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U really don't think Angie is scammin......okay

many of you sent this type of ask already..

I didn’t say what I thought of Angie either way, and tbh I’m still unsure of the whole picture - but I reblogged her explanation/evidence post since many people I follow reblogged the accusation, and should at least have the chance to read her reply - if people just read the accusation with no critical thought and without looking into it farther or even glancing at her refutation of those points, she’d never get a chance at justice even if it turned out she’s not in the wrong.

honestly this attitude is hypocritical. people reblogging the accusation keep saying “why doesn’t she thoroughly refute every point, then we’d give her the benefit of the doubt” but now that she’s done exactly that (literally what she’s been asked to do), people are dismissing it without even reading. and now apparently sending anons to anyone sharing the post at all too.

my other problem is with the ethics and accuracy of info in the callout. it’s fair to want proof/clarification of the authenticity of a fundraiser the scale of Angie’s, but this attempt at an exposé was poor - it had misconstrued (or just incorrect) info in major places, used questionable sources and methods that could have put Angie in danger IRL, and at times was just grossly ignorant (re: medical disability as well as familial abuse). I’m not criticizing the need to know more from her to feel comfortable supporting her, but there were tons of better ways to handle an investigation into the situation.

here are just some of the things about the accusation post that I’m uncomfortable with (I’m listing them not to prove things - her detailed post which covers all of this with sources/specifics is for that - but to say why I can’t support or trust the accusation post by itself): 

-accuser (or at least someone involved with the investigation) called her providers to get information about her and their services to her (these people/companies/services will not disclose to a random caller that they give a patient a service, that’s confidentiality) which is a huge breach in patient privacy. and then tried to use the fact that they wouldn’t give them personal info on their services towards Angie as evidence that Angie is a fraud.

edit: I have since received the following clarification which is confusing because in the accusing post there is explicit wording about contacting certain services/providers, but ok:

^ either way, not everything that a provider possibly does will be listed right on their website lmao Angie has gone out of her way to explain that there is a special arrangement between that provider and other services that work with her.  

-accuser misconstrued / misrepresented numbers (one example: implying she had claimed her rent was $5,000 or so a month when that was a YEARLY estimate and she never claimed it was monthly)

-other Australians (you can find this in reblogs of her explanation post) have been debunking and correcting things the accuser said about various AUS govt funds, programs and legal aid; it is clear that the accuser did not have all the information about Angie’s eligibility or lack thereof, or about how much of her daily and yearly expenses these would have covered. those are big holes in the accusation.

-accuser misconstrued the fact that she had terms / quantities changed to ones more comprehensible by ppl in the USA - when she had already explained her reasoning for this publicly (being on a platform with a majority of users from the USA and all)

-accuser misconstrued other statements (said she forbid people from calling the charity, when her real words - I’ve seen the post cited - were along the lines of “pls don’t spam / harass the charity”) and went as far as to cite Angie once using a profile picture of herself pre-disability as “suspicious”

-accuser called her suspicious simply for how many times she’s been close to homelessness/fatal neglect - this is speculation, not reasonable evidence, and besides, it’s not automatically suspicious or unrealistic to need continuous funds / be in danger a lot when someone is continuously bed bound, seriously disabled, and being charged thousands a week for basic life care she can’t do by herself. this part of the accusation was worded in a way that was disrespectful and totally ignorant re: what it’s like to be disabled to that extent. the post could have stuck to reputable forms of evidence without throwing in a speculative “isn’t it weird that this gravely disabled person cut off from lots of resources is always in danger and struggling to live? how unusual” which is just callous to people with permanent disabilities who do need constant help.

-accuser, with no relevant evidence or medical knowledge of the type of disability Angie has, tries to speculate that the doctors notes “looked fake” (again based on nothing but speculation) - as if it’s at All weird for someone with a complex neurological / regional pain related condition to have ongoing diagnosis, multiple terms to refer to clustered symptoms, opinions of multiple doctors, etc. it’s also not at all weird for different doctors to have a different style of writing a letter lol - I’ve bounced between specialists myself for undiagnosed chronic illness, and neither of those are red flags - doctors regularly print or email something they typed up in their patient notes database or a word type document. again, people automatically taking this as reliable evidence are out of touch with what it’s like to be disabled to that extent and seeing multiple doctors.

