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Jongdae doesn’t show up to class very much… but when he does, he pisses Luhan off.

After (unheard by a mourning Luhan):

So the cat is out of the bag; SUN BAKERY IS COMING OUT THRU IMAGE COMICS IN 2017!!!! 

I am super hype for this. I’ve always wanted to do a series with Image, and I think Sun Bakery is gonna be perfect there. 

Sun Bakery issue #4 is still coming out next month, limited release, through Press Gang / Alternative Comics. If you already reserved yourself a copy– rad!! Get that shit!! You’ll be ahead of the curve :) 

I’d just like to thank Jason Leivian / Press Gang for helping get me started on the series in general. 

Some facts about the Image release:

- Starts Feb 2017 (issue #1) 

- We will be reprinting issues 1 - 4 for everyone who missed the series initially. 

- Aside from some mild design changes, the contents of issues 1 - 4 will remain the same, comics-wise. 

- Sun Bakery will continue after issue 4, brand new content in issue 5, including the return of SHARKNIFE!! 

* * * 

WHAT IS SUN BAKERY? It’s a comic book anthology magazine. meaning, it’s one ongoing magazine with a few different comic stories per issue. Some stories will be ongoing, some one-shots. Usually there will be around 3 stories per issue, with one or two being a “main” story that will carry the magazine through arcs. 

So far the main stories featured in Sun Bakery are AREM, DREAM SKILLS & BAT RIDER

* * * 

This is going to be my most focused, concise, consistent foray into the realm of monthly comic book making. So I’m really hoping you all join me in 2017. If you’ve HEARD about Sun Bakery / my work but never seen it in print, please support the series now! It’s going to be rad rad rad. 

Thanks all. Something to look forward to in 2017


„And then we know that, y’know, the Joker and Batman’ve had sort of, well, at least in the Joker’s mind, a love affair of sorts, and so we see it here: the two bodies next to each other, ‘cause they both hurt each other so badly they collapsed, and the blood is forming a broken heart between them. And there’s symbolism that’s not in the script, but that I go ‘That’d be cool! Right? We had the love affair going on, so let’s show the broken heart here as they’re killing each other, ‘cause it was awesome.’”

- Greg Capullo talking about his work on Batman: Endgame (x)

Important annoucements

(* Yo! So with a landslide (61% for pixel and 39% for non), the comic will be staying in the same style it’s in)

(* However, it looks like my recovery is gonna take longer than expected, and on top of that, my mother is in an even worse state than i was)

(* So the main comic will remain on Semi-Hiatus fornow as i catch up on patreon/commissions and upkeep the house as shes recovering. I will be working on it when i find time, i’m just not 100% when i’ll be able to post it.)

(* However, I have no intention of leaving you guys high and dry.)

(* While the main comic is on pause, I’ll be going back to doing replies and short stories over at the Post-run blog @grimmstalegarden, these will have 0 impact on my comic progress. I can draw as crummy as i want for those)
(* I have some questions sitting there i plan on answering tomorrow)

(* I’m working furiously to catch up on work, in the end i was bedridden almost 2 weeks, so it shouldnt be any real surprise that im so behind on everything)
Picarto.TV - BlooDraws' Channel
BlooDraws is live on Picarto.TV! Watch our streamer do Cartoon stuff and chat with likeminded people. 570 have watched BlooDraws’ stream!

I’m drawing a Bendy and the Ink Machine comic with my OCs! Come drop by if you like! Chat will be up and music will be playing!

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Edit: The stream finished several hours ago. Thanks to everyone who came! I might do another stream tonight for the remaining panels of the comic. I’ll reblog this post laster tonight with more information if that’s the case!

Dear Supergirl,

I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t find it important. I wouldn’t be writing to you if I wasn’t desperate about this. But I need your help @thecwsupergirl

I will go on a rant which will probably be ignored. But I hope you bare with me for a bit.
I have young nieces. One is 8, the second is 5. And even though the younger one loves watching movies and shows with me, the eldest didn’t, not until Supergirl started. They love the show, or at least loved it. Kara has inspired them so much, they even dressed up as her for Halloween, one being Supergirl, the other being Kara Danvers. The relationship between Kara and Alex has inspired them to be better sisters. And now, they don’t want to watch the show, they don’t get excited for it like they used to, Kara is no longer their number one hero, and I am at a loss. 

You see, these two aren’t just young girls who just lost interest in something because they probably found something else. 
These are young girls who were inspired by Kara so much, that they spent every weekend of their summer doing bake sales (Cake, cupcakes, juice, popcorn, cookies, tea… you name it), and all the money they made went to different charities. They even inspired the kids in their neighborhood to join them, which helped them make more money to give away. And most sales were made while they were wearing their Supergirl T-shirts. 
These are young girls who made treats and delivered them to the local fire station. Who helped collect whatever they didn’t need around the house and donated them.  All because they wanted to be heroes somehow, even if they didn’t have superpowers.
My younger niece already looked up to Hermione, Princess Leia, and Avatar Korra. Yet none of those inspired her to do this, not until Kara. 

But the moment they started watching season 2, their interest in the show started to lessen because “Kara isn’t the same hero anymore.”  The younger one at one point even asked me if “Kara is still a hero? because she kissed a jerk and heroes don’t kiss jerks.” The only time the younger one would watch the show is when Lena Luthor shows up, and only her parts, because Lena is a scientist who owns her own company, and who helps the hero, which makes her “amazing.” She would on occasion watch Alex scenes, because Alex is still “the best sister”. (She loves James but she doesn’t see him enough now so she’s not asking for James scenes anymore). And I wouldn’t blame them. The Supergirl I see this season, isn’t the powerful role model they saw before. 

Now I could let them let go of Supergirl. I could hope they’d find another role model to look up to. I sometimes think of giving up on the show, but I somehow don’t want them to. What if the next show or hero wouldn’t inspire them the same? What if the next one doesn’t inspire them to help people? To be heroes in their own way? 

So I am hoping that you could in some way bring back the Kara Danvers that they love. 

~Classic Comics Saturday~

Those ’70s Comics: 363

Inspired by episode 419 - “Jackie’s Cheese Squeeze”

Comments: Today’s comic remains one of my favorites. Surreal things happen in the comics’ version of Point Place. The characters’ pixel existence allows Fez’s head to fall off – and be glued back on with peanut butter, Hyde to hiccup rainbows whenever he’s Jackie-happy, and for Kitty’s hair to flare out magically whenever she’s angry and/or having a hormones swing. These events are strange to the characters, too, but they’re able to incorporate them into their understanding of reality.

Our booth @ Connichi , Kassel! Thanks to everyone who dropped by!! I actually sold all of my remaining KageHina Comics and the Klance Print! BUT I want to reprint it as A4 soon!! So if u’re interested let me know!