the reel catch

  • Percy: are you a fisherman because i think you're a reel catch
  • Nico: you spelled real wrong
  • Percy: throw this one back into the water boys we've got ourselves a city slicker
Jin is the guardian angel

In this scene there are calla lilies, they are used to represent youth, resurrection, and rebirth but also represent the untimely death of a person who died before his/her time

So Jin is already dead, but he keeps being resurrected to save the members and help them to make better choices in their lives. HE IS THE TRUE GUARDIAN ANGEL. That’s why he changes clothes so often, every time he goes to save them he wears something different because he has a different identity, that’s why there’s a mountain of clothes in Spring Day

That’s why he’s doing laundry 

That’s why he’s always watching them through the lense of a camera because he’s watching over them

But the members keep making bad decisions and he keeps having to go back and save them, he’s stuck in a time loop which is why he looks so exhausted here

Every time he saves the members something always goes wrong like it did in the third highlight reel 

But he catches the vase before anything can truly break apart and become irreplaceable

He’s going to save them again, just like he always does. Jin has been saving them for a very long time now (since HYYH started I’m pretty sure)

(read her thread on Twitter, it makes so much sense in relation to the recent highlight reels)

And also if you remember in the prologue, V jumps off of the landing and most likely kills himself. All of his bad decisions led to that moment, Jin was not able to save him in the end. Which is why in Spring Day  

They’re both changing clothes like he is at the end of the recent highlight reel. Except I don’t think V became a good guardian angel, he became more of a demon, something evil or a fallen angel because of the sins he committed in his past life (killing his father)

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PROMPT: Poe trying to explain exactly how many bullets he would take for Leia to someone

The blow’s not sharp enough to knock Poe back—not really—but it does anyway. Or maybe he just…he lets it. Lets himself stumble back, reeling, barely catching himself on the edge of the table. For a moment that’s all he can think about: the grain of the wood under his palms, the pool of wetness from the sweating glasses. They’d been eating, sharing a meal just a few moments ago. He’d been laughing.

When Poe turns back, his father’s breathing hard, chest rising and falling like bellows, or maybe some dying animal. His eyes are wet. 

“Don’t do this,” Kes says. “Don’t…not this. Not….”

The shame curdles in Poe’s stomach. The last time papa sounded like that, Poe had just come back from his first term at the Academy, and he’d made a nasty comment about.Ana Lucia, her thick Alderaanian accent—he couldn’t remember the comment, just the shame on his father’s face, how cheap and small he’d felt afterwards. 

He swallows. “You don’t understand—”

“You can go back,” Kes says almost feverishly. “You can. The New Republic—you’re so close to earning your rank pin, you could go back—”

“I can’t,” Poe murmurs. He feels dizzy, and he doesn’t think it’s the beer, or how hot his cheek is burning. “I can’t, I…the General asked me.”

Kes looks at him. “No. No, Poe, no that’s not…”

But it is. When Poe shuts his eyes, he can still see her standing there in the hall, smiling a crescent-moon smile and her dark eyes fixed on him. She’d gotten softer, since Mama’s funeral—just around the middle, at her jaw; her mouth marked with lines mama would never have—and Poe had been breathless just looking at her. It was like stumbling into a nebula, all cold-burning and sheer, impossible glory, vaster than you could imagine. Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan. Survivor of Worlds.

She’d taken him by the wrist, and she’d smiled, and she’d said, you look just like your mother, Dameron.

(He’d appreciated, in a distant sort of way, the dance that came after—she took him out to dinner, and flattered him, and spun grand and glittering ideologies to lure him in, but the sad truth was she’d had him before then. She’d had him in the corridor on Chandrila, soft at the waist and durasteel in her hair, and sharp as a vibroblade.

He’d played Lost Princess of Alderaan too often, not to be won over by the princess in white, telling him he was her only hope.)

