the rest of his design is great!!


  • the costume designs in this movie    I    c a n n o t      b e l i e v e
  • the set design too, holy shit
  • this beast ain’t gonna take your shakespeare bullshit here take the whole fuckin’ library and then you come talk to me about romances this is unbelievable
  • I don’t give a fuck I will fight everybody about Le Fou
  • I’ll punch a wasp I don’t give a fuck
  • Belle can sing ya’ll— like I don’t know if the design firm behind the trailers just autotuned the fuck out of the audio they were given but she sounds great
  • okay I’m sorry I work in the CGI field and half of this movie was just me freaking out about the rendering of the beast’s fur and his expressions, they did so great, holy shit, ugh, I was so impressed I’m fucking mad about it
  • seriously dan stevens was physically in this movie for maybe three minutes and the rest of it was face/motion capture and he just shines throughout the whole goddamn thing
  • belle whacks multiple people with sticks, it was good times
  • Le Fou, again, I’mma fight people
  • adlkjflkjdg I DON’T WANT TO GET TOO SPOILERY BUT THE GROWL????? THE G R O W L???????
  • Stanley Tucci was in this movie? Like holy fuck?
  • Gaston????? Like holy shit????? He wasn’t so bad in the beginning but as the movie went on he just got creepier and creepier and creepier?????
  • Is it just me or were there a shit ton of interracial couples in this movie? I counted at least five, I think? I KNOW THAT IS SUCH A LOW BAR TO SET BUT I WAS HAPPY TO SEE IT IN A HUGE ASS DISNEY FILM
  • FUCKING LE FOU’S LINE IN KILL THE BEAST ‘Marching off to battle, yet I fear the wrong monsters have been released’
  • “some of them are in greek.”
  • “was— was that a joke? are you joking now?”
Over The Garden Wall is Underrated

Over the Garden Wall is a masterpiece cartoon show, recieving a 9.2/10 in IMDb and 4/5 on Hulu and yet so underrated. While many people are talking modern shows like Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes, Duck Tales, Adventure Time, and so forth or even talk about older shows that are done like Avatar the Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Teen Titans, etc. 

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Me, late at night: you ever notice how the Paladins’ outfit designs serve to visually group them together?

Someone: …explain?


First up we have the Garrison Trio:

They all have similar palettes in their outfits, and they all match up really well. They all have orange highlights - consistent with the Galaxy Garrison colour scheme, which incorporates orange highlights too. Pidge and Hunk (aka the Nerd Squad) both have green in their outfits; Hunk and Lance (who are good friends) both have elements of brown. Visually, they match up and tie together into a nice cohesive trio.

Now we have Shiro and Keith, who are canonically close on the show:

Their underlying colour schemes are similar: black and dark greys, and in terms of design, their boots and belts both match. However, whilst Keith has colour in his outfit - red boot trim and jacket - Shiro is entirely monochrome (except for a tiny patch of yellow on each collar).

It’s interesting to note that Keith’s outfit clashes with almost every other character except Shiro - his red features clash with the orange of the Garrison trio, and the pink on Allura’s outfit, and he’s not a great match with Coran either. The only person he doesn’t clash with completely is Shiro. So his outfit serves to emphasise the fact that Keith is a loner and an outsider who doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the group - and it also ties back into the fact that he’s revealed to be part-Galra, putting him at a further distance from the others.

Shiro is a bit of an anomaly among the Paladins as well, because he’s the only character whose outfit is monochrome. Whilst every other Paladin has some element of their outfit design that matches the colour of their Lion (yellow/green t-shirts; blue trousers; red jacket) their outfits also contain other colours. Shiro’s entire outfit is black/dark grey. He’s a perfect match for his Lion - right down to the yellow collar buttons that resemble glowing eyes.

It’s also worth noting that in terms of the actual design/style of their clothes, Shiro is the only Paladin whose clothes are form-fitting and tight (THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE DREAMWORKS *ahem*). The others all have a very casual, utilitarian style that’s quite baggy and slouchy. Even Keith’s t-shirt under his jacket isn’t tight. In terms of clothing style, Keith fits in better with the other Paladins (even if his colours clash), whereas Shiro’s overall look is very different.

And now we get to the part where I wheel out a conspiracy board and stick Shiro next to the Alteans:

The Altean outfits are much more form-fitting and tailored… just like Shiro’s. It’s really interesting to look at Shiro and Coran’s outfits when they’re standing next to each other, because the similarities are everywhere. The grey in Coran’s outfit matches Shiro’s boots and sleeves. The lighter bands on the edge of Shiro’s vest are very similar to the edging on Coran’s jacket. Their trousers are virtually identical, save for the colour. The side pockets on their jackets are similar too. The yellow on Shiro’s collar matches the yellow in both Coran and Allura’s outfits - and you’ll notice that all three outfits have a similar closed collar with buttons. In terms of overall aesthetic, all three of their outfits have a very neat and segmented look that’s much more tailored to the body than the baggy clothes worn by the other Paladins.

In terms of outfit design, Shiro matches really really well with the Alteans.

I mean I’m not saying Shiro’s entire character design reinforces his identity as the only true Black Paladin on the show whilst also hinting at the fact that he might have some kind of Altean connection… wait, no, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING.

Telephone (Ethan x FemReader) fluff

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): So just a while back I said that I would write an Ethan story SO HERE I actually did it be proud of me

Summary: You have some nieces and nephews in the family so you ask Markimoo, Tyler and blue boy to help you babysit. Mark and Tyler turn out to not be the only ones that think you and Ethan should date.

Warnings: I think I swore ?? but also TICKLING


You were pretty excited about this actually. Your sibling had asked you to take care of their three kids for the day while they were out with their spouse. Of course, you obliged. You really liked their kids, but thought babysitting to be more of a chore.

For one person, three kids was a lot. So, you went and enlisted help from your band of friends. You knew for sure that they would love the kids instantly.

Traveling from your flat to Mark’s wasn’t a hassle. After two brisk knocks on the boys’ front door, Mark himself opened it with a large grin.

“Evening~!” He purred “Tyler is in the living room with every toy imaginable, go steal them from him!”

The three children giggled and pushed past him, calling a chorus of ‘hello’s.

You yourself couldn’t help but laugh, stepping up to the doorway gingerly.

“Thanks for doing this.” you said to Mark “It’s only for one night, but I didn’t think I could handle it by myself; sorry if it was sudden when I calle–”

“(Y/n),” Mark chuckled. He rested a hand on the small of your back and nudged you inside so he could close the door “It’s totally fine. I planned everything. They’re all sharing a room upstairs.”

You sighed and beamed up at him “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” he smiled back.

Giggly screams broke through your conversation. The both of you turned to the sound and walked toward it; past the living room entrance.

Their stood, by the far back wall, Tyler. One kid hanging from his left bicep, one tied around his calf and the other Ethan was about to crown Tyler’s shoulders with.

They all froze to look at the two of you.

“What even?” you chuckled walking around to reach out for the one hanging from his arm.

Grabbing her sides, you lifted her high and set her down quickly, tickling her ribs. She screamed in delight.

“DOES THIS MEAN TICKLE WAR?” Mark called in a silly tone.

“IT DOES.” Tyler confirmed.

