the rest of his design is great!!

Okay, but you guys. The Instagram account that Blue steals Ronan’s phone to create for the great Sargent-Lynch road trip. It starts off as pictures of Ronan mugging over plates of truck stop food and then just devolves into pictures specifically designed to give Gansey and Adam heart attacks. 

  • Close-ups of Ronan’s feet with honey on his toes a la The Parent Trap.
  • Blue trapped in some fast food restaurant’s ball pit. 
  • Ronan with his head in an alligator’s mouth. (A stuffed one from a rest stop, obvs, but they don’t need to know that.)
  • Blue’s terrified face as she “hangs perilously off the side of a cliff” while standing on the ledge below. 
  • Three times Ronan successfully jumps over the campfire and one time he doesn’t.
  • Blue leaning around from behind a tree and demanding her clothing back. 
  • Ronan climbing a flag pole half naked to steal some asshole’s Confederate flag because he’s just sick of seeing them. 
  • Blue crawling out of a mausoleum at some cemetery they drove past pretending she’s been bitten by a zombie. 
  • That game of fluffy bunny where Ronan almost chokes and dies because he refuses to lose to someone half his size. (”Always knew you had a big mouth, maggot, but Mary fucking Joseph.”)
  • The two of them jumping off a bridge holding hands. 

The possibilities are ENDLESS. 


five days of freaking hades and persephone!natan au and @s-t-a-r-away and i are not stopping i have seen hell and it is great

About that sunahama update, great storytelling and show-don’t-tell by dsp and Ivlis not being as dumb as we thought

A VERY long post, my own two cents about the update (bolded for main points and observations)

tl;dr: Ivlis knows what’s going on now and is being torn apart by it, Satanick is even more confused and is probably going to die through denial of his love, and funamusea/dsp/mogeko astonishing me with the improved quality of their work, design and storytelling-wise, since this past week. 

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For years, Yoshinaga Ryo has been designing and producing some of the most iconic graphics in the Japanese drift community. His exceptional uses of color, ornate shapes, and imaginative layouts have always been a great inspiration of mine. Equally inspiring are the cars that accompany his designs, and the drivers that operate them. One cannot perform without the other.

I was approached to help with the graphics on Naoki Nakamura’s Super D chassis, which turned into a collaboration between Ryo-san and myself. He provided me with a few of his files, and let me have free reign with the rest of the car. I took this rare opportunity to fuse our aesthetics together, and highlight each of our strengths. I hope everyone enjoys the completed car as much as I did working on it. Debut coming soon!


a p r i l

“I will comfort her, speak tenderly to her, and proclaim to her that her sin has been forgiven” (Isaiah 40:1-2).

In March I committed to pausing, breathing, resting, and running back to the first truths that not only saved me, but continue to transform me - God is my first love, my tender comforter, and the Forgiver of my sin. 

Run back to Him in April, friends. 

The great truths of His grace and love aren’t just the ABC’s of Christianity, but the A-Z of Christianity. His grace is what motivates, compels, moves, and ultimately transforms us. 

In the midst of heartbreak, sickness, financial loss, confusion and shame, Jesus sees my sin more clearly than anyone, yet He loves me more than anyone. What grace. 

Welcome, April. 


I’d like for some people to take the time and look at only a portion of my great grandfather’s work that survived the war. My great grand father was Le Van De, a famous silk screen painter in Vietnam that taught as a professor in France and has had one of his pieces displayed in the Vatican. Most of his work was reclaimed by the government after Saigon fell and my family had to evacuate, sadly he did not make it to America with the rest of my family. One of my favorite paintings is called “Vietnamese Madonna with her Child” in English and is the photo above of the woman with a baby. That was my great grandmother with my great aunt. You see the South Vietnamese flag and wonder why it’s there. Le Van De was the one who revived and designed the South Vietnamese flag that flows prominently here in Houston and many other areas. The reason I made this post is because I don’t want his work to die out just because the Vietnamese government still has it. Please At least look at it and admire the legacy he has left behind. If you have any more information on him or any sources of his artwork please contact me. My family is trying to reclaim what we can that’s left of his work. Thank you.

More Pandora doodles, assorted for your convenience! From top to bottom:

1.) While Pandora and Skyla do have a relationship full of conflict, Pandora isn’t always the initiator. Pan gets called “Pandorka” so often she’s surprised when Skyla actually addresses her by her real name. Skyla here saw a perfect opportunity to drench her unsuspecting cousin with a passing raincloud, but unfortunately for her, nopony ruins Pan’s makeup and mane…and lives

2.) Pan and Cupcake attend a Hairy Trotter convention in Manehatten. Just dorky BFFs having a fun day out. Cupcake is pretty proud of being a Griffindor, she and Panny took the authentic Sorting Hat Trottermore test and everything

3.) Concept test for Spike a few centuries in the future. He spends most of his time sleeping, and the rest trolling would-be explorers come to steal from his hoard. I remember I doodled a great design for him but lost it, so I’m going off my memory. Spike finally gets that mustache he always wanted. Eh. Design still needs work

4.) What time is it? Aaaaaaadventure time! I drew up some cute color references for human Pan and Cupcake, in the uber noodly cute adventure time style.

