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Resident Evil Vendetta!

So I just got back from seeing Resident Evil Vendetta.  I LOVED IT. I thought it looked beautiful, the action was awesome and not too overblown, and the story was a classic Resi story with some classic Resi cheese. 

Stop reading and scroll now because I’m about to spoiler:

 Chris was so… loveable in it! He was SO sweet to Rebecca and he was so chill and just a shining beacon of pure good in the world. If Capcom really have decided to throw away his character post-re7 then Vendetta Chris is a great send off for the one we know and love. I actually preferred him to Leon in this movie and Leon is my husbando from way back!

Leon was SUCH an asshole! And why so disillusioned. I found it a little weird  that after everything Leon’s suddenly decided he’s done with fighting bioterrorism and turned to booze. I guess it beats pining after Ada. It also really parallelled Piers finding Chris in the bar in Re6 and being disgusted, only this time it was Chris being disgusted with Leon. One of my favourite scenes was where Leon was being super emo and Chris got pretty aggressive with him, then Rebecca schooled them both. Speaking of Rebecca, I’ve never been a fan of her character, but I loved her in this. She was sharp, funny, and capable.

I also liked the supporting characters, although I wish we could have seen more of them, especially the cute funny Asian guy who got eaten :/

I loved Glenn Arias! He’s like a neo-Wesker. At first, he was this ice cold weapons dealer who could kick Chris’s ass and then you found out his tragic backstory and from then on he became comical in a kind of sad but hilarious way. When he was waving his long-dead wife’s disembodied arm at Rebecca I almost burst out laughing. And the caskets full of his zombified family members at his “wedding” to Rebecca. A classic nutjob along the lines of Alfred Ashford. Also like any good bad guy he died twice, and like… absorbed himself into the body of his big scary BOW (which reminded me of the ones from Heavenly Island) for his final form in this weird William Birkin way which was really cool!

Rebecca’s “wedding dress” was so gorgeous too. 

The movie doesn’t really advance the world of RE at all, it’s kind of a stand alone thing. Also, there’s nothing in it that would point to Chris joining Umbrella in Re7 or getting a face lift and whatever.

In short definitely definitely watch this movie! It’s really made me feel so much happier about RE after the disappointment I went through with 7. (I wish this had been what 7 was like… so much… why couldn’t we have had a restrained yet exciting action game with beloved characters like this for re7 instead of first person headless fuckery in a hillbilly swamp house with one type of enemy, a spooky psychotropic brat and an inbred family?) 

Vendetta is the best of the CGI Resis BY FAR and such nice fanservice for long term Resi fans.

I got two free clear files at the ticket gate, both of them are Chris though, boo! & I also bought another clear file and the official movie booklet which I can’t wait to readdddddd

Also, my boyfriend liked it (especially the action scenes) and said he’s going to start playing Bio now :D

The attitude of the fandom displeases me. I refuse to fall to negativity. I plan to stay positive until the fat lady sings. (You are all lucky that I can’t sing.) I believe in a twist. I believe we will see amazing performances from Ryan and Danny (Emily, well, bless her heart she tries hard). I believe something bigger is coming. It’s ok to feel negative. It’s fine to hate the show. Just don’t let that feeling stay for long. Don’t let it sour and shrivel your soul. No one wants that! I’m getting off topic. Anyway, I’m staying positive for the people who cannot. ❤️

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How Leon celebrates their victory against Arias