The two men snatched up the other two children. Mark taking the one from Ethan. Everyone began to laugh as tickling ensued.

“This– this isn’t fair- no!” the small girl breathed “Teams! T-Teams!” she hollered.

You smiled and released her, sitting back on your knees. “Alright,” you offered “Pick your teams.”

“Well,” she stood.

Her small frame was proud and determined to win this battle.

“Myself Prim,” she gestured to herself  “and Dane,” then to one small boy “Connie,” the other boy “and Ethwan.”

“And Ethan.” you laughed.

Getting up, you looked to the mentioned blue boy and commented “You have a team of warriors.”

“Of course I do!” he cheered “We are going to win!”

❆   ❆   ❆

Everyone got onto their respective sides.

Yourself, Tyler and Mark on the left side of the lounge with Ethan, Prim, Dane and Connie on the opposing side.

“Alright men,” you began “I’ll take out Ethan, their biggest threat. Tyler, you take Dane and Connie. Mark, you get Prim.”

“Roger.” the two said in unison.

“But, watch for Connie, soldiers.” you forewarned “He’s a wild card.”

“Copy that.”

You three broke apart and got into dramatic positions. The children giggled.

“No!” Ethan cried “Don’t let them distract you!”

“Guns ready! Three, two, one! GO!” Tyler cheered.

The seven of you broke loose. Anarchy rained and childish giggles laced the joyful air. Mark was quick to be taken down by both Prim and Dane. Tyler went to the aid of his fallen comrade but was soon after jumped by Connie.

You laughed hysterically, forgetting your assigned task.

“Mark, no!” you whailed.

Though, the sadness was short lived when two arms snaked their way under your own. You gasped in surprise.

“I got her! I got her!” Ethan chuckled. His hands went to work on manipulating your sides. You body betrayed you in letting a laugh bubble through your throat.

“God NO!” You began to screech with laughter in joyus bursts.

You couldn’t really run away, so instead you dropped to your knees, hoping to leave Ethan’s grip. But he only dropped with you, encircling his arms around your torso to lessen your movement.

“E-E-Ethan! Hav-hahah-have merccc-c-cy!” you whined, laughing intensified.

“Give in (Y/n),” you heard Tyler chuckle “their power is unmatchable.”

“I givv-v-ve up!” you cried.

Ethan laughed and let you go, leaving you to catch some needed breath.

❆   ❆   ❆

Once the war was won, you all resorted to playing with the toy’s instead.

One toy in particular you thought was quite cute; an old fashioned toy phone. The one with the spin dial and the coil cord.

“Ah jee, doesn’t this bring memories.” You said to Ethan. He was standing next to you as you picked it up.

“Holy shit, that sure does.” he laughed “I used to have one, it was green.”

You smiled at the faded blue toy “But where’s the phone?”

“Sh!” Dane suddenly snapped “I’m on a call!”

You shook your head silently and looked up to Ethan. He grinned and shrugged.

At once you began to feel a tugging on your legs.

Both you and the blue haired boy looked down.

It was Dane wrapping the phone coil around both of you. He started to chat happily.

“Ethan and (Y/n) sittin’ in a tree!”

Soon both Tyler and Mark had joined in. Followed by a laughing Connie and a smiling Prim.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” the group chorused “First comes love! Then comes marriage! Then comes a baby in the baby carriage!”

The coil bounded you and the youtuber together at the knees, hips and waist. You were physically pressed to each other.

Ethan’s face began to show a great contrast with his hair when it flushed red. Yours following suit.

“Mark, why are their faces red?” Connie whispered.

“Because they are in love.” Mark replied, beaming at the sight. Tyler let loose a hearty laugh when he heard Mark’s declaration.

❆   ❆   ❆

The rest of the evening was filled with many, many laughs and plenty of childish embarrassment. Though, the two of you did get freed eventually, the teasing did not let up. But, sooner or later, it drew close to bedtime.

You gently scooped up Connie and Dane once they began to yawn. Ethan picking up Prim.

“Time for the sleeps, kiddos’.” you lulled softly.

“Mark and I are going to clean this up,” Tyler smiled to you, gesturing to the cluster of throw about toys. You nodded to him quietly.

Gaining your way up the stairs, you reached the kids’ designated bedroom and placed both Dane and Connie in their beds. They both offered you hushed goodnights.

Ethan went to do the same, finding the small girl asleep in his arms. He was careful when resting her upon the covers, layering her in a fluffy down duvet.

“Awe,” you hummed “What a great dad you’d be.”

Though it was said in a joking matter, you had still meant it.

“Wouldn’t I though.” he beamed.

“Of course.” you agreed, walking to the door, stopping to let Ethan out before you.

He closed to door softly behind him.

“I’m sure I could master raising any amount of kids with one hand,” he joked.

You looked at him and chuckled.

“as long as you are holding the other one.”

You froze for a moment, your gaze raking his features. He simply smiled and leant forward.

Ethan’s lips meant yours in a calm, gentle kiss. You described it was warm, and firm.

Kissing him back was charming, you went and tied you arms around his neck, with his resting on your hips.

“So I expected you to put the kids to bed, not make some more.” Mark suddenly coughed.

Ethan and you were fast to break apart, the youtuber’s gaze collapsing awkwardly.

“Cooties…” Mark mumbled, retreating back down stairs.

You couldn’t help yourself when another placid smile captured your face. Babysitting sure wasn’t fun without friends.



you all thought i was joking about fashion designer jason

but i was not

I present to you evidence in canon (post-crisis, after jason’s origin was revamped) that Jason would totally do it and be great at it. 

Jason’s a nerd, news at eleven. But pay careful attention to those dresses, they come up later. 

Jason’s fashion senses are tingling. 

Jason used Fashion to solve the case. It’s his destiny I tell you. 

I rest my case. 

anonymous asked:

does yuzu have a different technique for the salchow? or does it just look different on a quad? he doesn't seem to have that distinct / \ shape to his legs on takeoff or is there different ways to do it? sorry I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to jumps 😅

Nah, his Salchow technique is pretty standard, insofar as anything Yuzuru Hanyu performs on the ice can ever be called standard. He does pull his knees together to form that distinct / \ shape before launch, only it’s rather hard to notice in real time because he is ridiculously fast at it (which, incidentally, is a statement that is applicable to the majority of things he does on ice). See below a slow-mo comparison with one of Javi’s Salchows, note the way Javi took a fraction of a second more to bring his knees in and snap into the takeoff:

The thing with Yuzu’s jumps is that he relies almost exclusively on entry speed for momentum and lower body to initiate rotation. His upper body is very relaxed throughout the duration of his jump and only adds real value during the rotation phase via aerodynamics, i.e. when he pulls his arms in to reduce moment of inertia and thus increase rotational speed. That is why his jumps always give off that vibe of effortlessness and appear to materialize out of nowhere. This is not the case for many other skaters, whom you’d see using, to a greater extent, their arms and shoulders to kick-start their rotation and give their takeoff an extra boost of angular momentum. 

Top 6 comparison again for reference, this time with the quad toe, recycled from an old post because I’m too lazy to go out in search of different footage. Note the way everyone except Yuzu visibly tightened their upper body and twisted their shoulder before takeoff, while Yuzu mostly just straightened out his arms to align them in the rotational direction.

