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theSE guys are a little bit olD? but not really… they’re based on some weird dream I had that i sort of turned into a weird story, more under the cut

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anonymous asked:

So I was watching YouTube videos with bts in them and came across some comments talking about how while bts has some lovely singers, they don't have much technique and could be better. It got me thinking, I've seen various comments about how (insert k-pop group) has better (insert whatever), what do you think made bts stand out? I feel like it's obvious but I can't come up with something, so I wanted your opinion on it.

Great question! Let me also digress a bit.

As it happens I have some experience in the field of music so I do pay attention to this, but I’m my no means an expert so do take my words with a grain of salt as well!


When it comes to singing there are two main things that can make a singer stand out; technique and timbre (voice color). Some singers have really powerful and steady techniques but have rather basic and forgettable voices, whereas someone else might have a distinctive and unique timbre that makes up for their lacking technique. The best artists have both.

When it comes to BTS, it’s true that the vocal line doesn’t have the most refined techniques and some of their songs can be a a bit straining for their vocal chords, which could cause problems in the long run if the problems with technique are not fixed. However, in my opinion, when it comes to timbre, that’s where their strengths lie. Vocal line has such distinctive voices you can tell everyone apart in a heart beat. Also their voices blend well together. I have synesthesia and the harmony of the four was what drew me to BTS in the first place. It’s like, JK is the perfect fusion of them all who steadily leads the way. JM then again is like saturated JK; airier, softer, higher in pitch, but incredibly complimentary, his voice wraps around JKs and bounces off of it. J is like accents and edge that the others lack, whereas T is like a soft mellow stream that gives the rest some contrast.

The rap line then again is the strongest in all of kpop in my opinion. They have the same situation as vocal line, except their techniques are more refined. But the timbre situation is exactly the same; they’re all distinct and unique. This is gonna sound weird but this is how my synesthesia reacts to them: RM is like table of billiard balls bouncing around, SG is like like a bag of marbles or a pinball machine, and JH is like super ball that bounces in all directions. This is SUCH a weird metaphor but it makes a lot of sense in my head :,D Just picture it; there’s different weight and mass to their voices.

If you listen to BTS’s songs you will be able to immediately tell it’s BTS, and this is not the case with all kpop groups. Also, BTS’ strong point is their lyrics, and the fact that they work on their music themselves. This gives it a sense of continuation, makes you feel like all of their songs belong in the same story. BTS just looks and sounds different from your usual kpop, and I personally think categorizing them in that genre doesn’t do them any justice. No shade to kpop of course, but I feel like the genre is not what describes BTS’ music. Whereas other kpop groups are refined jewels, BTS used to be a diamond in rough. And now they’re the crown jewel. 

Cheese, pumpkins, and gender

nefersitra replied to your photo “tienriu: I… I have no words. @levynite, @copperbadge I was kind of…”

I would have said “Philistines. Philistines do wine shots” but I’ve just learnt that Philistine is comes from the same root word as Palestinian and so that’s not cool to associate a lack of culture and refinement with an ethnic grouping. Also, the Philistines might actually be the Sea Peoples and/or the Hyksos who caused so many problems for the Ancient Egyptians.

Yeah, most words for someone we consider classless come from “that foreigner” in the end – I was going to suggest the Greek barbaroi, which is where we get “barbarian” from and which generally is considered to be a catch-all for “anyone who doesn’t act like the Greeks”, but I double-checked and sure enough the Greeks took it from the way they thought Anatolians sounded when they talked (”Bar bar bar”). 

ameliahcrowley replied to your photo “tienriu: I… I have no words. @levynite, @copperbadge I was kind of…”

Also, how are you meant to eat them? Do you bit into them, letting the wine spill everywhere? Or do you drink the wine, then eat the misshapen, oily, and now *wet* and mildly tannic cheese? Is the cheese just there for presentation and tainting your otherwise reasonable, moderately-priced wine?

All exceptional questions for which I have no answers. Some cheeses are enhanced by soaking in wine during their aging phase, but I don’t think anything can save pre-melted cheese. 

nefersitra replied to your photo “Free GIGANTIC pumpkins to good home.  (This is the infamous Free Stuff…”

Sam, I am curious - are they actual vegetable/fruit pumpkins or fake ones? A friend’s granddad grows giant produce for competitions and he says the ones bred for size tend to have the taste bred out.

