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Submission: Bunny!Credence Ficlet

submitted by the talented @granpappy-winchester [THIS SHIT IS LIT, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED OMG THANK U]:

(note: I wrote this quickly so please forgive any mistakes. I am super into the idea, I just love the image of Credence with bunny ears and big hairy wolf Graves)

Graves gently pulled at Credence’s little cottontail, the rabbit squirmed in his lap, looking over his shoulder and away from the flowers he had plucked to decorate Graves’ tail. His small face had gone red, eyes big and brown and flustered under his dark hair.

Graves had brought him to one of the small clearings in the meadow, away from his family burrow and far from the other wolves who would do him harm, especially since it was spring and in spring rabbits like Credence—young and small and fertile in ways they didn’t know—would be more than just a meal for hungry wolves.

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Rules for Dating Tony (Chapter 3)

Welcome back guys! I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying this little fic because it fun to write! And I’m LOVING  the messages/asks speculating which one Tony is going to end up with!!!
Catch up on the other chapters HERE, not super necessary but it helps give a little context.

On Wednesday, Bucky knocked on Tony’s door, looking dashing and respectable in his dress uniform and holding a dozen roses.

“Bucky… what’s up?” Tony took the flowers with a small smile, burying his nose in the blooms and breathing in deep, trying to hide his grin. The soldier had been acting odd since lunch, pulling Tony’s chair out every time he went to sit, opening doors for him. He had even served Tony dinner, filling his plate and keeping his glass full. It had been entirely sweet and entirely endearing, and Tony would be lying if he said he hadn’t hoped it would end with Bucky in his room.

“I came to ask you to dance.” Bucky said softly, pulling his hat off and running a quick hand through his hair. “If you’re free this evening, that is.”

“I’m not doing anything at all.” Tony replied, and opened his door a little wider. “And I feel like dancing is suddenly the only thing I want to do tonight. Come on in. Let me put something nicer on.”

“Sure thing, sugar.” Bucky sat on the couch in Tony’s suite as he disappeared into his bedroom to change.

“Say, Bucky–” he called from the other room. “Is there any particular reason why three of you guys have suddenly up and decided to… try and date me?”

“I don’t know why the others are trying.” Bucky answered smoothly. “But I just wanted to spend some extra time with you, if that’s alright.”

“I’m not complaining.” Tony reappeared in black dress pants and a red button up. “I was just wondering. But don’t worry. I’m suddenly really looking forward to dancing with you.”

“I’m awfully excited to dance with you too, Tony.” A perfect gentleman, he offered Tony his right arm and escorted him out of the room and down the stairs.
The common area was empty, no team members in sight, and Tony thought was maybe a little odd, but he was too focused on Bucky to care all that much.

The soldier led him out through glass doors and onto the
balcony that overlooked the city.

“Wait, are you serious? What is this?” Tony turned in a circle, his mouth falling open as he took it all in. “Bucky this is—”

Bucky had worked hard all to transform the balcony into a ball room. Any patio furniture had been gotten rid of, and several padded benches had replaced them. He had hung lights from every post, and through the branches of any potted trees, and now that the sun was setting the balcony was nearly glowing. The far corner of the balcony had curtains hung up in a semi circle, shielding it from anyone in the tower while still affording a view of the city. Inside the sheltered area was a table with champagne in ice and several small bowls of fruit and chocolate.

And an overly long, overly plush chaise lounge, with several pillows and a blanket arranged on it.

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ADHD Lance Fic Snippets

A/N: Three scenes from a longer fic that I’m working on.  First scene takes place before Lance goes to Garrison, second is sometime between Ep3 and 4, and the last is farther off in the future when Lance and Keith are pretty close friends.  Contains anxiety, people talking about medication, and people talking about drowning.

Lance keeps staring at his Galaxy Garrison application form like he has for the past few minutes, hands trembling and pulse thundering in his ears.  He feels silently judged, the crisp black text feeling like an indictment after he reads the words.

Do you have any special needs?  
[ ] Yes (please specify): __________________
[ ] No.  

Lance thinks about his dream to explore the universe, the endless stars and planets currently out of reach (but they don’t have to stay that way).  He thinks about driving, the dings and scratches on the bumper from times his focus lapsed while backing out of the driveway.  The meds, the study sessions with Hunk, the fights, the money, the desperate desire to prove that he’s worth more than his brain’s shortcomings.  He wants to prove that people’s belief in him isn’t misguided, when they think he can do great things, and not just scrape by.  

But there are countless other people who won’t give him a second chance the moment he slips up, or even before he can try anything at all.

Lance picks ‘No’.

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anonymous asked:

okay but Dan crying in pleasure while phil is ducking him and phil freaks out and is like "are you okay? do you want me to stop?" And Dans like "FUCK if you stop I'll murder you."

I lowkey feel bad while writing this because I’m watching the first Undertale video again and they are so pure in it

-Dan felt like he was off somewhere in the stars, completely lost in the pleasure he was feeling while Phil was fucking into him, fingers gripping his hips and lips attacking his prominent collarbones. He’d come twice before Phil fucked him, and now he was so overwhelmed in the most wonderful way.

-He was crying out, panting and red faced, gripping the sheets in an iron grip. At some point, the pleasure became too much and apparently he teared up, a few tears falling.

-Phil stopped immediately after noticing, his eyes widening in concern, asking “are you okay? Was it too much? Should I stop?” And Dan pulled Phil back to him, capturing him in a heated kiss, all teeth and tongues and need, and pulled away after a few moments, saying in a near shout “if you dare stop I will fucking kill you.”

-That was all Phil needed to hear, and starts moving his hips once again, and Dan, who was already close, came soon after, freezing and moaning out. Phil didn’t let up, continuing to fuck the whimpering, oversensitive man until he finished inside him, pulling out cleaning them up a bit after.


@padaleckipatronus can be blamed for everything it’s okay because Drarry RP for the win

Draco stretched and arched his back against the arm of the couch, groaning happily as he heard a series of cracks and sweet relief coursed over his back.

He hated falling asleep in the living room as much as he loved it; the natural feeling of letting your head fall back against the couch without even realizing what was happening, and your book falling closed over your thumb to hold your place, to wake up minutes or hours later, groggy and confused and probably with terrible breath from your mouth hanging open, but rested. There was no way to tell without casting a tempus how long he’d been out, but he was sure it was time to bring out the lamb and wash the potatoes for their dinner.

Scratching at his chin, he realized he also hadn’t shaved that morning. He would need to do that while the meat braised. His bare chest, the only way to laze around the flat in the heat of July, would also need to be covered unless he wanted to repeat the Breakfast Incident.


“Holy shit-!”

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i work in a cafe and today a plus-sized woman ordered a coffee and then leaned in and whispered to me “you see that woman in the red pants? i want you to charge me an extra few dollars and when i leave tell her that her next drink is on me”. i obviously and giddily said yes but i asked her why she was doing it and she said “because i love seeing other full bodied women totally rocking it” and i dunno man it was such a wonderful moment and the woman in the red pants got an iced coffee and she was happy and it was so nice