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Safe (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: This is my very first request yay! I would like to thank Anon for taking their time to request this. Another Sam Drake imagine, it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be. Please excuse my crappy writing and I hope you enjoy.

It was late in the evening, and you were lying on your bed not being able to go to sleep or it would rather be the case that you didn’t want to go to sleep. Eyeing the clock on the night stand in the corner of your eye waiting for another minute to pass which seemed to go so slow. Finally losing all patience you turn your head to the side to finally look at the clock. 

11.23pm it clearly displayed, sighing and turning your head back to face the ceiling you couldn’t help but wonder where was Sam. He was already gone for a couple of hours, so you wondered if he’s going to get back home anytime soon. Earlier this evening Sam had gone off to visit Sully to discuss something which seemed of high importance, before he left he didn’t exactly mention how long he would be gone for but you assumed it wouldn’t be more than one or two hours. You were wrong. 

This waiting game was taking a toll on you, no longer being able to stay still you got up from the bed and walked over to where the window was. Looking outside the window it was almost pitch black and you could hardly see anything outside. You hoped that your boyfriend was okay and that nothing bad had happened. Walking away from the window you reach down on top your desk where your phone was placed. Just as you were about to grab a hold of it you heard a sudden knock on the door.

Initially startled by the sudden thump on the door, you completely forget about the phone and rush over to the door to greet your loving boyfriend. “Hey it’s about time you got ba-” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as you opened the door, because to your surprise it was not Sam you were greeted by but instead two men stood in your doorway. One of the seemed to be hurt pretty badly with a wound on his forehead with blood dripping down. Whereas, the other man was holding his wounded friend with his arm slung across his shoulders.

“Are you alright?” Shocked, you asked the wounded man.

“Not exactly” The other man replied instead, “You see we got into a car accident and my friend here is hurt pretty badly. My phone got damaged in the accident so I have no way of contacting the ambulance, please could you help us?” He sounded so desperate, but I completely understood with the situation he was currently in.

“O-of course, I’ll go and get my phone!” You nodded to the man who was holding his friend. But before you could turn around to head inside for your phone the man stopped you. “Please, can we come inside? My friend, I don’t think he can stand like this any longer." 

Seeing how hurt his friend was with blood still dripping down his forehead, without hesitation you opened the door wider to let both men in. Not thinking twice about helping out these two men, you turn back around to retrieve your phone which was left on your desk. As you were about to reach it, you suddenly were knocked hard into the ground. 

It had all happened so fast. You curl yourself together taking in the sudden pain you were experiencing throughout your body, and still not realising what was happening. Not given another moment, you were grabbed by two hands which took a hold of your arms to be flipped around just to be slammed back into the ground. Your whole body shook in pain, and just as you were about to scream the attacker placed a hand over your mouth to silence you. 

The man with the wound on his head you had let in earlier was now on top of you with one of his hands placed over your mouth and the other was holding a knife, which was placed near your neck. "Scream and I’ll cut you!” He threatened you. Complete fear had taken over you, your breathing had increased and you felt like you were about to have a panic attack. The man still held a tight grip on you, “Now don’t do anything stupid, tell us where your money is and nothing bad will happen to you” He said whilst still holding the knife close to your throat almost as if he was toying with you. 

Trying to calm yourself down and getting your breathing back to normal, you slowly nodded to the man indicating that you were willing to comply with his demands. He steadily took his hand away from your mouth to let you speak, but the knife still remained in the same position as before. 

“I-it’s in the bag…my purse it’s in the bag” you said as you tried not to sound too shaken. 

The man instructed his partner to rummage through the apartment to find your bag with the money in it. With his partner preoccupied he turned his attention back to you, looking down at you with a smirk on his face, “Now that wasn’t so hard was it sweetheart.” You dared not to move, still scared about what he might do to you.

