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Your writings are just amazing & I fell in love with your work! I was wondering if you have an Archive of Our Own account? If you don't I highly recommend it! It's a great place to put all your works and it's got a wonderful community to go with it!

Thank you so much :) I would love to get an account, but I heard you need a referral to get in from and existing member? I’m not sure, could you please explain it to me? Thanks! <3

People shocked by reports out of Carrie Fisher’s autopsy are shocked for the wrong reason. Carrie had always been open about her lifelong (meaning, continuous, not over) struggles with addiction and mental illness and where the two sometimes meet. She was never coy or secretive about this.

Did these drugs play a minor role in her death? Sure. People who do not do drugs tend to live longer than those who do. That’s a given. However Carrie did not O.D. The drugs in her system, could have been days old, she could’ve been sober on that flight. You don’t know but we do know her cause of death was not attributed to drugs.

What should be catching more attention is that Sleep Apnea played the biggest role in her death. A condition many people downplay, resigning it to “lol snoring.” Sleep disorders are serious. Carrie Fisher’s made her stop breathing and she died. Carrie Fisher’s gradually broke down her heart. 

If you frequently have excessive daytime sleepiness despite a full night of sleep, snore, or commonly wake up gasping in the middle of the night or feeling out of breath: see a physician and get a referral for a Sleep Study. It just might save your life – or at least prolong it. Take care of yourselves.

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I have a character who did not have much interaction with others during her childhood. Would this have any lasting effects on her?

Being around other people is CRITICAL for a child’s development.

Okay. So I’m going to talk about two levels of isolation here.

The first level is going to be the Romanian Orphanage level of neglect.

The backstory is a bit complicated, but the upshot is that Romania suddenly had a hell of a lot of unwanted children, most of which had to be raised in institutional orphanages. There were not enough caregivers for the amount of children they had to deal with.

So what ended up happening is that babies were left in their cribs, 24/7, and fed and changed on a strict schedule. The babies learned not to cry, because it didn’t make a caregiver come running any faster. They didn’t have toys; all they could do is stare at their hands or the ceiling.

That lack of stimulation was found to have pretty significantly negative effects as the kids grew up. These kids are often physically stunted – they’re not as big as they should be for their age. Their brains are often actually physically smaller. They have lower IQs. They struggle with language. They also have problems with attachment.

Things do start to get better if the character is put into a foster home quickly, but they may still have emotional and psychological problems (there are some links below for further research).

Now. The other level of isolation I’m going to talk about is, for lack of a better term, the horror stories. These are children who were raised in extreme isolation by severely abusive caretakers, if they had caretakers at all.

Most children who are completely isolated or severely deprived of interaction have not learned, or have extreme difficulties with, language.

They also have difficulty with basic motor skills. There’s something in our brain called “mirror neurons.” @scriptbrainscientist will be able to elaborate more, but basically it boils down to “Monkey see, monkey do.” We learn how to do things because we mimic the behaviors of people around us. If there’s no one around the character, they won’t know how to do things. The character won’t know how to put on clothes or tie their shoes. They won’t know how to use a fork or knife. They may not even know how to walk.

Even if the character does have some social interaction, if they are mostly isolated, the level of interaction they get isn’t enough to foster normal development.

Now. That’s not to say that the character won’t ever be able to develop language and learn those skills. This kind of thing is not seen often enough for psychologists to make that kind of a conclusion. But every report we’ve seen so far says that feral or isolated kids never reach the level of functioning of same-age peers.

The best-studied case of a child being raised in isolation is that of a girl who was nicknamed “Genie.” 

I’m putting the rest of this post under the jump because what was done to her is nothing short of horrific.

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Hi I had the question about the apocalypse where the vaccine causes schizophrenia. Would it make sense if the MC found a blue print of some sort that helped her make the meds she needed? Like a list of ingredients and then directions. Or would it make more sense to find someone who's kept a lab going through the apocalypse to help her, like a researcher or scientist.

Having your character find a still-functioning laboratory with a chemist would be a great idea! I think that’s the ideal solution. @scriptchemist should be able to get you further information about what you’d need!

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That raises a good question: If gunshot wounds are equally lethal all across the body, why are military personnel instructed to aim for the chest or head? Or is that another myth?

I didn’t say that all gunshot wounds are equally lethal. My point was that all gunshot wounds have the potential to be life threatening. A bullet to the heart and a bullet to the pinky have very different odds ratios of killing the victim, but either can be deadly.

