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Sans Repear from Reaper Tale @renrink

Sans Scientist from @ask-scientist-sans AKA @chaotichero

Gaster!Sans created by borurou

Error!Sans created by @askerrorsans AKA @loverofpiggies

Sans from Underfell - Multiple people

Swap!Sans from Underswap @popcornpr1nce

Sans from Undertale Toby Fox

Sans from Outertale @outertale AKA @2mi127

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4, 5, 23 for the acotar prediction thing please and thank u!

4) Cassian’s wings. Go.

Okay. I know I am biased because he is so precious to me and I don’t want him to lose something that is so precious to him. But I just can’t see it. Even if it would be interesting (and painful) to see him deal with losing those wings and how that would affect him… But I have hope. For three reasons.

1) THIS POST I MADE IN OCTOBER“Bats have the fastest healing tissue of any mammel. Repearing itself ten times quicker than human skin. Even a hole this size (see picture in post) will be completely healed in just a few weeks.” And I knooooow Illyrians aren’t exactly earth’s bats. I am taking what I can get here!

2) Making Cassian lose his wings is a way to really make us stay on our toes, and keep the suspense. No one is safe. But I don’t think it’s realistic. We know SJM doesn’t hurt/kill off her characters without showing the repercussions and deals with it properly and thoroughly. Like Nehemia’s life and death, Aelin’s reaction to that and her depression, Feyre’s depression. I just don’t think there is time/space enough to deal with taking Cassian’s wings away from him in acowar and have him going through a process that lets him be a fully functioning effective Commander again (which they badly need), not in a way that respects the character and deals with the loss of that big a part of him. It’s his wings. It’s flying. It’s the respect of the Illyrians. It’s his own self-esteem. It’s never being able to touch the skies like that again, that freedom. I don’t think SJM would do it if she can’t do it justice and give it the space it deserves? (read: I hope to all the gods and mystical powers that are possibly out there SJM wouldn’t do it if she can’t do it justice and give it the space it deserves)

2) He has the help of the most powerful High Lord in Prythian’s history, The Morrigan and Amren. I BELIEVE IN OUR HIGH LORD AND OUR SECOND AND THIRD IN COMMAND. And I remember seeing something (I think it was by @highfaelucien​, I think it was you Lauren? Correct me if I’m wrong) about what Tamlin says about the Lesser Faerie that loses his wings in acotar:

“Can’t you use your magic to help him?”
“No. Not for major damage. Once, but not any longer”

Which means he can help that kind of major damage when he has his full powers. And both Rhys and Mor and Amren have their full powers. 


5) Do you think we will see Miryam and Drakon? Do you want to?
I definitely want to see them. I am soooo excited to get to know their characters and maybe get a glimpse into their island that was inspired by ancient egypt. I think we will see them in acowar. They have just been referenced too much not to be important this time around again. And also because Cassian said that they might need to call on Drakon’s aerial forces that are as strong as their Illyrians. And SJM mentioned a new winged species with feathers. It all clicks into place. 

23) Babies - yea or nay? If you had to pick one couple to have a mini, who would it be?
No. No no nopety nope no. Ianthe being preggers with Tamlin’s spawn after Calainmai I can deal with as a plot point. But no one else, please.

Swimming & Teasing


“Come in the pool (Y/N)” Gilinsky groans as he blocks the sun beating down on you.

You were currently placed on one of the chairs in his backyard, fully clothed with mango juice beside you.

“No, I’m perfectly fine here” you mumbled shoving the sunglasses on the top of your head.

“I swear if you don’t come then I will throw you in the water” he threatened.

“Okay, okay” you groaned yet again. “Only cause you’re so annoying” teasing him, you stuck your tongue out.

“Heyyy” he whined jutting out his lower lip.

Slowly you took your shorts and tank top off feeling a bit self conscious when you felt Gilinsky’s heated gaze on you.

“What?” you mumbled covering your stomach with your arms.

He seemed to snap out of his gaze before a blush rose to his cheeks, tainting them a light pink.

“Um nothing..” he said.

You were a bit disappointed, hoping he would say that you looked good. Sighing in defeat you made your way to the pool.

You slipped your feet in, shivering slightly at the cold water. Then you quickly slipped in when a hand push you from behind.

You shrieked as the cold water hit your skin. “That’s what you get for frowning” he replied with a smug smile.

