quit my job so the money problem won’t go away anytime soon, ayyyy). I also think a change of set/house will deliver an overall different tone to the series, one that fits with the theme of changes that come from absolutes (endings/beginnings).

I think it’ll be a very long time before I do, though. Like I said, I’m a sad little child and moving out makes me want to cry, even though I’m almost 20. But I’m getting too personal. Again.


don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be the talk of the nursing home

No, I’ll be posting some small shorts from time to time. Maybe holiday specials and whatnot focused on humor. But the main denmark/ending cycle/”she” story won’t be developed for a while. Could that change? Sure, I guess. But right now that’s how it’s gonna be. I also wanna focus on other projects. Thanks, bionicle fandom, for all the love. Now I wanna try different stuff. (even though I’ll probably still make a bionicle thing sometimes).

Also, it’s really embarrassing to talk about RB in front of people IRL, since I think only bionicle fans will really enjoy it. I want to make things I can talk to people about without sounding weird lol.


wow, this was really long. look at all of those words. I’m not gonna proof read it, so sorry if there are spelling mistakes (which I’m sure there are millions).

If you liked RB, I’m sure you’ll like other stuff I’m making, since I think making things is all I can ever do at this point in my life. Hopefully you’ll like it, and stuff. 

Also, I’m tempted to enter RB into TTV’s chronicler’s convergence thing, when that starts up again. I dunno if I should, but I think it could be fun. I don’t think the members of TTV really liked the series, lmao.

So yeah. Enjoy that long wall of text. Thanks for wishing me luck.