-accuser calls into question changing URLs, changing fundraising platforms, etc, all while omitting one very important fact that is necessary to qualify those situations (which Angie has made common knowledge) - that she has been stalked persistently by a documented abuser and had her funds threatened, and this has publicly put her in danger over the past couple of years. other people have also tried to slander and stalk her in the past which she’s also talked openly about. she’s had to change platforms semi regularly for her safety. most bloggers I follow have changed URLs far more than Angie without it being treated like a federal offense. once again not reputable or concrete evidence, lots being stretched, & lots of omitted context.

-accuser cites a person as a major source of info who has been outed in the past with evidence as fraudulent / dishonest themself, and is therefore not a reliable source.

-accuser brings in petty unrelated shit like an allegedly biphobic post that was taken out of context in the first place (why was that even on a serious scamming callout??) this just reveals desperate and unprofessional attempts to smear character.

-accuser frames the fact that Angie is a Chinese woman living in an English speaking country with both a Chinese and anglicized name that are both used officially in different contexts as “suspicious” despite how ridiculously common that is like… come on.

-as a side note, people have been total hypocrites re: how they question her disability - doubting it because ‘oh she has the time and energy to make posts’ (ignoring that she does have friends help her with maintaining posts, letters, documents etc), but then when she doesn’t immediately respond to all the accusations in less than 24 hours they slam her for that too (where’s your concern for her energy and ability now?) again like.. regardless of if y'all are right about Angie’s specific case, this is hypocrisy and you evidently don’t know how to treat / talk about seriously disabled people.

there are more but that’s enough lol. again this wasn’t meant to corroborate itemized proof against the accusation, or state an opinion on the conduct of Angie’s fundraiser (like I said I literally don’t know) - if you’re looking for that I would recommend reading Angie’s post thoroughly and coming to your own conclusions. all the links, math, explanations are there. this was to denote my more objective concerns with how the callout was conducted and why I can’t trust it as credible or support it ethically.

if you think Angie’s situation doesn’t add up even after reading her explanations, feel free to pursue more info in a way that is more accurate and ethical, or just don’t give your money. but you don’t slap together a callout with this many holes and discrepancies and bad conduct and let it go public right away when you run this high of a risk of ruining someone’s life if you’re wrong - you make sure you have your shit straight. you bring questions to the person first without jumping at them in an accusing/dehumanizing way right off the bat (which yes will get you blocked, shockingly), and give them a chance to provide evidence and explanation before you try and no platform them. and if it comes down to you making the public post and they reply with evidence/explanations after reading your accusations, you do your due diligence again by taking that into account. 

like I said I have no idea how much of Angie’s fundraiser has been handled in a legit way (I for sure don’t think she’s faking being disabled and that’s about all I know), but I feel uneasy that hundreds of people are taking that post at face value and aren’t even giving her thorough response a glance - you’re deciding a vulnerable woman’s fate, of being cut off and kicked off her platform, through hearsay, which is stupid and dangerous in this kind of situation. 

if you’re right, congrats I guess, on your pure dumb luck (because your investigation had so many holes). but god help you if you’re wrong and you further isolate her with your sloppiness. matters like this require attention to accuracy and ethics, things that were lacking in this callout. I’m not dumb for being concerned about that, and finding it reason enough not to take that callout at face value without looking at both sides more. don’t think badly of me just for reblogging Angie’s explanations and giving people a chance to read them as well as the accusations.
Gretchen Mol Breaks Silence on Harvey Weinstein and Misogynistic Rumors (Guest Column)
"The shameless behavior of this powerful man found shameless co-conspirators in people hiding behind screen handles, who then tried to push their foulness onto women who are blameless," the actress writes.

For 10 years or so, I’ve been aware of rumors that I had some kind of transactional relationship with Harvey Weinstein. They seemed to start on a gossip website that made money by peddling ‘blind’ items. A few facts had been taken from my Wikipedia page, were combined with stories about a movie mogul who was known for harassing women, quotes from “reliable sources” were added and a malicious, viral rumor was born..


No. I did not exchange sexual favors with Harvey Weinstein, or anyone, for advancement in my career. I was never paid any settlement. The truth is that I have never been alone in a room with Harvey Weinstein. The extent of my interactions with him has been a handful of polite hellos at various premieres and award shows. This is in no way a defense of this person, it is merely a statement of fact.

I had heard similar rumors about other actresses and Harvey Weinstein for years, even before I heard them about myself. I knew that it was not true in my case, so I naively assumed it was equally false in general. The consistent implication was that actresses were eager for the bargain, that we wanted fame and fortune so desperately that we would make this kind of nauseating concession. This is another kind of misogyny, and blame-shifting.


This ordeal, though minor, hasn’t been a small thing in my life. I know that the impact this has had on me is nothing compared to the trauma of a direct assault. But I feel that they are related. It has many times filled me with a feeling of helplessness, anger and shame.

