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“Oh you think you have the advantage?… That’s cute.”  -Mare Barrow 

A little purple Mare mood-board/aesthetic for your Tuesday evening! I have been sick for a week now and all of your likes/reblogs really make my day. 

@vaveyard It would mean a lot if you noticed this Ms. Victoria because my great dane Preston is in the hospital right now cause he is having trouble breathing. He is my baby even though for a great dane he is really old. I am really worried and can’t be there for him cause I am sick. :( 


안뇽~~~~ 오늘 무슨날인지 아시는분~~~??😚 오늘은 저희가 데뷔한지 1000일!!
1000일이 되는 날이에요~~벌써 천일 이라니 시간참 빠르죠😂
천일 이라는 시간동안 저희와 함께 울고 웃고 응원해주신 팬분들!
정말 고마워요 늘 함께 했다고 생각하니까 더욱 그
시간이 소중하게 느껴지는것 같아요
레드벨벳과 함께하는 앞으로의 시간들 더욱 행복하게 만들어 드릴게요
2000일 3000일 쭉 함께해요 우리~~ 💚💜💗💛💙 #redvelvet#1000일#정신없는우리ㅋㅋㅋ#오랜만에_완전체

hello~~~~ who knows what day it is today~~~?? 😚 today marks our 1000th day since our debut!! it’s the 1000th day~~ wow already a thousand days, time flies by so quick 😂 our fans who have cried and laughed and supported us for those thousand days! thank you so much and it feels much more precious to us to think we spent that time all together. we will make the time to be spent in future with red velvet more happy. let’s be together for 2000 days, 3000 days~~  💚💜💗💛💙 #redvelvet#1000days#wearechaotic#allofusfinallytogether (creds 12)

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Marliza headcanons?

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day, Lets get some Visible Marliza LOVE!

  • Good morning in sing song voices
  • Tea breaks and hand holding
  • Piano playing Eliza, Maria singing in harmony
  • Back of the neck kisses while Maria braids Eliza’s hair
  • “I got this flower because I thought of you” moments
  • “I’m sending you this song because it reminds me of you” messages
  • Doing each other’s make up and Eliza trying on Maria’s iconic red lip
  • all the lipstick smudges
  • Lipstick stains on hip bones and collarbones
  • Arm hugging while walking > regular hand holding
  • Picnic dates over wine
  • Gardening Eliza watering her plants while Maria watches her
  • Forehead kisses
  • Late night whispering sweet babbles of security
  • “I will never hurt you” And mean it.
  • Bi Eliza realizing she loves Maria
  • Asexual Maria realizing she’s Asexual but really attracted to women, more or less her woman
S3 wishlist Klance edition

You know what I want in s3??

Lance backstory, seriously I wanna know my sons past

Keith telling a joke (without meaning to) and Lance stares at him (kinda looking like when Pidge came out as girl)

Lance not giving a fuck that Keith is galra

Lance being hurt and worried!keith asks him if he’s okay and if he can walk and lance offhandedly says “you can always carry me” and keith blushes but picks him up and lance blushes

More stuttering!Keith

More worried!Lance

A klance fight that ends with pidge saying “just kiss and make up” and klance turns to her all red and “wha-what??!!”

(Feel free to add to the list)

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do you have any bisexual jonas headcanons?

hiiii. i just saw this ): here you go!:

  • when jonas is 10 years old, he’s best friends with a boy who reminds him of atlas
  • or maybe a pale achilles, golden ringlets and bright green eyes an itch he can’t quite scratch
  • jonas doesn’t know much about mythology, honestly
  • he likes poseidon and zues and hades scares him a little bit but he thinks it’d be super cool to have a three headed dog he could take on walks and give treats
  • maybe he just really wants a dog
  • he and isak catch lighting bugs in jars and get close enough to squirrels to touch their fur, giddy on the excitement of life and soil underneath their fingertips and on their skin
  • he doesn’t know what ache in his ribs means when he looks at isak for too long, how his hues shine at sunset
  • the curl of his red mouth makes his tummy flutter 
  • one time he told isak he couldn’t play because he had a stomachache, even though he was really fine and just couldn’t stand looking at him for too long because he might go blind
  • when they’re seventeen, isak comes out to him
  • he’s as beautiful as he was seven years ago, curls held back in a soft beanie as he chews on his fingernails anxiously
  • jonas pretends not to be dissapointed when his friend tells him he’s not the boy he likes, swallows the sand in his throat and distracts himself with his kebab
  • even is a nice guy, he discovers soon after
  • he smells good and has funny hair and holds isak hand when he’s anxious
  • jonas is doing okay, too 
  • he still misses what he had with eva and he still looks at boys and feels his gut roll because he wants to hold their hand, too 
  • he does, eventually 
  • he tells his friends he’s bisexual six months later after he meets a boy who works at the bakery
  • his name is theodore 
  • jonas thinks he could be patroculus 

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Hey friend! I want to add Hunter!Sans to my multi-skelli fic called Six Skeletons in Your Closet. Firstly I'm asking permission, and then secondly I'm asking for descriptions of his personality, what flusters him, what he likes/dislikes. Even if you can just point me in the right direction it would be super helpful! Hope to hear back soon!

EXCUSE ME ??!!! 

I love your fanfic, it’s hillarious, and your headcanon for red making a nest while in heat is my new favourite thing in the world.

Now. If you want to include Hunter I’d be extremely honoured : DMP me so we can talk about it, I dunno if you got some ideas ready~ 

Title: dominoes
Pairing: BennyxCastielxDeanxSam
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 2,543
Notes: because @nihilfugit egged me on about (this post) <3, written for @spnpolybingo
Square Filled: Cuddling


It’s not a night-light. Of course it’s not. If Dean just so happened to go through four alarm clocks before he found the most obnoxiously bright red digital one, then Sam’s not going to say anything about it. The clock kind of reminds him of neon motel signs insinuating their glow around the cracks of thin window curtains. It’s kind of comforting, in a way.

In what would be the absolute darkness of a windowless room, the red glow of the clock makes it easy to see the shapes of everyone on the bed when Sam half-wakes up to the sound of snoring.

Dean’s right, it’s reassuring to have a small measure of sight on first waking up. And, it makes it easy to pin-point the snoring.  

As usual, it’s Benny. The neat tucked curve of everyone around each other has been disrupted and now Benny lays on his back, smushed between Sam and Dean. He always snores when he’s on his back.

Following suit, Sam rolls over and gently nudges at Benny, gets him to roll to the other side where Dean rolled over with his arm hanging off the edge of the bed. (he was probably the first spoon to roll) As soon as Benny finds Dean to curve against and rests on his side, the snoring quiets to a raspy breathing.

It’s better.

Sam’s back is suddenly cold.

He doesn’t have long to wait until the bed shifts again and Cas is, with a few slaps and grunted curse words, finding his way to curl back around Sam.

“Do you ever tire of it Sam?”

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