the rest just want to gouge their eyes

Through the pain of acid-tokyo, Kurogane holding Fai through most of the eye/vampire drama is one of my favorite things. Like he starts by cradling Fai to him after his eye gets gouged out, understandable

then after Fai passes out after the “I’m sorry,” Kuroogane stays right there and keeps his arm around Fai’s shoulders/behind his head. he could have very easily put him back down, but he just holds him the whole time until it’s time for the blood, and then he holds him some more to help with the pain

and then after that, HE JUST CARRIES FAI AROUND!! Fai lying down somewhere would probably be best for him. he just got an eye gouged out and went through being turned into a vampire, enough pain to make him pass out. not being moved around and letting his body just rest would be the best option

but Kurogane doesn’t want Fai out of his sight so until he can put the mage down in a place where he can watch over him, he’s just not going to put him down