Yep, they are realio trulio plants. My building has a wide economic range of residents and especially on the upper floors there are people who are just…the kind of people who can drop a lot of money on a giant pumpkin as a decoration and then discard it when the season is over. 

The Free Stuff Table doubles as the “this won’t fit in the dumpster” table, literally – if you ask the building maintenance guys what to do with something that won’t fit, they say “put it on the free stuff table, I’ll deal with it on trash day”. 

onlysilentawe replied to your photo “Free GIGANTIC pumpkins to good home.  (This is the infamous Free Stuff…”

I will send you a roll of tape if you will promise to tape down the edges of those signs. Just knowing they exist like that, no matter how far away they are, is driving me bananas.

If it’s any comfort, they get replaced every few months, and those are probably due to be replaced soon. It just happens – the wall isn’t a good surface for taping on and the room isn’t insulated (plus the big cargo doors are often open) so the paper curls no matter what we do. 

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I always assumed you were a guy, but at the same time I kind of think of copperbadge as a genderless internet phantom sharing some knowledge haha

I am honored to be considered a genderless phantom librarian! 

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I… never realized that I headcanoned you as a woman. My bad.

I’m not bothered! It happens all the time and it’s a rational assumption to make given how heavily fandom skews female.  

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I now really want the cross over fic of Bucky somehow ending up at the Weasley’s during Yule.

“I don’t know who brought him, Mum, maybe he’s one of Charlie’s weird coworkers. You’ve never minded when Harry visited for the holidays!”

“Harry’s a friend! I had to knit a sweater overnight just to make sure the poor thing had a present and he hasn’t taken it off since. I don’t mind feeding him and he’s been a lamb, but I’d like a little warning, Bill!”

“Well, don’t look at me. He looks like an Auror type, maybe he’s one of Ron’s friends.”

“Oh Merlin, there goes your father.”

“Dad, no, don’t ask him about the arm, that’s rude!” 

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on myself over the course of the year. I’m 22 now. When I was 21 i had already tried to kill myself and was in a deep depression since the time I was 13. Last year I didn’t have a job, a sense of direction in life, or any money. I was also at a weight where I hated myself. In high school I weighed 180lbs. A year ago I weighed 260lbs. I hated myself and I couldn’t stand to look at myself. Turning 22 I had a job for 9 ½ months, a somewhat steady income, money saved up, trips planned to see my little sis, I know exactly what I want to do with my life and know how to get there while working hard for it, a larger, more refined group of friends, I weigh 212lbs and working on losing more and I’m finally happy with myself and I feel as I beat my depression. It’s funny how many people come and go in just one year. It’s funny how much can just change like that.

204. Taste in Food headcanons:
  • Shulk: Couldn’t tell the difference between chocolate sauce and hot sauce if his life depended on it.
  • Reyn: Likes spicy foods. Sometimes gets in over his head in spice toleration contests with Dickson.
  • Fiora: Likes tangy foods and unusual tastes. Is by far the most adventurous of the group.
  • Sharla: Has a fondness for fruits and other organic foods. Except pollen cakes. Definitely not pollen cakes.
  • Dunban: Likes a bizarre mixture of gamey meats and sweets. 
  • Riki: Flowers. Nothing but flowers.
  • Melia: Has the most refined taste of the group, with a particular fondness for tea. She also is, along with Fiora, the most avid cook.
  • Alvis: Dabbles in everything. Is also an alcohol connoisseur.

loveisanastronaut  asked:

Why did you like Whiplash so much? I enjoyed the movie but to be honest I found the plot to be pretty straightforward and predictable. You are of course entitled to your opinion but I'm just curious.

Too lazy today to type my own reasoning, so I’m going to steal someone else’s:

 ”“Whiplash” is cinematic adrenalin. In an era when so many films feel more refined by focus groups or marketing managers, it is a deeply personal and vibrantly alive drama. Damien Chazelle has taken a relatively staid subject like the relationship between a music student and his teacher and turned it into a thriller built on a brilliant undercurrent of social commentary about what it takes to make it in an increasingly competitive and cutthroat world. How far are you willing to push yourself to succeed? How far are you willing to push someone else to force them on the path to success? Carried by two electric performances, the tightest editing in a film this year and a daring screenplay that writes itself into a corner and then somehow finds an unexpected way out, “Whiplash” is as breathless as a drum solo, rising and falling just as the hopes and dreams of its protagonist climb and crash” (x