But well, don’t be too harsh in using Yuzuru as a yardstick for the rest of the circuit, because while his light and airy jumps do demonstrate the highest level of technical excellence, a not insignificant part of the reason why he’s able to jump that way has to do with his physique. Quote Kurt Browning: “he was built to spin in the air”, quote Carol Lane: “he is almost the perfectly designed figure skating machine”. They were not kidding, I tell you. You can’t jump the way Yuzu does without immense strength concentrated in your legs, golden-ratio-ish leg-to-torso proportion, great flexibility in your muscles, AND a light, aerodynamically ideal body frame overall. Basically, let’s take a moment to appreciate how incredibly fortunate we are that, out of the many things he could easily become in life with his intelligence, his charisma, his drive, and his angelic face, this extraordinary human being named Yuzuru Hanyu has chosen, against all odds, to become a figure skater :)

Ponder had long been struck by the fact that the Librarian, an ape – at least generally an ape, although this evening he seemed to have settled on being a small table set with a red-furred tea service – was, well, so human shaped. In fact, so many things were pretty much the same shape. Nearly everything you met was really a sort of complicated tube with two eyes and four arms or legs or wings. Oh, or they were fish. Or insects. All right, spiders as well. And a few odd things like starfish and whelks. But still there was a remarkably unimaginative range of designs. Where were the six-armed, six-eyed monkeys pinwheeling through the jungle canopy?
Oh, yes, octopussies too, but that was the point, they were really only a kind of underwater spider…
Ponder had poked around among the University’s more or less abandoned Museum of Quite Unusual Things, and noticed something rather odd. Whoever had designed the skeletons of creatures had even less imagination than whoever had done the outsides. At least the outside-designer had tried a few novelties in the spots, wool and stripes department, but the bone-builder had generally just put a skull on a ribcage, shoved a pelvis in further along, stuck on some arms and legs and had the rest of the day off. Some ribcages were longer, some legs were shorter, some hands became wings, but they all seemed to be based on one design, one size stretched or shrunk to fit all.
Not to his very great surprise, Ponder seemed to be the only one around who found this at all interesting. He’d point out to people that fish were amazingly fish-shaped, and they’d look at him as if he’d gone mad.

– on the design of the disc’s fauna | Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

forgottentoybox  asked:

hey there, do you have any of "the wink is implied" shirts in 3XL available? C:

Hi! I unfortunately only have XL shirts left of that Wink is Implied run, and haven’t had the time or resources to get a new batch yet. 

That being said, I did put the design up on my Redbubble! Here’s a link to the product.  If you’re interested in buying the Wink is Implied on a shirt, you should totally buy it off of RB. You could even change the color of the shirt if you want, which is great; a lot of people had a problem w/ the white shirt. 

I also put up the rest of my skeleton designs up there too to get on shirts and other merch. So if anyone has been waiting for a sassy skelly design to end up on a shirt or other thing, check it out!

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If you have time could I request the RFA (maybe Saeran if you can) coming home and MC is crying because of anger like she is super mad that she broke something or she can't fix something? I cry very easily from anger and I was wondering their reaction. (Sorry for bad English)

(sorry late answer)
You’re fine don’t worry, although I didn’t write Saeran because I couldn’t think of anything his s/o could break that would mean anything to him, I just felt like he wouldn’t really care u_u
And Zen’s is pretty short because ehh I don’t know what he could own that would mean something important to him idk
Aaand I haven’t written in a while, so it’s probably not great + I wrote the first two a while ago compared to the rest so they have a different format and length hh it’s a mess :I

Yoosung :

  • would be just as much of an emotional mess as his s/o when he comes through the door and sees them cry
  • he would rush to his s/o’s side and asks them what’s wrong as he gently rubs their shoulders and tries his best not to cry
  • when s/o points at the keyboard on the desk – his expensive keyboard specifically designed to play video games – and explains they accidentally knocked their coffee all over it and ended up breaking it, Yoosung feels an immense wave of relief taking over him; he was already expecting the worst; for them to be in pain or dying, but thankfully a broken keyboard was a far less important problem
  • after a sigh, he’d give them a slight smile and hold them in his arms, reassuring them that it was okay, that Seven could always repair it, that he wasn’t angry at them and they shouldn’t be angry either
  • if they were still upset, he’d try to comfort them by telling them of all the times he dropped soda on his keyboard or went to take a shower with his headphones on because he forgot to remove them; he wanted them to understand it happened a lot of times to him too and it was okay

Zen :

  • his first instinct as he sees his s/o cry is to hold their chin to look into their eyes and wipe their tears away because he hates seeing them cry, but as he does so, they avoid his gaze and persistently look at the floor
  • he’s a little sad at their actions and immediately thinks he’s done something wrong, like he forgot a date or came home from work too late and he starts apologizing as he begs them to stop crying
  • but then, his s/o shakes their head and shows him the soggy pile of fan mail wrapped in a towel
  • At this, he can only look surprised, seeing as he wasn’t expecting this to be the reason of their tears, meanwhile, they apologize through their sobs and Zen tries to calm them down. His hand rubbing their back and promising them that it’s okay and it’s nothing to worry about, that he knows it was an accident and they tried their best to fix everything; after hearing all this, they stop crying and he gives them the warmest hug he can.
  • He’s honestly not very upset about this, of course his fans are important to him and he’s always so touched by the letters they send him, but he also knows that nothing is more important to him than his s/o and their well being; and he would never want them to think he could get upset at them – no matter what they did.

Jaehee :

  • her s/o knew how rare this dvd of Zen was, and how much Jaehee cherished it; and that’s why they were even more upset and wary of Jaehee’s reaction
  • when Jaehee woke up after hearing a strange sound, she noticed her s/o wasn’t in bed and got up. As she walked in the living room, she was surprised to see the scene in front of her; the pastel colored sky could be seen through the windows, there was a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses on the table as well as a tray of pastries, fruits and pancakes, the familiar smell of coffee and freshly baked goods wafted around the apartment and sitting on the couch was her s/o.
  • Before she could smile at the sweet attention, she noticed her s/o’s shoulders were trembling and Jaehee was immediately alarmed at this sight as she remembered the noise that had startled her; she circled the couch and saw tears streaming down her s/o’s cheeks as they held broken pieces of a disk in their hands
  • Seeing this, she didn’t pay attention to the broken shards and instead worriedly checked her s/o’s hands for any deep cut or any wound caused from the accident. After making sure they were unharmed, she gently asked why they were crying if they weren’t hurt. They guiltily showed Jaehee the box of the dvd and started apologizing endlessly.
  • Jaehee was sad as she looked at the broken pieces of her most prized possession, but she didn’t think it was bad enough to cry over it and ruin such a sweet morning; she gathered the shards and set them aside before sitting next to her s/o and holding their waist, reassuring them it was nothing important and that she had made 3 copies of the dvd anyway; she was much more interested in enjoying a delicious breakfast with her s/o than watching a dvd she already knew by heart.

