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While I Was Clearing Out My Desktop, I Found This Gem

It Still Remains as One of My Life Goals: Find Someone Who Will Hug Me the Same Way Oscar Hugged Evan
INTERVIEW: For Artist Irene Koh, Legend of Korra OGN Is A Very Personal Project
Artist Irene Koh discusses her role in bringing Legend of Korra from the screen to the page, in Dark Horse's continuation of the much-loved series.

I had a little chat with Steve Morris over at CBR to talk Korra! :)

(The end of the article also misquotes the release date as June, but I’ve since sent Steve a message about fixing it. Official release dates remain July 26th for comic book stores, August 8th for bookstores/other retailers.)
Why 'The Walking Dead' Was Wrong To Stick With The Comics This Time
The Walking Dead ended up staying true to the comics in its season seven premiere, but if there was one time they should have changed things up, this was it. We lost one character that wasn't just important for The Walking Dead, but all of TV in general.
By Paul Tassi

While it should not be all that significant that an Asian actor plays a prominent role in a smash-hit show that isn’t a quirky best friend, or martial artist, or math genius, the fact is, it is significant. We simply do not have any other Glenns on TV, at least none as high profile as Steven Yeun. I obviously don’t follow every show on TV (and I can think of a few great Asian characters from SHIELD‘s Melinda May to Master of None‘s Dev) , but characters like Glenn are few and far between, if they exist at all. And now, suddenly, Glenn doesn’t exist either.

So, it’s a two-pronged wish here. Part of me wishes that Glenn was spared because I genuinely think it would have been interesting to see where the character would go in the future, free of his comic book fate. But I also mourn the loss of what was the most significant Asian role on TV. I get that everyone has to be “fair game” on The Walking Dead for the show to work. But again, I would make the argument that this death could have easily been given to Daryl. Daryl, the one who almost singlehandedly declared war on Negan. Daryl, the one who actually hit Negan and would have been the perfect object lesson. Daryl, the character who has been built up for  years for this traumatic moment, free of a comics-based fate. But AMC was too scared to pull that trigger, to kill that ultimate fan favorite. So the comics remained the blueprint, and Glenn died.

I’m sorry, but we have enough Daryls. Grizzled, white, loner, badasses that seem to lead every other action-based show on TV. But we do not have enough Glenns. We hardly have any, in fact. I’m not saying his race alone should have saved him, but I think Steven Yeun’s Glenn grew in importance far beyond his comic counterpart, so if the show was going to break from the comics, which it often does, this would have been a great moment to do so.

suicide squad as i would have written it:

cut out the enchantress entirely. totally unnecessary. we can keep rick flag. actually for the squad we should only have: harley quinn, deadshot, killer croc, captain boomerang, and el diablo. so the original setup is fine. whatever. but the villain shouldn’t be enchantress and her weird brother, but it should be: the joker

i can already hear you all groaning. remove jared leto from the equation for a moment, and bear with me. the joker cant find harley. the joker loves harley. not as person loves a person, but as a megalomaniac loves their most prizes possession. harley is his queen, the best thing he’s ever stole. he won’t let her be taken from him. so he starts just – killing people, bombing shit. he can’t find her and he’s furious. he demands her back, says he’ll destroy this whole damn world if they don’t give her back. because amanda waller is INSANE she sends the squad after him.

so rick flag has been given the leash to people he REALLY DOESN’T WANT TO HAVE LEASH FOR. but what’s to make us give a fuck about this man now that his lady love isn’t thrown up all in this mess? this is where diablo comes in.

so in the movie they have diablo be this peaceful reformed whatever. yawn. i don’t want him to be ghandi. i want him to be SUICIDAL. i want him to try killing himself day after day, i want that fireproof room there because he spends hours trying to burn himself to death, but always failing, because fire won’t be the thing that kills him. he hates himself, hate what he’s done, he killed his wife and children. there’s no coming back for him.

