the repears

Hello I’m a huge fan of your art work and saw that everyone was doing a character so I thought I might give it a go
Name: Ava
About: is super clumsy and trips over all the time (in a cute way) she works at a supplier and repear shop, loves to draw in all the time on her break and is also pretty shy

I hope you add this if you do not I won’t be offended
Thanks and I love your artwork!!!

art by animeemzu

Lineart by @schyzoswirl

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I tried my best to find the original owners of the faces, I’m sorry if I got it wrong.

Sans Repear from Reaper Tale @renrink

Sans Scientist from @ask-scientist-sans AKA @chaotichero

Gaster!Sans created by borurou

Error!Sans created by @askerrorsans AKA @loverofpiggies

Sans from Underfell - Multiple people

Swap!Sans from Underswap @popcornpr1nce

Sans from Undertale Toby Fox

Sans from Outertale @outertale AKA @2mi127

Our Final Goodbye

L: Its been a long time sinse i saw you.
A: I haven’t heard from you for a long time
N: I only know that i miss you
D: I miss your beautifull smile.
A: I know that everything is complicated now that we gona in diferente aways
Long days of weeks that we have passed trying to find our way.
L: Heartache and tears are blinding my sight, It feels like i’m 6 feet under and i cant excape.
D: i need to find you, i need to find Love , long nights that only the stars saw.
5H: ohhh I miss you
L: we should had talked. But instead things got complicated.
And ppl are makeing us fight.
Ohhh i miss you
The memories that we shared, everytime that you were there.
But then you played no fair.
And then your gone and i’m here.
N: can you tell me, Why did you leave me?
Why did you leave me crying on my knees.
Waiting that it was all a dream.
I didn’t wanna lose this dream that we created.
But there was nothing i could do to make you talk.
D: Ohh yes now its over.
What we had
Its over
And its so bad.
Ohh i miss you.
It gets repeted all over again, and enter the repear part.
G-Eazy: Girl, I can’t belive you, you left me after all we been throgh
I dont hate you, but i dont love you
Can you think about anyone that its not you?
I mean
I’m not the shit you tryna start,

But yeah what you did its hurting me.
I’m man enough to admit.
Dont talk anymore with that fake shit,
Just turna round and grow up
Young Gerald, and you know who said that.
5H: ohhh I miss you
L: we should had talked. But instead things got complicated.
And ppl are makeing us fight.
Ohhh i miss you
The memories that we shared, everytime that you were there.
D: (ohh no)
All the times that you were there)
But then you played no fair.
And then you were gone, and i’m here.
L: trying to Forget you…

Submitted by @thefaceoflj Supposedly these are the lyrics to their possible next single and THIS IS LIKE A DIRECT REPLY TO MILA’S I HAVE QUESTIONS AND I AM SO EMO AND TRIGGERED RIGHT NOW.
ESO : where to find Daedric princes shrines and quests

PS : it seem the daedric ruins in Morrowind are the same as TES : III
I may have forgotten some too

1 Azura

Aldmeri D - Greenshade
Vvardenfell - Of course she’s here hahaha

2 Boethiah

Dragonstar Arena (no, not for pokemon battles)

3 Clavicus Vile

Ebonpact - Shadowfen (without love)
Aldmeri D -  Repears march (with Barbas)
Vvardenfell - his minions are here !

4 Hermaeus Mora

Aldmeri D - Khenarti (quest) // Valenwood // Reapers march
Covenant - Hammerfell // Craglorn // Bangkorai

5 Hircine

Werewolf quest
Aldmeri - Grahtwood - Malabal tor - Greenshade
Covenant - Bangkorai

6 Jyggalag

*??? Sheo is ON so…*

7 Malacath

Covenant - Rivenspire Public dongeon

8 Mehrunes Dagon

Aldmeri - Auridon
Covenant - Rivenspire (quest)

9 Mephala

Aldmeri D - Reapers marsh
Covenant - Bangkorai

10 Meridia

In Coldharbour of course kicking Molly’s balls !