“Atleast help me up dork” you reached your hand out to him, sighing he grabbed your arm ready to pull you up when you played the classic move and pulled him into the water.

You heard his loud scream as he hit the cold water. Serves him right you thought to yourself before giggling as you watched him struggle.

He resurfaced and was suddenly very close to you. “Umm..” he mumbled out his cheeks yet again turning pink.

“What?” you asked challenging him with an eyebrow raised.

“Youlookreallycute” he breathed out all in one breath.

You smiled lightly hearing him perfectly, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you” you answered furrowing your eyebrows acting as if you were confused.

He let out a frustrated sigh. “ I said you were cute” he mumbled, much slower this time.

“Im sorry can you repear that-” you were cut off shortly by him pushing you against the edge wall of the pool.

“I said you look really cute today” he said in a whisper, his breath fanning over your lips as both your breaths mingled together.

You gasped softly as one of his hands moved up and down your arm ever so lightly causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.

“Must’ve heard me loud and clear now?” he teasingly replied for you before pressing a chaste kiss to your lips and making his way to the other end.

“Hey!” you called out pouting since he pulled away too quick for your liking.

You jumped on his back pushing him into the water and he let out a muffled groan.

“That’s what you deserve Mr.Imgonnateaseyoubyjustpeckingyourlips” you managed to say.

He chuckled, resurfacing from the water. “Why did you want a longer kiss?” he asked licking his perfect pink lips that were very plump.

“Mhm” you agreed before pulling his head down to meet your lips and giving him a long kiss. You made sure to be the one in charge as you kissed him with passion, licking his lower lip for entrance, he quickly replied opening his mouth for you.

It was your turn to tease him now, you made sure to tease him ever so lightly by sucking on his lower lip which he always said was a turn on then you pulled back with a triumphant smile and climbed out of the pool.

“Hey! That’s extremely rude (Y/N)” Jack called out.

“Teasing goes both ways Gilinsky” you called out back swaying your hips as you made your way to your towel.

Just as you were drying yourself you felt a hand creeping up your stomach before tickling you.

“Ahh” you yelled out the sensation causing you to erupt into a bunch of giggles. “Stop Jackkk pleaseee” you pleaded as you felt your stomach starting to hurt.

“Neverrrr” he replied back playfully “Not till you admit that I am the sexiest boyfriend and that the teasing game is over because (Y/N) honest to god your teasing is making my di-”

“OKAY TMI PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!” you yelled as you wiggled against Gilinsky.

“Just admit it and stop wiggling my di-” he began yet again.

“Okay you are the sexiest boyfriend and the teasing game is over Gilinsky” you gasped through breaths.

“Much better” he said before releasing you from his tickles and pulling you into his chest.

“How about we leave over to my place because I am in much need of a makeout session and my di-”

“I GET IT. Your dick is hard, can you just stop saying that now” you mumbled.

He chuckled before nodding, “Only if we makeout though”

“Come on horndog let’s go”

So I wanted to make some Undertale AU’s Sans with all crazy faces from Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra which I used here.

Sans Repear from Reaper Tale.

Sans Scientist from … I don’t know.

Gaster!Sans created by @borurou

Error!Sans created by @askerrorsans

Sans from Underfell

Swap!Sans from Swaptale

Sans from Undertale

Sans from Outertale

I’m not very sure of creators I should mention on this post, so feel free to send me a message to inform me, thank you !

Imagine Marie hearing Miranda still chant that mocking song about her, so he rewrites the whole stuff. Miranda once again repears it for herself but stops when she hears someone start singing behind her.

Miranda, Miranda, most wonderful Miranda

Strong, Caring and Beautiful

Are you going out to make the world a better place?

You succeed without trying anyways.

Death race || closed rp


Cornel smirked smuggly as they showered him on the island, oh how many years back was he here? He got bored with life, so he made sure they arrested and brought him here. Of course the head of the prison will know that he wants to race. Smirking he stretched his neck and shoulders on the way to her office.
“Look at who is back.” She snorted.
“Missed this thing and honestly, i’m sure the spectators did too. I got only one condition, i want to drive my car.” She waved him off.
“Alright.” Cornel gave her a smug smirk as the officer dragger him off.