so the threat of death won’t keep him in line, not like it will with the others. so that’s why amanda calls in rick. rick flag, not the enchantress’s lover, but rick flag – el diablo’s brother in law. rick says you’re going to save the whole goddamn world and follow my orders, because you OWE ME. you killed my sister and my niece and my nephew, and you don’t get to just die and join them, you asshole. you have to do your penance first. and diablo agrees.

note: harley and deadshot hate diablo. there’s bad people, and then there’s bad people. and it doesn’t really matter that he didn’t mean it, he killed his wife and kids. deadshot cares about nothing in this world more than his daughter, and all harley wants is to settle down and have a family. both deadshot and harley are itching to put a bullet in this guy, and rick finds himself in the unenviable position of having to protect the superpowered asshole who killed his sister from the other assholes he’s in charge of.

so harley and deadshot become fast friends, just like in the movie. and boomerang is an asshole, but he likes a good time, he likes an adventure. this is fun. so they all go after the joker, and you bet your ass that everyone is calling amanda waller ten kinds of idiot for sending harley in after the joker. but they’ve all  got explosives in their neck, and if they don’t follow orders they die. so harley is playing this delicate game of at least giving the appearance of following orders while the joker does a lot of background shit to get her off her leash so she can come home. so in the meanwhile they’re fighting their way through joker’s traps and his goons, which is especially hilarious because at least twice they catch sight of harley and either give up or just run away screaming. hey, just like amanda says: harley does everything the joker does, but backwards and in high heels. the last thing anyone in joker’s crew (her crew) wants to do is fight her. so they run. and this goes like it does, boomerang blowing shit up and crock being silent, and diablo quietly doing as he’s told while harley and deadshot keep on helping each other out and having each other’s backs. (side note: croc and diablo develop a broship. boomerang remains the comic relief and is treated as a beloved if rabid dog)

so deadshot choosing not to kill harley was nice and all. but how about:

joker gets rid of all the kill switches, just because its easier to take them all out than one. he comes to get harley, who’s so fucking down to go. but she looks at deadshot with some regret, because it’s been so long since she’s had a real friend. this is a mistake. the joker notices and is instantly jealous, instantly furious. harley’s appeal is that she loves him more than anything else, to the exclusion of everything and everyone. so he turns the tables, points a gun a deadshot and tells harley to shoot him. she doesn’t want to, tries to convince him to let it go. but he won’t, says if she doesn’t kill deadshot, he will, and then he’ll kill her. if she loves him, she’ll kill deadshot. and deadshot gets harley, he understands her. so he says it’s okay, he wasn’t that keen to returning to prison anyway. “just take care of her for me, okay?” he says, not being specific, but she knows. he’s saying to take care of his daughter, he’s willing to die by her own hand so she can be with the man she loves and after that he’s still trusting her with his kid, the person he loves most in the world. and deadshot is her friend, but joker is her everything. so she picks up her gun and pulls the trigger and –

– shoots the joker dead.

and she’s sobbing and tries to point the gun on herself, because she just killed the love her life, but deadshot stops her and saves her, and he’s shocked and the squad is shocked and amanda waller is fucking floored. harley quinn just killed the joker. batman owes her a fucking fruit basket. and harley says “you’re not going back to prison” and pushes deadshot in to the getaway helicopter, and smooths back joker’s hair and reaches for his gun to point it at herself again but deadshot yells her name and so she leaves it all behind and gets in the chopper.

and harley quinn and deadshot escape. they don’t go far, they stay in gothem. joker’s crew was her crew too, and none of them skip a beat when she retakes her mantel, deadshot at her side. they all knew how her and the joker were, and she killed him. if any of them were willing to cross her before, they aren’t now. and deadshot straight up kidnaps his daughter from her abusive mother, sends her to the best schools and lives in a nice house with her. and during the day he’s still an assassin, still kills on command – harley’s command, specifically. and harley comes to the house, and deadshot’s daughter loves her, and harley gets what she wanted, if not who she thought she wanted it with: a life of crime and a family to come home to, the two things she loves. harley and deadshot rule the streets their way, and no one’s really sure if they’re good guys or bad guys or what. and no one stops them. because harley quinn killed the joker, and for the good guys it’s out of a sense of gratefulness and for the bad guys its from a sense of wariness, because now they know, or think they know.

god help anyone who disrespects the queen.

