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Indy Mini W3D2 - easy 4

Definitely overdressed for this run. I was over heating before I got done with the first mile! Thankfully (which is very odd for me to say because I usually hate it) I had the wind on my face when I turned to come home, so that helped cool me off. So it wasn’t too bad :)

One thing that I LOVED about this run tonight is that every one was so friendly!! I make it a habit to wave to every car that even slightly move out of the way for me, just to be polite. I figure I’m out running all the time, people are bound to recognize me, so I want them to think I’m a nice polite runner :) But tonight, every one I waved to waved back!! Every single person! It was so nice! One guy even gave me an encouraging beep-beep with his horn. It just really warmed my heart and made me appreciate the fact that I live in a small town, but that it’s so nice and friendly :)

I did a short leg workout once I got home and man, my legs are tired! I spent extra time stretching after and I’m pretty excited for my rest day tomorrow :)

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!

My Lazytown/Sportarobbie headcanons pt. 1

Yeah k so like I know probably none of these are original but I never claimed them to be so enjoy

-sportacus is an elf

-his little pointy elf ears are hella sensitive

-im totally into the “sportacus involuntarily purrs when he’s happy and Robbie is obsessed” thing going on in fics???

-also I’m def on board with either sport getting drunk on small amounts of sugar or getting drunk on alcohol and just being freaking cute (like cuter than he normally is)

-sportacus can totally see through Robbies disguises but he’s too nice to let Robbie know and he just plays along with it

-robbie is actually really fit despite eating all of that junk food because have you seen him??? Hes so extra when he’s coming up with plans and stuff like you cannot convince me that he doesn’t burn off most of the calories

-sport and Robbie are stephs dads and they are loving and supportive

-steph is also the #1 sportarobbie shipper

-im totes on board with the whole ithro and glanni being either they’re dad’s or brothers or however other way fics make them related

pirate johnny as requested by @saints-row-2 and @420moshdad. this was so much fucking fun and i’m so instantly in love with pirate johnny that rachel and nat and i just spent like the past hour shooting ideas around for a silly pirate au and its too much fun holy fuck god

i did live johnny here (with his natural hair color too! ooh-aah!) but tbh i think i’m gonna have to draw him as a ghost pirate captain too cuz this shit is just too cool

anonymous asked:

I love so much little Fushimi and the three homra's daddies. <3 I'd like to think that maybe in this au Fushimi could be not so scared by Mikoto. Or just the idea of Mikoto with a child Fushimi makes me happy. x'D

I’m thinking that maybe Fushimi is still a little intimidated by Mikoto but it’s not as bad at least at first, since they adopt him pre-Red King and so Mikoto doesn’t have that extra level of simmering power just below the surface. I imagine Fushimi mostly not really being sure how to deal with Mikoto because Mikoto’s hard for him to get a read on, like Totsuka is the cool fun dad who always wants to play with Fushimi and Kusanagi is the responsible Team Mom who makes sure Fushimi eats properly and finished his homework and then there’s Mikoto who just lazes around all day and doesn’t even talk to Fushimi much except in short sentences. And Fushimi being a nervous kid wonders sometimes if Mikoto doesn’t want him there, like I could see him misreading Mikoto’s general aura of chill as being coldness similar to how Kisa treats him and so Fushimi just assumes that Mikoto doesn’t think of Fushimi as anything more than a bother. But then every now and again Mikoto shows that he does care, like Fushimi’s doing homework and Mikoto happens to be the only one around. Fushimi’s starting to get a bit of a fever but no one’s noticed because Totsuka’s been out playing around with random hobbies and Kusanagi’s trying to figure out why his accounting has a major unexplained shortage. Fushimi doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to be a bother (since he’s still not entirely convinced that it’s okay for him to stay here with his three new daddies) so he just tries to endure it. Then suddenly he feels Mikoto’s hand on his shoulder. Fushimi looks up at him all wide-eyed, Mikoto regards him calmly for a moment and then just sweeps Fushimi up into his arms and starts taking him upstairs. Fushimi’s struggling like wait what are you doing and Mikoto tells him not to overdo it, sick kids need rest right. He sets Fushimi in the bed and puts a hand on his forehead and tells him to sleep. Then maybe Fushimi wakes up a couple hours later panting from a nightmare and Mikoto’s right there calming him down and telling him not to worry and Fushimi finds that he doesn’t have any nightmares when he knows Mikoto’s there, because Mikoto’s strong enough to beat back all of those monsters in his head.


Ella Henderson - Hard Work