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01. blanketed in stars

[Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1314

—> “Please, come with me.”

A/N: random, but i’ve been seeing cute little drabbles everywhere. and since i am kind of terrible at finishing full-length fics, i figured drabbles would be cool to write. xoxo

Jungkook is not what you would exactly call thrilled. In fact, he was feeling the exact opposite emotion.

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A slightly different opinion on Jin + BigHit

I actually feel bad that even BigHit has to deal with hate. Really bad because we keep advocating not to judge something from what we see from the outside (especially with the Namjoon + racism issue, among other things), but we have sent nearly abusive hate to BigHit over Seokjin.

Over the last couple of years, ARMYs have abundantly complained for Seokjin for his lines, his role as a visual, his role as a vocalist, his role in music videos, etc. The fact that Kim Seokjin receives less attention compared to other members (although Hoseok and Namjoon have also been said to be neglected by some fans) is undeniable. It’s just that we have to consider why that is.

With any entertainment industry, you gain wealth and value from popularity and influence. Especially in the Korean entertainment industry, where you seldom get a chance to shine (no one said life was fair), and if you miss it, it’s gone. BTS has been lucky, out of many other talented many people in the world, to be able to debut as Bangtan Sonyeondan, with all their hardwork and effort. It is not the fault of the company, of Seokjin or of the other members that he recieves less attention from the fans compared to his fellow groupmates. Logically saying, BigHit will distribute BTS’ lines according to, first, how many people will be pleased if this person receives these lines; and second, the ability of the member in singing/rapping/expressing that line.

Therefore, I think the responsibility of helping our Seokjin in gaining the attention we think he deserves lies with us. ARMYs are the ones who determine who gets what. The maknae line has more fans than the rest of them combined; is that BigHit’s fault? More people bias Jungkook than Seokjin and you decide to blame it on the company? It is their job to make sure BTS earns the profit they deserve, and they will do that by ensuring that people are satisfied with what they’re doing. And everyone’s got to know that it’s not about EVERYONE being satisfied. It’s about the MOST people being happy.

What will you do about your fellow fans not liking Seokjin? What have you done so far? Talk shit about the company because they haven’t taken care of Seokjin like they did for the other members?

We never heard the whole story of how Jin hurt his neck, or whether or not he was actually injured. And who knows? With Seokjin’s attitude, maybe he asked not to be hospitalized for the sake of the event and for the rest of the members (we know they can’t live without him). And for BangPD telling Jin that he’s fat. This shouldn’t even be an issue. Does BangPD seem like an incredibly skinny guy to you? In Korea, beauty (on the outside) is glory and fame, and can gain you popularity like nothing else. It’s why idols are famous. Yes, people shouldn’t go around calling other people fat or make them feel degraded, but you’ve got to know that in their culture it is also their way of looking out for someone.

It sounds wrong, but telling someone to slim down in an entertainment industry isn’t simply calling you ugly, it’s asking you to train harder and become the better person you want to be.

Jimin got laughed at for having chubby cheeks in the earlier eras. I don’t see anyone getting fired up about that as of now. And Jungkook getting hate for his pimples? What about Taehyung being called out for acting “weird”? Rap Monster being called an ableist is the absurdest one yet. If we’re just missing Yoongi and Hoseok then you’ll have to know that they get so much hate too. For being ugly, for being bad vocals, Yoongi for being depressed and expressing his true opinions on things, and Hoseok for being the amazing sunshine boy that he is.

I hope you all understand that although BigHit is not perfect and may mistreat BTS now or in the future, it will not help for you to keep slandering them for doing something that is part of their duty.

And I want to assure all that I do, very much so, wish that one day Seokjin will get everything he deserves, which is more than what he has, and more than what we can give right now. He’s our mom, our confidence booster, our dad-joke compiler, our eldest kid, our loving Kim Seokjin.

Above all, I hope everyone realizes that it’s also our duty to help Seokjin get recognized by other ARMYs and by the rest of the world. It’s up to us.

Christmas Jungkook

- Oh my god Jungkook would be so excited to spend christmas with you he’d be so smiley and keep grinning at you 

- He’d put tinsel everywhere. 

- ‘Jungkook that doesn’t look right, move it over there’


-He’s not going to listen, christmas lights and tinsel are going everywhere

- Including wrapped around you

- When you’re having a rest he’s just gonna wrap your whole body in tinsel 

- ‘Look at my beautiful tree wow’ 

- ‘Jungkook i cannot move’ 


- burying your face in that massive sweater 

-When you’re done decorating Jungkook falls asleep poor sleepy baby

-It’s time to get revenge

-Wrap the lil bunny in tinsel 

- Oh shit he’s not actually asleep but now you’re both wrapped in tinsel

-His face is getting closer

-wipe that grinn of your face Jungkook

- He’s gonna kiss ur face so much so many nose kisses 

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