11 Molag Bal

Everywhere hahahahahah ! Also a dwemer city somewhere

12 Namira

Ebonpact - Shadowfen mention (or quest idk)

13 Nocturnal

Ebonpact - Public dongeon (Crows wood)

14 Peryite

Meh… Only deshaan maybe for ebonpact

15 Sanguine

Ebonpact - Sanguine desmene ( public dungeon ), there is everything needed but no real shrine ! But you get a goblet ! Nice Sam ! Very nice…
Daggerfall C : Bad man’s Hallow (may be related to Sam in a way)

16 Sheogorath

Dude ! Mage guild quests !
Aldmeri D - Grahtwood quest

17 Vaermina

Covenant - Stormheaven cult

anonymous asked:

Can you do, "That's sweet," with either enj or grantaire saying that to the other?

It had been three years that Grantaire had known Enjolras, and three years that Enjolras had spent Christmas at Combeferre’s childhood house. And at first, Grantaire’s hadn’t thought much of it. Enjolras and his father were not on speaking terms, that was common knowledge. But still, every week before Christmas, Enjolras looked a bit… Grantaire wouldn’t have called it sad. Wistful, maybe. Melancholic.

He didn’t know if he should said anything. It wasn’t his place, after all. But he hated seeing Enjolras that way. It was subtle, but he could still tell. It was in the way Enjolras picked at his nails. The way he stayed quiet when people talked about their family Christmas plans. It broke Grantaire’s heart.

They said the festive season was hard on lonely people. And although Enjolras as the furthest thing from lonely, Grantaire knew too well how it felt to feel alone on the crowd.

“Hey,” he said one day, as they were stacking up chairs in the backroom of the Musain. “You could spend Christmas at my place this year, if you want. My mom would be happy to have you.”

Enjolras looked at him, confused. A slight blush crept on his cheeks, and he hid behind the chair he was lifting.

“I-It’s nice, really, but I don’t want to disturb. I usually go to Combeferre’s, but he’s going on a trip to Strasbourg with Courf this year, so…”

“So you’ll be alone at Christmas,” Grantaire completed. “Come on. You won’t be disturbing anyone, it’s my mom, my sister and me. And we never finish the turkey by ourselves.”

For a second, Enjolras disappeared behind a stack of chair. Maybe he was avoiding the conversation. Or Grantaire. Or both. Maybe Grantaire made built up too much expectation. Enjolras repeared and sat on a nearby table.

“Grantaire, that’s very sweet of you but… I don’t want you to feel like you have to, you know? You don’t have to take pity on me because I’ll be alone for another capitalistic, over commercialised holiday.”

Grantaire looked at him, stunned, before breaking into a bright fit of laughter.

“A capitalistic holiday! Oh my god. What an Enjolras thing to say. Okay, what if I promise you I won’t buy you anything? And my mom makes a great Christmas log. You’d be a fool to miss it, comrad.”

Enjolras rolled his eyes, but smiled all the same.

“Fine. But I’m only doing it for the Christmas log, okay?”

“I don’t doubt it.”


Maker And Repairer Of Samisens by Museum of Photographic Arts

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Title: Maker And Repairer Of Samisens

Artist: Kusakabe Kimbei Artist Bio: Japanese, 1841 - 1934 Creation Date: c. 1890s Process: albumen print Credit Line: Gift of Rudi Bianchi Accession Number: 1999.039.009

So I wanted to make some Undertale AU’s Sans with all crazy faces from Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra which I used here.

Sans Repear from Reaper Tale.

Sans Scientist from … I don’t know.

Gaster!Sans created by @borurou

Error!Sans created by @askerrorsans

Sans from Underfell

Swap!Sans from Swaptale

Sans from Undertale

Sans from Outertale

I’m not very sure of creators I should mention on this post, so feel free to send me a message to inform me, thank you !

Swimming & Teasing


“Come in the pool (Y/N)” Gilinsky groans as he blocks the sun beating down on you.

You were currently placed on one of the chairs in his backyard, fully clothed with mango juice beside you.

“No, I’m perfectly fine here” you mumbled shoving the sunglasses on the top of your head.

