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Safe (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: This is my very first request yay! I would like to thank Anon for taking their time to request this. Another Sam Drake imagine, it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be. Please excuse my crappy writing and I hope you enjoy.

It was late in the evening, and you were lying on your bed not being able to go to sleep or it would rather be the case that you didn’t want to go to sleep. Eyeing the clock on the night stand in the corner of your eye waiting for another minute to pass which seemed to go so slow. Finally losing all patience you turn your head to the side to finally look at the clock. 

11.23pm it clearly displayed, sighing and turning your head back to face the ceiling you couldn’t help but wonder where was Sam. He was already gone for a couple of hours, so you wondered if he’s going to get back home anytime soon. Earlier this evening Sam had gone off to visit Sully to discuss something which seemed of high importance, before he left he didn’t exactly mention how long he would be gone for but you assumed it wouldn’t be more than one or two hours. You were wrong. 

This waiting game was taking a toll on you, no longer being able to stay still you got up from the bed and walked over to where the window was. Looking outside the window it was almost pitch black and you could hardly see anything outside. You hoped that your boyfriend was okay and that nothing bad had happened. Walking away from the window you reach down on top your desk where your phone was placed. Just as you were about to grab a hold of it you heard a sudden knock on the door.

Initially startled by the sudden thump on the door, you completely forget about the phone and rush over to the door to greet your loving boyfriend. “Hey it’s about time you got ba-” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as you opened the door, because to your surprise it was not Sam you were greeted by but instead two men stood in your doorway. One of the seemed to be hurt pretty badly with a wound on his forehead with blood dripping down. Whereas, the other man was holding his wounded friend with his arm slung across his shoulders.

“Are you alright?” Shocked, you asked the wounded man.

“Not exactly” The other man replied instead, “You see we got into a car accident and my friend here is hurt pretty badly. My phone got damaged in the accident so I have no way of contacting the ambulance, please could you help us?” He sounded so desperate, but I completely understood with the situation he was currently in.

“O-of course, I’ll go and get my phone!” You nodded to the man who was holding his friend. But before you could turn around to head inside for your phone the man stopped you. “Please, can we come inside? My friend, I don’t think he can stand like this any longer." 

Seeing how hurt his friend was with blood still dripping down his forehead, without hesitation you opened the door wider to let both men in. Not thinking twice about helping out these two men, you turn back around to retrieve your phone which was left on your desk. As you were about to reach it, you suddenly were knocked hard into the ground. 

It had all happened so fast. You curl yourself together taking in the sudden pain you were experiencing throughout your body, and still not realising what was happening. Not given another moment, you were grabbed by two hands which took a hold of your arms to be flipped around just to be slammed back into the ground. Your whole body shook in pain, and just as you were about to scream the attacker placed a hand over your mouth to silence you. 

The man with the wound on his head you had let in earlier was now on top of you with one of his hands placed over your mouth and the other was holding a knife, which was placed near your neck. "Scream and I’ll cut you!” He threatened you. Complete fear had taken over you, your breathing had increased and you felt like you were about to have a panic attack. The man still held a tight grip on you, “Now don’t do anything stupid, tell us where your money is and nothing bad will happen to you” He said whilst still holding the knife close to your throat almost as if he was toying with you. 

Trying to calm yourself down and getting your breathing back to normal, you slowly nodded to the man indicating that you were willing to comply with his demands. He steadily took his hand away from your mouth to let you speak, but the knife still remained in the same position as before. 

“I-it’s in the bag…my purse it’s in the bag” you said as you tried not to sound too shaken. 

The man instructed his partner to rummage through the apartment to find your bag with the money in it. With his partner preoccupied he turned his attention back to you, looking down at you with a smirk on his face, “Now that wasn’t so hard was it sweetheart.” You dared not to move, still scared about what he might do to you.

Minutes had passed which felt like hours, his partner still hadn’t returned with the bag. It almost felt too silent to which the man was getting impatient about. Calling out to his partner and getting no response, he was becoming more agitated leaving you more scared than ever. “What the hell is going on?” He snapped at you, taking his free hand and grabbing you by the throat. 

Feeling his grip tighten around your neck, you felt like all life was being drained out of you. Just as you were about to lose conciseness his grip loosened and his body was flung away from you. You could hear a loud thud hit the ground, trying to understand what was happening in the midst of all this, you try to pick yourself up from the ground to see what was going on, barely being to hold up.