The shameless behavior of this powerful man found shameless co-conspirators in people hiding behind screen handles, who then tried to push their foulness onto women who are blameless. Toxic shame transfers from the perpetrator to the victim. I hope my colleagues, those women who have been affected by this abuse, can put this poison aside. We have no reason to feel ashamed. 

Please, read her whole article at the source. This is so important and I have to apologise to her. Back when there weren’t any actressess speaking out and all we had were hushed rumours and names throwing around I too thought she was one of them. Until she spoke I thought she was one of the victims of Weinstein.

She got all the hate, glee and shame like other women that were called “Weinstein Girls”. Until recently there was hardly any public sympathy for them. They were treated as exploitive gossip stories and met with glee when their careers didn’t prosper. Like she said, there was mainly slut-shaming and misogyny. She wasn’t assaulted by Weinstein but she too is a victim in this story. Only that the perpetators are those people that gossip.

That’s why it is two-fold and one of the reasons why women only speak up now. Now there are so many names around and they are met with sympathy and support - like it should be. Before this they were kind of abused by the public.

Reminder of the Day

I’m slightly tired of having this conversation, because we’ve been having it for many years now. However, it’s important to regularly clarify these meanings in the wake of rampant misuse, intentional misrepresentation in discourse to straw man ace-spec people into being in the wrong, and poor media representation that continually ignores what these identities are about, so…

Asexuality =/= “doesn’t want to have sex” 

Asexuality = doesn’t experience sexual attraction; sexual attraction doesn’t develop over time, even if they have bonded with someone romantically and/or platonically; may or may not have a low or absent libido that contributes to sense of identity; may or may not be open to having sex despite persistent lack of attraction to potential sexual partner(s.)

Demisexuality =/= “wants to get to know you before sex”

Demi(a)sexuality =/= doesn’t experience initial sexual attraction; sexual attraction takes time to develop, usually after bonding with someone; may or may not have a low or absent libido that contributes to sense of identity; may or may not be open to having sex despite lack of attraction to potential sexual partner(s) or because of developing sexual attraction to potential partner(s.) 

Gray/Grey-(a)sexuality =/= “sometimes wants to have sex”

Gray/Grey-(a)sexuality =/= rarely or conditionally experiences sexual attraction; may feel sexual attraction is present or rare to almost absent, but not consistent enough to identify with other -sexuality label. may or may not have a low or absent libido that contributes to sense of identity; may or may not be open to having sex despite lack of consistent attraction to potential sexual partner(s.)


One doesn’t need to have sex in order to identify with one of these, nor does having sex negate one of these identities. Your behavior may indicate your identify, but behavior does not determine one’s identity. There are plenty of people who know they are attracted to a different gender, for example, without having to have sex with them to know that. 

These identities are no more a modifier than any other identity. They do not exist to qualify other types of attraction (e.g. Demisexuals who experience “heterosexuality,” do not render demisexuality a qualifier of their heterosexuality. These are two different experiences.) They can be vital aspects of one’s identity that stand out on their own. 

These identities do not differ from other sexual orientations in that they simply focus on “how” one experiences attraction. Just like most sexual orientations, it also centers around who because people are inextricably involved in the formation of sexual orientations. (e.g. “I am asexual because I don’t experience sexual attraction to anyone.”)

Also, “asexual spectrum” or “ace-spec” has always been an umbrella term for people within the community. It is not the same as the term “on the spectrum” to refer to people within the autistic community. Asexuals, demi(a)sexuals, and gray/grey-(a)sexuals can be considered “ace-spec,” not “on the spectrum,” but it’s important to not overgeneralize what being “ace-spec” means too.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns – feel free to ask a reputable source. Believe it or not, not all ace-spec sources are reliable. Not everyone is well informed. Not everyone is engaged in community ongoings. People may intentionally or unintentionally provide overly simplistic or inaccurate definitions of identity labels and terms relevant to the community.

I believe myself to be reputable but that my words are not beyond scrutiny. My qualifications are that I am an aromantic asexual person with a neutral attitude towards sex. I have been identifying as such in a fairly consistent manner since 2003, and I am not an active member of AVEN nor have I ever been. However, I have been active in other community spaces over years. 

Please listen to how ace-spec people describe their identities and experiences, and be critical of sources that continually contradict how ace-spec people define themselves and their experiences, in order to support an agenda against us or position us as someone or something that we are not. If you feel comfortable doing that to ace-spec people then you’re comfortable with bigotry. End of. 