Minutes had passed which felt like hours, his partner still hadn’t returned with the bag. It almost felt too silent to which the man was getting impatient about. Calling out to his partner and getting no response, he was becoming more agitated leaving you more scared than ever. “What the hell is going on?” He snapped at you, taking his free hand and grabbing you by the throat. 

Feeling his grip tighten around your neck, you felt like all life was being drained out of you. Just as you were about to lose conciseness his grip loosened and his body was flung away from you. You could hear a loud thud hit the ground, trying to understand what was happening in the midst of all this, you try to pick yourself up from the ground to see what was going on, barely being to hold up.

“Get off her you bastard!” You heard Sam’s voice, who was now fully enraged and kicking off on the guy who was lying the floor. Slamming the man back into the ground, he takes no time in between to punch the man in his face continuously. At this rate he was going to kill him, “Sam!” You manage to weakly call out to your boyfriend, to which gets his attention towards you. He stops his fists from making contact with the target in front of him, who clearly was unconscious by now with a bloodied face. This time with real blood. Shoving the unconscious man to the side, Sam rushes over to help you up. 

When you finally get to look at him, his face full of worry, “(Y/N) are you hurt?” He places both his hands on each side of your shoulders trying to hold you still. Your body hadn’t stopped shaking since you were in such shock. You felt so weak right at this moment, it was such relief to see Sam. Overwhelmed by the events that had occurred, you didn’t even get the chance to say anything before collapsing into his chest. Before passing out completely you could vaguely hear Sam’s voice, “It’s okay baby, you’re safe now.”


Finally coming to your senses you peeked your eyes slightly open just to find yourself in an unfamiliar room, this definitely wasn’t your apartment. You tried to tilt your head slightly which still hurt, not to mention so did the rest of your body. You noticed two strong arms wrapped around you, tracing your head slightly up to find Sam holding you closely with your head on top of his chest. His chest was moving steadily with his calm breathing. You sighed in relief. 

Noticing that you are awake, he looks down at you and gives you a warm smile, “Hey baby, how are you feeling?" 

"Better.” Your voice was still so weak and quiet.

“You should get some rest.” He takes one of his hands and brushes his fingers over loose strands of your hair to tuck them behind your ear. 

Laying there with him for a moment, your thoughts wondered back to the nightmare that had occurred to you earlier. How could you forget, those men could still be out there. Just thinking about this made you uneasy and your breathing started to pick up. Sam noticed this, “What’s wrong (Y/N)?”

“The men…” You trailed off, but the fear in your voice was evident.

Sam moved his hand from stroking your hair down to cup you face. Holding you gently, he looks into your eyes without breaking contact, “You don’t have to worry about them anymore, they won’t hurt you ever again.” You decided not to ask what exactly happened to those men who attacked you, perhaps it was better not knowing. 

Just staying here like this with Sam next to you made you feel a lot better. His eyes never leaving yours not even for a second, you felt your body relax finally. Stroking your cheek gently, Sam leans down and pressed his lips gently to your temple. You could feel his stubble brush against your skin which sent shivers down your body. “Get some rest baby." 

Just hearing his voice like this made you a lot calmer. You finally felt like you could close your eyes and go to sleep. Burying your head into his chest you closed your eyes, Sam was gently running his fingers through your hair, you felt yourself falling asleep.

"It’s okay baby, you’re safe with me." 

Sterek AU:

It was cold. Freezing cold. The temparature was falling constantly every minute and the snowfall was getting stronger and stronger. He couldn’t feel his feet anymore and he was barly able to move anymore. He didn’t know how long he was wandering around since, he got lost.

The forest around him was coverd under a thick layer of snow and so dark, that he started to imagines things. Every now and then he thought he heard a noice. He stood still and listen. He prayed…Maybe they had send someone to find him. Maybe someone would come and rescure him. 

But there was nothing. He was alone. And if he wouldn’t find the way back soon, he would die outside here…alone. 

He had no energy left and he was so tired that he just wanted to sleep. Maybe he should just give up. 