Jumin :

  • Jumin wasn’t one to care about material things as they could always be replaced; but if they had a sentimental value, then it was a different matter and his s/o could only angrily blame themselves as they stared at the broken picture frame on the ground. 
  • They had accidentally bumped into the small table of the living room while they were playing with Elizabeth and the frame had fallen to the ground, the glass shattering in pieces and the picture, a photo of V, Rika and Jumin in happier times;  had been scratched by the shards and was left with a few white lines over their smiling faces.
  • Despite their anger and their tears blurring their vision, they cleaned up the glass on the floor to make sure Elizabeth wouldn’t walk on it but they couldn’t clean the scratches on the picture and as they thought of how irreplaceable this item was, because of how old the picture was and how precious the memory it held must be to Jumin, they felt even more upset with themselves and how powerless they were to fix their mistake.
  • Jumin came home from work to a crying s/o, holding their head in their hands while Elizabeth looked at them, rubbing her face against their arm as an attempt to comfort them. 
  • He quickly approached his s/o and before he could ask why they were crying, he noticed the photo on the table and recognized it as the one who was always on the small table in the corner of the room. As he saw the glassless frame on the table and the scratches on the picture, he could guess what had happened without asking.
  • With an almost fond smile, he sat by his s/o and kissed their forehead, laughing a little at how upset they were for something that didn’t mean much to him anymore. He took their hands in his and told them he had been thinking of removing the picture, seeing as it brought a bitter taste in his mouth to look at it now, but had never had the courage to do so; that he didn’t want to think of those times any longer and that if anything, he was happy at the opportunity this gave him to finally have a picture of him, his s/o and V on that table, as it would mean more to him than the older picture ever did.

707 : (post 707’s good ending I guess? Kinda?)

  • If they had broken anything else; one of his figure, or a computer, or his headphones, or even one of his toys; it would have been fine and replaceable and Seven wouldn’t have even cared but no.. They had to break the floppy disk which held the only pictures he had of Saeran. 
  • They knew he wouldn’t have made a copy on his computer, in fear that someone could find them and put Saeran in danger. They couldn’t even blame anyone but themselves for stepping on it, even though Seven’s house was a mess and he had left the floppy disk lying around on the floor, they still thought they should have been more careful and none of this would have happened.
  • And now they had to sit there, waiting for him to come back because they had no idea how to fix this – if it could even be fixed – and google wasn’t really helping since no one had really tried fixing a floppy disk since the early 2000. This left them even more upset as they started to doubt that anything could be done about this.
  • Seven came back half an hour later, and his s/o – upon hearing the door speak in Arabic – started crying again as their frustration and fear rose again, knowing they had to tell him now what had happened. He walked in and looked at his s/o, whose eyes were red and puffy, and made an over-dramatic gasp, dropping the box he had in his hands and sprinted to his s/o before letting himself fall on top of them, the couple falling backwards on the sofa. 
  • He asked why they were crying and as they quietly admitted breaking the floppy disk, he answered with a simple ‘I know’ and told them he had seen it on the camera feed on his phone. He looked to the side and his s/o felt even worse than they did before until he smirked and started tickling them, asserting that their punishment would be to endure the tickle-torture for an indefinite amount of time.
  • His s/o tried to make him stop to understand why he wasn’t that affected by the loss of those pictures of Saeran, and he looked mischievously at the box he had dropped earlier; running to pick it up, he held with a triumphant smile a dozen of pictures he had just taken with his brother, most of them in goofy photobooths where you can add stickers and texts on the pictures, and most of them with a sulking Saeran glaring at a laughing Saeyoung. 
  • He explained that, after seeing the broken floppy disk, he had a good excuse to drag his brother with him to take pictures together and that these pictures felt more real than the ones of Saeran as a child, because this time, they were together.
Flashing Lights (part 2) - Benedict x reader

A/N: I’m sorry this took a while, but I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted like two days ago, so you can imagine the mess that I am right now…
I wasn’t planning on writing this second part, but a friend asked for some intense riding smut, so here I am. lol.
To @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch who sent this lovely request my way, I hope you don’t mind but I’m planning on writing that as a part three, so sit tight because it’s coming!
Also, if any of you want to be tagged in the next part, do send me an ask and I’d be glad to add you!

Word count: 2481
Warnings: smut

[Part 1] - [Part 3]

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Mean - Part 7 (end) [Harrison Osterfield imagines]

A/N it’s the last chapter of Mean!! I’m very thankful for everyone who has supported the series and being so understanding when I couldn’t post some chapters :”) I hope you guys like the last chapter. Do send me requests okays!!

Pairings: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Word Count: 2, 225

Warnings: none


Catch up: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 

You step into the coffee shop. You were here to meet Harrison after calling him 20 minutes ago. Turns out he was at the coffee shop getting some hot chocolate, so he told you to come immediately.

You wriggled out of your scarf and draped it over your arm. You presumed that Harrison had found a seat, and bought both of you a hot chocolate. You spotted Harrison at a two seater table. Someone was sitting across him, her back facing you. Was it her? Did he bring her along? He wouldn’t… Would he? You furrowed your brows.

“Y/N.” Harrison rose from his seat. You kept your gaze on her and frowned. You could see him from you peripheral vision. His eyes darted to her, then too you.

“No… it’s not…”

She had caught on, sensing your presence She too stood up, scanned you, and scoffed, as if she was disgusted by you. You scanned her too. Louis Vuitton pea coat, Hermes scarf, Prada handbag. She looked expensive. And you looked, like an average mediocre person.

“You!” She pointed her finger at you, her manicured nails seemed to threaten you. They seemed as sharp as a knife, ready to slit your throat at any moment.

“Kat. Stop.” Harrison said sternly, tugging at her arm. She obviously didn’t want to be tamed. She rolled her eyes and freed herself from his grip.

“How dare you ruined my relationship? How dare you mess with Haz and I?” She took a step closer to you, her tall figured shadowed over yours.

“What…?” You frowned. You? Ruining her relationship? All you did was spill juice on Haz and pour pink paint on him.

“How could you? I made him so happy, and you, how dare you steal him from me?” She hissed, picking up a coffee cup. You knew this wasn’t going to end well. Before you could react, she raised the cup, and dumped it’s contents on you. You frowned, looking down at the coffee that started to seep into the coat. The brown liquid had stained your favourite grey coat. You sighed softly. It was the coat you had painstakingly saved up for. It cost a fortune for you, mainly because you were new in the working world.

“Kat. I said stop it. She did nothing.” Harrison gripped onto her skinny arm. He stared at her coldly as she struggled to break free. You thanked the stranger who handed you tissues, and gave a rather defeated smile when the stain wouldn’t come off.

“Yes she did! She ruined what we had. She ruined our love!” She insisted and stomped a foot on the ground. She was facing Harrison, inches away from him. She glowered in anger, ready to release that pent up emotions any second.

“She did nothing. It was all me.” He said firmly. She stepped back, shocked to hear the news. “I thought you loved me…” You heard her whisper as pain started to show on her face. She had realised that you weren’t at fault. She sniffled a little, before she picked up her bag and left.

“Y/N… I’m sorry… I…”

You turned away and found your way into the restroom. You peeled off the coat that turned a chestnut brown. You ran water through it, soaking it through. The coffee refused to wash off, so you sighed in defeat.

“Y/N…” Harrison knocked on the door.

The coat was past saving. You knew dry cleaning wouldn’t help. The coat had gone to waste. You cursed as you thought about the cold. There was no point in calling a cab, so you had to walk two blocks back to the apartment in the cold of the night.

