the rest are my oc characters

I made a BnHA oc because everyone else was doing it and holy shit a manga I actually liked enough to read all the way through?? (please protect All Might)

She discovered her quirk when she fell out of a tree as a kid, got a concussion, turned into a giant red porcupine thing, and went on a dizzy rampage before passing out on top of a building.

Her super strength/speed/climbing ability exist in both human and beast forms, but if she’s messed up enough to approach MAX LEVEL she’ll for sure be in beast form. When completely sober and well rested, her physical abilities are no more impressive than your average human teenager. 

zimiskoalas  asked:

So... Did James and Emilia end up together after Remi's death? Will the answer spoil the story?

Dunno, I don’t think that’s the most important part of the story so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, I guess everything that happens later in the story, revealed to early, would spoil it :) Besides! poor Remington isn’t even cold yet and you want another wedding?!?! xD


Stuff from my recent portfolio. Not sure if I want to post the rest but here’s a peek anyway. I’m a bit leery of including a fan character into a portfolio but at this point my Maedhros is so OC looking that you can’t really see the Tolkien in him anymore so I decide to risk it > < My brother says he looks like a pirate so he can be a scar-ry redhead elf pirate:P Pirate King Maedhros. Aaaaaaaa


Outdated Designs

It’s amazing what a few changes can do for a character. I’m still working on finishing the rest of the characters, along with more concept stuff to get prepared for production. So many things to get done, so little time.

Skull-Kidz! © Valeria M
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I finally finished making my engineer character, she’s an ocean jasper named Cherry and she’s got a shield. She doesn’t really fight much though.

I’m really relieved to have a final design and reference sheet for her cuz for some reason I had more trouble with her design than any of the other crew members >.>’

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do you have any fav troyson hcs? i love your troyson art (all ur art tbh) so much n so i wanted to know what you think of the characters together n all that jazz

[clenches fist] 

My favorite Troyson hcs totally seeped into my ocs,but!!

  • I like to Imagine Troy was 19 when Kent was 18; He was drafted maybe a year before Kent, so when the rest of the Aces are all Big N Gruff and kinda mean to Kent (waaay before Kent was their captain), I think he was Kent’s First Friend in the team! 
  • MmmMmmmm I also think Troy is Big and Tall?? Not Tater tall, but like, Taller Than Jack. 
  • One time, Kent and the rest of the team were hanging out and Jack was on ESPN and Kent was so distraught he had to excuse himself, and he was out in the yard having really bad Flashbacks, Troy followed him and asked him what was Up, and Kent just. Totally freaked out and told him Everything. 
  • I know some people might Scoff but Ngozi said Kent was kind of the Quiet and Modest type, and he flirts like a Nerd, so he was all, trying to be a wingman for Troy, approaches a girl at a bar, uses his thumb to point at Troy, and Troy was all, under his breath “PARSER!!!!!! NO!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!” Before Kent sticks out his tongue, and he’s all “my friend thinks you’re cute!” and Kent would look Sincere and Adorable, the girl would just end up laughing and kissing his cheek before going away
  • SO TROY IS REAALLY BAD WITH GAMES. ANY FORM OF GAME THAT ISN’T HOCKEY, HE’S BAD AT. One time he was playing Mario Kart with Kent, and he?? He kept winning? And he was all “IN YO’ FACE PARSER!!” And Kent would roll his eyes like, okay, okay. 
  • BUT THEN. CHICKENFISH GUY WOULD COME OVER, AND TROY WAS GETTING SOME ORANGE JUICE WHEN HE’D SUDDENLY HEAR LOUD, RUSSIAN CURSING?? And he’d see Kent smiling smugly as he totally Demolishes Chickenfish guy at Mario Kart
  • What I’m trying to say is, Kent lets Troy win at video games because the Big Oaf looks so cute when he’s happy. 
  • TROY LIKES THE BEACH!! Some of the aces are all Old and Grumpy and Troy and Kent bury them in the sand when they fall asleep during their Tanning Session
  • You can pry Sephardi Troy from my Cold, Withered Fingers….

Troy: *sprinkles a pizza with pineapple chunks*
Kent: *warbled yodels of pain*

Kent: *bottlefeeding Kit*
Kent: take a fucking sip, babes
Troy: *slowly turning to him* Do you realise, this is why you’ll never bear any of my babies?
Kent: Good.
Kent: I don’t need you to father anyone from me. 

  • I honestly have no idea how they end up dating. But the Aces have No idea, like they’ll know Kent is seeing someone, and Troy is seeing someone, but they won’t know they’re with each other. Like an Aces Rookie would see Kent Smooching Troy while Troy was carrying their lunch, and he’d be all “CAPTAIN I RESPECTED YOU, BUT NOW YOU’RE CHEATING ON YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER HOW COULD YOU.” And Kent is all “What I have Never Cheated what are you talking about” 

Kent: I don’t like Garlic Bread
Troy: *audible pain*
Troy: you were my brother, Anakin
Troy: I loved you.

Troy: Since When Did Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus Sound This Good? 
Troy: *catches Kent’s foot tapping along to the beat of Lucky*
Troy: Ah.


Sadly I don’t have any finished art to show this week, so have some old sketches and concept art.

