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Mike Pence's Flagrant Waste of Taxpayer Money
The vice president spent more than most Americans make in a year traveling to an NFL game to perform a political stunt.
By Conor Friedersdorf

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence made a big show of leaving an NFL game early. He declared himself upset that some players knelt during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. “I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag, or our national anthem,“ he declared, as if attacking those things was the intent of the athletes.

The NFL players knelt in protest because they believe that African Americans are being denied their self-evident rights to life and liberty by a prejudiced criminal-justice system.

“This is not about the military, this is not about the flag, this is not about the anthem,” 49ers Safety Eric Reid later told reporters. “My mother served in the armed forces. Three of my uncles served … I have the utmost respect for the military, for the anthem, for the flag … This is about systemic oppression that has been rampant in this country … I will keep doing what I feel is necessary, to use the platform that I have, to make changes. It’s really disheartening when everything you were raised on, everything I was raised on, was to be the best person I can be, to help people who need help, and the vice president of the United States is trying to confuse the message that we’re trying to put out there. I don’t know what to say about it.”

Pence is not compelled to agree with how players protest. But by fleeing the entire NFL game, he adopted the tactics of a childish, petulant snowflake who reacts to speech he dislikes by misrepresenting it, expressing umbrage, and retreating to a “safe space.”

The major difference?

When an immature teenager makes a show of fleeing from expression that he regards as politically incorrect, he’s typically evading ideas he ought to confront on his own dime. Whereas Pence spent taxpayer money to get to that NFL game. Lots of it.

W H Y ?

I’m definitely late to the party, but I watched the series finale of “Ripper Street” last night. I gotta say, it was one of the most depressing and less fulfilling series finales I’ve ever watched. Nothing good came out of it and I literally mean NOTHING.

As a writer, you go ahead and kill Susan. I don’t like it, but I get it (my ship ruined, but hey, not everyone gets a happy ending, let alone Susan, who already escaped the noose once). Still, I understand. But then you go and kill Jackson off-screen? Leaving Connor an orphan after everything????? WHY? What good does it do? 

After one family’s ruined, let’s move on to another, shall we? Mathilda, gets married to Drum, gets pregnant and they move away to raise the child. Alright, that’s understandable, after everything they’ve been through. But at the moment of their departure she GLEEFULLY states that her father shall never visit them? WHAT THE HELL, GIRL?

I’ll let that slide, as well as all the rest. We see Edmund visit and dine and develop a close relationship to Mimi. I’m like “finally, someone’s gonna be happy”. Then, out of nowhere Mimi’s like “Imma get married to an old dude who’s probably gonna die soon, so I’ll have his fortune” and Reid’s like “guess I’ll be all alone” and then they’re both like “sounds cool”. That’s the part where I lost EVERY SHRED OF FAITH I had left, that something good was gonna happen. At that point, I even expected Edmund getting together with Ms Goren (ew!).

But once again, the writers hit a new low. Reid’s whole outburst at the theatre had me like “yup, they’re gonna lock him up in an asylum now, to top it all”. But I was proven wrong. He returned to the station perfectly fine. At that point I thought he was gonna blow his brains out on his office. What did he do? Paperwork. On New Year’s Eve. Damn, on New Century’s Eve.

My frustration hit a new high point! So much pointless misery to go around and for what? I obviously didn’t expect a happy ending for every single character and for everything turning into a colorful bliss, but honestly, to me, that’s just sloppy writing. It’s so obvious they were on a specific timeline to finish it and they just patched a bunch of things up into an “unconventional” not-so-happy ending.

Those people spent 5 entire seasons developing these characters (and God, did they develop) only to rob them of any future, that, let’s be honest, after everything they’ve been through, they all deserved to have one. None of them got justice, none. And it was painful.

Don't Hesitate-Part One

Fic Req: Hello !! You said you are bored so I am sending you a request 😂 What about.. Spencer and reader(girl) are in BAU office late at the night and reader found that Spencer is sleeping and living in the office because he had to leave his apartment (for some reason). So reader take him to her apartment.. And as they live together Spencer will fall in love with reader 😂 Have a nice day full of writing And sorry for my English 

Part Two Part Three Part Four


The BAU returned from a week long case at about 9:30 PM. It was an intense serial killer case. This unsub’s particular method of murder included 48 hours of intense, sadistic torture, followed by decapitation and incineration of the corpses. He dumped them in completely different areas in varying distances from his kill sight. He was almost impossible to find, and it took longer than usual to draw him out. He was a textbook narcissist, and couldn’t resist involving himself in the investigation. Every single one of you was ready to sleep for a week straight, but a couple stubborn agents insisted on staying to finish their reports.

