the red is nearly completely gone

The Escape

A flash of red was seen before the small skeleton fell down into the snow, his breath quick and ragged. He shakily got to his feet and tried to run, falling back down when he ran straight into Sans. Sins fell and tried to scramble back.

As his back met a tree, it was easier to see the scared look on his face. His eye lights were gone and his right arm was missing completely. He squinted his eye sockets, searching for the one he had bumped into.

“F-Fuck who’s there?” He nearly shouted. “I-I’m not afraid of ya…” Sins grabbed a handful of snow, still looking panicked.



It was supposed to be quick, just a quick couple hour run to get supplies–just Aaron and Daryl went because it was easier with less people. If you only had two you just had to worry about one another. But it wasn’t quick, in fact it was nearly nightfall when Aaron drove the rusty car back through the gates, his cheeks red from crying and he was a bit tore up after what happened. They were in a house when it was completely over run, the two got split up and Aaron ran outside waiting for Daryl. He waited and waited–screamed his name and nothing–he was just gone. He searched for him for hours, thinking maybe he got out and headed for the woods but the search came up cold, finally it was almost dark and Aaron knew he had to come back–without the archer. He moved to park the car and got out, tensing up slightly when he saw Rick.