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Just spitballing here but I’m wondering how long it will take for detransition to be taken seriously and discussed openly in mainstream media.  They’re not going to be able to ignore us forever and with referrals to gender clinics skyrocketing in the last couple of years, I feel like there’s going to be a lot of identity desistance in the years following.  People are waking up–I’m even seeing liberal friends in real life express doubt about gender.  I bet things will be very different within the next five years or so.
Here’s How Trump’s Anti-Abortion Rule May Actually Increase Abortion
Women’s rights and health advocates expect the president's decision to reinstate the "global gag rule" will increase dangerous abortions around the world.
By Jina Moore

President Donald Trump has reinstated the controversial “global gag rule” — a policy reversal that women’s rights and health advocates fear will bring a rise in unsafe abortions around the world.

The Reagan-era rule essentially prevents foreign organizations that receive US money from talking to women about abortion. President Trump’s decision to reinstate the rule comes one day after the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

Here’s how it works: Foreign organizations that take US family planning money can’t use any money, from any other donor, on abortion-related services. The restriction applies to providing abortions or giving any information about abortion, including medical advice or referrals — even in countries where abortion is legal.

“It’s a pure political giveaway at the expense of some of the world’s most vulnerable women,” said Aram Schvey, senior policy counsel and manager of special projects at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

USAID’s two biggest family planning partners, Marie Stopes International (MSI) and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), will refuse to sign onto the policy, officials at each organization told BuzzFeed News.

Experts expect the Mexico City Policy, as it’s also known, to lead to an increase in abortions and maternal mortality worldwide.

MSI estimates there will be an additional 2.2 million abortions globally each year — 2.1 million of which will be unsafe, Newman-Williams said.

“The death rate both from maternal mortality because of more pregnancies and from those seeking unsafe abortion is going to rise quite dramatically,” said Marjorie Newman-Williams, vice president and director of international operations for MSI.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that unsafe abortion causes 13% of maternal deaths globally.

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American followers with uteruses, this post pertains to your health and safety for the next four years. Donald Trump just reinstated the Global Gag Rule created by Regan in 1984. Under this rule, “foreign organizations that take US family planning money can’t use any money, from any other donor, on abortion-related services. The restriction applies to providing abortions or giving any information about abortion, including medical advice or referrals — even in countries where abortion is legal.”

I urge you all to consider buying Plan B as this presidency progresses. It’s only day 3 and Trump has already made abortions more difficult to obtain. I’m afraid to see a spike in maternity-related deaths. Plan B can be picked up at any pharmacy. While it does cost $50, it has a four-year shelf life. In this presidency, we have to be ready for a condom to break. We have to be ready in the event we get assaulted. Protect yourselves as best you can because our president is not going to protect you. If you can afford to buy it, do so as soon as possible before he tries to take Plan B off of the local pharmacy’s shelves. 

jeff-the-killer  asked:

That raises a good question: If gunshot wounds are equally lethal all across the body, why are military personnel instructed to aim for the chest or head? Or is that another myth?

I didn’t say that all gunshot wounds are equally lethal. My point was that all gunshot wounds have the potential to be life threatening. A bullet to the heart and a bullet to the pinky have very different odds ratios of killing the victim, but either can be deadly.

Military personnel are aimed to shoot for the chest because it’s the largest area to aim for, easiest to hit, slowest to move, and has the highest likelihood (outside the head) of disabling or killing your opponent. Police are trained this way, military are trained this way, and they do so because it works.

Headshots are very difficult to pull off, because the head can move and is much smaller than the chest. However, they are almost universally either lethal or permanently disabling.

For more information about firearms and tactics, I highly recommend our Script Family Friend blog @howtofightwrite , who are experts in not only combat, but in translating that combat into nuggets that writers can snap up like treats.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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6153. All Superheroes are considered an extension of the military of the hero's country of origin. While none of the Titans will ever be called to serve in a "war" as we know it, they are all still eligible for veteran's benefits. Raven has found this extremely useful, as she has managed to find a specialized therapist who can help her cope with her various emotional issues.

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You must get lots of asks about how to knock someone out without brain damage, but I'm looking for the exact opposite. Do you know if a bash on the bonce (leading to 30mins-1hr unconsciousness) could lead to brain damage that impairs a character's reading ability? Thanks!