Request: References for making tinctures

Hi all!

With fall coming up, I am looking to harvest my herbs and use them creatively this year, rather than just drying them. I was looking into tinctures and I am VERY interested in this use for herbs!

Does anyone have any reliable and informative sources regarding tinctures and their creation? Please let me know!

❀ Sie

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Thank you Lully, for all you've done for us and for NU'EST so far. No words can explain the sorrow and despair the fandom appears to be going through. I, along with many others I reckon, have been crying over this unexpectedly sad result and the situation the group is currently facing. That aside, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the information, pictures, and translations you provide us. (1)

I’m grateful for your opinions which never fail to enlighten me, and how nice and careful and kind you are when you answer our questions, you take the time to answer us and it’s always so clear and precise. You really are working hard for our boys’ voices to be heard and I’m so thankful of it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (sorry for any mistakes, English is not my mother tongue!) (2)

I have definitely had my two days of feeling absolutely upset and worried. I’m still hurting a lot, but I’ve decided it’s time to kick it into gear. Our boys need us now more than ever; we need to be supportive and remind them that we love them, we won’t forget them, and that no matter what life brings them we will always see them as our NU’EST, no matter where they go. 

And we need to remind ourselves that time continues on–and there’s comfort in that thought when we have a countdown going on. Every day we come one step closer to having the 5 of them back together. There is hope and comfort in knowing it will all come to an end. 

NU’EST and LOVEs have suffered so much, continuously, for 5 years. But it’s made us stronger, loyal, determined. We can handle this. 

Thank you so much for these kind words, you have no idea how much they mean to me. I’m so glad someone appreciates this blog. I’m only one person but I try so hard to provide reliable sources and information on our precious, five boys. If anyone in this world deserves dedication and the spread of love in their name, it’s those boys, and I love them so absolutely dearly. 

Don’t worry about your English, you speak perfectly well ~ 

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Who exactly is On!sion and what did they do (I don't need a full in-depth explanation, I just want to know from a reliable source 💖)

“I don’t need a full in-depth explanation.”

Oh, phew.

I’ll give you some bullet points, I guess.

- Nutty, creepy 30-something-year-old YouTuber who’s been on YouTube… 10 years…? His channel is pretty near-dead at this point and he set it so you have to pay just to watch his main channel. lmao

- Guy is infamous for being way too “tmi” about his personal life and personal dramas.

- and for having fans/underage fans send in pics of themselves in their underwear/showing skin for him to rate and/or give advice such as… “Oh yeah, you totally need to go vegan.”

- and for dating and emotionally abusing underage or barely legal girls. One of his exes was 17 while he was in his mid-twenties, his current wife was a 17-year-old obsessed fangirl when he met her on twitter while he was also then in his mid-twenties, and he fairly recently was in a drama-filled “polyamorous” (I support polyamory, but it was really just an excuse to cheat for him) relationship that included an 18/19-year-old girl named Billie. I’m sure if you were to go googling, you could easily find the texts of him wanting her to be chained up in his basement as punishment for smoking weed.

Guy is basically a bunch of terrible things bundled into one bad human: Edgy Atheist, obnoxious vegan, ex-pretend male feminist (no shade to feminists), unfunny “comedian”, that one guy you know from school who looks like he’d be a school shooter, and a complete narcissist.

… Was that a bit in-depth? Ah well. lol


the verbal injury of bringing a person into public hatred and ridicule, even (according to afew, but not all, commentators) by saying something that is true.

Originally posted by avatr

“The moment Percy found that the innocents died, he immediately leaked the information to the press and vowed to bring justice to the souls that died.  He set the bombs to negate the warden’s, but Rook set the bomb that killed the children. That bitch lied t'him about the intel, told him that they were hittin’ a strategic meeting and supply point fer the Crows.”

 "You don’t happen to have any details on Rook, do you?“ 

“I ain’t knowin’ much about her, other than th'fact she’s a shite director and a shit at her job.  She ain’t givin’ a shit.  She passed Percy the threat, and laughed at it as if it were a joke she killed those kids. Kaldorei. Chip on her shoulder. Walks around like she’s hot shit. She’s in the stocks now, also being tried.”

The conversation played in Archelaos’s mind over and over again. Information leaked by an individual just as devastated as he was. Just as hungry for Percival to be avenged, and just as eager to see Rook’s head on a pike.

                                                  He had a name.

                                                 He had a species.

                               He had information, from a reliable source.

                                        He had names, who to ally with.

                                Above all? He had a personal stake in it.

