the red pod

I’ve been seeing a few aliens reacting to weird humans because of our ability to throw things/our propensity for bonding with dangerous creatures but i’m just imagining their reactions to us bonding with our smart devices etc.

“Captain Pžfÿ the human has called the ship computer ‘Sebastian’”
“… why?”
“…I don’t know… I think it may be like that time on Bæågh with the çkœæ”
“But this is a machine!”

or them attempting to replace a piece of equipment and the person refusing because they’re attached to it and the aliens are just going
“The new one doesn’t have any of the bugs/glitches you were complaining about!”
“Trisha just has an attitude problem! She gets the job done fine”

“Sir, the human is refusing to use the pod because “it hates them” they want the red one”
“the red pod is broken! it barely flies! i thought we’d thrown it out weeks ago!”
“…. the human wanted to keep it… they’ve been tinkering with it between shifts”
“do they have any idea what they’re doing?”
“they said they’d owned a bike so they’d ‘figure it out’ and ‘the old girls still got spirit’”
“… whatever let them do what they want”

High Points Of This Ep

•That Kara vs Clark fight
•Trial-by-combat Kara Zor-El Danvers, because fuck you Tiara Lady
•Winn having such a crush on Clark
•Winn is everybody’s child at the DEO
•Supercousins going to see Cat
•Lena is a badass
•Lena is super into Kara and has forgotten the existence of subtle
•Cat Knows™
•Lena and Winn brotp
•Mon Hell is gone. For a rlly fucking long time please?
•Sanvers. Oh. My. Fucking. Rao. I’m dead.
•Cat gives Kara a whole speech about love and stuff
•Cat has read all Kara’s articles
•Basically the entire speech was pulled out of a fanfic and glued together with the power of love(and some laser vision)
•Demon-Child Kryptonian thing(with red on their pod because Red is Evil)

Kitten 16

Note: Little stop in with Allura. Also answers the questions people had about other medical equipment in the castle, at least for my headcanon.

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The Black Paladin was still standing vigil over the Red’s cryo pod.  The relief she felt at the situation that was so obviously causing her friend pain sat laden with guilt, low and ugly, in her gut.  Rationally, this was a good thing.  The Red Paladin’s refusal to be healed had been inviting medical complications and artificially prolonging the time that the Red Lion was out of commission.  Placing them all in danger, including himself.  Growing ill enough that he agreed to be treated was far better for his health in the long run.  The fear he felt towards the thing that would make him better had needed to be routed, even if less dire circumstances would have been preferable.

Still those justifications didn’t shake the feeling she should have tried harder to prevent this. While the most efficient, the cryo pods were not the only medical devices on the ship. There was equipment designed to heal without putting the patient in stasis. She had vague memories of them from her childhood. She knew they existed. Where the ones strong enough to knit bones where and how to operate them, she didn’t know, but she could have asked Coran. She should have asked Coran. Of course, they would have taken longer, and there was no telling if Keith’s strange aversion to the cryo pods would have stretched to other methods of healing. She could have even possibly made things worse by using the unfamiliar technology.

No, she was making excuses. She’d chosen not to investigate other options. She’d decided expediency and certainty was more important than comfort. The only reason she was doubting now was because she could no longer change anything. Fear of future potential consequences. She’d done what she thought was best, and she owned up to that…Had it been the right choice?

She missed her father. He would have known if she’d done the right thing. He’d led their people and made a multitude of hard calls. If he couldn’t tell her whether it would turn out good or ill, he could have at least given her advice on how to cope while waiting to see how things went. How to make amends if they came out poorly.

Maybe she should go down there? Provide company, until the Red Paladin emerged healthy once more? No, her own nervous energy would not help the situation. She should distract herself. She’d already looked over the recent data they’d received from the Blade of Mamora, but a second look couldn’t hurt and would give her something to do.

She minimized the view of the medbay and pulled up the files.

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Personal Gnosis for Hel

Keeping track of my associations with Hel;

  • Direction: North (attested, Gylfaginning).
  • Elements: I feel her most in Air, in breaths and lights and shadows; though I also see her in the earth that holds our bodies, the water that led ships to the unknown, the fire that makes smoke and ash.
  • Stones: Hematite, larvikite, rose quartz, tourmalinated quartz, red (hematite inclusion) phantom quartz, black (carbon inclusion) phantom quartz, black tourmaline, moonstone.
  • Flowers: White roses, elderflower, honeysuckle, white lilies, belladonna, hellebore, baby’s breath, skeleton flowers, sweet cherry blossoms, red-tipped roses, snapdragon pods, bleeding glory-bower.
  • Trees: Elder, yew, apple, wild teak.
  • Insects: Butterflies, moths, fireflies, mayflies, cicadas, carrion beetles, maggots.
  • Animals: Magpies, hummingbirds, deer (non-palmated), pigeons, doves, wolves.
  • Concepts: Death, life, rebirth, change, transformation, paradox, empathy, ordeals, independence, edgewalking, originality, sovereignty, becoming.
  • Locations: Graves, undergrounds, keys, gates, doorways, thresholds, stairs, lights in darkness, mirrors, bricks, chainlink, knocking on doors (it’s the sound of your bones), cities (the older the better), abandoned buildings, old wood creaking underfoot, antique stores.
  • Trappings: Smoke, bone, fog, snow, ice, blizzards, blood, antlers, iron, pelts, black candles, frostbite, decay.
  • Devotions: Writing, reading, storytelling (words are how we survive and share down generations). Eating humanely, feeding the homeless, donating to food banks, feeding friends and family (food is sacred, served to all in her hall). Social justice work, sacred witnessing, active listening (all are equal in death). Hospice care, living wills, home funerals, green burials, grave-tending, cleaning roadkill, using all parts of an animal (death is a natural part of life). Ancestral practice, transition magic, death magic, spirit work, plant necromancy, dumb suppers, meditations on mortality and the value of life (honouring that which came before and will be again, becoming more intimate with death). Shadow work, mirror magic based in facing and knowing oneself wholly, healing our damages, analyzing the stories we tell ourselves, honouring both the death but also the living flesh, engaging actively in one’s own Becoming (uniting our ‘halves’ into our personal best self, living before dying). Blacking fingers for ritual as in frostbite; braiding braids with intention of life/becoming/death.
  • Smells: Roses, the smell of decomposition under wet leaves.
  • Season: Winter; also in the rot of autumn and the first burst of spring.
  • Colours: White; also black, burgundy, pale pink, red, ice blue.
  • Times: Night, sunsets, sunrises; liminal transition times.
  • Food: Apples (attested).