“Get off her you bastard!” You heard Sam’s voice, who was now fully enraged and kicking off on the guy who was lying the floor. Slamming the man back into the ground, he takes no time in between to punch the man in his face continuously. At this rate he was going to kill him, “Sam!” You manage to weakly call out to your boyfriend, to which gets his attention towards you. He stops his fists from making contact with the target in front of him, who clearly was unconscious by now with a bloodied face. This time with real blood. Shoving the unconscious man to the side, Sam rushes over to help you up. 

When you finally get to look at him, his face full of worry, “(Y/N) are you hurt?” He places both his hands on each side of your shoulders trying to hold you still. Your body hadn’t stopped shaking since you were in such shock. You felt so weak right at this moment, it was such relief to see Sam. Overwhelmed by the events that had occurred, you didn’t even get the chance to say anything before collapsing into his chest. Before passing out completely you could vaguely hear Sam’s voice, “It’s okay baby, you’re safe now.”


Finally coming to your senses you peeked your eyes slightly open just to find yourself in an unfamiliar room, this definitely wasn’t your apartment. You tried to tilt your head slightly which still hurt, not to mention so did the rest of your body. You noticed two strong arms wrapped around you, tracing your head slightly up to find Sam holding you closely with your head on top of his chest. His chest was moving steadily with his calm breathing. You sighed in relief. 

Noticing that you are awake, he looks down at you and gives you a warm smile, “Hey baby, how are you feeling?" 

"Better.” Your voice was still so weak and quiet.

“You should get some rest.” He takes one of his hands and brushes his fingers over loose strands of your hair to tuck them behind your ear. 

Laying there with him for a moment, your thoughts wondered back to the nightmare that had occurred to you earlier. How could you forget, those men could still be out there. Just thinking about this made you uneasy and your breathing started to pick up. Sam noticed this, “What’s wrong (Y/N)?”

“The men…” You trailed off, but the fear in your voice was evident.

Sam moved his hand from stroking your hair down to cup you face. Holding you gently, he looks into your eyes without breaking contact, “You don’t have to worry about them anymore, they won’t hurt you ever again.” You decided not to ask what exactly happened to those men who attacked you, perhaps it was better not knowing. 

Just staying here like this with Sam next to you made you feel a lot better. His eyes never leaving yours not even for a second, you felt your body relax finally. Stroking your cheek gently, Sam leans down and pressed his lips gently to your temple. You could feel his stubble brush against your skin which sent shivers down your body. “Get some rest baby." 

Just hearing his voice like this made you a lot calmer. You finally felt like you could close your eyes and go to sleep. Burying your head into his chest you closed your eyes, Sam was gently running his fingers through your hair, you felt yourself falling asleep.

"It’s okay baby, you’re safe with me." 

Gajeel & Acnologia Theory ( Manga Spoilers )

On Fairy Tail Chapter 436 it was confirmed that Natsu is E.N.D. and that he was rescured and reborned by his older brother and Black Mage Zeref. Zeref is immortal and he is 400+ years old ( as it was mentioned on both anime and manga) . Considering Natsu as his younger brother , all we have to do is asume that Natsu is also 400+ years old. This information explains this :

On Fairy Tail Chapter 108 , The Battle Of Fairy Tail Arc , Natsu wasn’t able to pass through Freed’s rune / rule , which forbaded statues and people over the age of 80 to go outside the guild house. That was one of the first things that came to my mind when Zeref was introduced as “Zeref Dragneel”, Natsu’s older brother. But then I also rembered this.

Gajeel wasn’t allowed to go outside the guild too. Well , obviously , he is not a damned statue so the conclusion is that he is also more than 80 years old (?) . I don’t even know. Is he like a demon like Natsu or something? 

I was trying to find out what is the meaning of this . There has to be an explanation about this, right? 

Then I saw bluegreen25ify ‘s recent post , which is a theory about our dorky iron dragon slayer Gajeel and the possible connection he might have with the ruler of the world Acnologia. ( here is the post ). Gajeel looks a lot like the human version of Acnologia , and I really wonder if there is a relationship between the two. 

All we have to do is wait for the chapters that follow.

Saw that pic and immediately remembered that quote. Wonder woman gots this supes. I love you to bits but I gots this. 

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I thought I was rescuing her…
I thought I was the knight in shining armor, but it turns out; she was the bad ass princess that was rescuring me.
- S. Marboli

My problem with Sasaki Haise

Since the chapter 48 came out, I’ve been thinking about something. Because till then, it haven’t even crossed my mind, that I could dislike Sasaki. But now that I considered everything I could, I have something to tell you.

First thing - this is not a “he didn’t try to rescur Shuu imidiately, so I hate him” kind of post. I think deeper. Now, back to the bussines.

