the rest i composed

Thanks to @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major I wrote a piece that sounds like like how the worst burrito I’ve ever had tasted in b# minor.

Unfortunately musescore wouldn’t allow me to use 9 sharps so here you have my beautiful handwriting.

Shortly after coming out, I joined a local LGBT youth club with my best friend.  The people were all so lovely, everyone wanting to make sure we had a good time.  My friend was wearing a cartoony shirt and this girl made a remark on it.  She was so pretty, my brain clicked into full gay mode and decided I had to make a good impression at all costs.  So a few minutes into the conversation, I cracked a joke.  She laughed and gave me a bit of a shove, and even carried on with the joke for a bit.  I got so flustered my friend had to carry on the conversation, because I couldn’t form sentences properly anymore.  When the girl moved on, I had to sit down until I composed myself, then spent the rest of the evening trying to act like I didn’t just hide in the corner because a pretty girl thought I was funny.

spiritual stages of Nearly Witches

this song is a blessing
1) the kid choir thingy group signing the french intro and us singing along to it and wondering what the fuck they’re saying
2) the awesome ass instrumental after??????
3) “MY WINGTIPS WALTZ ACROSS NIAVE WOOD FLOORS THEY CREAK INNOCENTLY DOWN THE STAIRS” fucking rising from the dead to give this line our heart and soul
4) “DRaaaAAAAaaAAAAg MEL O DY MY PURCUS SIVE FEET SERVE COBWEB HEADACHES” if i could type the way i scream “drag” in this song, i just did. spaces are little staccatos
6) “dodododo dodoDODODO” FUCK ME
7) “HERE I AM COMPOSING A BURLESQUE, OUT OF WHERE THEY REST THEIR NECKS” is it JUST ME or do you guys also sing it in the valley girl squeaky voice that brendon does in the live performances?????? BECAUSE ME
10) “I ONLY SHOOT UP WITH YOUR PERFUME” i take off in a foxtrot partner dance at this part, like i’m on so you think you can fucking dance or something
12) dead bc ryden
13) thats it

Mozart composed his first symphony
at eight years old.
Shakespeare was married at eighteen
and completed his first play at twenty six.
My grandmother carried life in her hips at fifteen
and had three declarations of young love
by the time she was nineteen.
My grandfather had barely gotten over puberty
when he took his first trip-
a tromp over unknown countryside with
a gun on his back and a
stained uniform as his only clothes.
I am twenty and all I feel like doing
is falling asleep until the
Earth’s completed
another revolution of the sun.
—  Lora Mathis, I’ll Be Well-Rested Once I Turn Twenty-One


Q: The age of fans ranges from people in their teens to people in their 50′s. BANAs (B1A4 fans’ nickname) is a great fandom, do you have any special ways of communicating with your fans?

Jinyoung: I often meet with BANAs in person and I frequently talk with them on our internet fancafe. I go there everyday, and I upload photos. Other singers would do the same, but our fans are number one. Our fans always know out hearts.

Q: You are well known as a group where relations between members are very good. Is this the result of mutual efforts?

Baro: I was picked first for B1A4, followed by Jinyoung Hyung, CNU Hyung, Gongchan and Sandeul. I tried to get closer to everyone from the beginning. Since I was a trainee, my Hyungs have led me and the other two well, so there’s no reason to fight. 
CNU: Everyone is innocent (laughs).
Jinyoung: When we work, we support each other as fans, monitoring and cheering for each other. 

Q: What is B1A4 for each of you?

CNU: I think it is myself. I feel like I have everything. 
Baro: B1A4 is a friend to me because I met my Hyungs when I was a senior in high school. My own old friend.
Jinyoung: It’s family. We have spent almost half of my life together. It’s as precious to me as family.
Sandeul: It’s my name. At first it was awkward to act as a singer, but after spending 6 years with the members, I want to live a whole lifetime known as B1A4.
Gongchan: For me, it’s a heart. In the sense that it’s five people who run together (laughs). 
Baro: Wow! In that case I’ll change mine to liver. When things are hard it detoxifies everything (laughs).   

