the relief on steve's face

Take On Me

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Max leaned against the Wheeler place, one foot pressed against the wall, one arm tucked under the other — which held a smoking cigarette.

“Those things’ll kill you, you know,” said an obviously amused voice.

Max whirled, hastily dropping the cigarette (Karen would kill her if she found out), only to roll her eyes in total relief; it was only Steve.

The older boy approached, and Max felt her face flush against her will. She hated that she liked him. Hated that he made her feel all… girly and gross… But most of all she hated that he was one of Nancy’s boyfriends, whom Nancy loved very much. And Nance could kick ass.

“I was cold,” Max said shortly, scuffing the bud under her sneaker and staring out at the horizon. The sky was painted purple, pink, and orange, with little bits of blue streaked across. The stars were just visible.

“Max,” Steve leaned next to her, fingering a pack of Morley’s, himself, but didn’t light up. “I… I need to ask you a question.”

Max’s eyes widened. Fortunately, he wasn’t looking at her, or he would have seen the totally embarrassing shade of red her face went. When she had settled her breathing, she turned to him. “Okay. Shoot.”

Steve placed the end of his smoke in his mouth but still didn’t light it. His gaze grew distant, and his voice was cold as he asked, “Does he hit you?”

Her blood ran cold. For just a moment, she stood utterly paralysed in fear. In that moment, a thousand things rushed through her mind, but the one thought that stood out was the realisation that he was actually asking the question — he, Steve Harrington, not some creased-shirt police officer with a penchant for gambling. He cared. He cared. Another human being actually gave a shit about her (sure, so did the boys, but they didn’t fully understand it and never really asked about her scars and wounds — probably because they assumed she got them from roughhousing and kicking the crap out of bullies).

And so, she took a deep breath. “No.”

His eyes flickered to her own, appearing genuinely surprised. “No? Max.”

She shifted her footing, looking down at the remains of her cigarette.

Without warning or hesitation, Steve reached out and took her arm. She tried to yank it away, but he was already rolling up the sleeve. She felt her face heat up with embarrassment, and finally drew away.

“You had no right to do that.”

“Those bruises are new,” Steve said sharply, though his voice was shaking and his eyes were harder than she had ever seen them. She hadn’t really known that Steve could get angry.

She found herself thinking of an explanation, like she always did when asked. “Billy just…” but the words died on her lips. Her mind was utterly blank.

“‘Billy just’ what?!” Steve spread his arms. “Billy just kicks your ass, and you take it, huh? Just stand there and let him hurt you?”

No! I fight back when he hits me!”

All at once, she realised what she had said. Her heart sank, and a cloud of angry dread churned in her stomach. Steve’s shoulders sank, eyes glistening.

“Max,” he whispered.

“Bastard!” Max shook her head, attempting to run, but he had already gathered her in his arms. She whacked his chest (which was like a fucking rock), wiggled, and then gave up all at once. She sagged against him, sobbing weakly.

“I’m so sorry, kid,” Steve whispered. “Really. Jesus, I’m so, so sorry.”

Max was crying too much to say anything. Years of torment and build up anger and sadness and self-hatred was rushing out of her like a broken dam. She grasped his striped shirt tightly in her freckled fists, never wanting to let go, because this was the closest had really gotten to another human being in three years.

“I’ll help you,” Steve said, once she had calmed down enough to pull away. “I will, okay? I’m not gonna let you go back there—”

“Steve,” Max wiped her eyes, frustrated. “My mom…”

“We’ll get her out, too.” Steve nodded to himself with such conviction that she felt any doubt on the matter seep away into nothing. “I’m gonna help you.”

He would help her. Someone. For the first time ever.

Max felt herself relax. Steve led her inside, holding her hand and squeezing it in a reassuring way.

In that moment, Max thought that maybe she didn’t need Billy to be her brother at all. Maybe she had a good one right here.

Two cigarettes lay forgotten on the driveway, only to be washed away by the rain later that evening.