All of these have reasons, so feel free to ask and chat associations with me!



* Al Ewing (W), Paco Medina (A/C), Rod Reis (VC), Daniel Acuna (VC), Ryan Stegman (VC), John Tyler Christopher (VC), Omar Casanova (VC), Skottie Young (VC)

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32 pages, $3.99.


* Al Ewing (W), Paco Medina (A/C), David Nakayama (VC)

* Welcome to the $kullocracy! The Golden Skull launches his takeover bid – and it’s so crazy it just might work!

* How do the U.S.Avengers respond to the looming threat? Tuxedos. Really well-fitted tuxedos.

* Plus! Where were you on Zero Day – the day Captain America died?

32 pages, $3.99.

Interim-Canon Material from Soundtrack Attack

I treat comics, games, and other related SU content as interim-canon. That means that if the Crewniverse themselves have worked on it, then it’s canon until something the show disproves it.

Tomorrow I’m finally going to get to read the comics, but today I’ve played Soundtrack Attack.

After playing Soundtrack Attack, the new SU game (It’s free if anyone’s interested) there are some things we learn:

  • Supervisors do exist for many kinds of gems, even soldiers like Quartzes, lending credence to the idea that Homeworld has indeed bureaucratised itself
  • Green pods, like Peridot’s are escape pods and we can probably assume they came from similar green Hand Ships. This begs the question of why hands feature so prominently
  • Red pods, like the Ruby Squad’s are scout ships, as in the game, you’re an escaped gem in the green escape pod and your superior looks for you in the red ship
  • There is a huge possibility that gems on Homeworld do want the freedom that the CGs have, and there is a group of gems still aware of the past, which goes against the idea all of Homeworld are brainwashed zombies
  • Music is something Homeworld gems are not familiar with, and Steven teaches it to you on the spot
Mitologia słowiańska cz. I

Demony wodne, czyli

nigdy nie rozmawiaj z



Mamy demony wodne rzeczne, jeziorne i morskie. Wedle A. Szyjewskiego, wodne niewiasty chętnie wychodziły na brzeg, by znaleźć przyjemność w okrutnym torturowaniu przechodzących ludzi (najczęściej urodziwych młodzieńców). Splatały taneczne kręgi i zraszały wodą rośliny. Demony wodne męskie sprawowały władzę i pieczę nad rybami (czasami mogły przybrać ich postać), a jako wiry wciągały nieostrożnych pływaków pod wodę. W odróżnieniu do swych diabolicznych koleżanek, rezydowały raczej na dnie zbiorników wodnych. Najróżnorodniejsze ze wszystkich demonów przyrodniczych: mogły przybrać kształty człowiecze (ludzi dorosłych, chudych, wysokich lub małych dzieci), zwierzęce (kot, owca, baran, kudłaty czarny albo szary pies, ptak, żaba), teratologiczne (ryb-potwór, twór człekozwierzęcy, człowiek o bydlęcych nogach, syrena) lub były istotami bezpostaciowymi.


(wg. Religii Słowian, A. Szyjewskiego)

baby wodne, beregynie, brodarice, chlapy, cioty, gudelki, judy, kazytki, kupałki, lemuzyny, łaskotuchy, maki, martwice, mawki, nejki, ondyny, pokutnice, poternata, rusalije, rusali, rusałki, stichije, stije, śpiewnice, tanecznice, topielnice, utopicielki, wiłki, wiły, wodianichy, wodniane, wyniwki, założnyje, wodne panny, bestermany, hastermany, jaroszki, jędry, łabosty, markuny, martwiece, mumacze, płynniki, potopelnyky, potopielce, potopłennyki, rarki, topcy, utopilniki, utoplaszki, vodni, vodni muže, wirniki, wodianyje, wodnicy

„Rusałki wg wierzeń ludowych spędzały zimę w wodzie, a na wiosnę pojawiały się w lasach i gajach. Uważano, że są to dusze przedwcześnie zmarłych dziewcząt. Miały posiadać długie, rozpuszczone włosy, głowę zdobiły wiankami z kwiatów. Lubiły muzykę, śpiewy oraz pląsy odbywane przy księżycu na leśnych igrowiszczach. Lubiły też gwizdać, klaskać w dłonie, huśtać się na nisko zawieszonych gałęziach drzew. Lubiły wreszcie zwodzić ludzi zbłąkanych w lesie. Schwytanych zadręczały na śmierć łaskotaniem. U źródeł, pod drzewami i na głazach lud składał im również ofiary z jadła.”


Słownik starożytności słowiańskich. Encyklopedyczny zarys kultury

Słowian od czasów najdawniejszych, pod red. W. Kowalenki,

G. Labudy i T. Lehra – Spławińskiego, 1961  

Rusałki (water nymphs)

Syrena (mermaid)