the rest are knockoffs

All Green Lanterns from Earth have an unspoken rule: whenever they come across a Martian relic, they are to immediately share is with J'onn. He appreciates their sympathy. However, he doesn’t have the heart to tell them that all Martian artifacts were obliterated with the rest of his race, and whatever they find is actually a cheap knockoff. Still- it’s the thought that counts.


actually this is just very sad because you have the kid who was abused for most of his life, lived through a timeline in which his friends died, and spent the rest of the time until now thinking of himself as a knockoff version of the Real Dave sharing a sprite body with someone who spent her whole life being dismissed by everybody as a silly shipping cat girl and never having any kind of relationship with somebody who actually respects her and values her company

One time I was hanging out with a boy and he randomly told me my watch was fake. Confused, I looked down at my wrist and said, “No this is a real watch. It tells the time and everything.”

“No,” he said, “I mean it’s a knock off. It’s not real Michael Korrs and it’s really obvious that that’s steel painted to look like gold.”

It was literally a $25 watch that I bought at Kohl’s. It had absolutely nothing to do with Michael Korrs, but that didn’t stop this guy from spending the rest of the night trying to convince me that I owned a knockoff.