the rest just...uh not so much


Gohan: “Uh… Hey, Piccolo! Do you mind if I ask you about something?”

Piccolo: “What’s that?”

Gohan: “Well, uh… When Dende and the other Nameks left to resettle on that new planet, you could’ve gone with ‘em! I was wondering why you chose to stay here with us. They’re your people.”

Piccolo: “Well, I might join them someday. But for now, I feel like my mission is here on Earth. Sometimes connections between people run deeper than where they’re from or what color skin they have.”

  • Me:I'm sorry I can't come into work today a person I find incredibly close was injured in a beating and mugging incident.
  • Boss:Oh I am so sorry to hear that I hope they come out of everything okay.
  • Boss:........
  • Me:.......
  • Boss:.....
  •*sniffle* we good?

Is this a fucking joke? Liz is HoH, Johnny Mac and Becky are on the block, and Liz won Pov?? Production needs to twistos twist the shit outta this house with a hidden have not double PoV

Liam Imagine #2

Requested: Yes

Summary: Reader plays volleyball and gets hurt causing Liam to care for her

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted in forever! School recently started for me and the beginning is always messy! But anyways I’ll try to work out a schedule for posting, but I hope that doesn’t stop you from requesting! Also thank you for over 500 follows! Thank you so much love bugs!
“Go (Y/N)!” You heard the cheers of your friends. Actually, just Malia and Lydia since they preferred to stay in the gym rather than outside.

You chuckled, following the rest of your team mates to the bleachers to get water.

“Guys, you know this is just practice right?” You chuckled.

“Just uh, just practicing for the actual games.” Lydia stated awkwardly.
“Ok,” you laughed, heading back to the court for a practice game.

“(Y/L/N), why don’t we practice your serving skills? Get behind the line.” Your coach ordered.

You nodded, heading to the end to the court, and giving a good tug at your spandex.

You caught the ball that was tossed your way and spun it a few times. Just doing your basic routine before serving. One more bounce and a good squeeze before throwing the ball up and making a perfect serve.

The game went on for a while, one point here, another there, but then the ball was coming your way. You jumped up to try to spike it to the other side, and you did, but landing completely hurt your ankle.

You let out a hiss in pain and sat, holding your ankle.

Out on the lacrosse field Liam’s head snapped up, having heard your heartbeat spike, hearing a nasty pop and your hiss in pain.

“Dunbar! Let’s go!” Finstock yelled.
Liam ripped his helmet off, throwing it behind him as he ran towards the gym.

“(Y/N)!” Liam yelled. His cleats leaving dirt all over the gym floor as he sprinted over to your contorted body being carried to the bench.

“Hey Bub.” You grimaced.

“How are you? Are you ok? What happened? Do we need to go to the hospital?” Liam asked.

“No I think I just need ice, but the nurse is coming to check it out.” You reassured.

“I’ll stay here with you.” Liam stated.

“No, you have practice. I’ll be fine.” You laughed.

“No, I’m staying. Plus, we only have like 20 minutes left.” Liam shrugged.

You nodded, resting your head on Liam’s shoulder. He placed a tiny, loving kiss on the top of your head and burying his nose into the top of your pony tail.
“Stop, my hair is all wet from sweat.” You laughed.

“I don’t care.” Liam replied.

The nurse walked in and took a seat on the floor in front of you after talking to the assistant coach.

“Hello, this may hurt, but trust me, it’s not intentional.” She told you, beginning to unlace your shoes.

You gripped Liam’s hand when she began to pull the shoe off.

“Ahhhh!” You yelled out in pain.

Malia and Lydia came up behind you, Lydia lightly rubbing your arm and Malia taking away your pain.

“Ok so the worst part is over.” The nurse laughed. You let out a forced laugh and rolled your eyes.

She placed to ice packs on either side of your ankle and began to tape them.
“I’ll call your parents and be sure to let them know what happened. Please be sure to tell them that a doctor’s appointment would probably be the best move, but ice should bring the swelling down. Do you think you can carry her?” The nurse told you before turning to Liam.

“Oh yeah.” Liam nodded. The nurse laughed and went back to talk to the coaches.

“We’ll take your stuff to the car.” Malia said.

“Ok my combination for locker 455 is 25-5-15.” You told her, before wrapping your arms around Liam’s neck as he picked you up.

Lydia grabbed your practice bag and followed you and Liam to her car.