Military personnel are aimed to shoot for the chest because it’s the largest area to aim for, easiest to hit, slowest to move, and has the highest likelihood (outside the head) of disabling or killing your opponent. Police are trained this way, military are trained this way, and they do so because it works.

Headshots are very difficult to pull off, because the head can move and is much smaller than the chest. However, they are almost universally either lethal or permanently disabling.

For more information about firearms and tactics, I highly recommend our Script Family Friend blog @howtofightwrite , who are experts in not only combat, but in translating that combat into nuggets that writers can snap up like treats.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Hello. I've seen a post, where someone said, that they'll (the spn crew) make a big announcement at the spn 2017 sdcc panel. I just wanted to ask you, if you know more things about those news and what you think about them.

I’m afraid I know nothing at all about this - if anyone would know I would think it would be @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper perhaps? :)














A Stupid Chipmunk; 990 words
Isak has his wisdom teeth removed

The first time Even notices that something isn’t right they’re having dinner and Isak is gingerly chewing his food, like every bite is painful.  When he asks Isak shakes his head and says he’s sure it’ll pass in a few days.

He’s probably just been grinding his teeth too much while he studied.

The second sign that something isn’t right comes a week later when they’re settled in their bed and ready for sleep.  Isak’s head is tucked safe and sound under Even’s chin, the same position they always start in, but he seems reluctant to put his weight on Even’s chest.

So Even rubs Isak’s back slowly to help him relax, like the good boyfriend he is.  He falls asleep before Isak, but even in his sleep he’s aware of Isak turning this way and that way every few seconds.  When he asks Isak in the morning his sleepy boyfriend admits that it hurt to put any pressure on his face.

Even gives him some painkillers and kisses his forehead and tells him to look after himself before going to work.

Breaking point comes a few days after that, when Isak refuses to lower his hand from his jaw because his teeth hurt so much.  Even had never had any trouble with his wisdom teeth but he knew enough to make an educated guess that Isak’s were coming through.

They manage to get Isak an emergency dentist appointment.  The dentist prods around Isak’s tender mouth for all of a minute before saying that it most likely is his wisdom teeth.  He sends Isak off with a referral for an x-ray and a prescription to help with the pain.

It’s almost two months after the x-ray confirmed his wisdom teeth were struggling their way out that Isak got an appointment to have them removed.  The nurse emphasises how important it that someone needs to take Isak home afterwards and Even assures them that he’ll get Isak home safe.

He kisses Isak’s forehead and promises that everything will be fine.  He goes to work and spends his whole shift thinking about Isak.

When he finally gets to collect his boyfriend he has a taxi ready to take them home.  Isak seems in a daze from the drugs.  His mouth is all stuffed and it looks like it’s already starting to swell.  He spends the whole taxi ride practically on Even’s lap, fascinated by stroking Even’s face and hair and hoodie and then his face again.

Isak doesn’t talk until Even is helping him up the stairs to their flat.  He stops dead in the middle of the landing and looks at Even with wide eyes.

“They took my teeth, Evy.” He sounds so serious and shocked that Even doesn’t dare laugh.

“I know, babe, they were hurting you remember?” Even guides Isak into the flat, not wanting their neighbours to hear Isak’s drug induced rambling.

“My wisdom teeth!” Isak exclaims, clearly trying to emphasise something to Even.

Even has no idea what though.

“Yeah, just your wisdom teeth.” He agrees, but Isak shakes his head in frustration and then winces as the movement hurts his tender jaw.

“Even,” Isak looks at his with wide eyes.  “What if all my wisdom was in them!  What if I’m stupid now!  I haven’t finished school yet!”

And, oh, Even is never going to forget this.

“I’m almost 100% sure that’s not how it works, Isak, it’s okay.” Even helps Isak out of his coat, trying so fucking hard not to laugh.

“They must be called wisdom teeth for a reason!” Isak looks distraught. “I’ll never get another 6 again! I’ll be stuck on 3’s forever!” He wails as Even tries to shepherd him into bed.

“You’ll be the same amazing student you’ve always been.  Your lack of wisdom teeth won’t change that.” Even promises as he gently pushes Isak onto the bed.

“You sound so smart.” Isak sniffles a little, letting Even put the duvet over him.  “You obviously still have all your teeth.”

“I do, but I also have a really big brain.” Even winks.  Isak doesn’t laugh, though, too drugged up to recognise the joke as what it was.

“Don’t go.” Isak whines, making grabby hands at Even as he turns to go to the kitchen.

“I’ll be right back.” Even kisses over Isak’s hands before going into the kitchen.  He grabs the carton out of the freezer and two spoons and crawls into bed with Isak.

