I’m so excited to share my art with you. I spent probably around 20 some hours across 4 days. This required just about everything I’ve learned about art & design, plus digital media.

Anyway, I present to you Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the style of Kingdom Hearts stained glass. 

Due to interest in a physical version, I have a run of 8x8 HQ Gloss prints available. Please contact kylocomics@gmail.com for details.

Can we talk about how much I lowkey appreciate that when Finn admitted to Rey that he wasn’t actually a member of the Resistance but still wanted to help, she didn’t do that whole thing where the character freaks out because “omg how could you lie to me i hate you,” storms away, and refuses to have a conversation about it? 

God, I hate that trope so much. But nah instead she just kind of accepted it and moved on because she trusted him by then anyway, and I really respected her (and the writers) for that.