the reener


Let me tell you bout Reena, Reener, Reener baneener.

She’s my bestfriend and one of my favorite people (other than you know who). She is so very beautiful, kind hearted and one of the realist and honest people I have ever met. I alway’s have anxiety meeting her but as soon as she got out of her car and hugged me I felt comfortable. Everytime we hang out it’s fun even if we just chill there on our phones. Our car rides are lit and we alway’s sing and just talk. We attract the weirdest people around eachother (especially the guy with his weed LOL). We are alway’s there for eachother when we need someone and can open up about so much and keep eachothers secrets. She makes me not afraid to be so social. I cherrish every moment I get to hangout with her and meeting her irl was the best day of my year so far and one of my favorite moments especially after knowing her online for so many years 💖. This lil bitch means so much to me I love her so much I cant wait for many more years of best friendship with her ❤.

I love you reena and every moment with you is fun even if we are just chillin on our phones and smoking or sitting there drinking fireball and watching bobs burgers, I miss you so much and cant wait to see you again soon, hopefully you can get the 12th off and we can get lit on my birthday theres no other person (except bf) who Id want to spent it with 💖 @lukewarmsparkles