The very morning he found the car he made himself. There was some other racer and a service people. Grabbing the racer by shoulders he dragged him away.“get lost.” He growled into his face. Of course there was a fight, they were in prison after all. But Cornel got his car, he studied the modifications they did toit and when he saw the interior he moaned. It used to be of finest leather and the softest seats. Now it was torn to pieces. Sighing he repeared what was done, on the inside and on the outside, if he has to come back he will with style.

The race was within the week, clad in black leather he made his way toward his car humming. ‘High way to hell’ by Metallica. He got into the car spotting his navigator. “Oh hi there, lovely.” He smirked at her as he checked if everything was in place.

After BoO (Solangelo fanfic)  chapter 2

Wow. The first chapter got way more notes than I had expected. So here is the second chapter. Hope you like it as well. I have also thought I could start drawing some fanart relating to this fanfic. And again I welcome all comments/advise from you guys. Here is link to the first chapter if someone needs it.


Chapter 2


Once everyone was gathered around a fountain in the Hades Cabin. Nico had insisted on installing it as the first step of the renovation in tha cabin. After waiting for it to be appropriate time to contact the people in New Rome, it was about time to make the call and tell everyone the wonderous news. Nico had already call Hazel as soon as he had dared and told her to get Frank and Reyna and expect another call within an hour. Everything was ready to go. The fountain provided well enough mist for there to become rainbows and Nico already had a drachma in his hand.

  It goes without saying that everyone, and most of all Percy, had pestered Nico all morning since he had told them he had something important to tell them but it had to wait until those in New Rome would be awake. It had taken about five minutes for Nico to regret he had told them about this so soon and hadn’t just mentioned it when it was time tell everyone. But fortunately Annabeth had been able to somewhat keep Percy in line and the wait had been bearable.

  Nico tossed the coin into the rainbow.

 ”Hazel Levesque”, he said as the coin dissapeared in the mist.

  The rainbow started rippling and gaining some color and some blurred shapes appeared before the picture focused. Now there were three people smiling at them through the window like ‘screen’ floating in the center of the mist.

 ”Hi everyone”, Hazel said as everyone gathered closer to see properly.

  There was a collective 'Hi’ on both ends.

 ”How are things in New Rome?” Annabeth asked. ”Was there much damage caused by the war?

 ”Surprisingly little actually”, Reyna replied. ”It would seem most of the Gaia’s forces had gathered there. Apparently they planned to wipe Camp Half-Blood first and then move on to destroying New Rome.”

  ”Well of course they had to take out the bigger thread first”, Percy said with a sly smirk on his face.

  That earned much eyerolling and a deep sigh as well as an elbow to his ribs from Annabeth.

 ”You do realize much of New Rome’s army was here as well Seaweed Brain”, she remarked. ”Gaia was planning on taking us all down after we had battled with each other.”

  Percy was about to answer but Jason cut him off.

 ”Is a new augur already been appointed since… well.. you know”, he said with a rather grim expression.

 ”No there hasn’t been anyone appointed but we expect there will be soon”, Frank said.

  Jason nodded.

 ”So it would seem my father isn’t through with Apollo yet.”

  Nico felt his stomach tighten a little as he got an uncharacteristic feeling of pity and sadness as he thought about what Zeus was going to do to Will’s father. Unfortunately he hadn’t had time to ask his Father about that when he had visited his dreams. He hoped Artemis would be able to calm Zeus as the others had told she promised.

 ”Have you began your duties as pontifex maximus Jason”, Reyna inquired.

 ”Not yet but I was just about to ask you Annabeth if you would like to be in charge of the shrines’ architecture.”

 ”You only ever had to ask”, Annabeth answered with a grin that showed she had been expecting this.

  For a second it seemed like she already was making plans in her head but this time Percy interrupted her thoughts.

 ”Not now Wise Girl we’re here because Nico had some news for us remember”, he said as he offered Nico a tentative smile.

  All chatter stopped immediately and everyone turned towards Nico as they were reminded this meeting had an actual meaning. Other than to just catch up on what was going on with everyone.

  Nico swallowed and took a deep breath to ready himself to speak to such intently watchful audience.

”Yeah… I-I was visited last night by my Father. In a dream I mean”, he started rather anxious because of all the attention he was getting.

 ”What did he say”, Hazel asked looking somewhat concerned.

 ”Well he.. umm… first he congratulated me for getting the statue here safely”, he continued as he felt a slight blush rushing to his cheeks as the others agreed by nodding and murmuring congrats as well.

