the red whistle

Hot head | Montgomery De la cruz

⚠️Mild violence warning, and oh yeah- a shit load of swearing too ⚠️ * Your pov* You and Hannah burst into the boys locker room. Most of the guys hills red and whistled at you both whilst others hid away- pulling up their short or heir shirts back on. Hannah pulled you through the clouds of sweat and testosterone. “Y/N, Hannah, you know you can’t be in here” Zach informs you “Why? Afraid we’re gonna see a bunch of dicks form a bunch of dicks?” You snap “Nice one” Justin says as he makes his way over to you. You spot Montgomery by the mirrors. “Of course you’d be at the mirror you vain fuck” you whisper under your breath before storming over to him. He spots you approaching him in the mirror and turns to face you. “We need to talk” you demand “Like, now” Montgomery looks at you expectingly then holds his arms wide open “Talk then” before slapping them down by his thighs. You look around- everyone’s eyes we’re on you. “No-not here” “Why not?” Bryce questions as he swings his heavy arm over Montgomery’s shoulder. Montgomery folds his arms over his chest “Whatever you have to say. You can say it infringes of my boys” All the boys murmur in agreement and begin to surround you and Hannah. “Fine. Why’ve you been ignoring my calls, and my messages and my- “Here we go” Bryce says- earning a crescendo of deep male laughter from the others. “You can’t just have sex with a girl then just ignore her!” Yells Hannah “Hannah?!” You snap “Shit sorry” she pleads and you sigh “Babe-baby” Justin says calmly, putting one of his arms over your shoulder. “Montgomery here isn’t the type of guy to be in relationships- and to be honest- your not a relationship type of girl” You scoff and shrug his arm off your body. What the fuck is that suppose to mean? “Your a- how can I put his nicely… a one night stand” says Bryce “A smash and dash” adds Marcus “Or a hump and dump?” A random jock suggests from across the room “A hit it and quit it” Justin continues “Guys. That’s enough” Zach says, joining the circle. You watch Zach, he throws a quick but subtle smile at you but you just cut your eyes at him. “An ejaculate and evacuate” Bryce adds to the list “Its nothing personal. Don’t take it to heart” “Nothing personal?” You repeat. You look up at Montgomery “Is that all I was to you?” He doesn’t respond- he was barley able to look at you. You continue “Because you we’re so much more to me” All the guys ‘aww’ sarcastically in unison. “Shut up!” You yell at them. You take a deep breath and hold Montgomery’s hands in yours “And I know how much I mean to you. You wouldn’t have chased me so much if I didn’t mean anything. Remember?” … “No comment” Bryce says, making the others laugh again but you just ignore them. “We even had sex because I thought it was what it wanted” your voice had risen “I wasn’t ready but I did it for you and now your just gonna treat me like shit?!” “..Sorry” Montgomery shrugs- no emotion in his tone whatsoever “Your an ass!” Hannah spits “And your a slut!” Montgomery snaps back. Offended. Pissed off. And on the verge of tearing him a new one, you raise your hand and slap him across the face, but before anyone could react, he does the same to you. Stunned, everyone stood silently as you held your cheek which was now tingly and warm. A few tears began to stream down your face. “What the fuck Montgomery?!” Alex shouts “Mind your business Standall!” Bryce yells back Justin pushed Montgomery against the locker “Never hit a woman. Are you crazy?!” “Yeah, that’s fucked up!” Marcus added Hannah grabs or hand and basically drags you out the locker room. You stop outside the nurses office and you just brake down crying. He hit you and it was embarrassing. He hit you and it was physically painful. He hit you and it ached your heart because all you wanted was for him to love you. When did it get so bad? When did you begin to accept abuse? Other relationships weren’t like this. This wasn’t normal. “It’s okay- it’s okay” Hannah says as she hugs you. You sob in her arms for a long time before you brake away and wipe away the mascara from your chin. Hannah even wipes a tear from under our eye. You stare into her bold blue eyes “Thank you Hannah”

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The Joke Was On Me- Part One (Joker x reader)

Word Count: 3248

Summary: The Joker’s made another one of his threats, and he intends to act on it. You’re caught in the crossfire, and the Joker takes a personal interest in you. He shows you just how quickly your “loving friends and family” would abandon you if they thought you were a freak like him.