Q: What do you usually do when you rest?

Jinyoung: I compose or watch a movie. When you watch a movie you get an indirect experience, and that gives me new inspiration for songs.
CNU: I rest when I’m making music. 
Sandeul: Sometimes it’s fun when I wander around by myself. When I do that I usually go to the cinemas or an amusement park to play. 
Baro: I walk my dog, read, and watch movies comfortably at home. I also study English. 
Gongchan: I play video games or workout to relieve stress (laughs).

Q: There’s something that peaks my interest. What kind of woman attracts you?

Jinyoung: A polite woman.
Baro: A person with good thoughts and words.
CNU: Someone who looks after me well. I’m attracted to the typical motherly style. 
Gongchan: A woman who only looks at me and likes me.
Sandeul: I’m attracted to the ‘push and pull’ expert types who play with my heart well.

Q: What would you like to do on White Day if you had met your ideal person?

Baro: I would want to give them smooth and sweet chocolate milk. Especially Namyang dairy chocolate milk. I don’t drink other types well (laughs). 
Jinyoung: We like domestic products rather than foreign ones (laughs).
CNU: I really like chocolate. That’s why there is chocolate milk in the fridge. I often drink it all in one go. There are times when people have come and watched me.
 Gongchan: I also want to give them chocolate products rather than love. I like the feeling of the leftover lingering sweetness. 

Q: Which person do you admire the most?

Jinyoung: My parents. Since I was young I thought my parents were very nice and I admired them. I will try to be a person like my parents. 
CNU: The members. I often feel like I’m working within a team of good artists. They are always respectful and proud friends. 
 Sandeul: My Dad. When I was one or two years old, I remember watching and taking in the sight of my Dad silently enduring the weight of life, my Dad’s love gradually grew and deepened and it rid me of any hardships. 
Baro: Tiger JK, the Godfather of Korean Hip Hop. I listened to his rap and then began rapping myself. I respect the lifestyle, and it is so cool and nice to find out that there are many more things to learn. 
Gongchan: I also admire my Dad the most. Like him, I want to be a cool and bright father and man. 

Q: During you work within B1A4, what has been your most memorable stage?

Jinyoung: Our debut stage. It was the first time one of my dreams had come true, as well as the first time I got to meet fans. 
CNU: Our solo concert in February. I’m the happiest when I’m meeting fans and spending time together with them.  
Sandeul: I was also really impressed by the banner that the fans were holding at that concert, “We are always here’. It is a moment that I really don’t want to forget.
Gongchan: I also can’t forget that concert. My younger brother came up from our hometown Suncheon to see the concert and I was very proud of him. I’ve always thought of him as a child, so when I saw him doing well by himself, despite my efforts I was overwhelmed.   
Baro: Our first concert. When I was a kid, it was my dream to perform live. No words could describe how happy I was.  

Q: Do you have a wish for 2017?

Jinyoung: A lot of our fans worry that I am weak, so this year I set a goal of ‘let’s get a healthy body’. I’m working hard right now. 
Baro: I would like to have an outdoor solo concert in the Summer. Personally, I want to go backpacking in Europe by myself. 
 Sandeul: I would like to travel all over Korea with my luggage on my bike. Later on I also want to try travelling abroad. 
CNU: I hope we release lots of albums, and I want to have a brilliant year with my members. Personally, my only wish is for health. Good health. 
Gongchan: I want to show our fans a lot of good performances as well as travel alone with my brother who came to the concert. I was so sorry when my brother couldn’t go when I went on a family trip (laughs).

trans by @wment-groups take with full credit


You Mean The Universe 

Written by me, for and about @ifheartscouldfly​. 

I don’t sound too great because my voice is spent but I still wanted this to be up for your birthday. 

Remember when I said it’s hard to express just how much I love you? Well, I found writing a song is a good way. I’ve had this idea since November. I wrote the chorus in December and the rest of the song in January. The melody I composed last week. (Had some trouble getting it right, that’s why I also didn’t have much time to practise it.) I hope you like it. ^^

Happy birthday, my love. <3

Lyrics under the cut!