“I’m sorry,” Poe says to his father. “Really. I am, I’m…”

“She’ll kill you,” Kes says, and there’s an awful surety to the way he says it. “She’ll be the death of you, just like—”

“I know,” Poe says quickly, and Kes flinches like Poe’s struck him in return. (He’s old, and soft too—Poe’s never seen him look so tired, hunched over with the weight of his son going off to die in a war he tried so hard to end.) “But I have to, papa. I have to…she’s…she needs me. It’s worth it. To defend the galaxy, to save us.”

He sounds like he’s pleading. He hates it.

“No. She doesn’t need you, she just needs—someone. Anyone. A body, something to hurl at the—at the void—”

“That’s okay!” Poe says. His voice breaks on it, and he has to tell himself to calm down, to breathe. Just breathe. “I know it’s not…it’s not me, but it’s okay. She needs someone, and I can be someone. I can…”

He almost says, die for her, but he catches himself. He knows it’s messed up—at some point, it all got tangled in his head, flying and falling and the Light and Leia Organa, who is and isn’t the whole galaxy. There’s a part of him that knows how hopeless it all is, the mess of longing and loyalty; there’s another part of him that doesn’t care. There’s a spark in him that—

(His mother died when she was young, a patchwork of blaster scars and eyes turned up to the stars. He wants her to be proud of him. He wants General Organa to be proud of him. He wants to be proud of himself. These are not all distinct longings.)

“I just wanted to tell you,” Poe says carefully, not quite meeting his father’s eyes. “I wanted you to—know, where I was. So if you heard any stories…”

He hears his father’s heavy boots shuffle across the floor, and Poe braces himself. When the touch comes, it’s cool, impossibly gentle. His father’s hand is rough and calloused and huge as the sky. 

He exhales, shuddering.

“Don’t come back,” Kes says, and Poe gulps. He refuses to cry, even when his father presses his forehead to his. “I mean it. Don’t…don’t come back.”

“Okay,” Poe says. His voice is thin, shaky. He breathes, forces himself to pull away. “Okay.”

He walks away, out of the kitchen and out of the house and out of the yard and into the field where the s’add is high and green. He climbs up into his x-wing; initiates takeoff protocol. He does not look back. Not even once.


Gotta catch em all - SKA cover 


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FFXV x Hocus Pocus AU Ideas Part 2