After getting your things back and bidding Malia goodbye, you were finally on your way home.

“Ok, here are your things. Good luck and text me later.” Lydia instructed.
“I sure will.” You nodded.

“Ok, good. I love you and I hope you get better.” She smiled.

“Thank you, love you too.” You laughed.
She closed the door behind her and in an instant Liam was by your side asking if you needed anything.

“No thank you Bub. I need cuddles, a movie, and please help me take off my knee pads.” You sighed.

He carefully pulled the knee pads down and squeezed his eyes shut when he got closer to the ice pack.

“You need your eyes open for this part, silly.” You chuckled.

“I just don’t want to hurt you anymore.” He sighed.

“I can’t even feel it at this point, just stretch it out on both sides and fit it around the ice packs.” You told him.
He eventually got the knee pads off, put in Disney’s Hercules and sat down to cuddle with you.

“Why did you pick this one?” Liam asked.

“I like the songs.” You answered.

The movie slowly came to an end and Liam was just about asleep.

“Thank you for taking care of me today. I will make it up to you, even if your werewolf self can’t really stay injured but I’ll do what I can. I love you.” You whispered to his half asleep figure.

“I would do anything for you. I love you too.” He smiled.

You smiled placing a tender kiss on his lips.

“You’ll love me even if I have to use crutches?” You asked.

“Oh! Especially then! Do you know how much I’d have to help you? So much attention from you! It’d be heaven!” He laughed.

“Well you wouldn’t have crutches!” You argued.

“Oh come on! You know that we’d use them more than you.” He laughed.

“That's… true.” You laughed, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks again, love bug.” You sighed contently.

Benedict is an incredible actor and I’m very proud of him, he was brilliant. He’s also very skinny and I wanted to feed him some food because srsly, there wasn’t an ounce of fat on that body. He doesn’t even have chins anymore :o

Me Trying to Write Original Fic
  • My brain:You know what we need? A story about a heroic necromancer who learns how to bring people back from the dead. Whose best friend is an undead dragon.
  • Me:That sounds awesome! I'll start working on that right now! Let's see, I just have to outline it, and then-
  • My brain:Yah OK I guess that's cool, but. Have you considered writing about cybernetic human weapons who desert from the armed forces instead? There can be warring cyberpunk and transhumanist tones depending on who's narrating
  • Me:Oh, that has promise! I'll jot down some notes so I don't forget these ideas, and then I'll go back to that first story, since that one also sounded-
  • My brain:You know what's cool? Aliens. You know what's cooler? Really alien aliens. Like, maybe they have a bunch of different very specialized genders with a complex biological caste system, and their whole society is built around that. Or maybe they prioritize very different virtues than we do, so that they see murder as bad but also an unavoidable fact of life- what do we expect them to do, put people in PRISON people for it??? While intentionally spreading false information is viewed as something only a complete monster would do, because you're harming the ability of society as a whole to make wise choices? Write about this literally nothing is more important
  • Me:Well, I'm not sure how any of that has anything to do with what we were just discussing, but it does sound like it's worth consid-
  • Me:....what about them?

Whatever is in the boxes obviously has to be heavy, because they don’t look super big but Dolly Guy still apparently has to use a dolly to transport them (even though Tim presumably just carried them there? it’s unclear). 

.. … .….

anonymous asked:

Is Lay still in Exo? I recently joined exo fandom and I've noticed him never being in most videos?

hi dear anon welcome to the fandom. //hugs//

of course Lay is still in exo. he’s our very precious unicorn. ^^

you don’t see him in much of the videos because he’s travelling a lot between china and korea at the current moment due to his work commitments in china. his members miss him very much, as do we.

if you want to see more of him, you can look for videos of him on china variety shows (go fighting, running man, etc) and interviews (sina, tencent, etc). there’s quite a number of those since he’s quite active in china these days. it’s really worth watching because he’s 12038712893 times wittier when he speaks in chinese.

and if you want to see more interactions of him with the members, watching their concert fancams would be a good choice. 

yearoftheblacksheep replied to your post “i woudl love if lake kindred would like have stats and descriptions…”

Dude, I want to like lake kindred but its such a money dump

i dont even know where the money dump even goes considering it wont let me fucking use potions when me pet is stunned into oblivion and morrowind and beyond

but its like, at least its not as bad as the moga game wher you literally had to pay to revive yoru pets stamina because it wouldtn wake u pfor 6 hours withotu gaia cash