He was going to ruin her. For years to come, recruits would be told the cautionary tale of Director Rook, she who played the game and she who lost when stepping on the wrong toes. The Stocks were too good for her. Immediate execution? Too good for her. If she wanted to play hardball, if she wanted to drag his family into her mess, it was only fair that Archelaos respond with the same exact treatment.

And so he began. He took to the pen first. In order to turn a city upside down, to cause the chaos and riots and pin it all on that one fucking elf, he was going to be making some strange bed mates. New and old faces. Agent Reaper, the man who had both killed Archelaos and given him new life. He would be an ally in this. Demetrius Devereaux, the most wounded living party in the entire affair, they now had a common enemy. Finally, however, there was the new one, and the one he was going to contact first via letter.

Hazrie of Dalaran,

I have read your newspaper, and I have good intelligence about the corruption in Stormwind. Dead children, a crime being pinned on an honorable and loved Guard Commander, and the name of the SI:7 agent behind it all. I would like to meet with you to discuss this at-length. I eagerly await your response.


@thedalarandaily @percy-dewdancer @director-rook @demetrius-devereaux @agent-reaper

i find very funny that had all that being said by harry through the years these people would have certainly found the best interpretation to avoid shitting on him and would have justify him from day 1 to now glorifying every step he takes but since it’s louis let’s quote THE SUN and TWITTER as they were the most reliable and true and REAL sources of louis’ real personality to shit on him a bit more YEAHHH 

and by very funny i mean very sad and tragic 

What Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Can Teach Us About Anne Boleyn

     Think of your favorite candidate in this election and think of the outright falsehoods that have been said about them by the opposing side - how their words have been selectively edited, taken out of context, and twisted to make a political point or to demonize them.

     Now, imagine that through some weird fluke, most of our recorded information about this election vanished. Aside from account books, a few letters and government records, the largest source of information that survived was one heavily-biased blog written by someone who utterly despised one of the candidates. This blog reported every single nasty story they heard about this candidate, and said they’d learned it from reliable sources.

     Imagine that hundreds of years worth of history books are written based off of this blog, until the motivations and personality traits of the candidate as described by the blogger become “historical fact.” The gossip the blog reported gets repeated by historians who cite one another until the tales are reliably sourced. But they all lead back to this one blog, and there is nothing to support its assertions.

     Historians, trying to recreate modern events, know that this blog is outright dishonest in some of its stories, but they still heavily rely on it in constructing the narrative of the events.

    This is what happened with the story of Anne Boleyn. The vast majority of what we “know” about her came from a single biased writer, Eustace Chapuys.

     Now, imagine yourself living five hundred years ago, when there was no internet to spread instant news, no Youtube clips to watch and verify a quote and its context. Your only source of news is word of mouth, and there’s no real way to verify these rumors.

    But just like today, the “celebrities” of the era were constantly in the spotlight. Every word they said was heard by at least dozen people and was spread by their media - servants’ gossip. (Servants were often bribed for this specific purpose.) Women could expect their laundry to be monitored for evidence of sexual activity or menstruation. Even in their most intimate moments, a servant was nearby, within listening range. (The concept of privacy was almost non-existent for the highest nobility in that era.)

    Every time Anne Boleyn spoke, people all over England would be talking about it, analyzing her words (or what they’d heard were her words) and speculating as to the meaning, adding their own twist when they reported it to their friends.

     In the 1530s, people were as passionate about their “side” as we are with our current political debate. Add to it strong religious convictions and loyalties. Anne and the reformers were the “liberals” of the day, and Katharine of Aragon and her partisans represented the conservative “old school” ways.

     Anne Boleyn wanted to change the church of England. She wanted to appoint bishops to key positions, and sponsor universities and students that would shape the coming generation.

    Imagine how alarming this was to old-school believers. Anne was appointing “heretics” to lead the most important churches, and “poisoning young minds” by sponsoring reformist scholars and teachers. More than that, she intended to take the money from the dissolved monasteries and create schools all over England to teach younger students how to read the Bible, shaping their religious education.