Part 1


  • So Gladiolus Middle-Name Amicitia lights the black candle on Halloween Night
    • Gladio!!!
      • Yes, he is a virgin
      • Mistakes were made
      • Ignis: “Gladiolus you bloody twat”
    • Prompto is the only one not freaking out when the house begins to shake and glow and Bad Things are Clearly Happening
      • Because he is TOO PISSED TO BE AFRAID
      • He keeps his promise. He curses Gladiolus with an eagle tattoo that spreads from his back to his chest and shoulders.
        • Gladio: “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO”
        • Prompto: “WHAT HAD TO BE DONE”
        • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
    • It’s time to stop screaming and start hiding when they hear voices outside
      • In come the Sanderson Brothers
        • Ardyn, the eldest. Slick and slimy with an awful air of charisma that draws people to him…
        • Iedolas, the middle sibling (even though he looks like a grandpa). Basically a walking punchline. Neither of his brothers take him seriously. Useful only because he’s got the ability to pick up a scent like a daemon hellhound. 
        • Loqi, the youngest. Conceited. (I mean. Fair– he’s very pretty.) Wants to be in charge, but also acknowledges that Ardyn is Quite Scary so he’s okay with his second fiddle. Sings like a hearthrob rockstar and moves all the girls and boys to tears.
      • Ardyn: “Welcome back, boys. It is time to Feast on the Life Force of the Young People”
      • Iedolas: “I smell a witch”
        • It’s PROMPTO OH NO
          • They find him hiding behind the cauldron
            • Loqi: “What century did you crawl out of”
            • Prompto: “Uh. The 21st”
            • Loqi: “Honestly. 21st century witches. No style”
            • Prompto: “Honestly. 18th century witches. NO TEETH” *Punches Loqi in the face*
              • He tries to get away as Loqi reels back, but Ardyn catches him and shoves him deeper into the room. Things don’t look good for Prompto. He’s no good at offensive magic and Ardyn’s powers are LEAGUES above his own
                • They’ve got Prompto pinned against the wall. He’s young enough that the Brothers aren’t above stealing his life away so that they can stay young forever
                • Gladio: *Jumping out from behind a bookcase* “HEY! ASSHOLES!”
                  • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
                  • Gladio:
                  • Also Gladio: “FEAR THE RESULT OF MASS POLLUTION! ACID RAIN!!!!!!!” *Sticks a lighter under the smoke detector, which turns on the sprinklers*
                    • He grabs Prompto in the confusion and everyone runs for their lives
                    • Noctis tells Ignis to grab Ardyn’s spell book on the way out
  • Noctis has the bright idea of going to the cemetery since witches can’t step on hallowed ground
    • Prompto: *A witch who can’t step on hallowed ground* “You guuuuuuuuuuuuys”
    • Also Prompto: *Sighs* “Good thing I brought my broom”
      • Ignis suggests that they meet up somewhere else once they feel safe, but Prompto doesn’t want the group to split up. He’s not the world’s cleverest witch, but he’s better protection than nothing
        • Plus he doesn’t want to be alone eeek! Ardyn is fucking terrifying
          • So. Yes. Prompto flies on his broomstick alongside the others.
            • Iris wants a ride!!!
              • Gladio: “Absolutely not”
              • Gladio’s Tattoo: “SQUAWK”
              • Also Gladio: “IS THIS FOR FUCKING EVER??!?!??!??!?!?!”
              • Prompto: “Um”
              • Also Prompto: “Have you tried putting your hand over its beak”
              • Gladio: *Does so*
              • Gladio’s Tattoo: *Muffled squawking*
              • Gladio: “WHAT THE FUCK”
              • Prompto: “IOU… one roll of duct tape”
    • It doesn’t take long for the Sanderson Brothers to catch up
      • Since they can’t set foot in the cemetery, Ardyn brings Ravus Nox Fleuret back from the dead to help capture them
        • Ravus doesn’t seem particulary excited to help but he chases after them anyway
  • The group escapes in the sewers
    • Prompto has no idea if he’s still on hallowed ground or not. The tunnels are too narrow to navigate a broom
      • Ignis carries Prompto in his arms
      • Gladio: “God, I wish that were me”
      • Noctis: *Wading through filthy water so he can lead the way out of the sewers* “Same tbh”

To be continued…

Have You Ever Seen a Happy Ending

Request: “I know you just posted Have you seen a man break (pt. 2 for Have you seen a heart shatter) and I already need part 3!:D Do you know when you might post it, cause I can’t wait, hah” among other sweet messages

Word Count: 2,183

Pairing: Newt x Reader
Part 1  |  Part 2

Requested by many, including @wefracturedmotivation

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The cover of unconsciousness only blocks the pain of your wounds for two minutes and six seconds. Jacob knows; he started counting as soon as he shook your limp body. He’d swayed when he saw your left arm swing in every direction and the puddle of blood soaking into lips and forehead. Still, he pressed a hand against your chest, nearly crying in relief when he felt your erratic heartbeat. He’d focused on his watch, counting every second, begging you to wake up.

The mist blocking your vision and nerves evaporates in small pieces, fading at the edges first before the center breaks away in tiny flecks. With every spot that floats away, Jacob’s voice pierces through the lingering haze, louder and louder until you can’t ignore it.

You shove past the final spots of the mist and embrace the agony of consciousness.

Jacob’s sweaty face is bent over you, dark eyes wide as you open yours. He starts to spit out question after question. It’s too fast. You want to tell him to slow down but your mouth doesn’t cooperate.

You tune him out, unable to keep up with the sounds he’s making. You focus on breathing in and out through your mouth to hold the churning contents of your stomach down. Your nose throbs with every heartbeat. Blood lines your teeth and coats your tongue, but you can’t spit it out.