Avengers Preferences #22 They get hurt


When he wakes up

You held his hand as he lay on the hospital bed. His leg was strapped and he had just came out of surgery. You watched as his eyelids fluttered and he slowly woke up, “Hey Steve” you said softly as his blue eyes fell on you. He went to say something but only a raspy noise came out of his dry throat. You carefully lifted a glass of water to his lips, he drank thirstily. “What happened (y/n)” he asked as he laid his head back on the pillow and he took your hand. You sighed, “There was an explosion in the building behind you and some shrapnel got stuck in your leg, you were very lucky, it almost hit an artery”. Steve looked at you, he saw relief written on your face as you looked into his eyes.

What he’s like to look after

Although he healed quickly the super soldier was a nightmare to look after. He constantly “forgot” his crutches. He tried to carry on as normal which would make things worse. You often had to take time of work to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid to jeopardise his recovery. Injury times reminded him of his pre-serum days and he didn’t like that feeling of dependence on someone, especially you. He saw himself who shouldn’t depend on you for anything, he wanted to be the one to look after you. No matter how many times you told him that you need to rely on each other he couldn’t shake that feeling. Though despite him feeling restless he loved when you would just curl up into him to stop him doing anything and the two of you would just cuddle.


When he wakes up

Tony woke up with his head aching. He tried to open his eyes only to be blinded by the bright lights of the hospital room. “Hey Tony”, he herd you gentle voice break through the noises in his head, replaying the last thing he saw. He looked at you, the flow of your hair and the curve of your face erasing the images his mind was trying to replay. You stood up and lightly kissed him on the forehead, Tony felt warmth wash over him, “You need to be more careful Tony, please” you said as you pulled away. He simply nodded and reached out for your hand which you gladly gave him before he fell back to peaceful sleep.

What he’s like to look after

Tony was reasonably easy to look after when he was injured. He was content to lie in bed all day, as long as you were with him. Apart from that he would sit in the lab and tinker with different inventions, or online shopping. Tony bought so much stuff when he was injured, everything from clothes to new furniture as he redesigned the floor the two of you shared in the tower.


When he wakes up

Thor heard the machine beeping, then he herd you voice. It was low and quiet as you said “Is there no way we can get word to Asguard”. He did not hear the voice of whoever was with you, he only herd them leave a minute later. He felt your hands rest on his hand. His eyes opened sleepily “Hey big guy” you said as a small smile came to your face. “My lady, what happened?” he asked as he sat up, a feeling of familiarity washing over him as looked at all the wires attached to his body. “You were hit on the head, pretty hard during the mission.” You said as his gaze turned back to you. His eyebrows furrowing in confusion, “I don’t remember” he murmured. “That’s okay Thor” you said gripping his hand a little tighter, “The doctors said it was unlikely you would remember”. Thor nodded and stared into space as the throbbing in his head became more apparent.

What he’s like to look after

Thor was demanding to take care of to say the least. Mostly because he was constantly hungry, and you were either making his favourite meals or constantly running to the shop to pick up his favourite snack. Apart from this he would demand cuddles, which you didn’t mind so much.


When he wake up

Clint felt a throbbing in his abdomen. He then he felt your finger tracing a message onto his skin, as you did every morning before he put his hearing aid on. The felt each letter as you gently traced them against his forearm, “Please be okay Clint, please wake up”. His eyes fluttered open gently, his gaze falling onto your soft skin which was currently littered with bruises, “What happened?” he said as he raised his hand to run his fingers down the side of your face “There were more H.Y.D.R.A. agents than we expected” you signed, “You almost died Clint”.

What he’s like to look after

Clint took injury time to sleep. He slept on the sofa during the day and on the bed at night. Taking short breaks to eat and play video games.


When he wakes up

Bruce heard the beeping of machines and immediately woke up, he held his hands out in front of him making sure he wasn’t the other guy. That’s when he felt your hand gently touch him, “Its okay Bruce” you said. “The other guy what happened” he said as he lowered his arms his eyes meeting yours and a look of confusion on his face. “The other guy never showed up Bruce, the jet was hit when the rest of us were in the field”. He sunk back down into the bed his eyes drooping slightly before he fell asleep.