You opened the restroom door, a ruined coat in hand. Harrison looked at you, he looked guilty. You brushed past him, ignoring the words he had to say.

“Y/N… I’m sorry.” He repeated. You groaned and faced him. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it Osterfield.” You snapped and exited the coffee shop, only to be welcomed by a cold breeze. You wrapped your scarf around your neck, and hugged your body.

“What happened to you? You look frostbitten.” Tom mentioned when you walked into the house. In his hand was a cup of hot chocolate, and he was wrapped in a wool blanket.

You walked up to him, and yanked the blanket off him. You took the hot chocolate from his hand, and downed the contents in seconds. You were freezing.

“What happened to your coat?” He frowned, moving over to the cupboard. He took out a few more blankets and wrapped them around you.

“Kat ruined it.”

“I thought it was just you and Haz?” He poured hot water into a hot pack, and proceeded to make a cup of hot chocolate. You hugged the hot pack, letting out a groan as warmth started to comfort you.

“Yea turns out she was there.” You heard Tom curse under his breath. Something along the lines of ‘what a dick’. You shrugged it off. There was no point in being mad at her. It was obvious that they were over, and you were rather happy at the thought of it.

“Still cold love?” He hummed, leaning over the counter. You nodded. The cold has somehow gotten to you again.

“Let’s warm you up.”

You were in the kitchen, busy cooking breakfast. You had to cook whatever Tom requested, as a thank you for warming you up last night. It was just a few hugs, but he insisted on having a ‘thank you breakfast’.

“Oh my Lord. Your scrambled eggs are divine.” Tom moaned as he shoved a spoonful into his mouth. He cleaned the plate within minutes, and requested for your famous grilled cheese sandwiches next.

“Morning Haz.” Tom said as Harrison stumbled into the kitchen, still groggy from his sleep.

“Scrambled or grilled cheese?” You said, not looking up from the pan that now seemed too interesting.

“Both.” He muttered, slipping into a seat next to Tom.

You heard whispers between the two of them, but you couldn’t make out a single word. Maybe you were too focused on cooking.

You spun around with plates of food in hand. The two of them shot up, and sat up straight, pretending as if nothing had happened.

“Uhm… I gotta go Y/N. Uh… Someone… called. Thanks for the grilled cheese though.” He picked up the sandwich with one hand, letting out a gasp at how hot it was. You shook your head and smirked at his accident.

You leaned on the counter, looking down at your plate, moving your food around. You didn’t know what to say to Harrison.

“I’m sorry.” He started. You looked up. It was the 50th time he had said it. You nodded your head, indicating that it was alright.

“She ruined your favourite coat. Let me make it up to you. Dinner tonight. Dress nice okay?” You frowned a little, and looked up at him. Dinner? With Harrison? It was a chance to actually talk to him, so why not?

“Sur… sure.” You stuttered out, stepping away from the counter to clean the dishes.

You headed back to your room after the dishes were cleaned. You pushed open the door, and saw a paper bag sitting on your bed. It was from Zara. You frowned. You didn’t buy anything, especially not from Zara. It was out of your usual budget.

A note sat by the bag.

Sorry about your coat! Hope you like this one!

You peered into the bag. You took the coat out, holding it in front of you, admiring it. A light grey pea coat. Why would Harrison trouble himself to get you another coat? You had other coats. You didn’t need this.

“I can’t accept this.” You said when he opened his door. You put the coat into his arms. He frowned.

“Why not? Your favourite coat is ruined.” He puts it back in your arms, insisting that you keep it.

“It’s too expensive. Plus I have other coats.” You said nicely, and shoved the coat back into his hands.

“Too bad. No exchange policy!” He shrugged and draped it around you. “Just take it.” He said and shut the door in your face. You groaned. It was a nice coat, but would it be too hurtful to your pride to accept it? It probably wasn’t, since he wanted to give it to you.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, the grey coat draped around your figure. You sighed. You were dressed for dinner with Harrison, but you didn’t know if your outfit was good enough. A burgundy skater dress, black leggings and a pair of black boots. You frowned. Did the colours match?

The knock on your door startled you. Tom entered, surprised at what you were doing.

“I think you look great. Burgundy and grey suit you.” Tom folded his arms, inspecting your outfit like a fashion designer. You smiled at him, signalling a 'thank you’

“I hope your date with him goes well. I fully approve of your relationship with him.” Tom rested his hands on your shoulders. You nodded dumbly, as if he were your father watching out for you on your first date.

“Thanks Holland. Don’t miss me too much.” You exited the room, to see Harrison with a bouquet of roses in his hands, and a wide smile on his face.

“You look beautiful.” He handed the roses to you. “Thank you Haz.” You smiled sweetly, and passed them to Tom so that he could get a vase for them. The two of you left for your date.

You were at a rather fancy restaurant. It was a sushi restaurant, both Harrison and your favourite food.

“I bet, your favourite sushi is Uni, because it puts you and I together.” Harrison joked as he picked up a piece of Uni. You giggled a little, and proceeded to pick up a piece of fish from the sushi.

“You’re oFISHally the worst date I’ve had.” You teased. Harrison pretended to sulk, then pout. Gosh, this man was too adorable. You smiled at his now happy self. He was doing things to you.

“You know…” He started off. You knew it wasn’t a joke this time. “I’m sorry. For everything. It was stupid of me. I was having a chat with Kat over coffee last night an-” you cut him off.

“It’s alright Haz. Don’t be too beat up about it.” You smiled, resting a hand on his. He held your hand in his, his thumb caressing your skin. It was comforting, like how he was before all this started.

You sat on the bench, looking up at the night sky. The stars twinkled, lighting up the navy blue sky. You rested your head on Harrison’s shoulder. Both of you have yet to confess your feelings, but you felt that you should go first.

“Harrison…” You looked at him. He looked down at you.

“I… think I’m in love with you.” You breathed out. “I’ve fallen so hard. Ever since that day, we were right on this bench. We almost kissed. And I think that’s when I started falling. I fell so hard. I was so hurt when I saw you with Kat. I was planning to tell you about my feelings that night, but I couldn’t bring myself to. That’s why I treated you so terribly. I was so mean, because I wanted to hold my feelings at bay. I’m sorry for that. But the thing is… I love you so so much.” You stared into his electric blue eyes. A grin now plastered on his face.

“Gosh Y/N…” He was overjoyed. His face lit up instantly, standing up and pulling you in for a hug. “I love you too. Ever since we were young. I have loved you. I was mean because Tom was after you, and I needed to stop myself from falling even harder, but I did. And I thought Kat was perfect for me, but being with her made me realise that… you… it will only be you.” He picked you up, and spun you around. Overwhelmed with joy, you let out a giggle. Finally, the weight had been lifted off your shoulders. You could be with the man you love.

He set you down back onto your feet, but his hold on you stayed. His hands rested on your hips. He stared into your eyes, pure bliss was evident in them. You wrapped your arms around his neck, smirking at the blue eyed boy.

“I hope Tom doesn’t interrupt us this time.” He said before pressing his lips against yours. Your lips moved in synchronisation as he pulled you closer. Your heart fluttered, a giggly feeling bubbled inside of you. It was phenomenal.