The rest of your body burns, glass sticking into your arms and legs and back. Tears leak from the corners of your eyes, washing a path through the grime and blood on your face.

“Don’t close your eyes. Stay with me.” Jacob grabs your shoulder.

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sorta a sequel to paper airplanes.

pairings: Connor Murphy x Reader

warnings: None. Just super fluff and bad pickup lines.

a/n: y’all, I think this is cute as fuck and I love it.

After the paper airplane incident, you decided that maybe your calling was to do origami. So, everyday you would make new origami and place it somewhere where you knew Connor was going to find it. You left little fish origamis in his sink or in his bathtub, you put little frog origamis on the steps to his house and on the ‘Welcome’ mat out front, and you would also leave origami cranes on his window sill.

At first, Connor was pissed off. You were leaving trash all over his house and it was annoying as fuck. He constantly had to check every nook and crevice to make sure that you hadn’t left him these unwanted scraps of paper. He wouldn’t necessarily throw them away (although he told you he did because he didn’t want you to know that he kept them in the drawer under his bedside table), but he said he didn’t keep them.

However, after a while, you decided to spice up your origami skills and quickly added a plot twist to these little origami creatures your made. As Connor picked up one of the origami fishes you had left in his bathtub, he noticed what looked like graphite sticking out from the corner. He cautiously opened the paper before crumpling after he read what was on it, he face flushing.

In your familiar handwriting was written, ‘You’re a reel catch ;)’.

The next day, he found a cat on his bed. Unfolding it, a light blush covered his cheeks and he smiled lightly, ‘Are you a cat? Because you’re purrrrfect!’.

This, of course, continued until one day, when you were digging around in your backpack, you pulled out a crumpled origami dinosaur. Tilting your head, you unfolded the piece of paper and you blushed heavily as you read ‘If you were a dinosaur, you’d be a gorgeousaurus’ scribbled in Connor’s handwriting.

Smiling to yourself, you quickly got to work, folding a new piece of paper and completely restarting when you thought that it wasn’t perfect enough because it had to be perfect.  

Connor grumbled as opened his locker, cursing when something fell on top of his head. His mood worsened when he thought that it was another note making fun of him. However, when he looked down, all his aggravated thoughts faded away and he carefully picked up the light red heart. For the rest of the day, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face and, he’d never tell you this, he kept that little origami heart in his backpack, making sure that he could always read it.

I’m glad you were the one who stole my heart.

The 1–2–3 Step To Mastering the Sugar Daddy Search

So many aspiring SBs have similar beginnings. It all starts by signing up for one of the many SD websites. A profile is written. Stunning photos are uploaded. And then the fun begins.

For the first couple of days, the inbox fills up with emails from interested SDs. Replies are sent. Emails are exchanged and dates are set up.

There are so many POTs! The aspiring SB is elated.

It’s all good up to this point, but as every SB learns…the emails start to dry up after awhile if you don’t spring for paid, featured membership. The thing is, your profile no longer gets top mention, you’re no longer new news, and most SDs don’t have/make/take the time to go perusing through thousands of SB profiles to stumble across yours.

So what does the aspiring SB do? She keeps correspondence with the POTs that contacted her the first couple of days, hoping that one of them will “work out.”

Each of the POTs seem promising… ’til they’re not and then the aspiring SB is back at square one, feeling deflated, rejected and irked at the empty promises of the sugar world.

If you’ve been there before, know that you’re not the only one. And also know this: there is a better method to finding a SD.

You see – whereas seducing a SD is an art, finding a SD is a science. One that consists of an easy-to-follow, 3-step process.

Step 1. Cast a Wide Net

Success in sugar dating is hugely a numbers game – the more SDs you interact with, the higher your chances of finding the ideal arrangement.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is limit the range of SDs you have access to.

To cast your net as wide as possible, use both a passive and an active approach.