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music ayyy

No one has tagged me in this, but imma put my Spotify on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and my favourite lyrics from each of them and then tag a load of people bc I’m bored and need friends okay lets go

- Don’t damn me - Guns ‘n’ Roses

silence isn’t golden when I’m holding it inside

- No surprises - Radiohead

a handshake of carbon monoxide 

- 20 dollar nose bleed - Fall out Boy

only one book really matters, the rest of the proof is on the television

- Helpless - Hamilton soundtrack 

Then you walked in and my heart went “Boom!”

- Eraser - Ed Sheeran 

Wembley stadium crowds, two hundred and forty thou.  I may have grown up but I hope that Damian’s proud

- Nearly Witches [ever since we met] - Panic! at the disco

Here I am, composing a burlesque, out of where they rest their necks.

- Go Robot - Red hot chili peppers

She cried so hard, you know she looked like Alice Cooper

- City of Ocala - A day to remember

This is what made us who we became. Where they know me, not just my name.

- Care - Bry

I will appreciate your beauty, you’ll doubt you ever even knew me
Oh I just want to make you happy

- Carvel - John Frusciante

Up and down, that’s how energy stays alive, and I wouldn’t want it any other way

(Low-key got this idea from seeing @mad-gear do it on their blog so shoutout to them I guess lol)

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Okay, we’ll see if I like this daily log thing enough to stick with it.

Monday, July 2nd, 2017

(1) Woke up my mind with some William Halsted biography, one of the foundational figures of Johns Hopkins medical school, and caffeine. (2) Proceeded to work through some more tangles in my sociology manuscript – most, most stressful. I was so close to done, then the torrent of co-author suggestions which pull beyond my amateur statistician abilities came on. Even opening the damn manuscript makes me sweat, but I’ve gotten past that mental hump and am slogging through it, prepping a to-talk-about list for a Skype meeting with a statistician. (3) Daily gym whilst composing a to-do list for post-gym. (4) Working on understanding a deep learning algorithm I am proposing we code up for my current research project, (5) Ventured to see what grocery shopping is near my new gym (the previous closed due to local politics), and found en route a thrift store with some 50 cent books, (6) Joined and did a bit of work for a Coursera course on computational neuroscience. This will fill up my waiting-for-code-to-finish time at work and inform me on the basics of this field that I am supposedly in. 

Rest of the day was composed of a chat with the roommate on the strange cultural details of growing up in communist Europe (which admittedly I let go on to long, motivated by procrastination) and some more sociology work.

Double Date

A PnF/MML crossover. Oneshot. Read this on a full stomach. I’m kind of craving seafood now….

Perry was starting to wish he’d gone with a simple Chinese buffet per Heinz’s original suggestion. But nope. 

He’d wanted a special dinner at an expensive seafood restaurant as a “congratulations, you aren’t evil anymore and we can finally have a night out without OWCA calling it a fraternization”. And he’d heard this place had excellent calamari. He couldn’t help it. 

Some platypi just required a more sophisticated palette. 

He’d saved up his salary for months (completely denying that he’d planned almost as extensively as Heinz once did for his schemes), scoured the Flynn-Fletcher and Doofenshmirtz couches for pocket change, and put in a reservation three weeks ago.  

In short, they’d both been looking forward to this night. 

Then they found out that the restaurant lost their reservation. 