You pulled away from the kiss when you heard a loud ribbit. You frowned as you looked to where the sound had come from. Your shoulder. You peered over, only to be met with a slimy frog. You shrieked and fell over in shock. Harrison doubled over in laughter. It was obviously his doing. You huffed as your realised you had landed in mud, and the coat was now dirtied.

“You’re mean Osterfield.” You scoffed, throwing some mud at him.

“But you love me.”


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The sunflower - Minhyun Scenario

PAIRING: Minhyun x OFC


GENRE: Angst (not intended, I swear). Happy ending. Soulmate AU.

WARNINGS: Mentions of death and major angst. I think that’s all?


NOTE:  Based on this beautiful AU in which someone’s skin gets colder every time their heart breaks, but as soon as they touch their soulmate for the first time, they get their warmth back.

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The Great Comet on Project Runway
  • Marya D: Tim Gunn
  • Natasha: The designer who gets out in one season but voted back in for the next season.
  • Sonya: The designer who's always in the top three but never wins a challenge.
  • Mary: The designer that always finishes early and helps the other designers out.
  • Helene: The designer who says they like another designer's look, but then in the personal interview they talk about how ugly it is.
  • Anatole: The designer who wins a few of the early challenges and is convinced they are the best designer for the rest of the season.
  • Dolokhov: The designer who has won the most challenges but loses at Fashion Week.
  • Balaga: The designer who bedazzles things that aren't meant to be bedazzled.
  • Pierre: The designer who is always in the bottom at the beginning but ends up winning the season.
  • Andrey: The designer who refuses to cooperate with anyone in the team challenges and won't listen to anyone else's ideas.
  • Prince Nicholas Bolkonsky: The one straight male designer who complains that his model's breasts are distracting and insults the judges when they tell him his look sucks.

anonymous asked:

riles I'm gonna be honest with you I've never seen ok ko and I'm very confused who the FUCK is that Phineas Presley guy who loves the boo berry mascot

this ask confused me so much i googled who the people you said and agshdskfjgkfh ANYWAYS

this is RAYMOND. he’s one of the villain’s hench-robots/sons who likes to be dramatic and cause trouble for the main characters. he’s also really into sports. he’s only appeared in two episodes but in both of them he’s blushed at “the boo berry mascot’s” body and/or actions, and his actions have seemed a little flirtatious. also i think he’s part chicken/his design was inspired by a chicken but idk. 

NOW THIS IS MY BOY RAD RIGHT HERE. he’s a blue alien from planet X and he’s training to be a hero under the great hero gar (aka he works as a stockboy in gar’s store). he tries so hard to be a macho man, but he’s a big softie underneath. he’s one of the main characters and is best friends with k.o. and enid. he and raymond seem to be more irked by each other than the rest of them, and he likes going head-to-head with raymond. they even had a very feelsy dance off in the most recent episode. 

do i ship them? well….

…actually i do feel as though all of lord boxman’s (the main villain) robots/kids will rebel against him and turn to the good side at some point, especially considering how he treats them and how all of them could be foils for the main trio, so i very honestly can see the two of them becoming the good ol’ trope of enemies to awkward friends to boyfriends


Dabb vs cars

Surprisingly, not the next round in my ongoing, bitter feud about his continuity problems. A “I come in peace” study on parking.

I watched 10x09 today and I did the usual OTP “aw they’re so far apart” sad heart feeling at the shot of them all outside Sharkey’s.

No, not Dean n Cas.

The Impala and Pimpmobile.

Anyway it got me thinking about in that moment it represented pretty well how Dean and Cas were doing with each other. Of course there isn’t room to park beside Cas’s car, so Dean goes and parks on the other side of the door, leaving this big gap between them, bigger because there’s a parking mark thingy Cas is about to trip over before the shot abruptly ends. (I hope Misha was okay.) The cars have a clear line of sight to each other, but there’s just something so unutterably sad about there being no way for them to park side by side, per Cas’s parking, and Dean putting that extra space between them. (Also so they can go in the door… I’d say unobstructed but the longer I watch the gif the more I become convinced there’s footage out there of Misha ruining the impression of Cas’s reserved dignity…)

In the context of season 10, where Destiel was at right then was the first time they’d seen each other since 10x03, when Dean cleared his bed for Cas like, thanks for saving me from myself pls make yourself comfy, and Cas freaked out and gabbled some stuff about work and Hannah and such and told Dean to rest up, then fled the scene. Dean is pissed off Cas called for help over trying to deal with Claire (and it kind of looks like making excuses of busywork to not come home, when you flee with an apparently important mission and it turns out you’re wandering around trying to earn back brownie points with your vessel’s daughter, having randomly and abruptly swapped onto a personal mission without telling Dean a word of it) and in general the car placement amused me by seeming to echo how they were doing.

Being me, obviously thinking about that made me start thinking about Dabb, cars, and his old Carver era patterns. He got the one per season (two if we were lucky) Deep Emotional DeanCas Talk, to give us a real, solid moment to show how they were truly doing. 8x08, 9x10, 9x22, 10x09, and 11x10 spring to mind though obviously in other episodes he wrote with them they also still shared some pretty epic emotional moments or there were other strong Destiel things. However he is the one who gave us Cas’s original car, and two of these instances are directly before the Big Talk to tide things over and give us the emotional background for later. I figured some thoughts about some notable Dabb car stuff would be a nice thing to do. After my amused nostalgia run through Carver era moments, I’ve included Dabb era in general and picked out some other moments.

9x10 is the start of all this, once Cas finally gets some wheels of his own. The most interesting set piece barely involves any driving, but is the first time the Impala and Continental are parked beside each other. Like, RIGHT beside. Like, Dean n Cas should be this close to each other all the time. Cas’s car is a step ahead (I mean, I assume so he could get out the door). All episode Dean n Cas are a beautiful emotionally supportive unit, but Dean can’t cope with this, and so he gets in his car and leaves, pulling away from the closeness he’s offered from his family, the thing with the cars being exactly what he did when he walked away from them on the bridge too. I mean, that’s fairly obvious, I’m just amused after I went back to look, HOW closely the two cars were parked, like they wanted Cas’s car in that shot, next to Dean’s, and they’d force the most unrealistic parking job ever when there’s all that unused space around them, to get all the random details into the shot they needed. As a bonus, Dean had to have been the one to park the Impala so close blocking Cas’s car in. Unconscious desire to be so close to him and to keep him? He’s still recovering from asking him to leave.