The passive approach is easily done:

  • Sign up for each of the best SD dating websites. The majority of them – like all but one – are totally, completely, 100% free for SBs so you have nothing to lose. Note: Don’t go too overboard and register for a dozen websites – it’ll be a full-time job keeping track of them and a lot of sugar daddy dating sites aren’t that great. Stick to just a few of the best ones.
  • Craft an awesome SB profile and post the same one on each of them.

Pretty much all the SD dating websites charge the men. For this reason, most SDs will sign up for just ONE sugar dating site and stick to it. But this doesn’t mean you have to – increase your access to every pool of SDs possible by making sure you sign up for all the best sugar dating websites. After all, why would you spend so much time writing the perfect profile for just one site when you can easily post it up to a few and double-triple-quadruple the number of SDs you can reel in?

Now as you let your profile(s) work for you, get to work yourself…

The active approach takes a little more time but is infinitely worth it:

  • Spend at least an hour a day searching the sugar dating websites for SDs who appeal to you.
  • Make the first move by contacting POTs with a short, interesting email.
  • Keep both quality and quantity in mind: Plan to contact as many promising SDs as possible in a short amount of time. Not all of them will reply. And not all of the ones who reply will work out. So the more, the merrier.

SDs are busy creatures. They often don’t have the time to browse through thousands of SB profiles to find the diamond in the rough – you. If you want to catch your ideal SD, plan to do much of the searching yourself. Don’t limit yourself to the pool of men contacting you – figure out what it is you want and go find him! This will increase both the quantity and the quality of POTs in your pool, making it easier for you to reel in a good catch.

Step 2. Keep Track of Your POTs

If you’re doing Step 1 right, you’re going to have a lot of POTs around. Your cup runneth over…and you’re going to need a method to keep track of them all.

Step 2 is all about organization. And no, that does not sound all that exciting, but it is a must-do.

You see, casting a wide net is super important but it is all in vain if you let the good fish slip through your fingers.

Keeping track of all the POTs you talk to lets you:

  • Weed out the undesirables – and make sure you don’t mistakenly waste time on them in the future
  • Chart your progress with the SDs who seem promising
  • Remember little details about each POT so you can build relationships with each promising POT
  • While at the same time, keeping your options way, way open so if one POT falls through, you still have a whole array of POTs to take his place

And it’s really not that difficult to do this. Just keep a “Sugar Log”, a simple Microsoft Doc or Excel Spreadsheet that you can record all your POTs on. You can make it look any way you want and add in whatever details are important to you.

Here is a rough example to help you get started:

You can add details like:

  • Name, screen name, profile links
  • Personal details: Occupation, Hobbies/Interests
  • Contact information
  • When and where you met and when you talked on the phone
  • Their preferred arrangement details and allowance range
  • A “Notes” section

The “Notes” section is the most important since it allows you to write freely on everything you’ve observed about a POT. We’ve found it to be the most useful tool in the sugar search. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about a person from one date or even a phone conversation when you have to write about it afterwards.

The more detailed the “Notes” section, the easier it is to pass on unappealing SDs and to keep track of POTs. We’ve been surprised to see how accurate some of our first impressions of POTs turned out to be.

Alan, the POT on the third row, has all his information crossed out because that’s an easy way to keep track of no-go sugar daddies without deleting their information (so you remember not to talk to them if you come across them again). The notes on him turned out to be spot-on. He was anal, supremely self-involved, and mostly interested in dating a SB who would hang on his every word and be very grateful for…dinner and his fantastic company. He was crossed out after the first date but continued to keep on calling for weeks, unable to understand how anyone could pass on him.

A well-kept “Sugar Log” can be the difference between a successful sugar search and a massive time sink.

Make one. Think of it as your little black sugar baby book. And no matter what – even if a POT seems so promising, he makes you want to ditch all the others – maintain your little black book.

Step 3. Rinse and Repeat

Keep searching. Keep going on dates. Keep recording all your minute observations on your “Sugar Log.” And keep on growing and maintaining your list ’til you find yourself in an ongoing sugar arrangement with a SD you like…

But even then, don’t let the list die out. Just do it part-time.

