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When did the Arcade really become something? Was it before or after the Pinball machines became popular?

Arcades actually go back to the early 1900s in the US, where they were called Penny Arcades, and while they had slot machines and pinball, they also had things like love testers and Edison kinetiscopes where you could watch a woman take her clothes off.

People are often surprised to hear that the pinball machine didn’t have flippers until 1947 and they weren’t even at the bottom of the playfield until the early 1960s. Pinball (at least in the form it currently exists) is a lot newer than you think and is barely a decade older than the arrival of video games. The original form of pinball was basically a game of chance where a ball was dropped only to ding off metal pins at random and fall down holes with different payouts, very much like the modern game of pachinko.

Because Pinball was for gambling, there was a huge moral crusade against them in the early part of this century. On a personal note, my grandma used to tell me to stay away from “hooch, wild women, and pinball” (sorry Nani, I failed you on all three).

New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia declared war on pinball, and vowed to smash every single pinball machine that existed. Technically, pinball has only been legal in New York City since 1976.

What the Penny Arcades of the turn of the century actually had to offer wasn’t quite as important as who visited them, who the audience was for them: they were designed as cheap entertainment for the huge wave of American immigrants in big cities who had a little bit of money to spend. A major part of the reason movies were always a universal art form accessible to everyone (as opposed to something like ballet or theater) is that they had their origins with kinetiscope amusements consumed by immigrants in penny arcades, along with the nickelodeons that showed things like sports reels for boxing matches aimed at working class sports fans.

If I could be allowed a little digression, this is always why something like “upscale” movie theater chains like the Alamo Drafthouse make my skin crawl. Movies should be for the poor and for everyone, not for people who can shell out $14 for a bad order of hot wings, or a milkshake with wine in it. It’s a sinister sign of how wealth is massively concentrated in our new gilded age that these upscale theater chains target a shrinking percentage of the population with disposable income instead of the impoverished masses. The selling point of upscale movie theaters is that they automatically kick out anyone making noise, too, to create a “genteel” movie experience free of riff-raff, which I think is the kind of snotty crap a bad guy in a Rodney Dangerfield comedy would do. Recently, Alamo made waves for having all female showings of Wonder Woman. I have nothing against this idea (why would anyone be offended by this when you can see the movie in a thousand places?), but it comes off as phony grandstanding when done by a chain who’s sole reason for existing is delivering an experience for rich people. The living version of this image below: 

Returning to the original point, the key thing to remember about video games is this: in the beginning, they didn’t start off in the arcades, but were marketed toward bars and bowling alleys. This is why the marketing for these games in the early days was extremely adult. It kind of reminds me of how, come 2007 or so, the discussion around the Nintendo Wii was that it was a toy that could get you laid. Little by little, video games started to creep into the arcades.

The tipping point where the momentum shifted toward video games over pinball in the arcade was definitely Space Invaders in ’78, which was so wildly successful it showed that arcade video games were here to stay, and that they were a bigger moneymaker than the pinball machines were. There’s a story that Japan had a shortage of the ¥100 coin because of Space Invaders, which unfortunately is just too cool to be true, but it does go to show how it was a new cultural force that came in. 


Just in case you missed it: Transparent Branches was released yesterday and the official trailer was released on youtube ^^ 

01 Mizuiro Girlfriend  / PELICAN FANCLUB
02 Platform  / KISHIDAN
03 Melancholic  / KIYOHARU
04 Angel Dust  / People In The Box
05 Silent Noise  / AIKAWA NANASE
06 Mirai Iro  / OGATA MEGUMI
07 Fukurou  / a crowd of rebellion
08 Kuuhaku no Hi  / GOOD ON THE REEL
09 Sangatsu Itsuka  / MUCC
10 Tsumetai Hikari  / LM.C
11 Sink  / R-SHITEI
12 Andro Metamorphose  / THE NOVEMBERS
13 Zero / Plastic Tree

【release information】 Plastic Tree Tribute Album + four live shows in September

It has been announced that a Plastic Tree tribute album, named 『Plastic Tree Tribute〜Transparent Branches〜』, will go on sale September 6th.

12 different artists are going to participate in this release to cover songs in their own way and arrangements. The following artists/bands can then be found on the album:

R指定 (R-Shitei)
相川七瀬 (Aikawa Nanase)
a crowd of rebellion
緒方恵美 (Ogata Megumi)
氣志團 (Kishidan)
清春 (Kiyoharu)
People In The Box

Check out further information below ↓

Plastic Treeメジャーデビュー二十周年“樹念”トリビュートアルバム (Plastic Tree Major debut 20th anniversary ‘Junen’ tribute album
『Plastic Tree Tribute〜Transparent Branches〜』
Release date: 2017/9/6
Price: 3,000 YEN + tax
* tracklist and cover art is still unknown

Besides that, 4 circuit live shows within one day with 20 artists (Plastic Tree included) are going to follow, after the release of this tribute album, on September 9th.

Also here, check out the detailed information below ↓

Plastic Treeメジャーデビュー二十周年“樹念“主催公演
虚を捨てよ、町へ出よう 弍

(Plastic Tree Major Debut 20th anniversary ‘Junen’ hostet performances
Kyo wo suteyo, machi e deyou ni
〜Chiba Shinjuku Akasaka Toyosu, Yotsu no chō heto de kake〼, Miyako-ken ichi nichi sakitto-hen〜

Date: 2017/9/9
Venues: Chiba LOOK, Shinjuku BLAZE, Akasaka BLITZ and Toyosu PIT

yesterday, i bought another reel-to-reel recorder and a box filled to the brim with old cassettes, microphones, etc. at goodwill for 40 dollars. most of the tapes are recorded from churches where i live, the earliest being from 1971.


We found another tape from this series of psychedelic designs of 1970s-era tape boxes. One of a series of designs made by Capitol Records for reel-to-reel home recording. This one features symbols for celestial bodies with the sun in the center!

☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♁ ♇ 

for a positive JL thing - gotta say.. whenever i watch the amazon sequence i’m like sign me the fuck up… the bit where one shoots an arrow w/ the box and another jumps from a horse onto another horse to catch the arrow and reel in the box i’m like :OOOO

Miraculous Season 2: Episodes 1-6 (review)

A few people requested that I talk about the episodes of Miraculous that have aired in France. For those who maybe watch the show in other languages, I’ll be putting it all under a “read more”.

I’ll make another post - also under a “read more” - if anyone wants me to elaborate on any of my opinions, so feel free to send asks if you so desire!

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The best way to spend Halloween you ask? How about flirting with a Dorito shaped demon? XD

Fic: Dragons and Scars (T)

Author’s note: Short one shot. Set just before the start of 4.12, I guess? Not not entirely sure where this idea came from, I just wanted some fluff before I got back to Heart by Heart. Oh and SPOILERS for Game of Thrones if you’ve never seen it. Like I said. Weird idea. Enjoy!

Dragons and Scars

It started about a month ago.

After two weeks of no villains, no emergencies, no nothing, it had finally dawned on her that things were quiet. And while some people were still coming to terms with recent curse and Gold’s banishment, Emma was starting to relax. So much so that she decided to make good on that offer of home and Netflix that she’d made to Killian not long ago.

At first, it was a bit awkward, since her parents were usually in the next room, pretending like they weren’t. Unfortunately, the occasionally crying baby gave them away. That and David’s glowering every time Killian entered the loft. Emma thought it was both ridiculous and adorable, since she was pretty sure her dad actually liked Killian. He just didn’t want to admit it.

Snow White wasn’t the only stubborn one.

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