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kids, you have to remember i’m up here conducting you for a reason.
okay, watch me, watch my fingers.
here we go.
watch me.
one and two…
dès le premier, jour ton parfum m'enivra, mon amour.
c'est dans sest instants j'aimerai être comme une soie par moment, mais depuis ce jour, je n'ai qu'un seul et unique regret.
my wing tips waltz across naive wood floors, they creak, innocently down the stairs.
drag melody.
my percussive feet serve cobweb headaches as a matching set of marching clocks, the slumbering apparitions that they’ve come to wake up.
here i am, composing a burlesque out of where they rest their necks, sunken in their splintered cradles and ramshackle heads.
they asked for it as a girl.
you have set your heart on haunting me forever.
from the start, it’s never silent.
ever since we met, i only shoot up with your perfume.
it’s the only thing that makes me feel as good as you do.
ever since we met, i’ve got just one regret to live through and that one regret is you.
how does a heart love if no one has noticed its presence and where does it go?
trembling hands play my heart like a trombone, but the beats gotten lost in the shadow.
you have set your heart on haunting me forever.
from the start, it’s never silent.
ever since we met, i only shoot up with your perfume.
it’s the only thing that makes me feel as good as you do.
ever since we met, i’ve got just one regret to live through and i regret never letting you go.
ever since we met, i only shoot up with your perfume.
it’s the only thing that makes me feel as good as you do.
ever since we met, i’ve got just one regret to live through and that one regret is you.
mona lisa, pleased to please ya.
—  nearly witches [ever since we met…] (panic! at the disco, vices & virtues)
[ARTICLE] 161107 MAMAMOO "During our resting period...”

During our resting period, took break with family, friends and music studies.

Moonbyul : “After our concert ended, we started to prepare for the album right away. I took some rests, went to schedules and also composed lyrics while preparing for this album.”

Solar : “I also spent my time the same way as Moonbyul did. I spent time with my family and friends, and also studied about lyrics composing while preparing for this album.”

Wheein : “I don’t have anything much different. As we prepared for the album together, I went home during my breaks and my parents made me a lot of delicious food.”

Hwasa : “While promoting, I did things that I could not do whenever I had time. I watched movies, listened to a lot of music and searched for concert videos of overseas artists to watch.”

© translated by tgc.










Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)
Panic! at the Disco
Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)

My wing tips waltz across naive
Wood floors they creak
Innocently down the stairs

Drag melody
My percussive feet serve cobweb headaches as a
Matching set of marching clocks
The slumbering apparitions
That they’ve come to wake up

(do do do do)

Here I am composing a burlesque
Out of where they rest their necks
Sunken in their splintered cradles
And ramshackle heads
They asked for it
As a girl

You have set your heart
On haunting me forever
From the start
It’s never silent

Ever since we met
I only shoot up with your perfume
It’s the only thing
That makes me feel as good as you do
Ever since we met
I’ve got just one regret to live through
And that one regret is you

How does a heart love, if no one has noticed its presence
And where does it go?
Trembling hands play my heart like a trombone
The beats gone and lost in the show

You have set your heart
On haunting me forever
From the start
It’s never silent

Ever since we met
I only shoot up with your perfume
It’s the only thing
That makes me feel as good as you do
Ever since we met
I’ve got just one regret to live through
And I regret never letting you go!

Ever since we met
I only shoot up with your perfume
It’s the only thing
That makes me feel as good as you do
Ever since we met
I’ve got just one regret to live through
And that one regret is you

Mona Lisa pleased to please ya
(And that one regret is you)
Mona Lisa pleased to please ya
(And that one regret is you)
Mona Lisa pleased to please ya

I. My friends once tried smoking weed inside a public toilet. They asked me to come and so I lied to my boyfriend when I said I was gonna pee. My friends said it was good. It was great if you want to feel something more, something more than feeling the normal you. But I was scared to join them so I left the party without saying goodbye. I don’t want my first time to happen in public especially in a public bathroom.

II. I imagine myself smoking pot one day, inside my room in Prague with the windows shut while I am lying naked. I want it to happen in my room not because I’m scared someone might catch me. I want it to be in my room so if I don’t like it, I could just cry and weep in silence and sleep all day.

III. I can say to myself that my parents raised me well. But raising a good, Christian child isn’t that pretty after all. I grew up naive and feeling strange. I have all the love that I would ever need and I’m happy. But life without secrets is lame and I don’t want that. I crave mystery. I want pain and intimacy all at the same time.

IV. I’ve always wanted to talk about drugs and sex but I’m afraid to talk about it with people without them thinking less of me. A boy told me that not all laws are intended for people and I told him that’s because not all people are human after all. Some of them are walking coffee, and bills and the rest are composed of bravery.