    Is it any wonder she was hated by the traditional Catholics?

important headcanons for a wtnv/x-files crossover
  • scully and carlos bonding over SCIENCE. except scully soon realizes that carlos’ approach to SCIENCE (which involves circling the word with a heart in pink marker and saying “hmm” a lot) might differ slightly from hers
  • mulder straight up spending hours talking to old woman josie and her angels and eating oreos with her
  • cecil and carlos taking mulder and scully to big rico’s…
    “mulder…this is just…sauce and cheese on a plate. do you see this?”
    “yeah, cecil just told me the town banned wheat and wheat byproducts a few years ago.”
    “something about untimely deaths?”
    and then scully p much cries because we all know how she feels about pizza
  • mulder and scully actually using steve carlsberg as a reliable source for information
     -which makes cecil want to vomit
  • cecil having mulder & scully on his show and asking them weird questions about their personal lives, some of which are too existential for either of them to attempt to answer
  • scully literally having a meltdown over the fact that the weather iS A SONG, MULDER, IT’S A SONG, WHAT IS THE WEATHER HERE, EVEN, THIS IS A DESERT CLIMATE WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH ELECTROFUNK MUSIC I’M–
  • mulder casually letting the faceless old woman explore his inside coat pockets because, aliens, man, am i right?
  • scully wanting to study khoshekh and cecil basically telling her to fuck off
  • mulder patiently explaining the existence of mountains to cecil when scully’s like I’M OUT
  • cecil writing fan fiction about mulder and scully when they aren’t paying attention
      -carlos trying to explain that’s really creepy, sweetie, please stop

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What stones and incense would correlate to Loki? Thank you for your time :)

Officially none, so far as I know, but you might want to check out this post from the Lokean Welcoming Committee on stones.

One of the things about working with Loki and other Heathen gods is that our source material is pretty thin. The most reliable sources are sagas that were written down in the Middle Ages shortly after Christianization, in an attempt to preserve the myths of their forefathers. Most of the sagas relate stories about the gods, not about their worship, and nowhere in the surviving texts is worship of Loki written about. (There’s a theory that in pre-Christianized times Loki was a “hearth deity” that I personally subscribe to, but it doesn’t show up in the writing from the Middle Ages.)

There have been a few Norse paganism revivals since the sagas and Eddas were written down ~700 years ago, and each of those revivals have added something to the ‘lore’, but if it’s not in those Medieval texts, it’s what we refer to “Unverified Personal Gnosis” or UPG. At best it might be “Shared Personal Gnosis” (SPG) which is really just a UPG that many people hold in common.

What this comes down to is: your opinion on what stones or incense correlate to Loki is just as valid as anyone else’s opinion or UPG. Since we as Heathens (and/or Lokeans) believe that we’re interacting with our gods in real time, that they are real living beings – rather than a god who told his prophets to write down his words in ages past and not deviate from it, as in other religions – whatever personal experiences you have with your god are totally valid for your own practice, and totally valid to be shared with other Lokeans.

If Loki tells you he likes a particular thing, believe him. If you light a particular kind of incense and get a feeling like he’s going “ew yuck” listen to that and note it down, and if the feeling from him is more “oh that’s the best” note that down too. There are things that Loki seems to be into right now on a wide-scale basis – lots of people share the UPG about Loki liking cinnamon, for instance – and other things that might be more personal to your relationship with him, and that’s okay too.

Many people seem to share the UPG about Loki being associated with red stones and other fire-associated things (Loki’s association with fire isn’t explicit in the old texts, but there is a basis for it in the oldest versions of myths that we have). For me personally, he’s always been associated with green, while also having some fire (and hearth) connotations.

At the end of the day, your focus should be on finding the things that help you feel closer to Loki, that help you hear him better. I haven’t found him to be the sort of god that wants a lot of formality and ritual, or who even believes that there is a single “right” way to do things. Loki is changeable first and foremost, and what might be true in my relationship with him might not be true for yours. And that’s okay.

So maybe spend a little time meditating and asking him what kinds of stones or incense he might like from you? Or check out the LWC post I linked above, maybe someone else’s UPG will spur a thought for you. :)

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My dude. Ppl out here spreadin lies about you. Someone reblogged from you and an anon went and said this said person “hey i doubt you knew when you reblogged but fuckishimoto is a huge transphobe (has said shit like nonbinary isn't a thing, gender's not a spectrum, bisexual people call themselves that to feel special and oppressed)” I don’t like how they keep labeling you even though you’ve stated numerous times tumblr is not a reliable source of who is who. Anyone can claim anything here...:/

I used to be in the herd too, I don’t believe in a single thing people claim on tumblr any more. Just got bored of it a few years ago. Are people here still get scared of these labels?  I don’t think they’re a big deal anymore, I mean here you can be called a paedophile for drawing fanarts. Tumblr ruin all these labels, they abuse them to such extent they become harmless and lose their bite. Like five years ago, being called “abusive” could sink a ship, now every ship is a called abusive by some fans, no one cares anymore.