“Doctor’s orders.  Nice soothing ice cream.” Even grins, slinging an arm around Isak’s shoulders.  He passes Isak his spoon and opens up the carton, letting Isak take the first spoonful. They eat in silence for a while, Even nosing at Isak’s curls every so often and planting a kiss among them, until Isak breaks the silence.

“I look like a chipmunk.” He mumbles, staring at his reflection in the spoon.  Even doesn’t really know what to say to that, because the swelling isn’t exactly Isak’s most flattering look but somehow Even still finds it endearing.

“Evy, will you still love me even though I’m an idiot now and I look like one of those stupid chipmunks?” Isak looks up at him with sad eyes and Even can’t even bring himself to make a joke about only if you don’t start singing like one because Isak looks so upset about his fate.

“I fell in love with you for your big heart, Issy.  Not your big brain, or your looks.  I’ll love you no matter what.” Even promises.  Isak sniffles a little and Even’s heart hurts at the sound.

“I love you, Evy.” Isak mumbles, spooning himself a mountain of ice cream.  “Even if I am a stupid chipmunk now.”

Even sets the carton down between them and peppers the lightest of kisses all over Isak’s face while Isak sucks on his spoon miserably.

“I’ll always love you, baby.” Even repeats.  “Besides, you’re an adorable little chipmunk.”


Percy proposes to Annabeth at the camp sing-a-long when the two sang ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’

At the end of the song he got down on one knee and goes “Well I lied. I’d change one thing. Annabeth Chase, will you do me the pleasure of being my one and only Mrs. Chase-Jackson?”

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hello! Catprint just updated thier website and im trying to do individual sizes and different finishes for my prints but cant seem to figure it out? Has anyone made an updated catprint tutorial on orders?

Kiriska: Okay, let’s go!

1. Get ready to upload some stuff.

2. On the left is the list of files you’ve uploaded recently, as well as the option to upload more. On the right is all of the specifications for your job, including size, paper type, finishing, etc.

You cannot have different sizes or paper types per job, but you can have multiple jobs per order! This has always been the case. So let’s take care of 4x6 postcards first.

3. You can upload multiple files at a time now thank god.

While stuff is uploading, you can tab over to paper and choose your preference, as well as how many copies of this job you want. So I’m getting 20 copies of each postcard design I attach to this job, on glossy light cardstock.

I almost never do finishing or envelopes, but if you do, go ahead and set those settings too. Then review everything in Summary. My files are still uploading, so there still isn’t anything attached to the job.

4. Once your files have uploaded, attach them to the job.

Once you attach the files, you can choose your settings for front/back imaging and bleed.

You can attach the same file to the job multiple times if you want more of one design than another. I explained this previously here.

To upload more files or attach a file again, just navigate back to your list of files from the left:

By the way, don’t forget to rotate any images that aren’t oriented the same way as the others, like if you have mostly vertical designs, but there’s this one horizontal one (below). I prefer rotating the images before I upload them instead of using the rotation tools here, but I dunno that it makes much of a difference.

5. Once you’ve got all your files attached, you can go to the summary again, then add the job to your cart:

6. Now you’ve got your glossy postcards ready to go! If you need to also get stuff in a different size or paper or finish, you need to add another job:

7. If you’re wanting to add a similar job to the one you just did – say, you want the same files but on a different type of paper? You can just duplicate the job and change the paper type (and other things, like quantity). 

You can also just copy the specs of the job – say, you want the same paper, but just want to change the size and all the files, etc.

That’s it, I think! It takes a little getting used to, but multi-file upload makes this whole revamp worth it for me, lol. Good luck!

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Yet another video exposing Planned Parenthood’s “option” deception.

For years, Planned Parenthood had claimed to be a “pro-choice” organization, that is, one that helps women regardless of the reproductive choices they make or want to make.

However, if that choice is not to use hormonal birth control and have an abortion if that birth control fails, @plannedparenthood will abandon you.

If you ask for other options or other services, especially for continuing your pregnancy, you will most likely be told to “Google it.”

Clinics that offer prenatal care are few and far between, and adoption referrals are dwarfed by abortion numbers.

In fact, when the undercover investigator calls the first Planned Parenthood facility shown in the video and asks for adoption information, the representative says “We don’t have that here. This is Planned Parenthood.”

She assumes the caller must have dialed the wrong number, because who calls Planned Parenthood unless they want birth control or an abortion?

How pro-choice of you, Planned Parenthood. Look at you, empowering women to make only the choices that positively impact your bottom line.

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my MC has a lot of nightmares. howw would they be treated?