 ”But that’s not the main thing. The thing is…well.. ”, he said and took another deep breath, in part to steel himself to continue and in part because he felt relieved.

 ”Leo is alive”, he finished as he looked back up at the others.

  A variety of gasps and looks of astonishments followed by cheers, whoops, tears of joy and laughter passed through the group.

 ”You had better not be kidding with this”, Jason said with a look that was both relieved and vulnerable.

 ”Of course I’m not!” Nico said sounding somewhat offended. ”I didn’t tell you this before because I didn’t want to get your hopes up for nothing but when I said I felt Leo die… well it felt strange somehow. Something unlike ordinary deaths. And my Father told me too that Leo had been dead but somehow managed to just slip back.”

 ”So he must have took the cure somehow”, Piper gave a relieved laughter with her cheeks streaked with tears of joy.

 ”But how is that possible? There was no one with him”, Frank asked the question everyone thought.

  A silence fell as people waited for an answer. Suddenly Annabeth jerked a little as a thought hit her.

 ”But there was!” she exclaimed looking somewhat proud at figuring it out before anyone else. ”Festus was with him! Leo spent a lot of time in the engine room repearing the dragon so he must have installed a fail-safe of a sort that would give him the cure if he died!”

  Looks of realization dawned on faces around the room.

 ”Of course! That must be it”, Jason laughed.  ”Should have trusted Leo to have a plan.”

 ”Can’t imagine Hades being too happy about the dead coming back to life”, Percy said with a grim expression.

 ”That he was not”, Nico said. ”He told that naturally he had to demand some sort of justice that Asclepius helped to bring a person back to life. Again. But he did say that he was going to let this go rather easily since he knows Asclepius was… persuaded to help and because Leo had been the one to blow Gaia up.”

 ”Wow. He must be getting soft”, Percy whistled.

  Another round of sighs, groans, eyerolling and an elbow from Annabeth was what this comment earned.

 ”But why hasn’t he come back yet”, Hazel inquired returning to the actual subject.

”Perhaps he went to get Calypso”, Percy made a mocking kissing motion with elaborate sound effects. Annabeth was already about to elbow him once more but stopped mid-strike.

”That… that might actually be it. I mean didn’t he tell us he promised Calypso he would come for her again. And a line of the Prophecy said 'An oath to keep with a final breath’.”

 ”Wow, so I was actually right….I mean, of course I was”, Percy said as he lifted his chin in a dignified manner. ”After all I’m…”

  He was interrupted by a knock on the door and as everyone turned to look Will entered the cabin.

 ”Wakey wakey sleeping beauty”, Will called as his head poked through the opening doorway. ”It’s time for your daily che…”

  He froze in mid-sentence as he saw everyone there. Nico felt a warmth surge to his cheek but tried to hide his probably very clear blush. Though he was not certain it looked for a moment as if Will too had blushed a little. Nico took a quick glance behind him towards the other was enough to confirm what he had feared. And that was Piper eyeing Nico and Will with a rather suspicious expression.

 ”Oh, everyone’s here”, Will said as he had quickly recovered. ”I just… I mean if it’s a bad timing…”

”Actually it is a litt… ”, Percy started but was cut short by Piper.

 ”No no, we were just finishing up here.”

 ”We were?” Jason asked clearly confused.

 ”Yes, yes we were”, Piper confirmed as she slightly nodded towards Nico and Will and gave him a knowing look that said not to question her.

  Everyone turned once more to look at Nico and Will. Nico felt his cheek burn again but tried to hide it by turning towards Will.

 ”I can come to the infirmary once we’re done…”

 ”No need”, Annabeth cut in. ”Piper’s right. We were just about finished anyway.”

  Everyone nodded in agreement.

 ”Well, good bye everyone”, Hazel said before she waved at the screen and it disappeared.

  All the others started towards the door. Nico had a sense of forebodding as he noticed Percy and Jason’s stern faces as they neared the door side by side. Just as they were passing Will they parted so that Will was left between them and they stopped for a moment. Both of them incline closer to Will and whispered something to him that Nico couldn’t hear. But what ever it was it couldn’t be anything good. This time Nico saw Will definitely blush and Nico thought he would die of embarrasment right there.

  When everyone had left there was a moment of awkward silence before Will broke it.

 ”Well, shall we go to the infirmary for the check-up.”

  Having recovered enough Nico nodded in agreement.

 ”Yeah, let’s go.”