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【release information】 Plastic Tree Tribute Album + four live shows in September

It has been announced that a Plastic Tree tribute album, named 『Plastic Tree Tribute〜Transparent Branches〜』, will go on sale September 6th.

12 different artists are going to participate in this release to cover songs in their own way and arrangements. The following artists/bands can then be found on the album:

R指定 (R-Shitei)
相川七瀬 (Oikawa Nanase)
a crowd of rebellion
緒方恵美 (Ogata Megumi)
氣志團 (Kishidan)
清春 (Kiyoharu)
People In The Box

Check out further information below ↓

Plastic Treeメジャーデビュー二十周年“樹念”トリビュートアルバム (Plastic Tree Major debut 20th anniversary ‘Junen’ tribute album
『Plastic Tree Tribute〜Transparent Branches〜』
Release date: 2017/9/6
Price: 3,000 YEN + tax
* tracklist and cover art is still unknown

Besides that, 4 circuit live shows within one day with 20 artists (Plastic Tree included) are going to follow, after the release of this tribute album, on September 9th.

Also here, check out the detailed information below ↓

Plastic Treeメジャーデビュー二十周年“樹念“主催公演
虚を捨てよ、町へ出よう 弍

(Plastic Tree Major Debut 20th anniversary ‘Junen’ hostet performances
Kyo wo suteyo, machi e deyou ni
〜Chiba Shinjuku Akasaka Toyosu, Yotsu no chō heto de kake〼, Miyako-ken ichi nichi sakitto-hen〜

Date: 2017/9/9
Venues: Chiba LOOK, Shinjuku BLAZE, Akasaka BLITZ and Toyosu PIT


Out Of The Box: Master Reel (Chris talking about the Kurt and Burt relationship in Glee at 9:40 and about gay representation at 12:52)

Fic: Dragons and Scars (T)

Author’s note: Short one shot. Set just before the start of 4.12, I guess? Not not entirely sure where this idea came from, I just wanted some fluff before I got back to Heart by Heart. Oh and SPOILERS for Game of Thrones if you’ve never seen it. Like I said. Weird idea. Enjoy!

Dragons and Scars

It started about a month ago.

After two weeks of no villains, no emergencies, no nothing, it had finally dawned on her that things were quiet. And while some people were still coming to terms with recent curse and Gold’s banishment, Emma was starting to relax. So much so that she decided to make good on that offer of home and Netflix that she’d made to Killian not long ago.

At first, it was a bit awkward, since her parents were usually in the next room, pretending like they weren’t. Unfortunately, the occasionally crying baby gave them away. That and David’s glowering every time Killian entered the loft. Emma thought it was both ridiculous and adorable, since she was pretty sure her dad actually liked Killian. He just didn’t want to admit it.

Snow White wasn’t the only stubborn one.

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Out Of The Box Master Reel

(featuring Chris Colfer several times throughout)