(then they break everyone else out and splash suicide squad across the city, because they’re not the good guys, but to quote one of my favorite shows: sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get)

30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day Twenty-Four

Favourite Comical Scene - The Turner family camping out in their new home

The Turners have just moved house and things have not gone as smoothly as they had hoped.  Their furniture is lost in transit and the electricity has yet to be connected.  So they end up camping in their living room with equipment borrowed from the Cubs.  Shelagh nearly chokes on her tea at Patrick’s comment about his sleeping bag and Timothy remembers their camping holiday.

“Best holiday ever” is a line that might or might not be sarcastic but with Timothy it could go either way.  There is laughter and a sense of being in this together.  For me, comical moments can often come in the midst of great stress and they ease the tension considerably.  Humour in the face of adversity.


Jongdae doesn’t show up to class very much… but when he does, he pisses Luhan off.

After (unheard by a mourning Luhan):


„And then we know that, y’know, the Joker and Batman’ve had sort of, well, at least in the Joker’s mind, a love affair of sorts, and so we see it here: the two bodies next to each other, ‘cause they both hurt each other so badly they collapsed, and the blood is forming a broken heart between them. And there’s symbolism that’s not in the script, but that I go ‘That’d be cool! Right? We had the love affair going on, so let’s show the broken heart here as they’re killing each other, ‘cause it was awesome.’”

- Greg Capullo talking about his work on Batman: Endgame (x)

(spoiler) TWD COMIC RANT ... and, i know it’s his comic, but idgaf. so, comic!andrea is dead, now; but how considerate of kirkman to give the “it’s ok” speech from comic!andrea dying lips to *move on* to someone else because it really “doesn’t matter” ...

… um, well … you see … it DID matter when comic!rick inexplicably chose comic!andrea outta the thin air over his actual soulmate, comic!michonne … so, thanks but no thanks, robert.

… even though you’re freeing up comic!rick so he can eventually possibly and rightfully pursue comic!michonne, unless they are the last man and last woman remaining on your ZA earth, comic!michonne should NOT be a *…well, i guess it’s you, then…* option for comic!rick. NOT in this case. comic!michonne should have been comic!rick’s only *first and true* choice.

imo, comic!rick no longer deserves comic!michonne’s romantic love, so let comic!michonne find someone to love who truly loves and chooses her *first and foremost*, period; let comic!rick and comic!michonne remain friends, like it is now and has always been in the comics; let comic!michonne now use comic!rick to depend on, unload on and use for her needs, now, like he did to her all those years… 

let comic!rick love and care for comic!michonne, his very best friend and his true soulmate since forever, from afar, while she’s happily with someone else, like comic!rick so casually was with comic!andrea; ‘cause if comic!andrea was still alive, comic!rick would **never – EVER** be interested in pursuing or acknowledging comic!richonne. 

michonne in the comic nor tv universe should never be sloppy thirds, fourths, last choice, etc., for rick or anyone.

imo, there should be no comic!richonne, because if there is, it would ONLY BE BECAUSE … comic!andrea is dead, not because comic!rick chose comic!michonne first and foremost.

ffs. comic!michonne deserves better than comic!rick in the current story.

this is nothing but a shameless f’n do-over for kirkman – yes, of course he’s allowed, but it’s so cowardly to do it now that it’s not just insulting, but meaningless at this point, imo. 

PS: tv!michonne is not going anywhere anytime soon. comic!michonne is still alive, so i believe tv!michonne is safe. 

it’s more likely that comic!andrea’s death will be … tv!carol’s death.

rant over.

gif source: thedailyshowtrevornoah