the reggae garden

Episode 4.  We begin in medias res.   Someone’s feeling fancy today.

We start this way because Nanami is taking us all on a hiking trip on the way to the duel, and we’re going to pass through a couple of high-altitude locations, and there’s an octopus?  Involved? And it’s going to be an entire episode later by the time we get back to the plot, so it’s important that we are shown the destination beforehand, lest we begin to suspect that someone forgot the directions.

I love the way the floating windows in the exploded buttresses rhyme with the floating windows in the music room.  Where are we, anyway?

Miki Is playing my ringtone. I used to have a flip phone that kind of looked like an ipod if you weren’t paying attention, and its big selling point was that you could key in songs in a little sheet music editor, and it would play them back to you in a wide variety of musical styles.  So for a while when people called me it was Reggae Sunlit Garden, and then for a while it was Bossa Nova Sunlit Garden, but I think in the end I went with Flamenco Sunlit Garden, with extra handclaps.  I miss that phone, although not as much as Miki misses his sister.

The soundtrack, as always, is extremely good at its job.  This song is meant to evoke nostalgia, and upon hearing it I am immediately transported to the atrium at the top of the Harold Washington Library in Chicago, where I would sit in my black trenchcoat [!] and listen to the season one OST on my discman [!!] when things got to be too much. I remember the bright shiny pink CD, a hong kong bootleg I bought from some disreputable website.  I was so young, then, so full of hope.  Where have they gone, those halcyon days, when I felt alive, when everything seemed possible?  How can I get that music back?

Through violence, obviously. But enough about me: Nanami’s getting owned again.

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