Author’s note: Ok, to be honest, this story is going to get very dark. This is meant to be a oneshot for Heath Ledger’s Joker. Once the new batman movie comes out, I’ll have a better grasp of Jared Leto’s Joker so then I might write his character :) The -’s show pauses in between words. Please, give me feedback for the first part to my Joker x reader series (I decided it was going to be way too long to be in one whole part)!

Warnings: Dark Themes, Graphic Gore, Violence, Mass Murder

“Sorry to interrupt your morning entertainment, ladies and gentle-men. The Joker’s here to announce Gotham’s latest news. There has been an incident at Gotham Avenue School. At about two forty pm tomorrow, a school bus was bombed! The assailment hasn’t been found, but this has caused the Gotham Police Department to wonder if the so called vigilante.”

He licked his lips before continuing, ”Bat-man is really working for the good of Gotham city. The day before the attack, the terrorist had threatened to blow the bus up if Batman didn’t reveal his identity at noon. The whole situation could have been avoided if he had just complied with the bomber’s wishes.”

The Joker’s message was broadcasting across all of Gotham’s television screens. It didn’t matter what station it was on previously. The recording was shot solely on his red lipstick lathered lips. The crazed clown bent down so that his eyes were covering the camera’s view, and he laughed like a maniac.

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Physical Education Pt. 1 (Seungcheol Smut)

So we just wanna give everyone a heads up and say that there will be sexual content so if you’re not comfy with that at all, then please click away. but if you’re down for some smut, then you’re at just the right place. ;) DISCLAIMER: ALSO THIS MAY CONTAIN SOME SENSITIVE CONTENT THAT MIGHT BE TRIGGERING SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED BUT you are free to click away if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read the whole thing. thank you ❤

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Fellcest- Siren Tradition

Inspired by @ammazolie‘s SirenFellcest(?)

Prompt: ‘What if giving jewels to sirens are part of a courting tradition in their society?’

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Seventeen recently on Show Champion Behind

• 95 liners
• Wasted Joshua
• “It’s red”
• ElsaCoups
• Seungkwan’s amazing whistle (blackpink’s song right there m8)
• Mingyu’s awkwardness
•DK’s eyebrows
• Minghao’s red hair
• “It’s rED”
• “Why are you guys always crying? sTOP CRYING”
• “ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

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Do your worst Joker x Reader

Y/N went to the bar at J’s club, hoping it wouldn’t be packed since she really didn’t have anywhere to go. Normally she stuck with J, she wasn’t used to this life so she kept to herself, too shy to dance or play J’s little game of making him jealous. The only reason she wasn’t nervous about going to his clubs anymore was because she thought she’d be by his side. Apparently not tonight.

“Y/N, honey, why don’t you go dance? Let daddy have a little privacy.” Y/N froze, her mouth opening to tell him that was a bad idea but he kept his eyes on his business associate.

“O-ok.” She got off of his lap, hesitantly walking away. Taking a seat at the bar, she silently fumed at how J disregarded her anxiety. He knew, the asshole, he knew how bad it could get. Since she didn’t drink, she ordered what J usually drinks. After taking a sip, her face scrunches up and she resisted the urge to spit it out. Sometimes she wondered why she was with him, this life of crime wasn’t for her and she wondered why J hasn’t realized that yet. Y/N glanced over to where J was, doing a double take when she saw his business partner’s girlfriend sitting on his lap and whispering things in his ear. Her heart constricted and her breathing stopped. She kept staring and hoped to see him push the girl off of him, only to see his arm wrap around the girl’s waist. His eyes found hers and he gave her a little smirk before her head whipped around. She grabbed her glass and tried to down half of it before she started coughing and sputtering. The crowd quieted a bit as J laughed, causing her face to burn bright red. She heard him whistle for her but instead of going to him, she stormed out of the club. She didn’t care that she was leaning on his car and possibly scratching it. Frost came out of the club and walked toward her.