From what I can find, there are two treatments that are consistently recommended to treat nightmares.

Image Rehearsal Therapy

Image Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) is a method of therapy that uses cognitive-behavioral techniques to treat nightmares. It’s fairly brief - it typically only takes 2-4 sessions (something like 3-6 hours in total), and it’s often done as group therapy. It’s a psychoeducational method of therapy, meaning it focuses on teaching skills and providing information.

There are two major components to IRT.

Educational cognitive restructuring

Basically, this helps the character start viewing nightmares as a learned sleep problem. The gist of this is:

The character is afraid to go to bed because of nightmares -> they go to bed more anxious -> they sleep worse and are even more likely to have nightmares.

Imagery education training

This part teaches the character about how dreams work, dream imagery, and how to begin to change them.

The character would be instructed to vividly imagine their nightmares while they’re awake, then imagine a different ending for the nightmare. The character would do this repeatedly, ideally daily, until the altered ending of the nightmare becomes more remembered than the original.

Note - this is NOT lucid dreaming. That’s a different kind of thing. The character is changing the imagery of the dream while they’re still awake, not when they’re asleep.


This is a medication that’s been found to really help people who have nightmares. @scriptpharmacist may be able to help you more!

Note - there are many other possible treatments for nightmares. However, these two have the most research supporting them. If you’re interested in some of the other medications / therapy things, see here.

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You must get lots of asks about how to knock someone out without brain damage, but I'm looking for the exact opposite. Do you know if a bash on the bonce (leading to 30mins-1hr unconsciousness) could lead to brain damage that impairs a character's reading ability? Thanks!

Absolutely. A TBI (traumatic brain injury) can cause swelling that can damage cognition and reading comprehension. Also TBI sufferers tend to get headaches, and can have blurred vision or other visual disturbances. Attention spans tend to shorten during recovery, and they tend to become more irritable, so reading may be possible but they might not be able to sustain it for long.

All of this is neurological, not personal, but it’s still important to realize. It’s also important to remember that reading comprehension won’t be the only thing that changes; there are lots of other changes too.

I suggest checking the head injury and TBI tags, checking out my friend @towertumblng​‘s blog to look at the effects of even minor TBIs, and checking for more info.

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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How do I place ocean climate zones? I know roughly where different biomes go on land (deserts at the horse latitudes, monsoons in the tropics at the ITCZ, maritime climates are milder, all that stuff) but my characters live under the sea. What changes in different parts of the ocean? I know the tropics are warmer and photosynthetic corals are only in the shallows, but how do I place reefs, kelp beds, etc and figure out what their... "weather" ? is like?

Anonymous said: do you know of any geography/climate worldbuilding 101 resources? I’m have a hard time figuring out the layout of my world

Bina:  We might be able to pull together some resources. However, a lot of geography/climate world building is less “be creative and it’ll all be okay” and more “study the real world and apply the patterns you see to your world so that everything makes sense.” Things like wind patterns, how mountain ranges are born and where they’re common, how elevation corresponds with climate, etc. If you wanna know how to set up geography or climate, just crank up Google and research what’s relevant. 

BUT I do have a few links. They’re less worldbuildy and more ‘this is how the real world works,’ which in my opinion is all you need to get started.

Mirintala: We’ll also point you over to @flukedoesecology as a good source for real world ecology stuff.

You know what I hate??? I hate how beautiful and smart he was..And I hate how no one truly saw that. I hate how right he was about certain things and how wrong he was about others. I also hate how he wasted those innocent lives and his own.  But most of all I hate how I don’t hate Eric Harris. (referrence to ‘’10 things I hate about you 1999′’ lol )

sky-fable  asked:

Garchomp is one of my favorite Pokémon. What should I know about raising it? From an egg? Wild?

Garchomp shouldn’t be caught in the wild generally- most pseudo-legendaries shouldn’t. Catch it as a Gible or raise it from an egg.

If you have a Gible, you need a wide sandy area for burrowing with very distinctive borders. Garchomp are territorial, and possibly the fiercest out of all the pseudo-legendaries at defending its little plot. They start early, and will bite at any other Pokémon that dare come near its kingdom. Begin training right away so it recognizes friend from foe, and make sure you don’t allow children or young Pokémon near during this phase.

The Gible line is also carnivorous, and needs plenty of meat to grow large and strong. In the wild, they feed on Sandshrew mostly. In domesticity, any rodent Pokémon can be subsituted, including Yungoos, Patrat and Rattata. Throwing in some vitamins in with there too might help, to ensure a thick, tough scale cover and good eyesight.