Absolutely. A TBI (traumatic brain injury) can cause swelling that can damage cognition and reading comprehension. Also TBI sufferers tend to get headaches, and can have blurred vision or other visual disturbances. Attention spans tend to shorten during recovery, and they tend to become more irritable, so reading may be possible but they might not be able to sustain it for long.

All of this is neurological, not personal, but it’s still important to realize. It’s also important to remember that reading comprehension won’t be the only thing that changes; there are lots of other changes too.

I suggest checking the head injury and TBI tags, checking out my friend @towertumblng​‘s blog to look at the effects of even minor TBIs, and checking for more info.

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Percy proposes to Annabeth at the camp sing-a-long when the two sang ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’

At the end of the song he got down on one knee and goes “Well I lied. I’d change one thing. Annabeth Chase, will you do me the pleasure of being my one and only Mrs. Chase-Jackson?”


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Nicole Kidman in Talks to Join 'Aquaman' (Exclusive)

Nicole Kidman may be joining the DC Cinematic Universe.

The actress, who is in the Oscar mix this awards season for her work in Lion, is in early talks to play Aquaman’s mother in Aquaman, the big-screen take of the underwater-breathing comic book super hero.

Jason Momoa is playing the hero in the Warner Bros/DC Entertainment production that James Wan is directing. The studio is cruising towards an April production start in Australia and is starting to round out key members of its cast.


“I must say I’ve never seen a candidate for the job with such an interesting referral.”

“Thank you.”

“I mean the referral itself is pretty standard, but the referrer!”


“How did you get Osama bin Laden to write you a referral?”

“Honestly, 10 years ago I got kinda drunk and figured ‘Why not just ask?’ I sent an email to and luckily that was him and he was like ‘Since you asked, why not?’ I told him a little about myself and he wrote it up.”

“Wow. Still talk with him?”

“No. I think he’s dead.”

“Oh yeah? Probably died in 2016. That year killed everyone! Ha ha.”

“Yeah. Should’ve been called 20 RIPteen. Ha ha. Instead of SIXteen.”

“What was that? I missed all of what you just said. I was checking on my tax return.”

“Is it looking good?”

“No. I forgot to file. I was hoping they’d forget to not give me a return. Dang IRS, am I right? Ha Ha.”

“Yeah. Should call those guys the IR-BAD. Ha ha.”

“My wife works for the IRS, buddy.”


“It’s okay. She’s actually my ex-wife and she actually works for

“Danica Patrick?”

“Nope, but close. So, Frank, with your resume and a top-notch Al-Qaeda referral I think it’s safe to say you’ve got the job. Welcome to Sun Chips!”

“Amazing! Thank you! One small question.”

“Let me guess, you want to meet the Sun? Ha ha!”


“Then grab your coat.”

“I didn’t bring one.”

“Then grab mine!”

“You didn’t bring yours.”

“We’ll meet the Sun tomorrow.”
Trump Didn’t Just Reinstate the Global Gag Rule. He Massively Expanded It.
On Monday morning, Donald Trump, surrounded by a group of smiling white men, signed an executive order banning foreign nongovernmental organizations th ...

I wanted to post this because some of the commentary i’ve seen re: gag rule frames it as an obvious inevitability. That since the Reagan Administration announced the policy in 1984, Republican and Democratic presidential administrations have been taking turns repealing and reinstating the policy. 

That we shouldn’t be surprised or alarmed. That this doesn’t fit into the laundry list of reasons why a Trump administration is uniquely harmful.

But let’s just zoom in on this:

In the past, the global gag rule meant that foreign NGOs must disavow any involvement with abortion in order to receive U.S. family planning funding. Trump’s version of the global gag rule expands the policy to all global health funding.

Organizations working on AIDS, malaria, or maternal and child health will have to make sure that none of their programs involves so much as an abortion referral. Geeta Rao Gupta, a senior fellow at the United Nations Foundation who previously served as deputy executive director of UNICEF, gives the example of HIV/AIDS clinics that get U.S. funding to provide antiretrovirals: “If they’re giving advice to women on what to do if they’re pregnant and HIV positive, giving them all the options that exist, they cannot now receive money from the U.S.”

This is petty narcissism. This reads as an intentional assault on reproductive rights in the face of the resistance the Trump and the GOP have been receiving.

They are selfish, childish and have no problem enacting policies that will endanger the lives of millions around the world just to prove a point and bully their way to power. 

What do they call this? fascism?