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idk if this has been done for anti honesty hour but opinion on James potter?

wORST CHARACTER IN HP!!!!111111111111111111111

reasons why i HatE jAmES pOtTer:

  1. bULLy!!!!!111
  2. sToLe LiLy FrOM SnApe
  3. buuuLLLLLyyyyyy
  4. arroGANt sTrUtTER whO sTrUtTed ArOunD hOGwArts CLAimINg tO bE AMaZinG
  5. like how dare he have character development oh my gosh?????????// once a bully 6ever a buly
  6. he onlY rEscused snape from remus on that full moOn beCAuse HE HAD AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE!!!!!111111111 no one is just a nice person lol
  7. did i say he stole lily evans?
  8. did i mention he bullied snape like and snape never deserved it/?
  9. did i mention that he hated everyone?

anti honesty hour

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Could you pretty please do a TracerXFemale/Gender Neutral Reader? Maybe where Tracer gets the reader out of harm's way in the nick of time? <3 Your McCree one was great!

Sorry this took so long and is short :< 

Damn shame too, I really like Tracer.

Words: 468 sfw, femslash

It was a series of unfortunate events, really. Not like the novels by Lemony Snicket, but, what did Winston call it? Butterfly effect? Yeah, the butterfly effect!


Through the butterfly effect, Tracer met her. First Reaper showed up yelling his usual “Die! Die! Die!” which caused S76 to leap (roll) into action, starting a traffic jam as Reinhardt did crowd control, which caused a semi a few blocks back to stop suddenly, making the heavy load it was carrying to break free on its restraints and barreling towards the girl Tracer was currently on top of.

But not in a dirty way. More like a ‘I have to tackle you to save you’ kind of way.

Lena peered down at the girl she just saved, a little dumbstruck by how pretty her eyes were. She was always a sucker for eyes. Windows to the soul, as Winston said. A moment too long passed before she spoke. “…You’re on my hair.”

“Oh!” Lena gasped, scrambling to get off of her. “Sorry about that love!” Butt on her heels, Lena watched in mild wonder as the girl pushed herself off of the ground. The girl looked at the would-be cause of her death and… looked annoyed?

“Freaking third time this month,” she muttered before standing. She dusted herself off and extended a hand towards Lena. Eyes meeting once more, Lena blushed. Her rescuee really did have pretty eyes. “Thanks for saving my life,” she said as she helped Lena to her feet. “You’re one of those Overwatch people, ya?”

“Hm? Oh! Yeah!” Lena chirped, a small proud grin on her face. “Bringing back the ol’ gang!” Ol’ gang? What the heck Lena!?
Pretty-Eyes smiled. “Well, keep up the good work. Later.” With a small wave, she turned and just like that, walked out of Lena’s life.

Or so she thought.

Whether is was the butterfly effect or fate, Lena kept running into (and rescusing) Pretty-Eyes. By the fourth time, Lena was making a joke out of it. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone wants us to keep meeting,” she laughed as she literally swept Pretty-Eyes off her feet. The girl clutched onto her jacket as Lena skipped back and away from the attacking Talon members.
Pretty-Eyes giggled, releasing her grip on Lena’s lapels. “Or someone’s telling me to stick close to you.” Grinning, Lena set her down.

“Well if that’s the case,” Lena started, her heart beating a mile-a-minute, “then we should go out sometime, and get to know each other. Rather than be rescuer and rescuee all the time.”

There was something about a smile that always made eyes prettier, and, as they exchanged numbers and names, Lena came up with a new nickname for her damsel in constant distress.

Mrs. ‘Pretty-Eyes’ Oxton.

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Hi! Can I request? How the boys would handle seeing someone picking on you? There's just something sweet about being rescused. Thanks! (btw you are a great writer!)

awh, thank you! ♥

Host Club : Headcanon

- Tamaki : Tamaki would rush in immediately, without a second of hesitation. He would probably act more as if he were your older brother trying to be like a father, if anything. He’d point at them and scold, yelling, “YOU LEAVE MY LITTLE _____ ALONE!”

- Kyoya : Kyoya would be very calm about it in comparison to Tamaki. He would step in between you and the attacker and say something along the lines of, “Hm. If I see you picking on poor ____-chan one more time, then I will have the wrath of the Ootori family brought down upon you and your family. Understood?”

- Honey : Honey would go through two phases. First, he’d walk up to you and the bullies. He’d take a sweet, kind approach. “Can you please stop bothering ____-chan? You’re hurting her/his feelings.” However, if this doesn’t work, Mitsukuni just might use a little bit of his martial art skills.

- Mori : Just by walking up between you and the attackers, Takashi would have a very good chance of scaring them away, mainly because of his large and intimidating build. However, if that doesn’t work, then he is bound to use some kendo.

- Hikaru : I imagine Hikaru would be a bit of a little shit about it. He would be bound to yell and taunt the attackers menacingly. Nevertheless, it would take longer than he’d like it to take. “Leave ___-chan alone, you little…”

- Kaoru : Kaoru would be a little softer about it. He’d certainly be annoyed and unhappy about it, but surely not as rash as Hikaru. He’d try to slowly ease the bullies away, but if it didn’t quite work out as hoped, Kaoru might begin to react a bit more like his older twin.


Adoption form for a dog.

These questions are pointless to me.

Who cares how large my home is? I have two dogs in a tiny apartment and we get along JUST fine. I do not have a yard.

Dogs DO NOT EXERCISE IN YARDS! THEY DIG, THEY BARK, THEY POOP, THEY PEE. That is all my parent’s yard is used for when we visit them.

I walk my dogs. I take them to the park. I take my youngest one on hikes. (The other is 15.5 and requires no exercise other than the distance from her bed to the food dish and back.)


Having a backyard is not a guarantee of exercise, nor is it a suitable form of exercise if it is the ONLY form. 

Will it be restricted from any area of your home?
WHY DOES THIS MATTER? If I didn’t want my dog to sleep in my bedroom, who cares? If I didn’t want my dog in the kitchen then HELL YES! BECAUSE THERE ARE DANGEROUS THINGS IN THE KITCHEN AND MY DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THERE!

Sorry, little rant that stemmed from an earlier convo/post here and a rescue I stumbled upon.

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Ziam 23

23: Pet rescue/shelter volunteer AU

finals week is absolutely brutal and zayn is drowning in a sea of unfinished papers and unread books and unstudied material. he’s about ready to tear his hair out, and it’s probably a good thing niall suggests they take a day to just chill.

“have you heard of this place called ‘just puppies’?” he asks when they’re supposed to be studying in the library one evening. 

zayn shakes his head without looking up from his history textbook. why is it so hard to cram 300 years of events into his head in one night?

“it’s a rescuse shelter just off campus. they have all these dogs and you can just like play with them and stuff, even if you’re not looking to adopt. harry took me during finals last semester. it’s wicked.”

so the next day zayn puts away the books and him and niall take a bus down to “just puppies”. it’s probably the best idea niall’s had ever.

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This episode is going to be one hell of a journal enrty.

“Dear Elena,

Caroline was kidnapped. Matt was compelled to sign the deed to the house so im order to break the invisble barrier Bonnie had to temporarily stop his heart so Caroline could be rescused. Oh your body may or may not have been thrown into the Mystic Falls river. But we got it back. No worries(: .“