“Miss, the boss wants to see you.” Y/N’s glare made it’s way to his face. She saw him blink, the only indication showing he was shocked. Normally she wouldn’t look the henchmen in the eye, settling her gaze on their shoulders or feet instead. She was a bit intimidated and she didn’t even reach his shoulders, but tonight she was pissed.

“I want to go home.”

“But Miss-”

“Tell him I want to go home.” Frost sighed, it would do no good to get her worked up more than she already is. He’s seen her cry out of frustration. Soon J comes strutting out of the club, looking at her like she’s bothering him.

“Doll, I called for you.” He spreads his arms as if to say “Well?

“Take me home.” He raises his brow.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty?”

“Now. Or I’ll file kidnapping charges.” She opened the passenger’s seat and got in. He growls and goes to the driver side. As soon as he’s in, his hand finds her thigh. His thumb goes in an up and down motion, trying to soothe her. He starts thinking he went too far, even if he did mean to get a rise out of her. She doesn’t attempt to move his hand, she’s more focused on staring out the window and trying to keep the tears from overflowing. He tries to make conversation a couple times but she ignores him, causing his hand to tighten on her thigh. She still didn’t say anything, even if his grip was starting to hurt. When they pulled into their garage, he placed his hand over hers when she went to take her seatbelt off. She sighed in annoyance, still not looking at him and tried to continue to get the belt off anyway.

“Doll, I don’t want to play this game anymore. C’mon talk to da-” She slammed her door shut before he could finish his sentence. His growl could be heard even outside of the car, but she pushed down the anxious feeling and went upstairs. She grabbed a pillow and blanket, heading towards the couch when J blocked her path.


“Where are you going?”

“I’m sleeping on the couch. Move.” He grabbed the items in her hands and put them to the side. Then he grabbed her face and made her look at him.

“No, you’re not. Tell daddy what’s wrong.” His gaze softened when he saw the tears in her eyes. She bit her lip and continued to glare, even though her eyesight was becoming blurry.

“Really? Don’t act like you don’t know. You did that on purpose. What did you think was gonna happen? That I would just run into your arms?”  He put his hands up in mock surrender.

“Did you see her-” He was cut off by a punch in the face. His nose cracked, causing his eyes to tear up from the pressure.

“Now, doll” He sighed and snapped it back into place. When he looked up, he saw her eyes change from anger to worry. “If you would have just let me finish my sentence, I would have said ‘Did you see her get on my lap?’. No one told her to.” Y/N’s eyes instantly changed back to anger, the hint of fear gone.

“You didn’t do anything to stop it-

“But no! You want to go around throwing punches. Don’t be such a hypocrite,you certainly didn’t do anything to stop it either.”

“Screw you, I’m leaving.” She prayed he would just let her go, but before she could walk away he grabbed her arm and yanked her to him.

“Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you. You want to hit me? Hit your daddy? Aw, no no no, we can’t have that.” His grip on her arm didn’t loosen as he started walking her backwards.

“Wait, J” Her voice broke, and she swore she saw something in his eyes flicker before turning back to the angry and playful look he had now.

“So, what to do to a naughty girl, huh? How about a game?” She couldn’t form words, her face turned pale and she looked terrified.

“Go hide, If I find you, I get to punish you” He circled her and pressed his front to her back. His face pressed against her ear.”however I please. If you win, I do nothing.” He shoved her away from him, a sadistic gleam in his eyes as he started counting. Her heart was pounding, anxiety and adrenaline causing her to run as fast as she could. His house was so big she didn’t know where to start. She ran as quietly to the front door. Of course, it was locked. Deciding it would be her best bet to hide upstairs, she walked back into the living room, but didn’t hear him counting. When she went back, he wasn’t there. Her stomach did somersaults as she went as fast as she could up the stairs.  She sees Frost about to leave and runs over to the railing

“Frost!” She whispers and catches his attention. He looks at the door and back to her, probably thinking if he can act like he didn’t hear her and keep walking.

“Frost!” He sighs and looks up.

“I don’t know-”

“Shhhh!” Y/N shushes him as he talks in an audible voice.