“I swear if you don’t come then I will throw you in the water” he threatened.

“Okay, okay” you groaned yet again. “Only cause you’re so annoying” teasing him, you stuck your tongue out.

“Heyyy” he whined jutting out his lower lip.

Slowly you took your shorts and tank top off feeling a bit self conscious when you felt Gilinsky’s heated gaze on you.

“What?” you mumbled covering your stomach with your arms.

He seemed to snap out of his gaze before a blush rose to his cheeks, tainting them a light pink.

“Um nothing..” he said.

You were a bit disappointed, hoping he would say that you looked good. Sighing in defeat you made your way to the pool.

You slipped your feet in, shivering slightly at the cold water. Then you quickly slipped in when a hand push you from behind.

You shrieked as the cold water hit your skin. “That’s what you get for frowning” he replied with a smug smile.

“Atleast help me up dork” you reached your hand out to him, sighing he grabbed your arm ready to pull you up when you played the classic move and pulled him into the water.

You heard his loud scream as he hit the cold water. Serves him right you thought to yourself before giggling as you watched him struggle.

He resurfaced and was suddenly very close to you. “Umm..” he mumbled out his cheeks yet again turning pink.

“What?” you asked challenging him with an eyebrow raised.

“Youlookreallycute” he breathed out all in one breath.

You smiled lightly hearing him perfectly, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you” you answered furrowing your eyebrows acting as if you were confused.

He let out a frustrated sigh. “ I said you were cute” he mumbled, much slower this time.

“Im sorry can you repear that-” you were cut off shortly by him pushing you against the edge wall of the pool.

“I said you look really cute today” he said in a whisper, his breath fanning over your lips as both your breaths mingled together.

You gasped softly as one of his hands moved up and down your arm ever so lightly causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.

“Must’ve heard me loud and clear now?” he teasingly replied for you before pressing a chaste kiss to your lips and making his way to the other end.

“Hey!” you called out pouting since he pulled away too quick for your liking.

You jumped on his back pushing him into the water and he let out a muffled groan.

“That’s what you deserve Mr.Imgonnateaseyoubyjustpeckingyourlips” you managed to say.

He chuckled, resurfacing from the water. “Why did you want a longer kiss?” he asked licking his perfect pink lips that were very plump.

“Mhm” you agreed before pulling his head down to meet your lips and giving him a long kiss. You made sure to be the one in charge as you kissed him with passion, licking his lower lip for entrance, he quickly replied opening his mouth for you.

It was your turn to tease him now, you made sure to tease him ever so lightly by sucking on his lower lip which he always said was a turn on then you pulled back with a triumphant smile and climbed out of the pool.

“Hey! That’s extremely rude (Y/N)” Jack called out.

“Teasing goes both ways Gilinsky” you called out back swaying your hips as you made your way to your towel.

Just as you were drying yourself you felt a hand creeping up your stomach before tickling you.

“Ahh” you yelled out the sensation causing you to erupt into a bunch of giggles. “Stop Jackkk pleaseee” you pleaded as you felt your stomach starting to hurt.

“Neverrrr” he replied back playfully “Not till you admit that I am the sexiest boyfriend and that the teasing game is over because (Y/N) honest to god your teasing is making my di-”

“OKAY TMI PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!” you yelled as you wiggled against Gilinsky.

“Just admit it and stop wiggling my di-” he began yet again.

“Okay you are the sexiest boyfriend and the teasing game is over Gilinsky” you gasped through breaths.

“Much better” he said before releasing you from his tickles and pulling you into his chest.

“How about we leave over to my place because I am in much need of a makeout session and my di-”

“I GET IT. Your dick is hard, can you just stop saying that now” you mumbled.

He chuckled before nodding, “Only if we makeout though”

“Come on horndog let’s go”

Imagine Marie hearing Miranda still chant that mocking song about her, so he rewrites the whole stuff. Miranda once again repears it for herself but stops when she hears someone start singing behind her.

Miranda, Miranda, most wonderful Miranda

Strong, Caring and Beautiful

Are you going out to make the world a better place?

You succeed without trying anyways.