But when he was about to close his eyes, he was…them. Red, glowing eyes were looking at him…

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Could you write a fic where Lucifer gets in to an argument with his father about humans(again) and Chuck takes most of his grace to punish him and says he is not going to give Lucifer's powers back until he learns human race is not that bad. While Lucifer is powerless, some angels find him and capture him. They torture Lucifer but Winchesters and Reader rescure him. Reader tries to show him that human race is not that bad and they become best friends.I admire your work. You're such a good writer

A Little Human Kindness

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I want to ship nessian but I just feel like cassian deserves better

OK. ok. i can do this.

I AM GOING TO DO A LONG, LONG POST BC IT’S NOT THE FIRST TIME I SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIS AND ANON U ARE GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO TALK ABOUT THIS and yes i will try to make u ship them with all my might tell me if I succeed.

NESTA ARCHERON, my bby, love of my life, reason why i wanted to read acomaf, queen of my heart. In acotar, in the beginning she’s cold and distant, seeming like a proper bitch in some ppls eyes(not mine, I loved her for it but i have a soft spot for this characters). And then feyre is taken by our local masked fuckboy, and what does nesta do?

NESTA HAULS UP HER ASS, GOES TO A MERCENARY, PAYS HER AND GOES TO THE FREAKING WALL TO TAKE HER SISTER BACK, JUST AFTER SHE WAS NEARLY RAPED. Now, i know u are probably bugged for the fact that she didn’t help feyre and that she sometimes used feyres money for frivolous things, but Nesta WANTED TO STARVE, SHE WANTED TO STARVE JUST TO SEE IF THEIR FATHER WOULD DO SOMETHING.

Now, I think that we forget a lil thing: Nesta basically watched her mother die, she watched as her father didn’t move a finger, even if he could, and she was just a child, and from her character, i bet she didnt say a thing to elain or feyre(and feyre confirms it in acotar, when she says she didn’t know who said the truth, if nesta or their father and thats bc feyre didn’t live that thing, her mother dying, not like nesta did, and damn it, that can and will thraumatize a child.) EVEN AFTER FEYRE COMES BACK, SHE STILL DOESN’T SAY A THING ABOUT TOMAS, SHE DOESNT GO TO FAYRE LIKE “I TRIED TO RESCURE YOU LOVE ME” she just say “it wasn’t right”, she listens to feyre, to all of it and doesn’t even try to tell her about tomas AND A YEAR LATER SHE’S STILL SCARED OF WHAT HE TRIED TO DO TO HER.

And even than, when they got all their fortune back via spring blonde dickhead, she’s angry(and feyre uses her to hide from all the ppl bc nesta can and will scare ppl) and why? bc she lived the downfall of their family in ways feyre cant understand: NESTA LIVED HER CHILDHOOD IN RICHES, SHE WAS PROBABLY EDUCATED TO BE A PROPER LADY, SHE WAS MAYBE GIVEN THE EDUCATION OF AN UPPERCLASS LADY(which may have something to do with the way she is) AND THEN HER MOTHER DIES WHILE HER FATHER WATCHES(and pls dont make me think of baby nesta crying at her father to do something because “mommy is sick” bc i will legit cry my eyes out). Nesta oesn’t hate her father bc they become poor, Nesta hates her father bc he let her mother die and Nesta, contrary to his father, acts(maybe even a bit too much, but we will see this later). 

She says to feyre, in acomaf, to not come back to the human world, to stay with the fae(who she hates) if that is what makes her happy.(DO WE WANT TO TALK OF THE FACT THAT SHE WANTED TO TAKE A BOAT AND SEE THE WORLD, TO SEE WHAT A WOMAN COULD DO AND SHE GOT STUFFED IN THAT FUCKING TUB STRAIGHT FROM THE FEIRY PITS OF HELL???i am feeling, lots. my bby only wanted to be free)

ACOMAF!which yes now enters the perfect bby bat.

Cassian, my bby, my bat, my sun and stars.


