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It Still Remains as One of My Life Goals: Find Someone Who Will Hug Me the Same Way Oscar Hugged Evan

Fuck, I did something for my AU in color? Shit, figures it would be Zenyatta, he deserves it.

Just a little something I cooked up for my cryptid au: zenyatta as a kitsune/fox spirit. He’s kind of an amalgamation of both Chinese and Japanese fox myths, including the life orbs that kitsunes possess and the nine tails that chinese foxes tend to possess. In this he is not as old as you’d think; probably older than in the game (maybe 30ish? as opposed to in his 20s), but not the thousand year old exaggeration most fox spirits deal with in folklore. He also has many forms, including a human male, which I have drawings for but haven’t perfected yet, so it’s not appearing on this reference sheet. LMAO. Just know he has feminine features and tends to be just as skinny as Zen himself is. He can move through forms at will, and while he stands by ‘true self is without form’, his true form is that of the fox with nine physical tails. It’s just difficult to hide when youre a nine-tailed fox. Human is a lesser used but much stronger disguise, if needed.

In this AU, the Shimadas are actually bonded to dragon spirits that made a pact with the human family so that the line of eastern dragons wouldn’t go extinct. Genji’s dragon sacrifices his life force to save Genji when Hanzo tries to kill him, causing him to actually be half dragon (when he says the dragon becomes him, he literally means it in this au LMAO). Maybe one day when I’m not tied up with werewolf boy Jack, I’ll do a side story on them. I put a lot of thought into this design just because I love Zenyatta and I couldn’t NOT do anything with him. If I actually make a comic though, remains to be seen.

I saw a post about the overall silence, the muted visible response, to this newest Marvel development and I decided to write this. I don’t want to contribute to the silence. I want to make this post to say definitively: There is something deeply, deeply wrong at the core of Marvel.

In case you’ve somehow missed the recent news, here’s a brief summary: In released variant covers of the serial “Secret Empire,” Magneto, Erik Lehnsherr, a canonical Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, has been portrayed as a Hydra villain. And guess who is the author of this? Yes, it’s Nick Spencer again.

I want to address two things here:
1. The implications of Magneto being cast as a Hydra villain, a supporter of Hydra, and an enabler of Hydra. This is a man who lived through WWII, who was tortured in a concentration camp, who was tattooed with a number on his arm, whose family was murdered by Nazis, whose entire motivation is stopping such a slaughter from ever happening again no matter the cost. And now, he has been painted with the Hydra brush, Hydra which was within the Nazis during WWII, Hydra which is inherently Nazism at its core and then goes beyond the “public” face of Nazism to worse levels. That Hydra. This is an ultimate spit in the face of the character, of his creator, and of his fans. To take a character that has the history Magneto does, to take a character that incorporates the historical reality for so many people, to take a character that has a cultural identity purposefully counter to Nazism and to turn that character into a member of Hydra is the ultimate black mark on Marvel’s resume. Magneto’s story in the context of the Holocaust has been changed from victim to enabler, from survivor to villain - erasing everything that made him the character he is from his very foundation, erasing his cultural identity, context, and history; all so Nick Spencer can “shock” his audience.

Now apparently there are those who say Hydra is no longer about Nazism, that Hydra is something different. To those people I say: you are practicing the first stages of historical revisionism. You are purposefully ignoring the history of the fictional organization to suit your own interests. But, sure, let’s look at Hydra that way instead. If Hydra was not Nazism but instead was just a supporter of Nazism, a enabler of Nazism, Magneto has now been put in the place of a supporter and enabler of the very thing that destroyed his life and the life of his family and his people. This kind of revisionism implies there is a spectrum of Nazism - that the men who patrolled the camp gates were less Nazi than those who ran the gas chambers, that the men who collected the shoes were less Nazi than those who beat prisoners to death with rubber. This kind of revisionism is not acceptable and not logical - this is the kind of revisionism that says “Millions died in the Holocaust and only some of them were Jewish.” *You know* that’s not acceptable, don’t pretend it is.

2. The rewriting of Captain America as a secret Hydra agent. Yes, I know - I’m not going to turn this into a post about Steve Rogers, I want to make a point here. The thing about Nick Spencer’s first foray into plastering Nazism onto a character is that Marvel allowed it to happen. The original character of Steve Rogers, Captain America, was created by Jack Kirby, a Jewish American who fought in WWII. Again, the revision of Captain America being a Hydra agent all along was an intentional move by Spencer to express anti-Semitism by taking the creation of a Jewish man and turning the character into a Nazi symbol (see above for the argument of Hydra vs Nazism). The key thing to note here is that there was major backlash to this choice. We all saw the hashtags and the articles, plenty of us chose not to purchase the issue and give support to Nick Spencer’s writing. I now realize that storyline was intentionally created by Nick Spencer as a trial balloon. Nick Spencer rewrote Steve Roger’s history to be that of a Hydra agent for one reason - to see what Marvel and fans would do.