God I HATE conflicting information on the Internet with fish. I’ve never experienced so much conflicting information in any sort of hobby as in fish keeping, specifically with betta fish. So reading about fin rot, tail biting etc, cause trying to figure out what’s up with vista. And reading the fin rot section on various websites and some of them are like INCREASE WATER TEMPERATURE TO 80 DEGREES. And other places are like LOWER IS TO 73 DEGREES BECAUSE IT WILL SLOW OR STOP BACTERIA PROGRESS and other places are like keep it right at 76 degrees. Some places are like use melafix, others say never touch melafix. Some say use antibiotics others say only treat with aquarium salt unless it’s body rot. And God don’t get me started on dosage and how to use aquarium salt cause that just seems like a bag of cats.

How in God’s name am I supposed to provide the best care for my fish when every other website I go to has different information. And even then, what makes that person an authority on treating the fish? God I just want some hard scientific information that comes from a reliable source. I know keeping fish for several years gives a lot of experience but I’ve seen way to many people who’ve kept fish for decades who think they’re experts who very clearly have no clue what they’re doing even though they’ve managed to keep the fish alive. Like it’s so hard for me to even trust people’s advice on half this shit even though I’m clueless to some degree and have to make a decision. It’s just so stressful, I just want to properly treat my fish and if I’m doing something wrong I just wanna know what I’ve done wrong so I can fix it. Why does it have to be so obnoxiously confusing

Yes it’s another post about Freddie’s sexuality. Sorry.

Maybe this is controversial IDK, IDC.

I feel Tumblr (outside fandom mainly) is so obsessed with Freddie Mercury being a ‘bisexual icon’ that they actually erase his ‘gay’ side. No one wants to talk about his boyfriends or even knows about them because they’re too focused on his few girlfriends. There were only 3 I can name as opposed to lots of men and one of them (Barbara) was not really his girlfriend according to some of the closest people around him. So that leaves just 2.
Surely his personal assistant Peter Freestone who lived with him for 12 years would know whether Barbara was his girlfriend or not?! But he is adamant they were just good friends because he was with a man at that time. OK so it’s only Peter’s personal opinion and he wasn’t in the bedroom with Freddie, but I am inclined to believe him as he has no reason to lie and is often a reliable source of information on Freddie and regularly debunks myths on his blog.
Freddie’s first big relationship with a woman ended in 1970 because she was sick of his interest in being gay. She tried to set him up with people but he wasn’t ready. Then Freddie famously had the long relationship with Mary until he left her c. 1976 for a man called David Minns (interestingly excluded from Freddie’s most famous biographies).

After coming out, there were no more girlfriends until years after he died, his friend Barbara Valentin crawled out and did a sordid kiss-and-tell on him, about how she turned him back to bisexual (presumably by crawling into his bed and smothering Freddie with her vast boobs) whilst in a relationship with a man and that’s it, to The Internet, he’s apparently a bi icon and David Minns, Joe Fanelli, Tony Bastin, Bill Reid, Peter Morgan, Richard Dick, Vince and Winfried Kirchberger are all swept under the rug. Then there are all the one night stands and the rent boys. His PA estimates Freddie to have slept with 10 different men per month!
Freddie’s longest serving partner Jim Hutton is considered a bad person for talking about his relationship with Freddie even though he didn’t portray him in a bad light. Yet people hold on tight to Barbara Valentin’s claims and portrayal of Freddie as a drug addled mess who only had eyes for her and she’s OK! Is it because she is a woman and it helps people’s fantasies that Freddie was sexually attracted to girls?

Yeah you can still be bisexual and only rarely attracted the opposite sex, I know it’s a spectrum, but I am not convinced by the bi-Freddie argument. Of course he loved women, he appreciated them, he had lots of female friends. Didn’t mean he wanted to have sex with them.
Look at it this way:
He struggles with his sexuality while with girlfriend number 1. Rosemary leaves him because he thinks about m/m sex IN THEIR BED, MID SEX!
He struggles with girlfriend number 2, sleeps with girls on tour, probably to keep up appearances in front of his bandmates. He finally plucks up the courage and leaves Mary for a man. Once out of the closet, he becomes promiscuous with 1000s of men. Brian May says he is only seen with men from late 70s onwards.
Then suddenly in the mid 80s, whilst living with a man and having one night stands with other men, he allegedly decides he wants to be with a woman (a known fag hag & beard in the gay scene) and no one close to him, not his band, or his assistants, or his [close friend &] producer realise they’re more than friends???? I don’t think so. Not convinced Sorry.

