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there is 100% a twitter account @IsSMHintheLibrary and it’s just “nah they’re not here you’re good” or “oluransi is crying under a table and birkholtz is singing, stay away” or “just bittle, he’s watching hockey but the sound’s on low” or “RED ALERT NURSE, CHOW, AND POINDEXTER! STAY AWAY!!!!”

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What about how each of the boys handles having to patch up the other boys after a patrol goes wrong?

This I can do!

Dick: he’s totally a mother hen and will relentlessly check and fuss to make sure that even the smallest little scratch is taken care of, even if the injured patient is ready to sock him in the jaw. He’s very soothing and is really good at getting people to rest without arguing

Jason: he’s calm and collected and has surprisingly gentle bedside manner. He will talk softly to whoever he’s tending to so they’re distracted (especially when stitching someone up or doing more painful procedures) and makes sure to tell them what he’s doing so there aren’t any surprises

Tim: he’s a bit more chaotic but is still relatively under control; he often talks to himself while patching someone up and then gets startled when they respond to him. He sometimes distracts his patient with stories or facts that kind of lull them to sleep or just draws their focus away from the pain

Duke: at first he wasn’t too sure what to do since he didn’t have to deal with people getting routinely beat to a pulp every night, but he asked the injured person to guide him and eventually he figured it all out (with some help from Google) and he makes sure to check in with his patient to see that he’s doing everything right

Damian: he tends to scold his patient for getting injured and tells them what they could have done to avoid being injured in the first place, but he will adamantly insist that he needs to patch them up so they can rest, no if ands or buts about it so they know he does want them to be safe

This is cliche and short but I actually finished it so



"I need another word for ‘cleansed’." 

"Do I look like a Thesaurus to you, Nurse?" 

"Chill, dude." 

”… Purified.“ 

Nursey looked up before he could stop himself, shock on his features for barely half a second before switching to… Pleased? Content. No, chuffed. (God, Nursey wanted to use that word in a poem one day. Chuffed.) 


Dex, however, didn’t look up. The keys on his thick black laptop clicked almost continuously, and Nursey did not debate internally on whether he was writing an essay or lines of code, because he had poetry assignments to finish for tomorrow. While not procrastinating, he shifted his mind to the whirring machine- it was really fucking old, but the thing was, Dex was the kind of person to repair his own electronics instead of upgrading them. (Like, with pliers and everything. He’s seen it happen.) The thing was in really good shape. Similar to the way that Hugh Jackman was by no means a spry twenty year old, yet looked like it would take nothing short of a battering ram to knock him over. A nice, solid, dependable- 

"What the hell are you muttering about now?” Dex muttered, the hypocrite.

“Aw, nothing.” (Hugh Jackman) “The next line.” (Hugh Jackman as a laptop)

“What’ve you got?" 

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United Nations and International aid agencies warn that Cholera is spreading in drought-stricken Somalia as hunger grips that nation and the threat of famine inches closer.
The World Health Organization reports more than 25,000 cases of cholera, including 524 deaths, in Somalia since the beginning of the year.
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies also reports that an outbreak of the deadly disease in the self-declared autonomous region of Somaliland has killed 28 people in just the last week-and-a-half, and hospitalized nearly 170 others.

One More Tomorrow, Chapter 7

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Finally a new chapter is out! This part is ~~extra long because I haven’t updated in such a long time it was only fair! Enjoy and if you want to talk to me about it please go ahead! I love this little AU to bits.

The first snippet and the illustration for the AU’s right here:

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The warmth of Will’s body glided along the surface of his skin and despite himself, despite the muffled terror he felt in the pit of his stomach at the thought of falling asleep again, his temples relaxed and his breathing started following the rhythmic movements of Will’s chest. Within minutes, conscious thoughts dissipated into the darkness of oblivion and he slept, trapped into a suffocating molasses that stank of iodine and tear gas.

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Nurseydex headcanon

The reason Dex is so mortified about sharing a room with Nursey is that he sleep talks/walks
It happens less often than it did when he was younger but he still worries, especially since a lot of his dreams have Nursey in them
After about a week of moving in, Nursey’s lying awake thinking when he hears Dex start to mumble.
Highly amused, he begins to record it, thrilled to have something to tease him about on the group chat.
But when Dex mumbles “Nurse..” he hesitates and deletes it.
He decides to keep the night’s events to himself, and it doesn’t happen again for another week.
Nursey hops downstairs for a midnight serving of bitty’s latest pie and he suddenly feels a pair of arms wrapping around him.
Startled, he turns around and realised that it’s Dex, fast asleep.
He doesn’t want Dex to wake up so he tries to get back to their room with Dex latched onto him
On the last step, Nursey trips, and they both fall to the ground
Dex wakes up on top of Nursey and goes a shade of red Nurse didn’t think possible.
“Dude, it’s chill,” he says softly with a smile. “Let’s go back to bed.”

Let’s Talk Books (9/?)

Women in Vietnam

Scholars have been sparse in their study of women during the Vietnam War. Their writings on the service of women becomes even more scarce, and downright nonexistent, when other minority aspects, like race, are factored into the equation. This makes it all the more necessary to read those works available to the public (published books rather than dissertations or articles in scholarly journals), applaud what has received deserved attention, and ask questions where gaps exist. The following books examine the role of women who served in different capacities in Vietnam.

  • Beyond Combat: Women and Gender in the Vietnam War Era by Heather Marie Stur - (Cambridge University Press, 2011) It is not only the sharing of women’s experiences in Vietnam that must occur, but the study of their roles within the war from varied angles. Stur provides this insight by studying not only the jobs performed by women, but what was expected of them in terms of their gender. 
  • Officer, Nurse, Woman: The Army Nurse Corps in the Vietnam War by Kara Dixon Vuic - (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010) The main focus of Vuic’s work is to examine the effects of the “cultural climate of the era” on the Army Nursing Corps. The Army, and individual soldiers, sought to exploit the ideas of traditional feminine gender roles, even as nurses meaningfully expanded their medical experiences. Vuic utilizes official records along with interviews conducted with nurses.
  • Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam by Elizabeth Norman - (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1990) A result of her doctoral dissertation, Norman interviewed 50 military nurses in 1983-84 and from those interviews highlighted the common threads in their experiences. She also highlights common themes between female and male service members, and between experiences in Vietnam with earlier wars.

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