Date the girl with five eyes who comes ashore in the evenings, dancing and playing with the shoals of mackerel. She crawls onto the shingle when the fishermen cast their lines, and watches them reel in their catch. As the sun sets, they gather around small fires and she joins them, staring into the flame and relishing the warmth.     

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Enma Dino and Xanxus falling in love with nerdy, shy college student?


I love shy s/o~~

// Admin Chrome



  • The two of you meet in a library. You are there studying for a class, and Enma is there searching for a book. When you go searching for a certain book, you and Enma bump into each other.
  • Enma is the type to fall in love at first sight. He sees your trembling body and blushing face when you accidentally bump into him, and Enma knows then that he wants you.
  • Enma waits everyday at the library to see if you show up again. It isn’t until a week later that you make an appearance once again. Enma makes his move to reel you in and catch you.
  • He manages to get you alone (you had went to search for a book, and ended up in a secluded corner, poor you). You are reading a book that you found, and he comes up, and takes the book from you.
  • Shocked, you notice that the man in front of you is very handsome, which makes you stare down at your shoes, feeling your insides twist with nerves. Your face feels hot, and you can barely form words.
  • Seeing you barely meeting his eyes and playing with the fringe of your shirt, Enma is having a field day. He loves it. Leaning against the bookshelf, Enma asks you on a date. Which you say yes to (a little too quickly, may I add), and Enma knows then that he has you in his grasp already.
  • Enma really loved making you blush and squirm. Seeing your reactions really made him fall in love with you. It also was a delight to see you getting all serious about your schoolwork, since it was nice having someone so intelligent around.


  • The two of you meet when Dino accidentally spills coffee on you. Dino had visited a cafe in Japan, but once he had gotten his drink, he caught sight of you, and tripped over his own two feet.
  • You were working in a little booth, your books surrounding you and were studying with some coffee to keep you sane. Dino had seen you from the corner of his eye, and thought you were so adorable. The way your face lit up in a blush and you panicked when he accidentally spilled the drink was so adorable that you had him hooked.
  • He kept coming back, and he would spy on you from a different table in the shop. You didn’t notice, and Dino got to see the serious attitude you took on while you worked. It was honestly endearing to him, and Dino wanted to know more about you.
  • Dino had finally decided to take the final move. One day, Dino had slid into the seat across from you, which immediately caught your attention. Your face heated up and you could feel your tongue twisting while trying to ask why he sat here. Why was this dude so hot? What did he want from you of all people?
  • Dino turns the flirt on high. He’ so suave that you can barely keep yourself together. You know people are staring at you, and you just want to crawl into a corner and die. However, you are enraptured by the handsome man named Dino Cavallone.
  • You barely even registered agreeing to the date, it just happened. Dino smiled in triumph, and was already planning ten different ways to get you to fall in love with him.
  • Dino could watch you for hours talk about the things you were so passionate about, and seeing how much knowledge you owned made him proud. Every time you blushed and stuttered around him made Dino fall in love with you all over again.


  • You had been in the wrong place, at the wrong time. You were walking home late from the library and, when turning into an alley (shortcut back to your apartment), you were suddenly grabbed, a knife pressed into your neck.
  • You were crying, and waiting for someone to come, and then someone stepped out from the darkness. There was a scowl of disgust, and a shot rang out. Before you knew it, the man was dead.
  • Trembling with fear, you finally took in the other man. He was tall, dark, and handsome. His glare pierced through you and you could see him scoping you out, but you managed to stutter out a thanks before another man with silver hair entered.
  • The man cast one more look at you before he left. You thought the whole ordeal was over with and you’d never see the stranger again. You were wrong.
  • Xanxus couldn’t forget about your face since your encounter. It angered him to be so hung up on you for only meeting you for a moment. Seeing how timid and helpless you were had Xanxus thinking about you everyday. You were also thinking about the stranger every day and night. It was honestly making you both crazy.
  • Xanxus finally gave up, and searched you out. It took a few weeks, but they managed to pin point exactly who you were. You went to a college in Italy, and placed high in academics. Xanxus set out to claim you. He waited in his car at your school, and while you were walking home, snatched you up. You were a blushing and stuttering mess at the whole event, but you couldn’t help thinking about how handsome and kind the stranger was.
  • After Xanxus made his move, the two of you started “dating”. Most of the time the two of you were in a room together and Xanxus would be napping and you’d be doing homework. If you needed help, Xanxus would offer. Sometimes, Xanxus would rile you up just to see the beautiful expressions of timidness, want, and embarrassment.

