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coleart  asked:

Thank you so much for doing what you do, your little reminders on remaining positive influence me so much I can say with confidence on behalf of everyone who sees your posts that they do help and that you’re doing an amazing thing♥︎ thank you so so much


“She was snow craving warmth

and I was warmth craving snow.

She lingered her fingers on my soul

and helped herself to the warmth coming out of my wounds .

She was so close but so far away.

I marvelled at the snowflakes on her skin

and wondered how anyone else preferred the falling leaves.

I listened to her cold words

and I could not look away

as the wind from her mouth

flowed around me leaving bits of her behind

that stucked on me and remained long after we parted.

We were so close to each other

we couldn’t see the harm.

I melted her and she turned me cold.”

-“Opposites Attract”

by Mariana Teles Fernandes

the winter ballet aesthetic is near and dear to my heart

flecks of snow in the pastel pink of a scarf, weak sunlight, strains of tchaikovsky muted through closed windows, chill nipping at exposed ankles in rehearsal rooms, white paint chipping from the skirting board where tired feet rest, chapped lips being bitten red raw in empty corridors, the fur details of an audience member’s coat, the deep breath of chill air taken from a door at the back of the theatre

Anyways since I’m still upset about Tiana how about the fact that she’s the only Disney Princess since Aurora to literally only have one animated feature centered on her? Besides a 3-5 minute cameo on Sofia The First, Tiana has not been seen in any other animation (or live action for that matter).

Aurora had a straight-to-video short

Cinderella and Belle had multiple tv/straight-to-video movies

Ariel and Jasmine both had multiple movies and TV series based on their movies

Mulan and Pocahontas both got (admittedly bad) animated sequels

Rapunzel had an animated short and is getting a tv series, and I don’t even have to mention Anna and Elsa’s copious media.

They literally??? Could have addressed all the issues they had with the first movie (displaying their leads of color as frogs ¾ths of the movie, Tiana having to work during the entire thing, her hair never being out, etc) with a short, tv movie, or a series

Explain that.


Aaron is a doubter and sort of a spokesman for the slaves, who are fickle.  They love Moses, then they’re upset with Moses.  Aaron starts out doubtful and upset with him, but when he walks into the bed of the Red Sea, I think he shows that if one person shows he believes, that’s all it takes for the whole thing to work.  It’s a nice transformation. — Jeff Goldblum (from The Prince of Egypt: A New Vision in Animation)

8 times I knew that Aaron was the fave


“Lately, I find the truth has become so elusive, often imaginary. But, in the end, it’s all that we’re left with, isn’t it? What is real, what you can taste and touch and feel. The words that pass between us as we look each other in the eye are all we have to hold onto. The truth. I hold it dear.