(I know the Impala and Continental shared space in several end of season 9 episodes but not 9x22 as far as I recall in the earlier parts, and the Worst Dabb Vs Cars Fuckery Of Them All occurs in the final driving moment of that episode, just putting Cas IN the Impala for the drive home despite the fact his car ends up the Bunker at the start of 9x23… That’s a symbolic gesture of what he was trying to convey in the moment of Cas sitting in the back of the car but for the sake of talking about how they park together, useless. I feel like in 9x18 it’s just a reminder Cas HAS the car, and the show doesn’t do anything useful with it to represent Cas…)

Onto 11x10, and honestly my favourite of Dabb’s Dean n Cas chatting scenes because it’s technically pretty superfluous except for the fact he really really wanted a final DeanCas chat before Cas got Casifered, and so he made one heck of a driving continuity snarl to wrangle it. Obviously Cas followed Dean’s longing to his spot because how else… Anyway, he parks a long long way off. In season 11 he’s feeling very distanced from Dean by his anxiety and trauma. This is the epitome of the “I came as soon as you called” behaviour, with Cas dropping everything to come help Dean, and romantic blurring into focus walk aside, the long shot shows us beautifully that Cas is hesitant to approach, and maintaining the distance with Dean. After all the season 10 and early 11 drama between them, including several rounds of mind controlled punch ups, they’re fragile and miserable, and Cas’s last interaction with Dean on screen was an angry and frustrating one. Cas himself bridges the distance betwen them but his car waiting off in the background suggests his reservations, and the rest of the episode spells out everything, before he chooses to do something he thinks will help move their cars closer, as it were.

Entering Dabb era proper, in 12x02 we see Cas’s new truck (still with hay) and Dean pulling up to it. Obviously they’ve got their mission to save Sam, the jokes about Mary being brought along to chaperone their date, etc. But since the car conversation in 11x23 the ball has been in Dean’s court to approach Cas, and I would assume the mythical instance of mixtape giving is somewhere between 12x01 and 12x19; the point is, here, as the first 2 episodes of season 12 in general showed (and Dean in 12x22 confirmed talking about how happy he was to have Cas and Mary back in the same breath), Dean approaches Cas, parking right behind his truck, as a symbol of the confidence and comfort they have now. They work great as a team in this part of the season, although Cas has been standing around by his lonely parked truck waiting for most of the episode up to that point, and is forced to continue standing by the truck for most of the rest of the episode.

12x12 Cas is still in the “I’ll just wait here then” mode, hanging out at their designated meeting place as Sam, Dean, Mary and Wally arrive in a convoy and park on the other side of this parking lot, so he has to come to join them (Dean rotating on the spot as he does so… heh, I love that moment.) By the middle of season 12 Cas has run away to find Lucifer, echoing 10x03’s parting, and also killed for them and invited cosmic consequences, and in 12x10 given a firm well-communicated emotional talk to help him feel included and loved, and yet he also leaves to search for Kelly some more, echoing other times he’s gone off to do a side project and been very much on the outside. Once again he’s waiting for them to catch up, and Dean seems to breeze by him - and there’s so many other people with them (and part of why he left in 12x03 was to give Sam and Dean space with Mary, exclusing himself from the family). In the diner scene Cas has the whole waitress thing to deal with, with Dean acting up around so many people with conflicting needs to perform. Cas has been waiting for an incredibly long time, but if you ever needed a more firm “the ball is in your court” it’s the “I love you” at the end of the episode.

12x19 also has a important “where the cars are placed” sequence, which you could really do with a whole gifset of, but of course the Impala is there because Kelly stole it, and it’s been left off to the side by them; likewise Sam and Dean are left to the side by them as they drive off. Sam and Dean placed the truck before they did that and took it back (and all the stuff about Cas and Dean and fixing the truck in the episode is a whole ‘nother thing)… From this angle it looks ominously like the park in which Dean found Mary, with the lights behind the trees going on - of course night has just fallen rather than the sun coming up, and Cas is driving away from the light. As Dean walked Mary into their lives, newly resurrected, Cas drives out of their lives >.> Between all the stealing cars and rushing into save Cas, the gap between them as they’re parked is obvious and as a result of the circumstances. They’re apart because there’s too much going on, Kelly made off with Cas in the car, and Sam and Dean were helpless chasing after them. The distance and swapping around of cars and using them as part of the chaos is very effective. Cas calmly takes possesion of his truck again, freshly fixed by Dean, but drives off with Kelly. In 12x23 they steal some stock Destiel phrases to exchange, and it’s touching the truck which opens the rift. I had a nose around the outdoors scenes and couldn’t spot Cas’s truck and the Impala even on the same side of the building, and honestly am kind of confused about where the truck went. Not, as I said, that I’m trying to continue the feud with this post. But I mean.

*clears throat*

I’m just saying he ruined the continuity in 12x01 for 12x02 by doing the exact same thing as 9x22 by just not using Cas’s truck when it would make sense to take as many vehicles as they can get their hands on so they could split up… Obviously all the many set pieces to do with cars worked best/could only work if there was just the Impala but it’s all style over function again… So in 12x02 to let Cas split up to help they add an extra day to let him get the truck so he can follow leads and do the legwork, and Mary and Dean end up back at the Bunker, immediately falling back into old static patterns when it would have made so much sense to just have them in a motel NEARBY instead of abandoning their hot trail on finding Sam so Mary could shower… He handed them that excuse on a platter and killed the urgency and Dean n Cas were split up all episode when they could have been at least local-ish to each other and maybe had that phonecall in person and and and… shh Lizzy

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EEEE I just love you and how you write your domestic stuff! It is why i live!!! So i was wondering, Could you do some domestic living with gabe and maybe jesse? That would be awesome, but dont feel like you have to!

Thank you so much!! I love writing fluff! Especially for these two nerds so thank you for requesting this!!

Gabriel Reyes

  • Can I get an AMEN, please!
  • Takes every opportunity to rest his chin on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your waist
  • Walks around shirtless
  • Don’t drool pls he just cleaned the floor
  • Is a very tidy man
  • His military training is evident in the way he lives
  • Is great at folding laundry
  • Can cook like an absolute champ!
  • You guys always have a bottle of good tequila on hand
  • Is a handy man sort of guy
  • Can fix legit anything
  • Even if it’s with duct tape
  • Guts a room as a “project”
  • Loves having space to move around in but loves a cozy home
  • He designed the decor
  • Don’t lie
  • He designed the whole aesthetic
  • And it’s amazing

You can see him moving around from the light shining underneath the door and you can hear his boots clunking across the bare floor, you knock before entering since you don’t know where he or his supplies are. “Come in!” He calls, his voice muffled by the wood between the two of you, you open the door and close it behind you as you don’t want the chemical fumes in the rest of the house. He’s ripped up the carpet and chucked it out the open window, he’s also in the process of tearing down one of the walls. “Hello mi amor,” Gabriel grins as he kisses the skin just under your ear and you laugh as you push him away.

“You smell like dust, you can kiss me after you shower,” he looks offended and you laugh again.

“Well fine then, I wanted to show you something anyways.” He heads towards the window and you see a thick, worn book on the floor. As you step closer you realize it’s a photo album, a very old photo album. “Look at this, I found it in the wall.” He begins to flip through the pages with you, adding made up stories to some images, marveling at others. The two of you don’t realize how long you’ve been looking at the album until you’re chasing the last rays of light trying to see a picture of what appears to be a party.

“Let’s have dinner,” you propose as you stand, “then we can look at it some more.”

“Can I have a kiss now?” Gabriel doesn’t wait for an answer before he’s leaning forward with his lips in an exaggerated pucker.

“Have you showered?” You ask as you place your palm on his mouth and he groans against your skin.