V. The first time I had sex, I cried a lot. My mother and I never talked about sex before. It was a taboo topic so everytime I ask her about it, she would respond with a laugh as if what I just uttered was a joke. When I was eight, I found three pieces of condoms in my father’s drawer and I picked it up and showed it to my parents. It was painted with color blue and it smelled like mint. When I asked my mother what it was, she replied with a straight face and told me to ask my father. So I asked him and he said it’s a gum then I asked him if I can have some. He held my hand and he said it was a gum for adults and all this time I kept on wondering why people would invent gums for adults only as if tasting it would stop me from growing. It wasn’t funny at all.

VI. So I stopped asking questions and decided to find the answers myself and they weren’t pretty. The answers were all laid to me when I was nineteen and I was ready to give it all out. My mother never told me it would be that painful and there are no words to romanticize the pain. It was the kind of pain which made my thighs numb for a minute and made my head cracked the whole night. I cried the entire evening and all I can hear was his sorry. He was crying too. I never had sex for a month after that. I was waiting for the wound to close and dry up.

VII. The second time made me bleed and I cried once more. The third time felt like the first time and I told him we should stop it. He understood and so he went downstairs and when he came back, he handed me a plate of omelette full of fresh onions and tomatoes and ten layers of pancakes.

VIII. I can’t remember the fourth time or the fifth. Today it was like a routine I’ll never get tired of. My mother asked me one time if I have ever kissed a boy and I wasn’t able to reply right away. She asked it out of the blue and sometimes she scares me although I know she wasn’t trying to. So I finally said, yes and she stopped right there as if my answer wasn’t the kind she’s expecting. But then she grabbed my arm and asked me to sit closer. She tousled my hair and whispered, “it’s okay. i forgotten you’re no longer a kid. But I’m proud of you especially now that I can see you’re different.”

IX. I was puzzled for a moment and she continued. She said she was once a girl too who wrote so many love letters for a boy who never looked at her like a beautiful poem. “For him, she said, I was a book with dusts on the covers. But he went after me when I wrote to him that I’ll be spending my college years in the city. He went after me but we never saw each other, not until I was married to your father.”

X. I looked at her with so much bewilderment and she continued once more. “Your father knew I didn’t love him at first. When he proposed to me, he gave me a bird’s nest with a note inside saying: I’ll be waiting until the mother bird arrives on your window and takes her nest back. Your father has always been funny in ways only the two of us understand but that’s when I realized he knew there’s someone else in my heart but he’s willing to wait and I allowed him to. Two months after our wedding, he asked me this: do you love me now? I answered him with a kiss and he never asked me again ever since. He doesn’t need to. I made him feel the answer.”

XI. After that she dropped me at my dormitory and I cried all night. When my roommates asked me what was I’ve been crying about, I told them the pizza delivery guy arrived very late so I’ve been starving and the series I was watching just sucked.

XII. I’m learning to speak Korean now and I’m happy that I was able to write in Hangeul. I write the alphabets like they are my own. I don’t feel foreign anymore. Sometimes I keep awake at night pondering about the words in other languages with the same meaning with bravery and loneliness. I can’t find them though because all the words seem wrong and so I never felt lonelier than ever but then again I never felt braver too. I was brave enough to admit I am lonely and I do things like poetry and gardening to ease that loneliness.

XIII. I learned that bravery, just like freedom and love comes in different forms and it’s up to you if you’re gonna let it take you. The same boy who told me about laws also told me that it’s hard to find love when everyone seems to have have already found it in the arms of another.

XIV. So I promised him that I’ll be praying for love to knock on his door. I thanked him for being a good friend. It’s not everyday you meet someone who will show you his scars without hesitations. I promised him I will never stop being brave. I will glow in the dark like a cat’s urine under a black light. I’ll be indestructible like my hair and teeth. I will dance inside volcanoes and rings of fire and I will stay brave.

XV. I will stay as brave as I am.

—  irishjulienne, confessions on being brave and lonely