a fun little science fact about draconis mons

the glowing blue strands around the area aren’t actually based on a plant or even a fungus- they’re larval fungus gnats! most likely from genus Arachnocampa since those are the ones well known in Australia and New Zealand for making caves light up like this 

(image source)

the strands hanging down are sticky mucus snares, sometimes poisonous ones, that help them catch and reel in food!

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A Victuuri prompt: Yuri and Victor take a break from practice and go exploring into a local town at night. They get into a little trouble after one two many drinks. Choice of location is yours!

“Say something in Spanish. Go, go, go.”

“But my Spanish is terrible!”

“Aw, come on! We’ve been in Barcelona long enough for you to have learned something. Go. Go!”

“Okay. Um. Okay. Ahem. Ready?”


“El queso en el pan.”

El what?”

“El que– El queso– Aw, damn it.”

Yuuri barks out a laugh, the force of it sending him reeling. Victor catches him with a soft grunt, a smile coiling the corners of his mouth. They smell like wine and cologne and drunken jubilee, an intoxicated joy that sends them tumbling to the ground. 

Atop the grass, they giggle uncontrollably, the world a dark stretch of black peppered by incandescent colors. The city of Barcelona gleams around them, their neat little patch of earth disconnected from the rest of the world. On their backs, they gaze at the stars in the sky, at the tiny breaths of light that glint down at them, and Yuuri thinks of how no matter where he is in the world, the sky is always the same.

Victor is always the same.

His only constant in the madness of his life, he seeks him out with a coy hand atop his body. Through his shirt, he can feel his taut stomach, the undulant waves of his breathing, how each inhale and exhale sways at the backs of his fingers, like wisps of life he can catch, hold in his grasp and cherish forever. His eyes travel up to his face, and he sees that Victor’s own eyes are closed, his lips parted slightly, the pert tip of his nose shooting upwards to the sky.

And he can’t help it. He can’t help it when he leans in to taste him, to kiss his eyelids, his cheeks, his mouth. Promptly, he feels Victor’s tongue thrust into him, and, gasping, he pulls away.

“It’s okay,” Victor whispers, cradling his face, his warm breath fogging his glasses. “It’s okay.”

They kiss again, this time harder, and the world fades to the backs of their minds, because Victor peppers smooches all over Yuuri’s face, drawing out a map he soon follows with diaphanous whispers that make his head spin. They’re drunk, the two of them. Drunk and hot and covered with grass and happy. The tip of Yuuri’s tongue drags along the plush line of Victor’s bottom lip, and his own moan is quickly interrupted by a distant shout of, “Guys!”

Yurio stands with Christophe and Phichit, all ruddy in the face and flushed with embarrassment. Victor’s sudden laugh is a drum that pounds in the air, but Yuuri isn’t laughing. He hides his face in his hands, mewling.

“There you are!”

“Get a room, you two!”

“Do you have any idea how long we’ve been looking for you?”

Ignoring their friends’ banter, Victor holds Yuuri in his arms, moving his lips to his ear, breathing:

“You know what else I’ve learned to say here in Barcelona?”

And he can feel the wine like a hot film settling on his cheeks, the churning pit of his stomach, heavy like a rock. He queries, with alcohol in his breath and starlight in his eyes, “What?”

Te amo.