What did Marvel do? Nothing. Marvel did not censure Nick Spencer at the time and so his trial balloon passed and he was validated.
Nick Spencer was allowed to write this character arc. Marvel readership purchased and read it.
And this points to the deep, deep problem at Marvel.

Firstly, there is a problem with the readership. Even with the boycotts of the Captain America arc - and here’s where I explain why I included the character in this post - Marvel made enough sales that they didn’t see a problem with approving the Hydra-Magneto storyline.

And this leads to my second point: Marvel’s core editing team is broken somehow. There’re two things that could have happened here: 1) The editors that approved Nick Spencer not just once, but twice, did not see fit to throw the decision further up the chain to a point where someone would say “Marvel is not going to support this”; or, 2) The editors *did* throw the decision further up the chain and a high-up executive at Marvel said “Yes, we’re going to approve and publish this storyline” (not only once, but twice).
I don’t know which of these is what happened. I want to suspect 2, mainly because it’s known the Marvel CEO is a supporter of Trump rhetoric, but I’m not going to make any accusations.

My main concern here is the readership of Marvel comics. Publishers don’t publish unless they have an audience willing to buy. The trial balloon of Hydra!Cap proved to Marvel there is an audience for Nazi/Hydra revision storylines for established Marvel characters (specifically ones with Jewish origins, be it author- or character-based) - this means with the boycott, their sales were still in the black for the storyline. Who are these people eagerly reading and supporting these storylines? I don’t know, but remember when considering this topic that there are fans out there who support Nick Spencer’s anti-Semitic views. There are fans out there who probably have those same views.

That’s what you’re supporting when you support Marvel, now and in the future.
INTERVIEW: For Artist Irene Koh, Legend of Korra OGN Is A Very Personal Project
Artist Irene Koh discusses her role in bringing Legend of Korra from the screen to the page, in Dark Horse's continuation of the much-loved series.

I had a little chat with Steve Morris over at CBR to talk Korra! :)

(The end of the article also misquotes the release date as June, but I’ve since sent Steve a message about fixing it. Official release dates remain July 26th for comic book stores, August 8th for bookstores/other retailers.)
‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3 Muslim Female Superhero Will Speak Truth To Power In Trump Times – TCA

With many shows such as Fargo incorporating their own subdued reaction to the current inflammatory Trump administration, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is debuting  the show’s first Muslim-American superhero in season 3: Future hacker Zari Adrianna Tomaz portrayed by Iranian-born actress Tala Ashe.

Zari’s addition to the Legends time-traveling crew was in an effort to “change the dynamics on the ship” said EP Phil Klemmer. “She brings a new point of view, and when you do a scene with eight different people, everyone has to have a distinct voice or you lose yourself in a scene.” Zari is from 2030, and as the Legends pass through time, she serves up a different POV in a crew of three generations — especially when it comes to fixing history’s broken parts.

“We also recognized there weren’t enough women on the Waverider (ship) and it was something we’ve been looking to address,” said EP Marc Guggenheim. Zari is an activist who speaks truth to power. For Ashe, getting the opportunity to play Zari is finally a chance to provide others such as herself with a role model, not to mention, “What I think is lovely about this show is that Legends represents the tapestry of America” said the actress.

“You might have heard there was this election,” Guggenheim said. “Not to get political, but something that we all gravitated toward in the writers room was making this character Muslim.” The EP also said he drew inspiration for the role from his Muslim sister-in-law who was having a challenging time in the present Trump-era of America.

“It’s not just the politicians, but a lot of the real life heroes are letting us down,” said Guggenheim in response to a reporter’s query on whether global politics was impacting Legends. “Audiences and creatives are gravitating toward superheroes because it’s wish-fulfillment. They’re looking to find a little bit of hope and a little bit of escapism that quite frankly doesn’t exist.”

Other teasers about season 3 were dropped at today’s panel which also included cast members Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Atom) and Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary) :

  • Gorilla Grodd, the telekinetic big monkey will be making his first appearance on Legends. He’s already guest-starred on The Flash a number of times.
  • The superhero team will head to the 1870s around episode 3 in a yesteryear circus set-up. Routh dropped this clue when talking about his all-wool full jacket get-up for the scene.
  • There will be some exploration of Ray’s childhood, getting underneath the psychology of his optimism. We’ll learn there’s a bit of sadness in his childhood.
  • With Arthur Darvill and Wentworth Miller now recurring characters respectively as rogue time traveler Rip Hunter and Captain Cold, the EPs were largely mum on their bandwidth in season 3. Rip, despite having a heavy storyline in season one, isn’t the same person any more, nor the 1960s film student he was in season two. Captain Cold remains bizarre.