You, Reid, and Morgan sat in the bullpen, silently working, with the occasional yawn breaking the silence. After about an hour, Morgan gave up and began to pack his things.

“Goodnight you two. Don’t stay two long.” Morgan eyed you and Reid sternly.

You took the opportunity to refill your coffee mug, and walked over to Reid’s desk to do the same for him. Everyone knew he drank obscene amounts of coffee, and you’d noticed he was almost out.

“Oh, thanks (y/n).” He smiled up at you in appreciation. You looked down at his bloodshot eyes sympathetically.

“We should leave too. It’s getting late, we can finish these in the morning. Come on, I’ll walk to the garage with you.” You suggested. You couldn’t leave him here in good conscience. If you didn’t make him leave, he’d probably work all night.

“Oh, thanks but, um, I think I’m gonna stay.” He said, and ran a hand through his mess of curls. He turned his attention back towards his report, which actually appeared to be completed. You crossed your arms.

“…But your report is finished.” You pointed out. Reid ran a hand through his hair again.

“Okay, you can’t tell anyone this.” Spencer turned to look at you. You sat down in the nearest chair, ready for whatever dark secret your fellow agent was about to entrust you with.

“My apartment is being fumigated, so I’ve been sleeping here.” He confessed. Your mouth dropped.

“What?! Spencer that’s ridiculous! You can’t sleep in here, you need quality sleep!” You protested. Reid smiled slightly at your use of his first name, and sighed.

“(Y/N), I’m fine. I set up a cot in Garcia’s office, and I brought a pillow and blanket. Honestly, it’s okay.” He insisted.

“Come sleep at my place.” You proposed. “Just until your apartment is pest-free. You can sleep on my couch, and you won’t have to use the locker room to shower.”

“I can’t ask you to do that for me.” Spencer said.

“You’re not asking, I’m insisting. Come on Spencer, I’m not leaving until you come with me.” You crossed your arms and gave him a stubborn glare. Reid looked hesitant.

“Fine. But only for one night.” You smiled.

“I’ll take what I can get.”

You grabbed Reid’s hand and hauled the taller agent out of his chair. You both packed up your things and your new house guest reluctantly followed you out of the bullpen.

Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Report.


Believe it or not menswear is currently experimenting with proportions.

Sizing up is the new fad, than sizing down. But the key to standing out even while wearing an oversized garment, is to wear it right wearing a few oversized tee’s is the most easy and affordable way to wear this trend.

Acne, Alexander McQueen, Billy Reid, Bobby Abley, Christopher Shannon, Dolce and Gabbana, Henrik Vibskov, Juun J, KTZ and Nicholas Nybro.

I’m highly bullish on it coming back. The ratings for us are not where I wish they would be. The show deserves more viewers, it is a top 20 comedy. It is highly upscale, we make money on it, it has a desirable audience and I’d like to build that audience.

Fox President Kevin Reilly on the faith of the Mindy Project’s third season.

(Source: HollywoodReporter)

  • Reid: Should've listened to me.
  • Morgan: It wouldn't have saved me that much time, Reid. Let it go.
  • Reid: The interchange between the 405 and the 101 Freeway is consistently rated the worst interchange in the entire world.
  • Morgan: Why do you know that?
  • Reid: It's government report.
  • Morgan: So what?
  • Reid: So you work for the government. What, you don't read the reports?
  • Morgan: On traffic patterns in the city, 2500 miles from where I live.
  • Reid: 2295 miles--
  • Morgan: Don't. Make me smack you in front of these people.
  • Detective: I'm Brady, LAPD.
  • Morgan: Derek Morgan [shakes hand with the detective], Dr. Reid. [Reid waves] Rest of the team's in the SUV behind us.
  • Reid: Yeah, stuck in traffic.
  • Morgan: [stares at Reid]
  • Reid: [swiftly, to the detective] Ah, I see you have two more victims last night?

Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Report.

Trucker Jackets.

The Trucker Jacket first entered the scene around 1905, defines American history and remains to this day  has been worn by everyone from artist, activist, actors, cowboys, and rock stars.

Boxy cut, roomy, tough looking, bold and sophisticated.

Billy Reid, Bobby Abley, Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Shannon, Fendi, Lanvin, Missoni, Neil Barrett, Prada and Saint Laurent.