the red loft

When Are You Coming Back?

So I can’t be bolded to see
how they show saint to sign
the buried’s all glowing underwent
your red jeans make lofts from
clearly upon clearly science
do you pay your bills with the breath
the fine bender lounge being
alight sacrosanct choices not
bound between the apex voice
the guarded swipe to condition
me in kindness some jigsaw done.

Faded on one pick another
this private phrase hologram stuffing
maybe the lawn is yours and the
rooting maybe the blue spread
timbers to chime our little throats
together wherein the predicts made
deep tangled shining sonogram
each ray leotard gorged on us
making wicks from our blood
and gaze into the oscillating
arms of our screen lives give.

Light versus light the beads
call sets to for to come this blame
stance the blase everything I kept
under my placeholder vine of sure
they are each found feeling
each making the emergency begun
to spin as surfaces melting our
bears make homes of their
faces and paws like my terror
of seeing your atlas collected
with some dumb drum kettle of
memory beside the waves besides
the word saying you created space
by care where small honey left
lapses of was as the final reflection
made a sunset formula
old hearts friends.


Hey taylorswift!  I’m finally all ready to go for the Chicago Night 1 show.    I’m coming to see you all the way from Kansas City, Missouri!  I’ve been trying to see a show for years, but it’s always fallen through until now.  It would really mean the world to me to get to meet you, but I know that’s true for a lot of people.  You and your music has meant a lot to me for a long time.  I’m most likely going to be an emotional wreck the night of the concert ,but I don’t even care. 

From a girl who was 15 and trying to figure life out to a girl who is 20 and is still figuring things out, I’m glad I have you and your music to keep me company.  

Section  312 Row 9 Seats 9-12