“Where’s J?”

“I don’t know-” She shushes him again as he continues to speak normally.

“I need your help.” Frost doesn’t move. She beckons him with frantic waves of her hand.  He refused to help her so she decided to hurry up and find a spot. J would occasionally growl, helping her know where he was. It also succeeded in giving her a heart attack when he was close. Sometimes she thought he knew exactly where she was and he was just playing with her.


J stopped growling, so now she had no idea where he was. Her hiding spots changed constantly depending on what room J had gone in. Now she was running down a hallway and right when she turned a corner she ran right into J. She instinctively screamed and tried to run the other way.

“Darling!” He grabbed her and shoved her to the ground, preventing her escape. She landed on her tailbone and groaned.

“You did better than I thought you would, be thankful you didn’t end up with a broken nose.” She gritted her teeth, forcing the tears back as she glared up at him.

“Aw, baby, you don’t get to cry. You hit daddy first-” Y/N growled as she grabbed his legs and tried to yank them out from under him. It didn’t work, so she tried again. He still didn’t budge.  His expression darkened.

“Anything else?” She looks up at him with a confused look on her face.

“Are you going to do anything else? Are you going to keep trying to upset daddy?”

She got up and stomped to her room. J teasing her the whole way.

“Aw, we’re pouting now!” She slammed the door to her room.

That night he only came in the room to get his pillow. He peaked open the door and only saw the silhouette of the person in the bed. She stirred when he sat on the edge.

“How’s your back?”

“Go away.” Anger was rising in him until he noticed her tear stained cheeks. That, and her voice was hoarse.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead before leaving with a pillow.

He took his place on the couch and draped an arm over his face, realizing how his dumbass went too far. He dreaded the long sleepless hours that would lead him to realizing he could lose her.

About three hours later he heard quiet footsteps approaching him. Y/N came and moved his arm-the one not covering his eyes- and stuffed herself into his side, placing his arm around her. He couldn’t hide his smile and gently massaged her lower back.

“You need anything?” He didn’t let his concern drip into his voice.

“You.” His heart did something then, and he was certain he was having a heart attack. He never felt his heart clench at something so- so endearing. His growling caused her to glance up nervously at him and he instinctively tightened his grip.

“You do realize that wasn’t all of your punishment, right?” He flipped her off the couch and made sure she landed on top of him before gently flipping her over. Y/N giggled at the sight of him, his hair all in his face and his eyes glinting dangerously in the moonlight coming from the window. She gave him a teasing smile before kissing his nose.

“Do your worst.”

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i SWEAR i saw superboy kissing that red robin guy from gotham on a roof top the other day?? i thought that superboy was dating wondergirl but whatever floats your boats guys.... #theyweresocutethoughhelp #doesgothamstillhavethatnometarulebtw?? #goodthingwedon'thaveanobatsruleay #maybesupermanhasathingforbatman #onlyinmetropolis

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: there are actually people out there who think prisoners has an ambiguous ending. there are actually people out there who think there is even a 1% chance that detective david loki would not obsess over that whistle for 12 hours straight until they find keller dover. there are actually people out there who think keller "pray for the best prepare for the worst" dover doesn't have it in him to blow on that stupid red whistle for 40 goddamn hours.
Drunken boyfriends

My senpai, @oi-aokaga, gave me the scenario of how some of the knb boys act when they’re drunk, and we kind of started to talk about it XD. So, I’m also writing a few others for @knbaes-n-bakas and @anniecrow because I can’t stop laughing. Hopefully this will help with my writer’s block!

Aomine: “Oyyyyaa.. *hic* _-_-____-chan~”

You’d just walked in the door when your boyfriend started stumbling to you, a huge goofy grin on his lips He tripped over his foot, hands grabbing your shirt, ripping it right off your skin, causing you to shriek.

“D-Dammit Daiki!! What the FUCK?!”

He started snuggling into your breasts, face tinted red as he made snorting sounds, hands groping your ass cheeks.

“I..I.. I want to play.~ Come play ____-chan!”

