the rescuse

I’m going to say it to the trolls…I HATE HER! As a black woman I’m tired and offended that she uses her race when things don’t go her way or an excuse that people don’t like her because it couldn’t possibly be her shitty attitude! I’ve worked damn hard for everything I have and even in the face of racism I choose to turn my back and stand on my individual drive and achievements. Yes, I have a man I share my life with but its clear we share. Not riding each others coat tails and he definitely didn’t RESCUSE me. I find her offensive to women, ethnic women, women who choose to work, women who choose to stay home, people who have truly pulled themselves through life and to their success through their own work ethic and will. In short, I wish either someone punches her in the face or she gets hit in the head like in the Dodgeball movie! No bad vibes my ass! Hate this racebaiting bitch. Sorry had to get it out.


Thank you T ^^ ♥ I feel you, I’m sorry 

so for the everyone wants omega yams thing:

- tsukishima just kinda. wants it to happen naturally he doesnt change anything about what he does? consciously, at least.

- kageyama and hinata basically make a competition over who can pamper him better. “my waterbottle is almost empty…” “ILL FILL IT” “NO I WILL”

- tanaka and noya just do their fanboy thing

- daichi and suga just get really hands on with training (theyre still teenage boys ok)

- oikawa flusters yama, iwa rescuse yama from being flustered

- kindaichi is flustered by yama

- kuroo and bokuto tag team flirt

- lev is painfully upfront

- aone gives yama flowers

- koganegawa tries to be q secret admirer and fails

- ushijima traditionally courts him

- goshiki tries to brag but is nervous and fumbles

- kawanishi snarks his way into yamas heart

- thats all i have planned for now tho. suggestions welcome tho