the red loft

May 24th

Future Barry wakes up to Iris snoring beside him. He did it, he thought to himself, HE DID IT!!! He pinches himself to make sure that he’s awake and begins to shake with giddy excitement. He…

Get’s up showers

Cuts hair

Runs to the past bear hugs Present Barry so hard he almost cuts off his air supply

Goes to Jitters and gets 1 incredibly heavy cronut and 1 Cafe Americana

Makes Grandma Esther’s noodles and gets Carton of Mint Chocolate Chip

Fills the loft with red roses

Returns to bed and wakes Iris by peppering soft sweet kisses along her cheeks, neck, shoulders and ends with a deep passionate kiss on her lips.

She wakes up asking “what is all this for”?

Time is of the essence he replies as he brings her hand to his lips and places the sweetest softest kiss she’s ever felt on it.
Aaaand.. Whata you say… we get started making some babies Ms. West. Catching her bottom lip in between his teeth and gently biting.

Ooooo! I’m all for that Mr. Allen.

Hey guys this is My Dad Tom and let’s just say he’s a Swifty ❤️✌️ This is a picture of him front eh Baton Rouge Concert and it will mean to the world to me if you can help us get this picture noticed by taylorswift !!!!! To show how much we Love her and because of her we have the craziest adventures together as I get older….❤️❤️ I made this shirt for him and he was so proud, excited, and happy to wear this shirt and represent 13 on his hand with Band Aids Don’t Fix Bullet holes going up his arm also he wanted to make this day special for me because he knew what It meant to me so he got the hotel we were staying at to give us a limo ride there, bought PITS($1400) after buying regular seats before hand($400)….. Spending about $300 on our outfits……Drove from Houston to Baton Rouge with no complaint while I Skipped School for it….And was just the best dad any one could ask for I honestly don’t know what I would do with out him !!!!! So Taylor Please see this for him because honestly it would be the best way I could say thank you to him for everything he did for me this year and during the RED Tour!!! And Please read my bio I specifically made it just for you ❤️ I didn’t get to meet you in Baton Rouge but I hope so in Houston if my parents get me the tickets for you so I’ll try even harder this time 😂❤️✌️😎 and his 50th birthday is July 10 so If you could say happy birthday (early is ok 😊) Omg that would mean so much to us like I think he will even cry Taylor and my mom will be star struck 😂❤️🐳 and guys during the show he took pics with fans 😂😂🎊🎊🎊✌️✌️ So do I 😂😂