Releasing a sigh, you frowned, “NO! You’re drunk! Why would you rip my work shirt dammit?! You’re so annoying!”

You gawked as he pulled his head from your breasts, tears welling in his eyes before he released you altogether, standing up and running away while shouting, “_____-CHAN DOESN’T LOVE ME!!!~~~”

There was a loud crash, making you run after him and staring in disbelief as he tripped over his foot, face planted into the floor as blood dripped from his forehead. Not only did you learn he was an emotional drunk, he was clumsy as hell.

Hyuga: There was loud knocking at your door, startling you from your book. Placing it down, you went to answer it, eyes wide as you saw Kiyoshi carrying a very drunk Hyuga in his arms.. as a.. bride?!

“Ah.. Sorry ___-chan.. Hyuga insisted on being carried like this..” He chuckled, entering your house and placing him in your shared bedroom. You shook your head, patting the Iron Heart’s arm. 

“It’s okay, Kiyoshi! Thank you for bringing him back safely!”

He nodded, heading home and just as you shut the door, you heard loud… singing? and you went to investigate. When you got to your room, you stood in the door way, completely stunned as he was now shirtless, red tinting his cheeks as he yelled the words to a song you didn’t know.. 


He looked your way, a goofy grin on his lips as he bounced on the bed, swinging the shirt around like a guy at a rock concert.. Umm.. W-What? 

“I.. I LOVE MY _____-CHAN!!”

You winced at his loud voice, gasping when he hits his head on the ceiling fan, knocking him out cold. Shaking your head, you approached him carefully, taking off the glasses and preparing a hot cloth to help with the bruise on his skin. Now.. THIS you’ll never get used to.

Kasamatsu: You were greeted by the smell of food burning as you shut the door, taking off your shoes. Peering your head into the kitchen, you saw your boyfriend, wearing nothing but an apron, cheeks tainted red as he whistled a tune rather clumsily.. 

“Uh.. Y..Yukio? The food-”

His head snapped up, steel-blue hues wide as he ran towards you, engulfing you in a very tight bear hug. Your nose, pressed completely against the fabric, wrinkled at the smell of alcohol and you tried pulling away to at least turn off the stove, but he wouldn’t budge, giggles leaving his mouth.



You only pulled back for him to attack your mouth, though it was for a brief moment, choosing to attack every part of your skin exposed to his eyes. He pressed you against the counter, hands sneaking under your shirt as you bit your lip, trying not to moan out loud. Your boyfriend was a pervert when he’s drunk!

You managed to turn off the oven before he threw you over his shoulder, almost stumbling to the bed as he proceeded to ravage you until he passed out half way through the third round. You definitely weren’t letting him around Moriyama again, not without supervision.

Kise: “_____-cchi… Marry me.”

Blinking in shock, you saw the very serious expression in his golden hues, although you also noticed the dazed look as well. Sighing, you ran a hand through your hair, frowning.

“Ryouta.. You’re drunk.”

He pouted, though his eyes narrowed slightly, his hands now grasping yours.

“I’m being totally serious. I wanted to ask you for six months now.”

You shook your head, pushing against his forehead.

“Ryouta.. I’m covered in sweat, I’m exhausted from work. Why did you choose now to ask?” you smiled softly, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips before hugging him.

“Ask me against in the morning, when you’re sober. I’ll answer then.”

Although he had a complete hangover, he somehow remembered what you said, and proposed first thing in the morning, resulting in the two of you being tangled up in the shower and him swinging you around happily as you replied, ‘yes’.

Murasakibara: “_____-chin! Come cuddle with meee~”

You yelped, being pulled into your tall boyfriend’s arms, his cheek rubbing against your head as he planted wet kisses all over your cheeks. You couldn’t stop laughing, returning the affection and rubbing his back gently.

“You know how much I love you, right ____-chin?”

You nodded, kissing his forehead as he tickled your sides, hands trailing all over your body, as if memorizing the feel.

“Yes, Atsushi.. I know..” you heard snoring, looking down at him and shaking your head as he passed out on your chest, drool dripping from his open mouth. Well.. the affection was good while it lasted..

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