They meet after feyra darling made the hella dumb decision of take the mortal whiny ass traitors queens to their house AND PLS PPL DO REMEMBER THAT NESTA ALLOWS FEYRE TO DO SO, BC IF NESTA SAID NO I DOUBT ELAIN WOULD HAVE INSISTED, SO NESTA IS PUTTING HER LIFE ON THE LINE TO HELP FEYRE AND THE FAE(OF WHOM SHE IS STILL CARED SHITLESS OF and like it doesnt go easily, she finds herself with an high lor, a fae sister, asmol polite bat and  a cocky(her future husband) bat; the first thing he tries to do(after looking at her for a solid half hour or whatever) is try to roast her for hher treatment of feyre: result? none on the outside, a shit ton on the inside.(then they bicker like an old couple on their tea be still my heart). He cares for feyre, and sees nesta as the cold older sister who didn’t do a thing to help feyre when she needed(again, see teen nesta full of hate and rage and loss) and the fact THAT SHE JUST STRAGIHT UP IGNORES HIM MAKES HIM FURIOUS AND DELIGHTS ME ENDLESSLY.


so in order: THE EXTRA(i dont even ahve to look it up bc i know that shit better than the bible) AND WE KNOW OUR BAT BOY IS IN DEEP, COULDN’T KEEP HER FACE OUT OF HIS MIND ah god i love this horny teeange bat so much he tries to rile her up, and we know from this that nesta doesn’t know who she want to be or what she likes “and what do you do of importance?” nesta was so engulfed with hate that at one point it become all she had, the hate and protecting elain, and now that elain was about to marry(and now she will have my smol ginger son, so things didn’t change all that much) and didn’t need her and she decided to make peace with feyre, she had neither and i think it scared her shitless.


She is scared of him bc he sees her, he sses her where no one else can, and we know how his words the first time they sa each had hit a nerve, they landed right home and nesta is scared of him and wants to hurt him bc of it, so that he wont tell to ppl that she is weak, bc being weak is something that nesta cant afford to be BUT EVEN THEN, SHE BARES HER THROAT TO HIM , WHICH IS, BY FAE STANDARD AND ACT OF SUBMISSION AND TRUST ad ofc the bat dives the fuck in, bc cassian is cassian and she lets’ him until she can’t, when he swipes his tongue on her neck, which is a very, very sexual gesture that surprised her, but mostly i think she was scared by herself, bc she let herself go for maybe the first time in her life(she is a very mental, calculating character”be nice”, she thinks of every move she will make, but he can make her be irrational and it terrifies her).

Now, the knee in the balls moment: i said this time and again, it was a dick move, but why? what does cassian say? “all i see is a bored and spolied girl”, it’s the truth, in his eyes, bc he doesn’t know her and it infuriates her, bc it hurts her. Nesta is a 22 y/o young woman who doesnt know what to do with herself, doesnt know how to show emotions that aren’t hate, even if she feels tham so strongly she’s chonking on them.(like think of nesta watching feyre painting and elain with her gardens and feeling envious and lonely bc she would want something like that too, something to sooth her and help her but she doesn’t have it, all she has is her fire that is burning her insides). So she’s furious, she would do anything to make Cassian shut up, bc he is saying some thigs that she may think of herself(and he only wanted to kiss her, poor bby bat). What does she say after? “you know nothing of who i am and what i’ve done and what i want.” i see it as a  U DONT KNOW ME, STOP READING ME, STOP SEEING RIGHT THROUGH ME, U DONT KNOW ME. Cassian scares her bc he makes her feel vulnerable, and after a whole life of caging herself in order to protect herself, a man who u are scared of(fae, soldier, army commander, huge as shit and with bat wings), who u are attracted to (and maybe nesta is experiencing that kind of attraction for the first time, hello confusion my old friend). He goes back FEELING HER EYES ON HIMSELF ALL THE WAY TO FUCKING VELARIS boy my bat u are gone and delivered.

and the tiny cassian talking with feyre about nesta on the bridge after the theatre oh god and king of HYBERN I DIDNT FORGOT THAT U COCKBLOCKED THE SETTING UP OF MY OTP I DIDNT FORGOT AND I DIDNT FORGET

THE SECOND MORTAL WHINY FUCKERS QUEENS MOMENT and i have to say it, i fangirled. i fangirled HARD.

