the red face


Taking Monday off is never a bad idea!  It’s supposed to rain here the next two days, and I was committed to getting all of my planting done.  And, I’m done!  I haven’t done any of the mulching, but I’m going to wait until the mowing/edging guys come next Tuesday and do it after that.  I’ll take pictures of all the garden spaces when that’s done.  For now, there’s my favorite flower bed.  It looks a little scraggly now, but that’s because everything has just come back.  Soon, it will be packed and exploding with different flowers! Such a nice thing to see while swimming!  I got a little carried away plant shopping at Home Depot, so I threw three more flowers into the mix.  It’ll be extra crazy this year! :D I also got a bunch of vine twine, so pretty soon, the fence will be covered in climbing ivy. I left very strict instructions for the yard crew not to hack the ivy back EVER again!  Last year, they cleared it all off of the fence and I was devastated.  I love vines and have various types all around the back yard.  Also of note, I drove The Monster (the husband’s ‘93 Ford F-150) today, and it gave me zero problems and it was actually a lot of fun!  To be fair, it hasn’t given me any problems since two years ago when it left me stranded at IKEA…but still.  I haven’t let that go yet.  Also, since I worked through lunch and it is too close to dinner time to have a full meal, I’m 100% eating ice cream and having wine for lunch.  No shame.  It’s delicious!

I was supposed to have an ultrasound Friday to see if all is ok with the lump situation, but it got rescheduled to tomorrow morning at 9:00am.  Fingers crossed everything is fine and it’s just a cyst.  Either way, I’ll deal with it, and I’m not stressing.  But, I’m kind of an impatient sick person…so, you know, I’d prefer it to be nothing. :) Happy Monday, everyone!


hey i’m claire and did you know that phil’s first youtube video would be getting its hogwarts letter today? yeah. i’m as shook as you are.🦉🌠🎉🎂


ive been feeling energetic today for some reason and its only 9am!!!!!! also the green shirt looks cute imo~~