5.) Think I finally nailed Pan’s human child design. Small, really skinny, freckly, fashion sense like a thrift store threw up. Best of all, still rocking that dorky haircut Twilight does for her with the kitchen scissors. As a kid, Cupcake was kinda chubby and a lot taller than the other girls, and quiet and shy, so she got left out a lot. Nobody ever bullied her directly, but she did pick up mean whispers in the school hallways every now and then. So her self-confidence wasn’t too great. Luckily she meets Panny, a weird, loud little girl with weird magic, who eventually pesters quiet Cupcake into being best friends.
Also Cupcake I’m sorry I had to erase your legs but god they looked wonky, note to self, do more human anatomy studies geez


Okay, yeah. I’m probably gonna do that IR family blog. Just messing around with designs at the moment. First up, the oldest. Kuchiki Kaien! Design could still change. But the basic idea is there. He certainly inherits the family’s hair growth gene. XD 

Fun fact: He’s also shorter than his youngest brother. To his great chagrin. But that’s all i’m giving out. The rest you’ll have to ask him when the blog starts up. :D

Then we have Kuchiki Masaki and Kuchiki Hisana. Still messing around with their designs. But like Kaien, their designs could change a bit. 

Also, Masaki is a mini sass machine. Seriously. She’s a quick one. Hisana is a little more subdued. 

Two more to come! One of which may be a surprise. 

Sorry if the designs are a little bleh at the moment. XD Haven’t drew anything in about two weeks until now.


Tyler the Creator’s Cherry Bomb doing no wrong

After over two years since, “Wolf”, Tyler the Creator finally released his fourth studio album, “Cherry Bomb”. TYLER aka the Genius deserve every prop and musical world to acknowledge this album is like a beautiful flower that is already dead you know. The album is great ‘Find your Wings’ would be my favourite I think so it’s a really pretty little track, Tyler’s personal favourite to.

Tyler realease on vinyl please! For the rest of you buy it, stream it, do what you have to do

charity events were usually fairly interesting for spencer vaughn. while some of the people who ran in his friend group thought that they were tedious and boring, his attitude towards them had always been different. sure it was great to help starving children or whatever the hell the proceeds went towards, but his attendance was purely based on the free alcohol and the thought of beautiful women dressed to the nines. he’d arrive in his designer suit and head straight to the bar, downing a few drinks while he scouted out the most beautiful girl in the room. then he’d get her attention by donating an impressive amount of daddy’s money, and then spend the rest of the night working on getting her into his bed.

tonight would be an exception, however. since his father had told him about his nonnegotiable marriage, there had been strict instructions for he not be fooling around with a plethora of other girls and prepare to begin his new life as a married man. that was, of course, complete and utter bullshit, and spencer had quite a few choice words about the fact that his future was being treated like a business deal, but he’d reluctantly agreed to keep himself under control in order to keep his future at the family’s company from being put in jeopardy. he’d secluded himself in the corner with a drink in hand since he’d arrived, but a quick scan of the room revealed that his future wife was also in attendance. quickly finishing the rest of his drink, he grabbed two more from the bar before approaching her. “hello, honey,” he greeted sarcastically, offering up one of the glasses in his hands. “i didn’t know you’d be joining me tonight.”

  • Gabriel: *sitting in his room in a comfortable cozy armchair with a glass of vine in his hand*
  • Gabriel: well, let's see what you've achieved, Gabriel
  • Gabriel: you became a fashion designer and you're known all over the world
  • Gabriel: clothes, designed by you, is sold everywhere with a great success at quite high prices
  • Gabriel: and you are rich enough not to work for the rest of you life...
  • Gabriel: ...
  • Gabriel: ...
  • Gabriel: that's why your only son will wear the same clothes for his whole life

The parallel debates about the Confederate flag and Dylann Roof’s motive highlight the fact that the collective denial about the white supremacist motives behind white supremacist violence is nothing new.

The Confederate states all stated in no uncertain terms that they seceded because of slavery. The designer of the Confederate battle flag stated that it was meant to symbolize white supremacy. The Vice President of the Confederacy said, “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.” And yet many, maybe even most, white people will claim that it “wasn’t about slavery” and that it was “about states’ rights.”

This has been going on for over a century. So when we see Dylann Roof posing next to that flag, wearing other white supremacist symbols, writing 1488 in the sand, and then standing up in a black church and yelling about wanting to kill black people before killing an elected official and eight others, leaving behind a manifesto about white supremacy, and people will still search for another excuse. “Oh, it wasn’t about white supremacy, it was about religion. Or he was just crazy. Or, or, or…” People don’t want to confront the reality, which is that it was about race.

In 1962, something like 80% of white people believed that black people had equal opportunity. That number has stayed more or less steady. We continue to live in a collective denial that continues to result in problems not being addressed. Our denial is the enemy of progress.