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Dating Mark would include

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Mark Tuan

- oh man oh man oh man
- the perfect sweetest boyfriend
- hand holding
- like the kind you only hear about in books and movies
- cute park dates
- hand holding
- back hugs
- pouty kisses
- playing with your hair
- watch out for Jinyoung
- that’s his baby
- it’ll be a battle for Mark’s attention
- like legit you’ll be waiting for him at practice and Mark’s being all cute and winking at you and shiiiiiii
- suddenly Jinyoung starts getting all buddy buddy w/ yo man
- making kissy faces at him
- “are you jealous, Y/N?”
- “I’m more of a Markson fan”
- You’re also in a relationship with Jackson
- “Y/N I got you somethi-”
- “N-No no this is for Y/N-”
- “Jackson no that’s-”
- Honestly let’s face it, it’ll be you against the rest of GOT7 in a fight for Prince Charming’s heart
- I mean Mark
- same thing
- anyway
- you’re close w/ Papa Tuan and he h a t e s i t
- he’ll get back at you tho
- “hey Y/N you look so cute in this ladybug outfit”
- “what are you- gIVE IT TO ME WHERE DID YOU GET THAT”
- his laugh is the purest thing
- he can totally get away with calling you babe/baby
- especially in the morning
- when he’s spooning you and you’re trying to get up
- deep sleepy voice
- “baaaaabe stayyy”
- “I gotta gooo”
- “just 5 more minutes”
- his smile could bring world peace
- you’ll be in the audience supporting ur boy
- and he’ll see you
- bring you upstage and you’ll go along w/ it pretending to be a fan
- and he’ll kiss your cheek
- BAM everyone on earth envies you
- expect lots of videos
- of him just doing stupid and cute things
- when you’re sad he’ll just listen and be there
- and two minutes later just smother you in kisses and hugs
- he’ll make you feel so wanted and you’ll never feel alone
- speaking of being alone
- Mark + you being the cutest person in the world in his eyes
- american boi knows how to move
- have you seen his floor grinds
- you’re the floor now
- w i n k
- ehEH
- honestly a relationship with this boy would be so
-p e r f e c t
- playing with your hair
- resting his chin on your shoulder
- trying different kinds of food
- you’re his princess
- he’s your prince
- he just loves you s o much
- sometimes you’ll have your days, and other times he’ll have his days
- but you know how to make each other happy and honestly I think that’s what makes you two so perfect


              b l o o d w i t c h

                                         v o i d w i t c h

                                                                  d e m o n

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“Aeduan.” She’d never said his name aloud. She was surprised by how easily it rolled off the tongue.
He looked back, his expression inscrutable as always. But laced with … with something. Hope, she found herself thinking, though she knew it was fanciful.
Aeduan was not the sort of man to ever hope.

SouRin stepping up their game! But Sousuke, you are embarrassing. At least let Rin change before you kiss him, but it’s okay he seems to be liking it an awful lot. TAT Surprisingly, Sousuke was fun to draw with Rin since they just look so good together it should be a crime just arrest each other. OTL

Free! Eternal Makeout: MakoRin | MakoHaru 

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Remember after Zayn left the tour and flew back for "crisis talks" with Perrie and there were pap shots of her outside his house and everything. Meanwhile he was actually in Bradford disguised as his dad, binge eating his mum's food and resting. LOL. Such a fail on Modest's part. I'm so happy to hear it tho honestly I'm relieved that he had opportunity to spend time with his family and didn't have to ACTIVELY participate in those awful stunts.

the weed mention had me laughing because it fits the whole separation of zayn from the boyband image like while he was in 1d zayn got in trouble for smoking weed and now that hes a cool and edgy rnb artist he can admit to it and it just adds to his image as being real.

I assume it’s supposed to make him look “grown”. I am not impressed that both Fader and Billboard started with Zaynie drinking and highlighted the weed use. I want to hear about MUSIC.