 She blasts the queens, she goes up and tells them to make the good choice, to save the ppl SHE BEGS THEM , SHE CRIES. That’s when cassian sees that she isnt a bored and spoiled girl, bc fot all nesta know the queens could punish her for it, nestas just a mortal girl, a defenseless mortal girl, but she speaks, she gets up, she acts(contrary  to her father) and cassian sees it, he sees her.(tey both would die for the ppl they love)


They need each other and, in my opinion they deserve each other(and ppl i love the bat, the miSTER I WRECKED ONE BUILDING BAT, THE DOING SHITTY DECISIONS BC HE HAS A TEMPER THE SIDE OF PRYTHIAN AND JEALOUS AS ALL FUCK LIL BAT. he has his dark sides, his faults and i love him all the more for them, but he isn’t a little unaware naive flower)

Cassian can teach Nesta that being vulnerable isnt an horrible thing, that she can let ppl in, she can let her walls down, she will not die, he will be there(and daaamn i am waiting for nesta to be vulnerable in fron of cassian so bad), and nesta can teach Cassian to think before he acts, to not think so low of himself, bc she loves him(and nesta is a force of nature on the regular, but nesta in love will be fucking awesome).



Stand By Me (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

As requested by imcandychan:  Have you tried doing a Drayl Dixon X Reader fanfic? I heardly see any fanfic of him lol! Maybe a rescure-type fluff for a try?

Warning: Very minor season 5 spoilers

Daryl Dixon was, perhaps, one of the most irritating people you’d met in your entire life. He was closed off and gruff. His mood swings were unpredictable and consisted of moving back and forth between a state of irritation and days of brooding off to the side. It was rare that he smiled, and you suspected his lack of manners stemmed from before the walkers claimed the world. In short, he was wrong for you, yet it hadn’t taken long for you to trip haphazardly into love.

You managed to see past that rough, redneck exterior that he was forever projecting, to the sensitive man beneath. The one who’d gladly make any sacrifice to protect your group…to protect your family. You watched the difference in his defensive demeanor; the way his entire attitude would shift when he would take out a walker more violent than necessary when it threatened you or one of the others, versus his quick, careless kills when one of the creatures was only after him personally. Yes, you knew exactly what it was about him that was so entrancing; however, what you didn’t understand was what on Earth you could’ve possibly done to make him feel the same way.

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The Turians are known for their militaristic and disciplined culture, and were the third race to join the Citadel Council. They gained their Council seat after defeating the hostile krogan for the Council during the Krogan Rebellions. The Mass Effect Trilogy marks turians that had a direct or close to direct impact on gameplay, story, or interaction as “Notable Turians.” The CDN (2185-2186), however provides a number of in canon turians that did not have a direct impact if any on the game, deemed “Un-Notable (but still interesting and important) Turians.”

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“That’s the plan.  Once your friends get here, I intend to start collecting, again.  Of course, I’m only after certain quality of materials.  Your clan, the Yamanaka Clan… A very scary clan, but you are useless to me as a puppet.  I’m hoping Konohagakure produces something worthwhile for your rescure…” a rather arrogant red-head would speak as he watched the woman, carefully.  Despite her being useless to his needs, he knew full-well that her techniques were catastrophic to his plans.


Saw that pic and immediately remembered that quote. Wonder woman gots this supes. I love you to bits but I gots this. 

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I thought I was rescuing her…
I thought I was the knight in shining armor, but it turns out; she was the bad ass princess that was rescuring me.
- S. Marboli


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