Edit: This week I fleshed out Skull-Kidz! world completely, included a map of the biomes, created 17 unique cities, researched all the mythical creatures I could find and more.  For now, I’ll do more setting design when they pop up in the webcomic. Now I’m back to finishing up the main character sheets and planning out the rest of the supporting cast. After that we have some more comic/animation practice, then I can get to writing the first chapter and the first arc. Skull-Kids! will be a webcomic soon! ^w^

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Bosslady got a redesign, and she is looking 👌👌👀 in yellow ~

The current CEO and lead chairman of Sillyvision Co, Bosslady acted in Warner Brother’s famous Looney Toons cartoons for many years before coming to Sillyvision Studios, where she climbed her way up the corporate ladder to the company president’s position. It was her decision to attempt bringing the establishment’s oldest and most well-loved cartoons, namely Bendy, back to life and into the modern world. 

Bosslady is a recurring character in Bendy and the CMYK Printer, and a minor character on this askblog.


Just to give yall an idea of how this will go, I will use an old picture of some of my own characters. The first pic is from 2012 and yeaaaahhhh, it’s not very good. The colors were way too clashy and saturated, so I dulled them down and tried to create a more coherent palette. I also diversified their heights and skin tones to make them each seem more individual. I had a pretty bad habit of doing razor blade hair, so I simplified it down to basic shapes. They all also looked like wet noodles XD Rika was just a hot mess! She looked like she just rose out of a grave from Hot Topic! She definitely went through the most change. I stayed pretty true to the rest of them, but gave them all a few tweeks and I am happy with the results :D Please note that I did put my water mark over these because these are my original characters. Please respect that and do not steal my art. That goes the same for anyone elses characters I do after this.

Random OC I like the idea that’s he’s one of those characters that socially awkward and has a hard time making friends due to his large size/ resting angry face. Who’s only goal is to experience the full high school life after being homeschooled all his life and is constantly being pulled into random scenarios that imploded on themselves 

anonymous asked:

What do you do when your main character just doesn't seem to jump off the page? I feel like the rest of my characters, even the world are really well developed but my POV protagonist just doesn't seem nearly as engaging compared to some of them.

Hi, love!  Thanks for your question and your patience <3

So I’d first redirect you to this LGF post about creating strong characters – it outlines a lot of things that I won’t cover here.  But I will expand on it for this question, because this is more than creating a strong character.  Main characters need to be iconic, especially if a work is character-driven.  A protagonist should stand out; they should be memorable and unique.

Memorable, noticeable characters have:

  • Something to say – Whether they’re physically saying something (”Just keep swimming!”) or whether you’re saying something through them (in Finding Nemo, Nemo’s character delivered a message about disability and growing up), main characters must be communicating something to the reader.  Readers hear better than they see, so what your character says will stick with them better than how your characters looks, dresses, or emotes.
  • Something to do – Like all characters, your protagonists need to play a prominent role in the story.  If a character is just there to be there, readers will sense it and they’ll look somewhere else.  They must be active, occupied throughout the whole story.  Even if they’re sitting in a room, listening to two other people talk, they should be actively listening to those people talk.  Here is a post on active characters to help you.
  • Something hateable – This is a good test for memorable characters: ask yourself if there’s a reason for anyone to hate them.  Is there something about them – habits, social skills, conflicts, or even their sense of humor – that someone out there could read and absolutely despise?  Anything?  Even if they’re a “good” character, there should be something strong enough in them that it could rub someone the wrong way.  If not, your character may be bland, and thereby forgettable.
  • A unique look and sound – Your characters don’t need purple hair, an Irish accent, and feathers growing out of their tail to be unique.  But think about the image of them in your head.  Do they look and talk like a specific celebrity?  Are they inspired by one person very strongly, rather than pieces of multiple people?  If so, you may be projecting a character onto a person, instead of creating the person on the whole.  Give them something unexpected about their look – fashion, tattoos, skin imperfections/discolorations, glasses/braces, body type, etc. – and their voice – social skills, opinions, emotions, sense of humor, formality, speech impediments, etc.
  • A strong name – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: protagonists need names that count.  It doesn’t have to be super weird or made-up, but it should (a) fit their personality and universe, and (b) jump off the page.  Alliteration sometimes helps (Peter Parker, Bruce Banner), and you can go with a “normal” first name and a unique last name (Tony Stark, Clark Kent).  Go through baby name websites, or play around with traditional names to give them a twist.  Find the right name, and you’ll know it.

That’s all I have for you right now, but if this doesn’t answer your question, be sure to let us know!  I wish you much luck and happy writing :)  Thanks again!

– Mod Joanna ♥️

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from one artist to another

complaining about someone tagging your art of a CHARACTER YOU DONT OWN as kin is the most childish shit ive ever heard of.. i wish that were the worst of my problems as an artist.

people get their art stolen on a daily basis, ocs stolen, insulted for their art, and tons of awful stuff, just for being a public artist. and you’re whining because some kid on the internet tags it as something harmless, despite the fact that they are enjoying and SPREADING your artwork to the rest of the community, and helping you grow???

unless you explicitly state you don’t want certain art tagged as kin (which plenty of artists do! its really not that fucking hard!!) or its an oc, you have no reason to be upset over a tag someone is very likely using for coping reasons.

tldr: don’t be immature.