As an aside I hate that this bisexual erasure argument keeps flooding the Freddie search on this site because it detracts from his music, which is exactly why he never made big open statements about his sexuality and only hinted at it. Let’s talk about what a great composer he was, his drive for life and his witty one-liners, his cuteness, his bad temper, his generosity. Anything but the “he loved girls too so ner!” narrative. This is my only post on the subject before anyone complains I am adding to it!

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About Annika... I’ve heard from reliable sources that when kasperi was playing with the leafs last year that she cheated on him with his teammate, the one and only , Auston Matthews... I don’t know but if it is true then that makes for a real awkward situation. 😯

Oh yah baby I know about that already….I was gonna say it in the other ask but I didn’t want anyone to @ me lol. But yah like I said, I have huge, unwavering opinions about her and I’m normally not that kind of person but 9/10 my instincts are right so…..

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Disney Ladies + MBTI - Rapunzel - ISFJ

Rapunzel’s internal sensing shines through her daily routine. She clearly loves her tower and her habits, how familiar everything is, even if she’s bored and wanting more, she takes a lot of time and care with it all because it’s a source of comfort. She really struggles to wrong Mother Gothel because she’s basically the only person she’s ever known. Her wish to see the lanterns is something she’s wanted for a long time because it’s so familiar to her, to see them so reliably every year. Her external feeling is very clear when you see how difficult it is for her to do something that’ll hurt Mother Gothel, she’s in tears just thinking about how she’s going to feel. She’s also really good at reading Flynn’s emotions and comforting him despite never having interacted with anyone but Mother Gothel. Her internal thinking is her curiosity. She’s got so many hobbies because she wants to build up her skills. She wants to know exactly what the lanterns are for, why they show up from the exact same location at the exact same time.  Finally, her external intuition means she’s loves to hear about other people’s ideas and dreams, first from her books and then from everyone she meets. She’s also both very worried and excited about all the different possibilities of the outside world.

Reliable sources are reporting that prominent neonazi’s and a biker gang will be in Oly Friday-Sunday, predominantly on Saturday, and their intent is to find any visibly lgbt person and kill them. They’re associated with a group that murdered a gay man two years ago so it’s being considered a fairly serious threat. Please do anything you possibly can to stay safe.


Hello everyone,

After thinking about it for weeks, I decided to close this blog.
I started it back in 2013 when BTS debuted, and until now had a lot of fun moderating, discussing, researching fashion for you guys. I learned a lot, and I am very grateful that this blog gained so much popularity.
However, as many of you might have noticed, this blog hasn’t been much active for the past months. The other admins and myself have been very very busy, and I must admit that my mind is elsewhere now. It’s not fair for everyone to be left in the dark and I wanted to be honest with our followers, even if it meant the blog would stop activities.

I won’t delete this blog; I’ll leave it as is, for reference for all armys, but we will stop taking in requests and questions. Admin Shae might try and work on the remaining requests that have been pilling up in our askbox, but nothing more.

I’ll ask of everyone to please, please, not take out our posts and repost them. Do not use our info without crediting, just because we are closed. Do not use our posts to create your own BTS fashion blog. Respect the time and effort we put in this blog for a little over two years.

I want to thank all the admins that have worked on this blog with me until now. Shae, Cham and Ani. Thank you for helping me with a blog that quickly became too big for me to handle alone.

Lastly, I want to thank each and every one of our followers for the interest and the support you all expressed towards us. We couldn’t have gone on for so long without you guys and I am extremely grateful. I am glad we could be of help and a source of reliable information for over 31,500 people.

If you ever have general questions about bangtan and/or fashion, please feel free to IM or ask me at my personal blog @jjungwook or follow me on twitter @jjungwook12 and I’ll be happy to talk!

Thank you so much again,


Admin Mochi
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Dearest followers,

Thank you everyone for your support over these years, I never imagined this blog would grow so much. Thank you as well to Admin Mochi for allowing me to join as an admin two years ago, I have loved my time here and fully enjoyed researching Bangtan’s fashion for you guys. Unfortunately personal life sometimes gets too busy and we are forced to reevaluate our time and priorities and sadly we just don’t have adequate time to dedicate to BTS STYLE anymore.
This fall I moved back to Korea and started school after taking several years off so between work and school I don’t have the hours needed to work on BTS STYLE as before. It saddens me to see this site close but as Mochi said above, I will try and clear out the many requests we still have when I find the time. Again, I’m so grateful to our lovely supporters throughout my time here.

If anyone wants to talk fashion or bangtan or anything with me, or has any questions, feel free to follow me on my personal twitter @yesun_ or instagram @yesun93! Personal tumblr:

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