the replacment

“My poor, steadfast tin soldier…”

My brain keeps feeding me sad Click theories so like what if he was a kid once

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Yooo, I remember when you used to type as ENTP so what signs or characteristics made u realize u use Se instead of Ne?

It had to do with me finally deciding I was thinking too much so I Stopped Thinking. And then bang bang bang, Ni came knocking on my door and I had this weird stock epiphany that went along the lines of “Dirt’s real. I can stick my hands into dirt. I can’t, however, stick my hands into Politics.” I left the situation with a better understanding of both dirt and politics, as well as the things that I could and couldn’t stick my hands inside of. 

From then on I started thinking again, and it was a lot different than the way I was doing it prior to that moment. I started in the domain I //could//, in fact, stick my hands into and used the knowledge to deal with the domains I couldn’t stick my hands into. It worked. 

But in actuality, I realized that a lot of the N types I knew had very different priorities than me, and I started hanging out with more people which provided better insight into how others view me. It’s definitely as some sort of xSTP lol, but the I vs. the E really depends. 

You know what I find funny? That there was a point in time where you had a best friend and you literally told them everything and now they don’t even text you to see if you’re okay or even text you period. It’s just weird how time changes things.

Talking to someone every single day or hours can be pretty destructive because there will come a day where you don’t speak at all and it’s going to be the loneliest feeling in the world.


“Did they make you president of the universe, too?”
“Well, the big vote is tomorrow, and I’m here to make sure every comatose patient has their say. Vote Ryder!”