Since the beginning, Tokyo Ghoul manga has been focusing on Ghoul vs. Human situation. When there was only few first chapters of the manga, we found out that Kaneki is the only one who gets that there are mistakes on both sides, along with his counterpart, Amon. We’ve been shown investigators who think of ghouls as people, we have been shown ghouls that take pity for humans. Then why do they continue to kill each other? Answer is obvious of course. Ghouls need to eat, and humans don’t like to be eaten. Infinite circle.

Little something about CCG’s mentality - they could finaly seriously realize, that ghouls have no choice, but that doesn’t mean that they should let them kill humans as they please. There are ghouls, who have never killed a human - Ryoko, for example. Then we got those who killed before, but decided to live of suicide victims, like Anteiku, or found another way not to kill humans, while not starving to death. Still, when meeting the CCG, they get prosecuted as a ghoul who has taken many lives. They get no fair trial, nothing like “innocent until proven guilty” exists, being born a ghoul is crime itself. Dehumanizing ghouls is the biggest problem, and frankly, from natures and evolutions point of view, they are (bam prepare for the unspoken truth) not doing anything wrong by solely eating humans.

What does it have to do with Sasaki? Everything. Let’s look, for example, at Amon, Kijima, and Sasaki.

Amon questioned everything, and when he found out that ghouls are people too, his motivation in his fight with Kaneki was “I can’t die, I can’t make him a killer.” I dont know whether he realized this only regarding Kaneki, or he realized the truth about all ghouls (I think it'a the second option), but the moment he found out something was wrong, he tried to do something with it, and acted along his discoveries.

Kijima is a sadist, who knows that ghouls are people, he just doesn’t care. He’s very comfortable in his position, because he can make suffer and kill someone freely, without punishment. And of course CCG attracts people like him. (That’s also a flaw, by the way. Psychological tests should take place when hiring for the CCG).

And now, finally, we’re getting to Sasaki. He knows that ghouls are people. He’s just oblivious towards it. He sees everything, but ignores it. He makes connection, he knows all that’s in front of his face, and he decides to turn a blind eye. Unless it suits him of course. The moment he met Tsukiyama Shuu for the third time, he asked: “Are you a ghoul?” like it was no big deal. When he wanted to get information, he would accept them from a ghoul. But when CCG got info about Tsukiyama family, and I bet you that Sasaki knew how did they got that info (by a desperate girl trying to save a man she loves), his reaction was … “Just you wait, Tsukiyama!” … ? Suddenly it was just a mission, just some ghouls to kill, just a job. He brings Hinami books, but why? Because he cares for her comfort? No, for information. He offered Shuu to surrender (which was rude as fuck by the way, but that’s only my point od view) but why? Because he thought to himself “Oh, I probably knew this guy, maybe I shouldn’t kill him!” ? No. Again, for the information. He saw Mirumo surrender. He knows what happened in the mansion. But again, he turns a blind eye towards ghoul’s humanity when it suits him, and then again discovers it and appeals to it while talking with Shuu on the rooftop. That’s hypocricy.

Yes, I know that he’s got nowhere else to go, he can’t leave the CCG, but I’m not saying that he should go up to Arima’s office and call him out on being a douche (that wouldn’t be wise, but I’d love to see that) I’m not asking him to stop doing his job, I just want him to make up his damn mind. Because for me, a person, who knows they do terrible things and is able to live with that, facing all the moral consequences, has more value than someone, who costantly convinces himself he’s doing the right thing, trying to detach himself from all the guilt he could possibly have.

You were bawling your eyes out from heartbreak. You just witnessed your crush who was with someone else. Your best friend, Luke came to your rescure. “You can use me as your tissue right now. Feel free to blow your nose or wipe your tears on me.” He said when he found you sitting in the park. “I don’t care if you throw me the trash when you’re done. As long as I’m useful to you, (Name).” Luke adds and he comforts you by rubbing your back, but you resisted by turning away from him. “Just let me wipe your tears.” He whispers sincerely, and that’s when you break down his arms.

So my minpin, Duke, has advanced periodontal disease and is going under the knife Monday morning to get half his teeth out.

Nine hundred bucks.

He’s a rescue dog. I got him, no lie, from a meth head lesbian couple who were told by the county they had too many dogs.

That was 2 years ago. He’s an old boy, 12 or 13, and a total sweetheart. He curls up to me every night.

The vet also noticed that his heart is murmuring, a sign of age, a sign of impending death. One day, likely, his heart will give out.

You know all those old people who pass away and we are told it was “natural causes”? Yeah, it was actually heart failure, which is, true, completely natural.

I will spend 900 bucks on this dog because I don’t want his last little while on this earth to be spent with a toothache. I’ve had a toothache.

Fuck that.