What he’s like to look after

Bruce was easy to look after you made sure he ate and slept. The rest of the time he read books or played board games.


When he wakes up

Woke up to the sound of beeping, assuming it was his morning alarm he moved to shut it without opening his eyes. When he didn’t make contact with anything his eyes shout open, instantly falling on you. “Glad to see your awake honey” you said as you got up and placed a kiss on his forehead.

What he’s like to look after

Sam was easy to look after. The two of you would watch movies and play video games whilst he recovered.


When he wakes up

Pietro’s mind was going a million miles an hour. All he felt was a dull pain in his chest, his eyes slowly opened, they first fell on his sister who was asleep in the corner of the room. Before they fell on your form, he noticed a gentle, relieved smile grace your lips. “Thank god you woke up Piet”, you said as you placed your hand on his.

What he’s like to look after

Pietro was restless. He constantly wanted to get up to do something, which he couldn’t do, not just yet. You managed to keep him entertained most of the time. By the time he was fully fit again, you had managed to watch every series of super natural, Dr Who, Sherlock and all the Avengers documentaries.


When she wakes up

You held her hand in yours humming a song gently to keep you calm. That’s when you herd the words of the song being spoken back to you, “Heart don’t fail me now, courage don’t desert me” the words were interrupted by a cough. Picked up a glass and held it up for Wanda as she drank. She looked at you, “That’s from Anastasia” she said a small smile coming to her face as she remembered. You smiled as you remembered watching it “Yeah, it kind of makes me think of when you asked me out”. A blush came to Wanda’s face as she reminisced with you.

 What she’s like to look after

Wanda sat in bed and red books. She read everything from YA to classics and every book you recommended. Apart from that she would watch movies with you. Especially, your movie, Anastasia.


When she wakes up

Her head was throbbing as she woke. She woke up to be met with a relieved smile, “Thank god you woke up” you said as you brought her hand up to your lips. “How long was I awake?” she asked her eyebrows knitting together. “A week” you said. Maria’s eyes widened as she said, “We missed are anniversary”. You placed a light kiss on her lips, saying “There’ll be many more of those we can celebrate” as you pulled away.

What she’s like to look after

Maria refused to not work, well if she didn’t do it who would. When she took breaks the two of you would cuddle on the sofa and watch movies. It was simple but Maria loved it, she got to have you close.


When she wakes up

Natasha woke with a start. There was a pain in her shoulder, but she had to run. She had to run before Ivan came, she couldn’t go back to that place, she couldn’t go back to the Red Room. She felt a hand on her arm and she herd familiar words fill her ears, “I’ve heard stories and tales about puppets and whales but I’ve never heard stories of you. I’ve not seen you around in this quiet part of town you’ve shown up right out of the blue”. As you continued to sing the world came back into focus. Her gaze met yours as she let out a breath she didn’t realise she had been holding, “Thanks for that (y/n)”. You smiled gently, kissing her temple lightly before you said, “No need to thank me Tasha, it’s what I’m here for”. Natasha closer her eyes, savouring the feeling of your lips before she said, “Will you lie down with me?”. She knew when she next woke up she would think the same thing, but having you with her, having you close warmth make her feel safe would immediately put her at ease. You nodded gently before climbing into bed with her.

What she’s like to look after

Natasha did not let you take time off to look after her. So whenever you weren’t training or on missions, you were cuddled up with her. Natasha frequently falls asleep on you, the rhythm of your heart beat gently lulls her so sleep. When you were on mission, Natasha would try and cook you dinner, this ended with one of two ways. One it went off without a hitch and it was the best meal you’ve ever tasted. Or you came home to a smoky apartment, with the windows open and a takeaway. There was no in between with Natasha’s cooking. When alone while you were at work Natasha would get bored of the viral cat videos, that she would never admit to watching, and watch the extensive collection of movies and TV series that the two of you had collected.