Jesse Mccree

  • Kinda messy but always cleans up after himself
  • So his serape will end up on the floor but when he gets up again he’ll hang it up
  • Can cook the essentials
  • His specialty is pasta
  • He’s resourceful in his cooking
  • Like Baudelaire children
  • You’re sure it’s from his deadlock days
  • Snores but not too much
  • If you fall asleep before him you’re okay
  • Is very clingy
  • But not annoyingly so
  • Loves to stay in bed and just talk
  • Watches whatever is on TV
  • You’ve caught him yelling at Dr. Oz before
  • The two of you watch the Steve Wilkos show together
  • You’re best friends who just so happen to be romantically in love
  • Your house is quaint and has lots of character
  • There’s no specific design happening
  • It’s just home

Out of the corner of your eye, you see him meandering out of the bedroom as he scratches his stomach while his other hand is folded behind his head as he stretches, you turn to him and smile, taking note of the fact that he’s just in his underwear. “How’d you sleep?” You ask, adding some spices to the egg you’d just cracked into the pan.

“Mighty fine, ‘specially since I woke up ta you makin’ my breakfast.” His voice is still rough from sleep as he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses the side of your head. You make a noise and half-heartedly try to shove him off, which only succeeds in making him hold you tighter and pepper kisses along your jaw, cheek, and temple.

“Jesse!” You squeal as you try to turn your head away, but he just switches to the other side, “your breath stinks!”

“So does yours darlin’ but you don’t see me makin’ a fuss,” you can feel him smiling into your hair as he kisses you some more.

“That’s cause I’m making you breakfast,” his hands start to rub up and down your sides as you return your full attention to the eggs in front of you. “Go brush your teeth and I’ll kiss you.” He agrees nonverbally as he slides away from you and towards the bathroom, your eyes follow his ass as he walks away, watching his briefs hug his thighs.

“I know where yer eyes are, honey.” You snap to attention as he chuckles, cheeks burning as you slide the eggs onto a plate and place it on the table.


I’d like for some people to take the time and look at only a portion of my great grandfather’s work that survived the war. My great grand father was Le Van De, a famous silk screen painter in Vietnam that taught as a professor in France and has had one of his pieces displayed in the Vatican. Most of his work was reclaimed by the government after Saigon fell and my family had to evacuate, sadly he did not make it to America with the rest of my family. One of my favorite paintings is called “Vietnamese Madonna with her Child” in English and is the photo above of the woman with a baby. That was my great grandmother with my great aunt. You see the South Vietnamese flag and wonder why it’s there. Le Van De was the one who revived and designed the South Vietnamese flag that flows prominently here in Houston and many other areas. The reason I made this post is because I don’t want his work to die out just because the Vietnamese government still has it. Please At least look at it and admire the legacy he has left behind. If you have any more information on him or any sources of his artwork please contact me. My family is trying to reclaim what we can that’s left of his work. Thank you.

Oath [Draco x Reader]

Originally posted by dramione-feltson-forever

Request:  25 and 30 For Draco?

25: “You can have me, or you can have him/her/them”

30: “I-I promise”

Word count:948

A/N: hope you enjoy this because i had a lot of fun writing this!!! angst with draco is my favorite thing to write!

There was only one way to say it. Despite his brat like behavior and how cruel he was, you saw good in Draco and even, though you never would admit, are head-over-heels for the boy. He had never been particularly nasty to you either so you just let your little crush be. 

You snuck glances at him during classes both of you shared, in the halls, and also at dinner. The little sketch book you kept in your nightstand contained his name written in your prettiest handwriting, surrounded by a heart. Yes, it was a little cliche but it was a crush. Or at least it was until Draco caught you staring at him more than once and he would smile towards you. Other times you caught him staring at you! And how that made you heart so happy.

Soon, you and Draco started meeting up in the library when he actually asked for some help with Potions. You agreed immediately. That evening, you spent your time with him laughing, chairs side by side, him telling you stories he thought funny. He was a whole new person for you. 

And so you told him, about your little crush on him. He didn’t respond immediately or at all until you stood up to leave. But before you could, he grabbed your sleeve and pulled you back down to his level. Then he muttered something about think you were cute, and kissed your cheek, then escorted you back to your designated common room. 

Down in the great hall the next morning, you caught him snogging with Pansy Parkinson. And it hurt, it hurt watching him kiss her after you admit your feelings. 

So you made it your mission to ignore him for the rest of your years at Hogwarts.

You arrived a little earlier to your last class earlier than usual, at the end of a long week. Which also meant being the first one there and getting to choose your seat. Since the class was Astronomy and your grades were flawless, you took a seat more towards the back, at a table for two. You hoped your friend, Luna, would be your partner and fill the empty seat next to you.

But as fate would have it, your wish didn’t come true. Instead, that beautiful, blonde-haired slytherin boy, Draco Malfoy, took the seat adjacent to you. You would have changed to another table if Madam Sinistra hadn’t slammed the door signalling classed had begun. You spotted Luna and her fellow Ravenclaw, Cho Chang, about three table away from you.

“Hello, (Y/L/N),” Draco said smugly, leaning back in his chair as he looked over to you.

“Draco,” you nodded and pulled out your book for class. From the corner of his eye, you could see the smirk at the corner of his lips, he was trying to work you up.

The period went by with nothing else conversation wise. But he did try to talk with you on multiple occasions, going as far to scoot his chair close to yours and place his hand on your upper thigh. So you did like any lady should, slap his hand away.

And silence remained until after class.

It wasn’t until after dinner till Draco approached you again.

He found you sketching the moon, swinging in a bench by the lake. Your hair waving slightly from the breeze the lake caused and from where he was walking, he could see the discomfort he had caused. 

“(Y/N),” he called. You looked up and began to put all of your drawing materials away quickly so that you could make a run for it.Sadly he caught you before you even left the bench.

“(Y/N), you’ve been ignoring me since our little session in the library. You haven’t snuck at me in days. What is wrong?”

“Draco, please, just leave me alone,” you stood up, trying to make haste to leave. 

“No,” he snagged your bag full of drawing materials away from you.

“Draco, please give that back and leave me be,” you attempted to argue.

“No,” he spoke again, “ tell what is going on.”

“What’s going on?!? Why do you care! Just go back to Crabbe and Goyle and- and Pansy!”

“Pansy? Why would I want to be around her?!?”

“I don’t know , maybe to go make out with her like you did earlier this week.”

“You saw that?”

“Of course I saw that! You can’ttel someone you like them and go snog on someone else.”

“(Y/N), it was a dare!”


“You’re over reacting it was just a kiss”

“Just a kiss?!? Draco, I wouldn’t be upset but I’ve seen you two kiss on multiple occasions and that’s not okay if anything was between us!”

“Well, your not my girlfriend. I don’t understand why you’re acting so jealous.”

“You don’t under- goddammit, Malofy!I’m jealous because I LOVE YOU and I admitted that to you! And you go kiss someone else, when you should have been kissing me! I’m the one you come to when you need to talk because no one else knows that actual you, not HER!” You huffed out and pulled your bag back, “You can haver me, or you can have her!”

With that, your shoulders dropped and you began to walk away.

“You,”you heard a small voice come from behind you.


“It’s you, I choose you.”

That’s all you need to here to turn around and drop your bag, embracing the blonde boy in a hug. Your nose nuzzling against his neck.

“Do you promise not to hook up with ever?” You pulled away, looking him in the eye. He just nodded at me, “take an oath.”

“I-I promise.”