the red loft

I get that people are upset they weren’t invited to a secret session or have never met Taylor but there is no need for them to then call those who went and Taylor herself a bully! It is physically impossible for Taylor to meet every single fan, but that doesn’t mean she loves you any less or thinks you’re less worthy than those who actually went. I get it is upsetting when you don’t get invited, I felt it when there was the 1989 secret sessions and then watching everyone get into Club Red or Loft 89. It is hard but you just have to keep supporting Taylor. Taylor doesn’t have to invite anyone to her house, no other celebrity does that so the fact Taylor invites some fans to her house is amazing! I think people forget just how hard she works to try and make everyone happy, but it is impossible to make everyone happy. 

Taylor goes above and beyond for her fans, so don’t attack her for it. Don’t attack those who are invited to the sessions for it. Be happy for one another!

Dear Taylor,

I think that you need these four people in your life- so how about hitting that follow button real quick? 

allyouhadtodowasme - Nicole is such a great fan, and a feminist just like you! Plus, she owns an “unpopular taylor swift opinions” instagram account which has over 98K FOLLOWERS!? She is really an amazing and loyal fan and an incredible and sweet person!

wefoundtay - Frida is honestly so sweet. She reached out to me one day and we have been friends ever since. She is such a great listener and she is always there for me when I need her!

Twentyone-taylors - Nadia, my name-twin have been trying to get noticed by you for such a long time. Besides having the coolest name ever, she is so sweet, a really great listener and an incredible friend!

toriautumn - Victoria, is such a sweetheart. She has an instagram account and during every tour she tries to help people get picked for Club red, loft ‘89 etc by giving them tips and ideas for outfits. She has also covered almost every song from your RED album, and she makes amazing mashups of your songs! (Also, she loves red more than you do)

ripoldtaylor - Jasmine, is such a total cutie. Like, she is my fave. She is the funniest person I know and she is just so lovely. We freak out together whenever you do something, Taylor. It’s so much fun. She has been trying to get a follow for years, so I think it’s about time! You’ll love her, I swear

You should really follow them, because they are all super dedicated swifties, and I really think that they deserve some love!

Light 'em Up

A/N: This was supposed to be for the Fourth of July, but I didn’t get to it. Happy belated Fourth, guys! I hope you like it!

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 423

Warnings: None that I know of.

You and the Roommates enjoy the Fourth of July.


You all sat there, watching through the giant windows of the loft as fireworks exploded somewhere across the city. The lights were all off, the only light coming from the moon and the colorful display.

A blanket was spread on the floor, and you all sat shoulder to shoulder, Isaac on your right, Derek to your left, and Peter next to him, a bowl of popcorn being passed back and forth as handfuls were taken at a time, knowing it would be gone soon.

Looking from side to side, you smiled as you took in the little childlike grins painted on your roommate’s faces, their eyes sparkling without the glow from the fireworks, dancing with wonder at the spectacle outside.

No fighting, no threats, no looming gloom and doom, just a moment to breathe.

“I have an idea,” you broke the silence, grinning a bit wider when you felt three sets of eyes turn to you. Right as a golden firework exploded in the sky, you let your eyes glow their matching yellow color, the grin turning into a smirk.

Isaac laughed. “I agree. Who needs glow sticks?” His eyes blazed like yours as he chuckled once more softly, grabbing a handful of popcorn and shoving it all into his mouth at once as he turned back to the display in the sky.

“I am surrounded by children,” Peter sighed, but you gave him a sideways glance and saw his eyes flicker their bright blue with a blink and stay that way as a satisfied smirk crawled up his own face, and he leaned further back on his palms stretched out behind him.

Derek was just grinning madly. “Amateurs. Just wait for Halloween,” he chuckled, popping a piece of popcorn in his mouth and blinking to his red eyes with an explosion of red in the sky, the entire loft going the eerie glowing red.

A moment or two after the initial boom had sounded, the red fading from the loft and just emanating from his eyes, you spoke in a deadpan. “You planned that, didn’t you?”

Derek nudged your shoulder with his own before leaning back on his elbows as the fireworks display continued, a smirk on his face. “I guess you’ll never know.”

You all groaned, making Derek laugh before all your glowing eyes were back on the spectacle before you, the only sounds coming from the fireworks, muffled through the glass to where you all were huddled, safe and warm, and relishing in the moment the universe was giving you.

Klaine one-shot - “The Life You Think You Deserve” (Rated PG13)

Blaine is making a huge change in his life. He’s starting by going to Kurt, a man with a specific talent that will help him move on. (5274 words)

Notes (or, in this case, petty commentary. Read if you want, or skip to the warnings down below): This is the re-write that I was actually the most excited about because it’s kind of a huge f-u to everyone in the K*urtbastian fandom who’s ever sh*t on my work. When I wrote this, it was a character study. But it actually got torn apart by two fandom writers - one K*urtbastian and one multishipper. One of them even made a post on tumblr about how I don’t write Sebastian, I write badboy Blaine and pass him off as Sebastian, and this fic was the focus of that. Well, I thought this one was touching and brilliant, and hopefully, now that I’ve changed it, it will get the love I think it deserves! (See what I did there? I … well, never mind.)

Warnings for mention of self-harm scars, mention of blood, and mention of Blaine being married to Quinn.

Skank Kurt. Closeted Blaine.

Read on AO3.

Blaine paces outside the run-down, red-bricked, residential loft that he had to bribe a taxi cab driver to take him to. He can honestly say that he has never feared for his life before tonight, so he can chalk this up as a first on his list of life experiences. He runs his hands up and down his arms while he tries to decide whether he will push the buzzer for the door or not. No matter what happens, he came here willingly, so he has no one to blame but himself.

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